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Bessie Brooks West: Alumni update

Mrs. Bessie Brooks West, head of the Department of Institutional Management for its first 28 years. (32 years) The high standards of performance which she held for herself, her staff, and her students, her professional activities particularly in the American Dietetic association, and her textbooks have brought renown to the University. So points out her citation.

Throught the pre-Union years the college cafeteria and tea room were known for their superior food service. Her lively concern for her students has endeared her to graduates, who joined with colleagues at KSU to establish an annual scholarship in her honor.

In 1938-39 she was on leave to set up a department of institutional management at the University of Hawaii.

Source: K-Stater, June 1960, page 15
Article appears here with permission from the K-State Alumni Association.
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