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University Archives & Manuscripts - K-State Women
Kansas Association of Extension Home Economists

The Kansas Association of Extension Home Economists (KAEHE) is part of a national organization which conducts out-of-school educational programs. Its purpose is to help individuals and families find solutions to problems concerning family life such as child care and development, nutrition, energy conservation, budgeting, and family recreation. The organization sponsors conferences and trains volunteer leaders to work with individuals and groups.

The Kansas Association of Extension Home Economists (KAEHE) Records document the history of the organization. The collection contains 3 historian notebooks documenting the activities of the organization, 1954-1979. The Kansas committee report, 1982-1984, for the National Association of Extension Home Economists 50th anniversary describes state activities. The National Home Demonstration Agents Association Handbook illustrates the efforts made to informally educate Kansas' population in the late 1950's.

1 Box. Register. Acc. No. P 88.33

An addition of four items was received several months after the first KAEHE Records. The items consisted of two record books, 1925-1965, and two notebooks, 1975-1985.

1 Box. Acc. No. P 89.01

One notebook of historical information was added at a later date and covers more recent activities of the organization, 1986-1989.

1 notebook. Acc. No. P 94.09