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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - Facts & Flyers
K-State Presidents & Their First Ladies
President Years in Office

First Lady
Joseph Denison Joseph Denison

01 Sep 1863 to
31 Aug 1873

Frances (Osborne) Dennis Denison
Frances Denison
John Anderson John Alexander Anderson

01 Sep 1873 to
01 Sep 1879

Ann "Nannie" Taylor (Foote) Anderson
Nannie Anderson
George Fairchild George Thompson Fairchild

01 Dec 1879 to
30 Jun 1897

Charlotte Pearl (Halsted) Fairchild
Charlotte Fairchild
Thomas Will Thomas Elmer Will

01 Jul 1897 to
30 Jun 1899

Marie Van Velsor (Rogers) Will
Marie Will
Ernest Nichols Ernest Reuben Nichols

01 Jul 1899 to
30 Jun 1909

Marguerite (Rae) Nichols
Marguerite Rae Nichols
Photo courtesy of the Cherokee Area Archives
Henry Waters Henry Jackson Waters

01 Jul 1909 to
31 Dec 1917

Margaret Ward (Watson) Waters
Margaret Waters
Photo courtesy of Henry Jackson Waters III
William Jardine William Marion Jardine

01 Mar 1918 to
28 Feb 1925

Effie Lane (Nebecker) Jardine
Effie Jardine
Francis Farrell Francis David Farrell

01 Mar 1925 to
31 Aug 1943

Mildred (Jenson) Farrell
Mildred Farrell
Photo courtesy of Joan Ross Ruzika
Milton Eisenhower Milton Stover Eisenhower

01 Sep 1943 to
30 Jun 1950

Helen Elsie (Eakin) Eisenhower
Helen Eisenhower (C.O.-Dwight D. Eisenhower Library)
Photo courtesy of Eisenhower Library
James McCain James Allen McCain

01 Jul 1950 to
20 Jun 1975

Janet McLean (Henry) McCain
Janet McCain
Duane Acker Duane C. Acker

01 Jul 1975 to
30 Jun 1986

Shirley (Hansen) Acker
Shirley Acker
Jon Wefald Jon Wefald

01 Jul 1986 to
14 Jun 2009

Ruth Ann (Joynt) Wefald
Ruth Ann Wefald
Kirk Schulz Kirk H. Schulz

15 Jun 2009 to

Noel (Nunnally) Schulz
No image currently available

Biographical information on the first 12 First Ladies was provided by:
Dr. Michaeline Chance-Reay, College of Education, Kansas State University