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Cookery Exhibit: Alexandre Viard
Title page

Alexandre Viard, Le Cuisinier Royal
(Paris: Barba), 1817. First Edition, Thus (9th edition)

The ninth edition of the incredibly popular Le Cuisinier Imperial (1st edition, 1806); this is the first edition of the title appearing thus. This "dispensatory" was published in at least 32 successive editions, with titles that varied according to prevailing political circumstances; in 1817, at the time of the Restoration, it became Le Cuisinier Royal, and in 1852, in its 22nd edition, Le Cuisinier National. This culinary encyclopedia continued to be the basic reference book for professional cooks throughout the 19th century.

Selected Images from the Text

Potages, page 8 Petites Sauces, page 52 Office, page 415