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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - K-State Women
Ada Rice: 1940

"Shortly after our reunion in 1935, I left for southern California, barely escaping the washouts caused by our 'commencement floods.' My haste was due, however, to a professional engagement for I had to stop at El Paso, Texas, to install a Quill Club chapter at The Texas School of Mines and had to be at the latter place on May 31, or no installation. I spent the next two months visiting and loafing in Los Angeles and vicinity where I met about one hundred and fifty of my former students and friends. One of the high points of my stay was a trip to the Sequoia forest given me by my good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manny. Another, was the privilege of being a delegate to the National Convention of the American Association of University Women, held at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles. My return trip brought me to Berkeley where I visited relatives and where I also met at a tea given in my honor, thirty more KSC former students.

"The summer of 1936 also brought me to Los Angeles again, and I spent another six weeks vacation in that delightful region. But the red letter year of the past five was that of 1937, for in that summer I travelled to the Orient. As I had not seen my brother, Carl E., '97, for eighteen years, I planned a vacation cruise with Manila, P. I. as my destination. I left Vancouver, B. C. on May 29 and returned to San Francisco on September 3 thus completing three and one-half months of ocean travel and of interesting, exciting, and even thrilling experiences. The North China incident made many changes in my original plans, but because of it, I spent an exciting five weeks in colorful Japan, for what with echoes of war through the radio and occasional orders for 'blackouts,' I was kept on high tension daily. I am a good sailor so loved every minute of my 42 days on the Pacific Ocean. One bad result of this vacation was that I was called on to give 50 lectures on my experiences.

"In June 1939, I was elected to the office of High Chancellor of the American College Quill club, and since then I have spent the busiest year of my life in this professional work which was added to my full time job as a professor of English at KSC The work took me to Tampa, Florida on December 18 to install a chapter there, the trip being compelete by my acting as a delegate to the annual meeting of the American Association of University Professors at New Orleans.

"To refer to more personal matters: when my classmates at the garden party were showing pictures and bragging about their wonderful grandchildren, I could out-do them by repeating tales of the brilliancy of my great-nephew, Arthur Castillo, who is a creative artist and story writer at 9 years of age, and whose intelligence tests give him a rating of first year high school! Another personal item: I am retiring on half time at the beginning of next college year - a plan which will give me more time for many interesting activities. When you come to college at any time ask to see our kodak book, for the snap shots that were taken during our reunion are all filed, and some of them are 'sights to behold!'"

Source: KSU Class of 1895. The 'Ninety-Fivers: Brought Down to Date. (Manhattan, Kans., 1920- ) v.4
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