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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - K-State Women
Kansans for ERA

Kansans for ERA began organizing in June of 1975, in Topeka, to help insure that Kansas remained one of the states which had ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. The intent of the organization was to increase public awareness of the need for the ERA; to educate Kansans about the ERA; establish a communications network; coordinate the efforts of the many Kansans actively supporting the ERA; and lobby against the inevitable rescission attempt in the Kansas legislature. The first annual meeting of KERA was held on October 4, 1975 and the first set of bylaws were adopted. The purpose of Kansans for ERA was to support permanent ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in Kansas and to increase public awareness of the need for the ERA by providing information on the provisions and ramifications of the amendment. In 1978, the purpose was amended to include support for the ratification of the ERA in other states and by 1983, the purpose of the KERA was to work for the enactment of an Equal Rights Amendment.

The Kansans for ERA records are arranged alphabetically by subject, containing correspondence, legislation, bylaws, committee records, newsletters and printed material.

1 record box. Register. Acc. No. U 90.26