hobrock award 

This award is given annually to recognize outstanding librarianship and superior accomplishments among the K-State Libraries' faculty. The winner will be chosen based on their excellent performance in one or more areas of job performance: service, research and scholarship, impact on users.

The guidelines for the selection of the winner will be based on the content of the nomination(s) and professional activities of the current academic year and the two most recently completed academic years. The winner will be honored with a plaque of recognition and an award of at least $1,000.

For the purposes of this award, the libraries comprising K-State Libraries are: Hale Library; Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning, and Design; Math/Physics Library; and the Veterinary Medical Library.

The deadline for this year's nominations is February 16, 2018.

Questions? Please contact Ryan Otto rwotto@k-state.edu.