K-State Libraries embraces Kansas State University’s mission, as a land-grant institution, to serve Kansas residents. As a result, we regularly provide programs and services that reach out to K-12 students and welcome the opportunity to introduce young minds into the world of academic research.  

Preschool and Elementary Students

Younger students are impressed with the size of Hale Library and the number of books housed there. We can offer 10-30 minute tour of Hale Library that may include:

Middle and High School Students

K-State Libraries has over 2 million books and while on campus, you’ll have access to nearly every resource K-State students do and we are happy to tailor our instruction to your class assignment.

If you are unable to visit Hale Library, you might be interested in our Resources for Middle School and High School Students guide, which has information on

  • topic selection
  • finding articles and books
  • web searching
  • evaluating and citing sources
  • free resources

Things to Keep in Mind

  • During certain times of the semester (midterms or finals exams) we may be unable to schedule tours or instruction
  • We can't guarantee a private workspace or computer, and our internet access is not filtered