Matlab: Do you have it?

The K-State license for MATLAB, the language of technical computing, is accessible in Hale Library by connecting to K-State unix, and once XMing is installed on the public computers will be accessible in Math / Physics Library. The K-State license has 15 concurrent seats, 5 for Simulink, and is shared across campus. In addition to the K-State license, Fiedler Library has two other licenses, MNE, and ECE, that offer enhanced environments with additonal MATLAB toolboxes. The directions for Hale Library were found at Department of Mathematics and the license information was found at College of Engineering Computing Services - Matlab

Hale Library

Windows computers

  1. Start "Xming" from All Programs
  2. Start "Putty" from All Programs which
    is pre-configured to connect to and has "Enable X11 forwarding" already checked
  3. in the PuTTY terminal window, login with your eID and password
  4. At the command prompt type either mathematica OR matlab

Macintosh computers

  1. Open Finder; navigate to Applications/Utilities and start "X11"
  2. in the xterm window, type: xhost
  3. in the xterm window, type: ssh -X
  4. enter your eID password when prompted
  5. At the command prompt type either  mathematica OR matlab

Fiedler Library and Engineering Labs

Three different MATLAB environments are available in Fiedler Library and other Engineering Labs. The K-State license is a full research license available across campus. The MNE and ECE licenses are more robust but are restricted to the teaching of the product to engineering students, faculty and staff. The licenses differ in what's available in the toolboxes and who has access to the licenses. College of Engineering Computing Services - Matlab provides further information. 

Where else is MATLAB Available?

Location information is found at the Department of Mathematics.

  * Campus UNIX
  * Math / Physics Computing Lab
  * Remote users / K-State Students
  * Cardwell 201
  * Mathematics Windows Server
  * Microsoft Windows

Other Campus Libraries

Several of the K-State libraries do not have MATLAB available from their public computers. To see if it is available in the K-State Salina, Weigel Architecture, and the Veterinary Medical Libraries, contact the individual library directly.

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Last updated: 11/04/2013