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Cookery Exhibit: Apicius
Title page Frontispiece

Apicius, De Opsoniis et Condimentis
(Amsterdam: J. Waesbergios), 1709.

Second of Martin Lister's privately printed version of Apicius. Limited to 100 copies (KSU owns four). Lister's 1705 printing did not have the charming frontispiece. It is the third critical edition of the text and was highly regarded as it brought together annotations from a variety of sources.

Selected Excerpts from the Text

The following recipe translations are taken from Apicius, Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome, by Joseph Dommers Vehling (New York: Dover Publishing), 1977.

Page 8-9 - Recipe in Latin with annotations Honey Refresher for Travelers - page 8-9

The Wayfarer's honey refresher (so called because it give endurance and strength to pedestrians) with which travelers are refreshed by the wayside is made in this manner: flavor honey with ground pepper and skim. In the moment of serving put honey in a cup, as much as is desired to obtain the right degree of sweetness, and mix with spiced wine not more than a needed quantity; also add some wine to the spiced honey to facilitate its flow and the mixing.

Page 43 - Recipe in Latin with annotations To Keep Green Olives - page 43

To keep olives, fresh from the tree, in a manner enabling you to make oil from them any time you desire just place them [in brine]. Having been kept thus for some time the olives may be used as if they had just come off the tree fresh if you desire to make green oil of them.

Page 70-71 - Recipe in Latin with annotations Vegetables, Pot Herbs - page 70-71

To keep all vegetables green. All vegetables will remain green if boiled with cooking soda.

Page 84-85 - Recipe in Latin with annotations Young Cabbage, Sprouts - page 84-85

[Boil the] Sprouts; [season with] cumin, salt, wine and oil; if you like [add] pepper, lovage, mint, rue, coriander; the tender leaves of the stalks [stew] in broth; wine and oil be the seasoning.