Finals Week

Everything You Need to Know to Study During Finals Week

May 10-15, 2015

There are three color-coded study zones in Hale Library. Please be respectful of your fellow students and observe which study zone you are in.

Hale Library Study Zones

Hale Library is open 24/7 during dead week and finals week starting at 1pm on Sunday, May 10th. We won’t close until 6 pm Friday, May 15th.

Noise level

Group Study 

2nd, 4th, and 24 hour study area

-Conversations and group work are okay
-Cell phones are okay




1st and 3rd

-No conversations or group work
-Phones on vibrate
-Headphones turned down low so the person next to you cannot hear the audio



Great Room (304)

-No conversations
-Phones on vibrate
-Headphones turned down low so the person next to you cannot hear the audio


*Quiet/Lo-Tech Study Zone

  • Due to the lack of power outlets in these areas, laptops, and other electronic devices that need a power source are not recommended.

Other Study Locations on Campus

Hale Library isn't your only open option for studying. If Hale Library isn't your style, try studying at one of these spots.



Alumni Center   8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm
Architecture Library
2pm-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-5pm
Engineering Library
1pm-11:30pm 8am-11:30pm 8am-11:30pm 8am-11:30pm 8am-11:30pm 8am-5pm 
Leadership Studies Building   7am-9pm 7am-9pm 7am-9pm 7am-9pm 7am-5pm
Math/Physics Library
  8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-5pm
Student Union
11am- 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 -10pm
Last updated: 05/01/2015