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Mary T. Harman Papers


The papers of Dr. Mary Theresa Harman were donated to Kansas State University in 2005 by her niece Marianne Jackson. Most of the papers in the collection are from her years at Kansas State College (1912-1948) while she was an instructor in the Zoology Department, while a smaller segment are from earlier and later periods of her life. Over her lifetime many of her scientific articles were published as well as 2 books which were a textbook and laboratory outlines on embryology.

The papers are housed in 6 boxes. They are divided into seven series: 1) Biographical, 2) Literary, 3) Subject, 4) Diagram, 5) Artifacts, 6) Photographs, and 7) Printed Material.

Mary Theresa Harman was born to Joseph Slingluff and Kezia (Allen) Harman on August 21, 1877 in Odon, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University in 1907 with a bachelor's degree in botany, 1909 with a master's degree in biology, and in 1912 with a doctorate in zoology. She taught zoology at Pennsylvania State College from 1907 to 1909 and at Indiana University from 1909 to 1912. She began teaching at Kansas State Agricultural College in 1912 specializing in embryology and cytology classes. Besides teaching Mary was involved in the beginnings of both the KSU Social Club and the Kappa Alpha chapter of the Chi Omega sorority, both are still active here at K-State. During the summer she worked at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Station and in 1925 and 1927 at the University of Washington Biological Station at Puget Sound. In 1928 she went to Europe to visit different educational institutions and do research. While in Europe she began to write an embryology textbook that was published in 1932 and used here in the U.S. as well as in China, India, and some South American countries. During her years at K-State she published many scientific papers both alone and with others that furthered knowledge in her scientific fields. Other organizations she was involved in were Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, American Society of Zoologists, Genetics Society of America, and American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 1948 Mary officially stopped teaching at K-State although she continued to teach a cytology course for seven years afterwards. In 1955 she moved to Camden, North Carolina. She passed away on July 15, 1961.

The collection's accession number is U2007.07. The processing of the papers was completed by Mallory Peterson, archives student processor, on June 12, 2007.

Biographical Sketch

1877        Born in Odon, Indiana on August 21

1906        Summer spent as a Pioneer Maiden with 7 other women

1907        Graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Botany 

1907-1909   Taught zoology at Pennsylvania State College

1909        Graduated from Indiana University with a Master of Arts in Biology

1909-1912   Taught zoology at Indiana University

1912        Graduated from Indiana University with a Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology

1912-1948   Professor at K-State, taught embryology and cytology

1925        Spent summer at University of Washington Biological station

1926        Served as President of the Kansas Academy of Science

1927        Spent summer at University of Washington Biological station

1928-1929   Spent abroad visiting biological institutions in Europe

1948        Officially retired from teaching at K-State

1955        Moved to Camden, North Carolina

1961        Passed away July 15

Scope and Content Note

The Mary T. Harman Papers contain scientific writing, notes, and classroom aids, interesting artifacts, printed publications either authored by her colleagues or herself, and some photos.

The papers are organized in seven series which include: 1) Biographical, 2) Literary, 3) Subject, 4) Diagrams, 5) Artifacts, 6) Photos, and 7) Printed Materials.

The Biographical series is made up of a notebook of material about Mary that was written by her relatives and given to us with the collection. It is split up into 6 different folders. Also in this series is the small amount of correspondence we have and her travel documentation from her trip to Europe which includes her passport.

The Literary series is composed mostly of her notes from experiments and her drafts of the scientific papers that she wrote on her experiment. Along with the notes and drafts are the published papers in many cases. One exception is a poem that she labeled "the cookie".

The Subject series includes many papers and pamphlets sent by the Audubon Society to Mary Harman since she was head of the local group here in Manhattan

The Diagrams series is made up of the different drawings that were made by Mary either to help her instruct students or to make slides, however, many are unidentified; those that have been identified are filed with the scientific paper that they are related to within the Literary Series. Some are small and are in folders, however many are large and mounted on cardboard.

The Artifact series is made up of items that Mary likely used while teaching, they are in the smaller of the two flat boxes. These items include slides that were often made from diagrams that are also included in the collection. There are multiple cloth signs from the Audubon society that were put in areas that were bird sanctuaries; however there is only one sign design. Also in the Artifact series are dissection kits and other tools used by Mary. The kits have a wide array of scalpels, measuring devices, forceps, and scissors.

The Photograph series is made up of small photos and are in contained a box in the smaller of the flat boxes with the artifacts. Most of these are unidentified, although a few are from a trip to Mount Baker, Washington.

The Printed Materials consists of several scientific papers that were written by Mary's colleagues and sent to her.

Container List

Box Folder
            Biographical Series
01    01       Biographic Booklet, Part 1 - Intro & Table of Contents
      02       Biographic Booklet, Part 2 - Degrees Earned
      03       Biographic Booklet, Part 3 - Teaching Experience
      04       Biographic Booklet, Part 4 - Professional Activities
      05       Biographic Booklet, Part 5 - Social Life
      06       Biographic Booklet, Part 6 - Photos
      07       Correspondence from Others (1931-1948) 
      08       K-State Items (1936-1956)
      09       Recognition for Work at K-State 
      10       Travel Documents (1928)

            Literary Series (1912-1948)
      11      "Abnormalities in the Chick Embryo"
      12      "Another Case of Gynandromorphism"
      13      "Beginnings of Life"
      14      Cell Paper (Untitled, no first page)
      15      "The "Cell Theory" theory or fact?"
      16      "Chromosome Studies in Tettigidae. II . Chromosomes of Paratettix BB and CC and Their Hybrid BC"
      17      "Concerning the Origin of the Notochord in the Chick"
      18      "Concerning the Postnatal Obliteration of the Umbilical Vein and Arteries, the Vitelline Vein and 
                 Artery, and the Ductus Arteriosus in the Guinea Pig" 
      19      "The Development and Atresia of the Graafian Follicle and the Division of Intra-Ovarian Ova in the 
                 Guinea Pig" 
      20      "The Development of the External Form of a Squid Embryo"
      21      "The Development of the External Form of the Guinea-Pig (Cavia Cobaya) Between the Ages of 11 Days 
                 and 20 Days Gestation"
      22      "The Development of the External Form of the Guinea-Pig (Cavia Cobaya) Between 15 Days and 21 Days
      23      "The Development of the External Form of the Guinea-Pig (Cavia Cobaya) Between the Ages of 21 Days 
                 and 35 Days Gestation"
      24      "The Development of the Ovary of the Guinea Pig..."
      25      "The Development of the Spermatozoon in Cavia Cobaya"
      26      "The Development of the Suprarenal Glands in the Guinea-Pig (Cavia Cobaya)"
      27      "Disturbances of Reproduction and Ovarian Changes in the Guinea-Pig in Relation to Vitamin C 

02    01      "The Effect of a Vitamin C Deficient Diet upon the Tensile Strength and Muscle Fasciae of Guinea-Pigs"
                 and Rejection Letter
      02      "Embryology in Comprehensible Terms"
      03      "Endometrial Hyperplasia Observed in Experimental Guinea Pigs"
      04      Exam of E.L.Lahr
      05      Exam of M.H.Radi
      06      "Experimental Diets with Special Reference to Vitamin C Deficiency, and Reproduction and Growth of 
      07      "Further Observations on Reproduction in Guinea Pigs Fed Vitamin C at Different Levels"
      08      "Further Studies of the Abnormalities of the Central Nervous System of the Chick"
      09      "A General Review of a Series of Whole Mounts Showing" Embryological Development of a Squid"
      10      "Genetic Aspects of Pigment Production in the Guinea Pig" (1 of 2)
      11      "Genetic Aspects of Pigment Production in the Guinea Pig" (2 of 2)
      12      "Heat as a Factor in Producing Abnormalities During Incubation in the Chick"
      13      "The Influence of Certain Genetic Factors Upon Eye Color in the Guinea Pig"
      14      "Introduction to Tocytology" by Lester Allen Sharp
      15      "An Investigation Into the Possible Relationship Between Vitamin C and the Adrenal Cortex of the
                 Guinea Pig"
      16      "Laboratory Outlines for Embryology"
      17      "Lack of Vitamin C in the Diet and Its Affect on the Jaw Bones in Cavia Cobaya"
      18      "The Maturation and Segmentation of the Eggs of Leptoplana"
      19      "Method of Cell-Division in the Sex Cells of Taenia Teniaeformis"
      20      "Notes on the Observations of the Embryological Development of the Living Squid"
      21      "Number and Behavior of Chromosomes in Cavia Cobaya"
      22      "Observations on the Breeding of the Guinea-Pig"
      23      "Observations on the Ossification of the Foot-Bones in Polydactyl and Normal Chicks"
      24      "Parthenogenesis in the Ovaries of Guinea Pigs"
      25      "Pigment Production in the Guinea Pig"
      26      "Polydactyl Feet of Two Strains of Chick"
      27      "Preliminary Report on Coyote Study for Winter of 1948" 
      28      Preservation Techniques
      29      "A Probable Case of Superfetation in the Cow"

03    01      "Reproduction As a Factor in Animal Populations"
      02      "The Reproductive System of Apotettix Eurycephalus Hancock"
      03      "The Skeletal Development of the Anterior Limb of the Guinea-Pig, Cavia Cobaya Cuv., from the 25-Day
                 Embryo to the 161-Day Postnatal Guinea-Pig" 
      04      "Some Effects of Experimental Diets Upon the Reproduction and Growth of the Guinea Pig (Cavia Cobaya)
      05      "Some Effects of Vitamin C-Deficiency Upon the Male Guinea Pig"
      06      "Some Effects on Guinea Pigs of Feeding Vitamin C Intermittently" 
      07      "Some Effects on the Cortex of the Adrenal Glands of Guinea Pigs Deprived of Vitamin C in Their Diet"
      08      "Some Embryological Aspects of Vitamin C-Deficiency in the Guinea Pig (Cavia Cobaya)"
      09      "Some Experiments with Vitamin C and Its Effects on the Blood of Guinea Pigs"
      10      "Some Observations on the Development of the Teeth of Cavia Cobaya"
      11      "Spermatogenesis in Paratettix"
      12      "To a Cookie"
      13      Two Headed Calf
      14      "Two Pigs Within a Single Chorion with Some Considerations Concerning Monochorionic Twins"
      15      Unidentified Pages from Scientific Papers
      16      Unidentified Students Test and Paper
      17      "Vitamin C and the jaws of guinea-pigs"
      18      "Vitamin C Deficiency and Reproduction"

            Subject Series (Audubon Society Material) (1922-1952)
      19      "An Announcement to Teachers"
      20      Bird Banding (Several Publications)
      21      "Bird Houses and How to Build Them"
      22      "Bird Life Among Lava Rock and Coral Sand"
      23      "Books on Birds and Natural History"
      24      "Books on Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Fishes, and General Zoology"
      25      "Conservative Conservation"
      26      "The Crow in its Relations to Agriculture"
      27      "Dealers in Bird-Attracting Devices"
      28      "The English Sparrow as a Pest"
      29      "A Field Guide to Birds of Central Kansas"
      30      "Flight Speed of Birds"
      31      "Food and Economic Relations of North American Grebes"
      32      "Food of American Phalaropes, Avocets, and Stilts"
      33      "Food of Some Well-Known Birds of Forest, Farm, and Garden"
      34      "Homes for Birds"
      35      "How to Attract Birds in the East Central State"
      36      "Keys to North American Birds"
      37      "The Migration of North American Birds" Our Migratory Wild Fowl and Present Conditions Affecting their
      38      "Our Migratory Wild Fowl and Present Conditions Affecting their Abundance" 
      39      Notepad to keep track of birds seen
      40      "Slate-Colored Junco"
      41      "Some Common Birds Useful to the Farmer"
      42      "Some Common Game, Aquatic, and Rapacious Birds in Relation to Man"
      43      "Usefulness of Birds on the Farm"
      44      "Winter Birds"

            Diagram Series (1912-1948)
      45      Diagrams on Hard Paper in Ink
      46      Diagrams on Regular Paper
      47      "Some Observations on the Development of the Teeth of Cavia Cobaya"

04            Unidentified diagrams
05          Artifact Series (1912-1948)
              Glass Slides
              Dissection Kits
              Card Catalog of Publications (By Author + Unidentified Cards)   
            Photograph Series n.d.
              Unidentified photographs

06          Printed Material Series


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