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Clementine Paddleford (1898-1967)
Clementine Paddleford

Clementine Haskin Paddleford was one of the most widely read and best known food editors in the world, charming her readers with her fanciful prose. She was born on September 27, 1898, at Stockdale, Kansas. By the age of 12, Paddleford had devolped a curiousity of food. At the age of 15, she began her writing career, writing personals for the Daily Chronicle in Manhattan, Kansas. She graduated from Manhattan High School in 1916, and from Kansas State Agricultural College in 1921 with a degree in Industrial Journalism.

After graduation, Paddleford enrolled at the Columbia School of Journalism and attended night classes at New York University. In order to pay for her own expenses in New York, she did some special reviewing of business books for Administration, a magazine of business, and for the New York Sun. She also did special short women's features for the New York Sun and the New York Telegram. Paddleford worked as women's editor of Farm and Fireside from 1924 to 1929 and then became food editor of the New York Herald-Tribune from 1936 to 1966. From 1940 to her death in 1967, she contributed a weekly column on food to This Week magazine, a syndicated Sunday supplement available in many newspapers throughout the United States.

She learned to pilot a plane to speed up her research, zigzagging across the United States and the Atlantic. Paddleford's career gave her the opportunity to explore a wide range of experiences, from a mess hall for lumberjacks in the Northwest woods and chili parlors in Texas, to a hobo camp in Kansas and dinners of state with kings. She tramped the vineyards of the Champagne district of France, ate sweet boiled shrimps on the Bay of Cadiz, walked barefoot through drying coffee beans in Guatemala, and watched the olive harvesting in Spain. She died on November 13, 1967.

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The Clementine Paddleford Papers (1920-1967) consist primarily of correspondence and newspaper clippings, though menus, diaries, galleys, and photographs are also included. The majority of the collection deals with research for her articles, organized into two broad subject schemes: foods (fruits, meats, baking, beverages, seasonings, etc.) and special topics (parties, holidays, restaurants, companies, young cooks, swap week, men only, etc.) Several boxes are organized geographically, bringing together information on recipes and customs of individual states, as well as foreign countries. There are 25 scrapbooks of clippings covering the years 1920, 1932, 1935-1942, 1945-1954, 1956-1958, 1960-1965. The collection also contains ceramic hot plates, award plaques. Her library of approximately 1900 cookbooks are housed in the Rare Books Department of K-State Libraries.

364+ boxes. Container List. Acc. No. P 88.19