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Summary of Selected Holdings: History of Agriculture and Rural Life

The following serves as an overview of archival records and manuscript collections in the Department of Special Collections related to agriculture and rural life to give the reader an indication of the breadth and depth of the holdings, and to lead researchers to sources relevant to their scholarly interests. The descriptions consist of name, date span of collection, concise information about the contents, and size (lf. refers to linear feet of shelf space; -1 indicates that the collection is less than one linear foot in size). Complete finding aids exist in the department for many of the collections (descriptions of holdings are also available at

For additional information, please contact: Anthony R. Crawford, Chair, Department of Special Collections, Hale Library, Manhattan, KS 66506; 785-532-7456 or e-mail

University Records

Agricultural Experiment Station Project Files, 1904-1989.
Records of research projects (crops, insects, diseases, chemicals, animals, climate, water, etc.) conducted by AES staff and faculty of various departments. 36 lf.

Agricultural Experiment Station Reports, 1913-1981. Finding Aid
Annual and special reports of 4 branches; Colby, Garden City, Tribune, and Ft. Hays. 8 lf.

(Agriculture) Arthur D. Weber Papers, 1940-1983.
Faculty member and Dean of Agriculture at KSU; papers related to interests in agriculture, livestock industry, projects in India, etc. 20 lf.

Animal Husbandry, Dept. of, 1908-1963.
Records concerning department, faculty, Ft. Hays Experiment Station, professional associations and publications, Kansas State Fair, and other colleges. 3 lf.

(Animal Science and Industry, Dept. of) Block and Bridle, 1936-1994. Finding Aid
Records of student organization including, annual reports, record books, yearbooks, photographs, etc. 10 lf.

Consumer Movement Archives (CMA). CMA Page - Finding Aids
The CMA was established within the department in 1987 to provide a repository for historical materials of local, regional, national, and international leaders in the field and for records of consumer organizations. Over 25 significant collections representing donors from across the U.S. and abroad are among the holdings, many of which concern consumers and issues related to agriculture. In addition to the papers of Richard L. D. Morse (1932-present, 200 lf.), other collections contain documents associated with agriculture and such topics as: agricultural products and pricing, utilities, health, interest rates, U.S., Dept. of Agriculture, government regulation and legislation, cooperatives, boycotts of products, environment, etc. Several collections are international in scope.

Cooperative Extension Service, ca. 1917-1951.
Historical files containing annual and biennial reports, special reports, files regarding various counties, Master Farm and Homemaker work sheets, etc. 21 lf.

(Cooperative Extension Service) Epsilon Sigma Phi, Alpha Rho Chapter, 1930-1993. Finding Aid
Records of Kansas chapter of national professional honorary for Cooperative Extension Service and include the following: correspondence, general files, membership information, minutes, ledgers, and printed material. 6 lf.

(Cooperative Extension Service) Master Farmer and Master Farm Homemaker Records, 1950-1984.
Files document selection of candidates and winners for each year, and publicity. 5 lf.

(Entomology) The Contribution of Kansas to the Science of Entomology by George A. Dean, Dept. of Entomology, 1912-1937.

(Entomology) A History of the Department of Entomology: Kansas State University, 1897-1990. by Herbert Knutson, 1991.

(Entomology) Reginald H. Painter Papers, ca 1920-1985.
Faculty member with international reputation in area of insect resistance in crop plants; collection contains correspondence, notes, drawings, photographs/slides, and publications. 12 lf.
Related Collection: Plant Resistance to Pests

(Entomology) Charles V. Riley Charts, ca. 1875.
69 hand painted charts showing the life history of many insects prepared by Riley while a special lecturer on entomology at K-State, 1871-1880.

(Flour and Feed Milling Industries) John A. Shellenberger Papers, 1955-1967.
Faculty member with international reputation; documents and scrapbooks related to career. 2 lf.

4-H and Youth Programs, 1913-1997.
Historical records from KSU 4-H office; annual reports, correspondence, files regarding international programs, photographs, etc. 51 lf.

Great Plains Agricultural Council, 1943-1983.
The Northern and Southern Plains Councils joined in 1946 to form this organization that includes 10 states; Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. The Council involves the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the Land Grant Colleges and Universities of the region to focus on problems of agriculture and solutions in such areas as crops, forestry, grasses, livestock, insect control, water, etc. through research, publications, conferences, etc.; records document activities of KSU as a member of the organization. 20 lf.

Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources, Dept. of.
Primarily the historical records of the Dept. of Horticulture prior to 1995. 15 lf.

(International Agriculture) KSU-U.S. Agency for International Development-India Project, ca 1957-1972.
Records, reports, printed material. 2 lf.

Kansas Association for Family and Community Education (formerly Kansas Extension Homemakers Council), 1914-1984.
Historical records of organization and includes: histories of units in counties throughout the state; presidents' files, financial records, minutes, reports, awards, photographs, printed material. 27 lf.

Kansas Association of Extension Home Economists, 1925-1989.
Historical records of organization including; historian's notebooks, record books, reports, handbooks. 9 lf.

Konza Prairie Historical Files, 1947-1996. Finding Aid
Majority of files are those of Lloyd C. Hulbert, Konza director who died in 1986. Records document the property, The Nature Conservancy, research activities, staff, public programs, institutions and organizations, environmental issues, etc. 9 lf.

Photograph Collections.
Extensive collections of photographs too numerous to describe here that document Kansas agriculture and rural life; large collections received from the following departments--Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Experiment Station, Agronomy, Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H, Horticulture, and Plant Pathology.

Poultry Husbandry, Dept. of, 1903-1975.
Files of Loyal Payne, long time head of department. -1 lf.

Numerous serials, periodicals, and monographs published by the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, as well as other K-State departments, are preserved and available for study in the University Archives; they can be readily identified by consulting the on-line catalog of the K-State Libraries.

(U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)
Weather and Crop Conditions in Kansas issued by the Section Center of the Weather Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Topeka, and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (Kansas Section, Topeka) Monthly Climate and Crop Service Preliminary Summaries, 1893-1985. 7 lf.

Veterinary Medicine, College of.
Historical files containing correspondence, reports, photographs, printed material, etc. 6 lf.

Manuscript Collections

Alfalfa Lawn Farms, 1911-1987. Finding Aid
Ranching records and personal papers of Walter and Frances Lewis, Larned, KS. 57 lf.

Dan D. Casement Papers, 1853-1953. Finding Aid
Ranching records of "Juniata," Manhattan, KS, and personal papers of Casement, who had national reputation in agricultural, ranching, cattle, and quarter horse circles. 17 lf.

Donald Christy Collection, 1957-1971.
A farmer and stockman from Scott City, KS with degree in agricultural engineering from Texas A&M; Christy devoted much activity to supporting and promoting the sugar beet industry in both the government and private sectors. -1 lf.

Concerned Citizens United, Inc. Collection, 1973-1974.
Records involving organization's efforts against Kansas Power and Light Co. to build power plant in Pottawatomie County. -1 lf.

FAR-MAR-CO, Inc., 1914-1985. Finding Aid
Reportedly the largest regional grain cooperative in the U.S. when records were received from Farmland Industries in 1985. Records document the company's activities as a major grain cooperative in Kansas and the U.S. 47 lf.

Doris H. Fenton Collection, 1936-1962. Finding Aid
Papers and publications concerning flood of Big Blue River (1951), dams and flood control (mainly Tuttle Creek Dam project), and conservation. 1 lf.

Harry A. Ireland Diaries, 1915-1929.
Ireland graduated from K-State in 1907 with a degree in agriculture; handwritten diaries are actually field notebooks of his activities as an (Extension Agent) in Idaho and Colorado. - 1 lf.

Reuben B. Jolliff Papers, 1895-1898.
Diary and expense account of farming activities in Marshall, MO. -1 lf.

Kanopolis Dam and Reservoir Collection, 1940.
Resolution and report (with graphs) by George S. Knapp, Chief Engineer, Division of Water Resources, Kansas State Board of Agriculture to U.S. Engineer Office, Kansas City, regarding the plan for operation of the reservoir project. -1 lf.

H. G. Keesling Papers, 1886-1899.
Letters regarding poultry business, primarily breeding Langshan chickens in California; editor of The California Cackler. -1 lf.

George W. Koiner, 1915-1922.
Commissioner of Agriculture of Virginia; collection contains correspondence related to National Association of Commissioners of Agriculture. -1 lf.

George M. Munger Journals, 1885-1936.
Daily log books of weather reports, ranch activities, and family events on the ranch ("Catalpa Knob") that produced catalpa and fruit trees, and bred horses and cattle in Greenwood Co., KS, near Eureka. Munger served on the K-State Board of Regents, 1897-1901. 3 lf.

Riley Country Energy Project, 1981-1982.
Study of energy consumption and type of fuel by various users (residential, commercial, etc.) conducted by Manhattan Area Energy Alliance, Tom Phillips, Director. 2 lf.

Rogler Ranch, ca 1927-1985.
Ranching records and personal papers of Wayne Rogler, Chase County, KS. 170 lf

Papers of public officials containing pertinent topics (agriculture, water, minerals, energy, environmental issues, utilities, etc.)

Harold Fatzer, Kansas Supreme Court, 1956-1977. 15 lf
Sheila Hochhauser, Kansas House of Representatives, 1992-1996. 12 lf.
Martha Keys, U.S. House of Representatives, 1977-1978. 29 lf.
Wendell Lady, Kansas House of Representatives, 1968-1982. 18 lf
Bill Roy, U.S. House of Representatives, 1970-1974. 162 lf.