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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - Facts & Flyers
History of K-State: A Bibliography of Sources

Books about KSU

Carey, James C. Kansas State University: The Quest for Identity. (Lawrence: Regents Press of Kansas, 1977.)

Contains general information about the university's various stages of growth showing the character of the institutions 115 years of evolution.
S537 .K39 C37 - Additional copies in: Stacks, Annex, Science Reference, Architecture, Vet Med

Fischer, Emil C. Kansas State University: A Walk Through the Campus. (Manhattan: KSU Endowment Assoc., 1975)

Over 80 pen and ink drawings of buildings and other landmark structures on campus, prior to 1975, with brief histories.
LD2668 .F5 - Additional copies in: Architecture Reference
Over 80 pen and ink drawings of buildings and other landmark structures on campus, prior to 1992, with brief histories.
LD2668 .F5 1992 (2nd edition) - Additional copies in: Stacks, Reference

Kansas State University: A Pictorial History, The First Century, 1863-1963. (KSU, 1962)

Heavily illustrated, general overview of the history of KSU during its first 100 years. Particularly good for showing people what the campus looked like during that period.
LD2668 .K34 H6 - Additional copies in: Stacks, Reference, Architecture

Walters, John D. History of the Kansas State Agricultural College. (Manhattan: KSAC, 1909)

Covers the history of KSAC from it's creation through 1908, as related by a member of the faculty since 1877.
LD2668 .W3 - Additional copies in: Stacks, Architecture, Vet Med

A Week at K-State: College Life as Seen by 44 Photojournalists from Oct 12-19, 1986. (Manhattan: Student Publications KSU, 1987)

Colorful photographic record of one week in the life of the university.
LD2668 .W44 1987 - Additional copies in: Folio, Vet Med Reference

Willard, Julius T. History of the Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. (Manhattan: KSC Press, 1940)

Excellent source of information about the development of the college with exhaustive attention to detail.
S53 .K39 W5 - Additional copies in: Stacks, Annex, Architecture, Vet Med
Available online

Periodicals about KSU

In 1983, the University Archivist implemented retroactive indexing of The K-Stater, published by the Alumni Association, from it's first issue in 1951 to the present. The index contains approximately 1,000 subject headings.

Alumnus. (Manhattan: Alumni Association of KSAC, 1907-1910)

LD2668 .A116

Jayhawker. (Manhattan: Students Publishing Company of KSAC, 1902-1907)

LH1 .K3 J3

K-Stater. (Manhattan: KSU Alumni Assoc., 1951-present)

University Archives maintains an index of articles from this publication.
LD2668 .K4

In-View. (1979-current)

Published semi-monthly for the faculty and staff of Kansas State University
KSU News. (1977-1979)
KSU News: University Newsletter. (1972-1976)
University Newsletter. (1969-1972)
Faculty Newsletter. (1958-1968?)

LD2668 .A6735

University Newspapers

Newspapers have been indexed sporadically over the years. The KSU History Index covers newspaper articles through 1965. After 1965, K-State Libraries staff took over the indexing of the Collegian. Over the years a number of different staff members in various departments had responsibility for index. In 1983, with the hiring of the first University Archivist, responsibility for the Collegian index moved to University Archives. The index contains over 15,000 subject headings. In 1996, University Archives began indexing the Collegian electronically.

Microfilm copies of newspapers are available in both University Archives and Microforms Departments.

Kansas Industrialist. (1910-1955)
Industrialist. (1875-1910)

S541 .K2 I53

Kansas State Collegian. (1914-current)


Kansas Aggie. (1913-1914)
Student's Herald. (1896-1913)

LD2668 .A38

Student Yearbooks

The University Archives maintains a complete collection of college catalogs and college yearbooks. The first distinctly student publication was the College Symposium, prepared by the Class of 1891, which contained a history of the college, biographies of faculty members, and short sketches of graduates prior to 1891. The Royal Purple has been published annually since 1909. Yearbooks from 1891-1925 are available online, as are yearbooks from 1926 onward.

Royal Purple. (1909-current)
Class of 1908. (1908)
College Annual. (1907)
The '06 Banner. (1906)
Bell Clapper. (1905)
Sunrise. (1904)
The Sledge. (1900)
KSAC Class of 1898. (1898)
KSAC Class of 1896. (1896)
KSAC Class of 1895. (1895)
College Symposium. (1891)

LD2668 .A6

Rules & Regulations

General Catalog. (1863/64-1990/92)

Contains information about curriculum, accreditation, academic rules, tuition and fees, the campus, and student services. Early issues contain lists and biographical information about students, former graduates, and faculty. Available online from 1925 onward.
LD2668 .A243

Undergraduate Catalog. (1992/94-current)

Contains information about undergraduate curriculum, accreditation, academic rules, tuition and fees, the campus, and student services.
LD2668 .A11711 K78

Graduate Catalog. (1993/95- )

Contains information specific to the graduate school about curriculum, accreditation, academic rules, tuition and fees, the campus, and student services.
LD2668 .A11711 K783

KSU Bulletin. (1959-current)
KSC Bulletin. (1931-1959)
KSAC Bulletin. (1916-1931)

LD2668 .A1 K35


Biennial Report. (1876/78-1910/12,1918/20-1956/58)

LD2668 .A218

Annual Financial Report. (1959-current)
Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended. (1955-1958)
Financial Report for the Year Ended. ([1945]-1954)

LD2668 .A3

Fiscal Year...Annual Budget. (1988/89-current)
Annual Budget. (1978/79-1986/87)
Annual Budget. (1963/64-1977/78)
Budget.... (1960/61-1962/63)
Budget for the Fiscal Year.... (1959/60)
Budget for the Fiscal Year. ([1940/41]-1958/59)

LD2668 .A10405 B8

Agricultural Experiment Station

As a land-grant institution, the University's history is intimately tied to agriculture. This early history is more accessible than ever before, thanks to the hard work of the folks from Research and Extension Publications. They have made many of their Historic Publications available online.

Annual Report. (1888-1920)
Biennial Report. (1922-Current)

S63 .E2

Bulletin. (1888-Current)

S63 .E3

Circular. (1910-1977)

S63 .E5

Inspection Circular. (1915-1922)

S63 .E53

Press Bulletin. (1898-1911)

S63 .E4

Technical Bulletin. (1916-1945,1965)

S63 .E45

KSU History Index

Perhaps the most invaluable tool for beginning any research concerning the history of Kansas State University, the History Index was created and maintained by Julius T. Willard, during the years he was associated with the college, 1871-1950. After Willard's death in 1950, Charles M. Correll continued adding information until 1965. The History Index consists of over 100,000 cards arranged alphabetically according to approximately 40,000 subject headings.

The majority of the citations in the index are from the following items: Board of Regents minutes, faculty records, session laws of Kansas, college catalogs, annual and biennial reports, Manhattan newspapers, including the Nationalist, Beacon, and Mercury, as well as campus newspapers, such as the Industrialist, Students' Herald, Kansas Aggie, and Collegian. Unlike many indexes, the KSU History Index contains, in most cases, the entire relevent quote and is particularly useful in tracking people, departments, etc. through 1965.