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University Archives & Manuscripts - K-State Women
Dames Club

The Student Wives Educational Association was organized in November of 1947 by Ellen M. Batchelor of the Home Economics Extension Department. It began when extension classes on homemaking were requested by several wives of Kansas State College students. The SWEA provided educational opportunities for the wives of students with particular emphasis placed upon family relations. The members also formed special interest groups focusing on topics such as sewing, swimming, bridge, child development, etc. The SWEA changed it's name to the Dames Club about 1955, when it became affiliated with the National Association of University Dames.

Student Wives Educational Association scrapbook covers the years from 1949 to 1955. It contains newspaper clippings, minutes, programs, and correspondence. It's primary focus is on club activities, meetings and elections.

Scrapbook #2 - 78 pgs. Acc. No.

Dames Club scrapbooks cover the years from 1955 to 1963 and contain newspaper clippings, photographs, membership lists, programs, and correspondence. The focus is on club activities, primarily club events: fashion shows, talent shows, dances, bridge tournament, picnic, carnival, cookbook, homecoming and "Putting Hubby Through" degree presentations.

Scrapbook #6 - 168 pgs.
Scrapbook #7 - 90 pgs.

University Dames scrapbooks cover the years from 1963 to 1978 and contain newspaper clippings, photos, programs, newsletters, yearbooks, membership lists and news releases. The focus is on club activities: parties (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, pizza, casino, coke, and keg), dances, fashion shows, socials (box, family bar-b-q, picnics, pot luck suppers), gift boxes for servicemen, fund raising (bake sale, rummage sale, plant sale), Mrs. KSU Dames banquet, and "Putting Hubby Through" degree banquet.

Scrapbook #8 - 30 pgs.
Scrapbook #9 - 70 pgs.
Scrapbook #10 - 128 pgs.
Scrapbook #11 - 36 pgs.
Scrapbook #12 - 76 pgs.
Scrapbook #13 - 12 pgs.