“My experience with being an ambassador has been unique because I feel like our efforts are so integrated with the Library. What we do actually has an impact, and that has been encouraging to me.”

Jael Whitney, 2016-2017 Chair

About the Ambassadors

The Libraries Student Ambassadors are an elite group of undergraduate and graduate students who serve as advocates and representatives for K-State Libraries at recruitment, outreach, and fundraising activities. Ambassadors also provide valuable feedback on the Libraries' initiatives and services while representing various colleges, interests, and the perspectives of the student body.  

The Ambassador program provides students with leadership skills, professional connections, and the opportunity to use their opinions and ideas help shape the future of K-State Libraries.

Library Student Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador

We are looking for...

  • Students with a strong interest in making a positive impact by improving and advocating for the Libraries
  • Commitment to attend trainings and meetings in order to provide constructive and insightful feedback to the Libraries
  • Students who are comfortable speaking with individuals or small groups
  • A willingness to explore and discover innovative solutions


  1. Attend regular monthly meetings.
  2. Commit two years of service (unless you are a graduating student).
  3. Serve on at least one committee and attend their monthly meetings.
  4. Serve at least two volunteer hours each semester.