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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - K-State Women
Gladys Nichols Dearborn (1888-1974)

Gladys Nichols Gladys Irene Nichols was born in Trenton, Missouri on April 23, 1888. She graduated from Kansas State Agricultural College with a Bachelor's degree in Domestic Science and Art in 1910. She stayed in Manhattan, KS from 1910 to 1912, while her fiance, Edgar Hamilton Dearborn, was working on his second degree. They were married on September 21, 1912. Gladys Dearborn died September 14, 1974.

Sources of information:

Alumni Record, 1914
Donor file.

The Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Dearborn Collection was begun when their daughter Ermal Colby sent items collected and saved by her parents during their association with Kansas State University. The primary emphasis of the collection is on the Class of 1910: the Commencement program, class roster, letters regarding the class of 1910 written in 1935 and 1940, the schedule for the 55 year class reunion and photographs. The missing Shepherd's Crook is the focus of several newspaper clippings and a letter. Other items in the collection focus on the Hamilton - Ionian Literary Societies: photographs, programs and the actual door knocker from the door of the Hamilton - Ionian Literary Societies Hall in Nichols Gymnasium.

1 document box. Acc. No. P 84.01

The next installment in the Dearborn Collection contained more correspondence and Class of 1910 lists from 1911-1965, including photographs of the Class of 1910 and the Class of 1898. One photograph album focuses on Camp Harrigan on May 20-23, 1910. The other photograph album covers the years 1955-1964 and contains photos, correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, announcements, invitations, etc. concerning the Class of 1910 and KSU. The remainder of the collection consists of newspaper clippings, 1912-1964, various KSU booklets, programs, etc., 1908-1965, and a "KSAC - Pres. H.J. Waters" button and ribbon.

1 document box. Acc. No. P 84.03

The final installment in the Dearborn Collection contains several scrapbooks, miscellaneous clippings about churches and buildings, 1969-1971, and Royal Purples: 1906, 1910, 1911, and 1926 with documents, brochures, photos, and programs enclosed. One scrapbook is entitled "The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book, Gladys Irene Nichols, 1906-10" and contains photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, etc. detailing her years as a student at KSAC. The 1951 flood scrapbook details the flood waters and their effects in Manhattan, KS, with newspaper clippings and photographs. The Class of 1910 scrapbook focuses on the years 1965-1970, containing photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, etc. One scrapbook emphasizes the years 1965 to 1970 and the events related to the Dearborn's life together. Several loose pages from a scrapbook contain photographs that primarily focus on KSAC, 1902-1911. There are approximately 75 photographs and negatives that document KSAC, particularly the construction of the Memorial Stadium. The collection also contains two ribbons from the Shepherds Crook and an engraving block of the Class of 1910 tree.

1 record box. Register. Acc. No. P 84.04