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Jack Hartman Papers


The Jack Hartman Papers (1948-1989) were donated to Kansas State University by his wife, Pat Hartman, in 2006. The majority of the papers document the college coaching career of Jack Hartman from 1955-1986, in addition to course material, correspondence regarding his retirement and nomination to the Hall of Fame, photographs, and artifacts.

KSU Basketball 1970-1971Comprising 5 linear feet of shelf space, the Hartman Papers are contained in six boxes and span the years 1948-1989. The collection is organized into seven series: 1) Oklahoma A & M; 2) Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College, 1955-1962; 3) Southern Illinois University, 1962-1970; 4) Kansas State University, 1970-1986; 5) Correspondence, 1986; 6) Photographs 1955-1972, and 7) Artifacts, 1986-1989.

Hartman was born in Oklahoma in 1925 and graduated from Shidler High School in 1943. He attended Oklahoma A & M where he played both basketball and football for one season before joining the military. When Hartman's service in the Navy ended, he returned to Oklahoma A & M and graduated in 1950. The bulk of the collection consists of information regarding his head coaching positions at Coffeyville Community College, Southern Illinois University, and Kansas State University. The papers also contain correspondence concerning his retirement as head coach at Kansas State University in 1986 and his nomination for the Hall of Fame.

The accession number assigned to the collection is U2006.4. The processing of the papers was completed by Casey Thilges, student processor, in March 2006.

Biographical Sketch

1925        Born in Dewey, Oklahoma

1943        Graduated from Webb City High, which consolidated with Shidler High School 
            in the fall of 1943
1943-1944   Attended Oklahoma A & M, played basketball and football

1944-1946   Joined the U. S. Navy and served in the Pacific Theatre

1946-1947   Returned to Oklahoma A & M, played basketball and football (1 year)

1947        Attended Oklahoma A & M, played only football (2 years)

1950        Graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Education

            Played professional football for Saskatchewan in the Canadian Football League

1951        Coached football at Plainville High School in Plainville, Kansas 

1952        Coached high school football and basketball in Shidler, Oklahoma

1953        Coached high school football in Wagoner, Oklahoma

1954        Earned MS degree from Oklahoma State University 

            Coached basketball under Henry Iba at Oklahoma State University as a 
			graduate assistant

1955-1962   Head coach for Coffeyville (Kansas) Junior College "Red Ravens" men's basketball 
            team and assistant football coach for 3 years

1962        Led Coffeyville basketball team to the NJCAA National Championship with a 
            32-0 record

1962-1970   Head coach for Southern Illinois University "Salukis" men's basketball team

1967        Led SIU basketball team to the NIT Championship

            Sporting News Coach of the Year

1970-1986   Head coach for Kansas State University men's basketball team

1972        KSU won the Big Eight Conference Title

1973        KSU won the Big Eight Conference Title

1975        Big Eight Coach of the Year

1977        Big Eight Coach of the Year
1978        KSU won the Big Eight Conference Title
            Coached KSU team that defeated Russian Olympic basketball team

1981        Selected Coach of the Year by National Association of Basketball Coaches for the 
            1980-1981 season

1983        Led the United States to a gold medal as basketball coach for the Pan-American Games 
            (Michael Jordan played on the team)

1984        Became president of National Association of Basketball Coaches

1986        Retired from coaching
            Inducted into the Southern Illinois University Hall of Fame			

1990        Inducted into the Kansas State University Hall of Fame		
            Inducted into the State of Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

1991        Inducted into the Coffeyville Community College Basketball Hall of Fame

1996        Interim coach for Kansas State University women's basketball team

1998        Died

Scope and Contents Note

Saluki PowerThe Jack Hartman Papers document Hartman's college coaching career from 1955-1986. They also include course material, correspondence regarding his retirement as head coach for Kansas State University and his nomination to the Hall of Fame in 1986, photographs, and artifacts. During Hartman's professional career he was head basketball coach at three schools including: Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College (1955-1962), Southern Illinois University (1962-1970), and Kansas State University (1970-1986).

The Hartman Papers are organized into seven series: 1) Oklahoma A & M (1948); 2) Coffeyville Community College, 1955-1962; 3) Southern Illinois University, 1962-1970; 4) Kansas State University, 1970-1986; 5) Correspondence, 1986; 6) Photographs, 1955-1972; and 7) Artifacts, 1986-1989.

Oklahoma A & M (1948), the first series, is comprised of material from courses in education and physical education that Hartman took while enrolled at the college.

The second series, Coffeyville Community College (1955-1962), is divided into seven sub series according to basketball season: 1) 1955-1956 contains a copy of the college magazine and awards; 2) 1956-1957 includes the college magazine from that year; 3) 1957-1958 consists of telegrams, tournament information, and newspaper clippings; 4) 1959-1960 contains newspaper clippings outlining highlights; 5) 1960-1961 includes tournament information; 6) 1961-1962 consists of tournament information and newspaper clippings; and 7) Miscellaneous includes scouting notes and a cutout of the Coffeyville Community College mascot.

1967 National Invitational TournamentSouthern Illinois University (1962-1970), the third series, is organized into eight sub series: 1) 1962-1963 consists of newspaper clippings; 2) 1963-1964 contains newspaper clippings; 3) 1964-1965 includes telegrams, game statistics, programs, tournament information, and newspaper clippings; 4) 1967 National Invitational Tournament (NIT) consists of programs and newspaper clippings featuring the tournament highlights (Walt Frazier, who went on to star for the New York Nicks, was a member of the team); 5) 1967-1968 contains game statistics, programs, and newspaper clippings; 6) 1968-1969 includes game programs; 7) 1969-1970 consists of game statistics, programs, the Countrywide Sports magazine, and newspaper clippings; and 8) 1970 Transition from SIU to KSU includes newspaper clippings outlining Hartman's resignation from SIU and appointment as the new head basketball coach at Kansas State University.

Cage chart 1972The fourth series is Kansas State University (1970-1986). This series is separated into thirteen sub series: 1) Clippings, ND contains a number of newspaper clippings from unknown basketball seasons at Kansas State University; 2) 1970-1971 consists of telegrams, game statistics, programs, tournament information, and clippings; 3) KSU, 1971, Clippings includes newspaper clippings concerning Oklahoma University's basketball team; 4) 1971-1972 contains telegrams, game statistics, and newspaper clippings; 5) 1972-1973 consists of programs and newspaper clippings; 6) 1973-1974 contains game statistics, programs and media guides, and newspaper clippings; 7) 1974-1975 includes programs and newspaper clippings; 8)1975-1976 contains programs and newspaper clippings; 9) 1976-1977 consists of a photograph; 10) 1977-1978 includes newspaper clippings; 11) 1979-1980 contains college magazine and newspaper clippings; 12) 1984-1985 consists of newspaper clippings; and 13) 1985-1986 includes programs and newspaper clippings.

The series Correspondence (1986) is organized into two sub series. The first sub series is entitled Retirement and contains a number of letters regarding Hartman's retirement as the head coach for the men's basketball team at Kansas State University. It includes letters from Governor John Carlin (Kansas) and coaches Lou Henson, Tom Penders, "Wimp" Sanderson, and others. The second sub series relates to Hartman's nomination to the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1986 and contains letters of support from Henry Iba, DeLoss Dodds, Dean Smith, and others.

The Photographs series is divided into three sub series: 1) Coffeyville Community College consists of photographs from Hartman's time as head coach at Coffeyville; 2) Southern Illinois University includes Southern Illinois University's basketball team photographs, individual player photographs, a number of photographs of Hartman during his reign as head coach, and a photograph from the National Invitation Tournament in 1967; and 3) Kansas State University contains a photograph of Hartman during his years as head coach at Kansas State University.

Artifacts comprise the last series and include a "Coach of the Year Award" trophy from the National Association of Basketball Coaches for the 1980-1981 season, and two plaques awarded to Hartman. The first plaque was given to him by the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association (KBCA) in honor of his induction into the KBCA Hall of Fame, 1989. The second plaque was presented by Kansas State University honoring Hartman as the winningest coach in Kansas State University basketball history, 1970-1986.

Container List

Box Folder  Contents
            Oklahoma A & M

01  01      Course material, no date
    02      Course material (1948) 
            Coffeyville Jr. College ("Red Ravens")

            1955-1956 Season
    03          College Magazine
    04          Awards
            1956-1957 Season
    05          College magazine
            1957-1958 Season
    06          Telegrams
    07          Tournament
    08          College magazine
    09          Contract
    10          Clippings
            1959-1960 Season
    11          Clippings
            1960-1961 Season
    12          Tournament
            1961-1962 Season
    13          Tournament
    14          College magazine
    15          Clippings
    16          Coffeyville mascot, cut out of a Red Raven
    17          Scouting notes for various teams

            Southern Illinois University ("Salukis")

            1962-1963 Season
    18          Clippings
            1963-1964 Season
    19          Clippings
            1964-1965 Season
    20          Telegrams
    21          Game statistics
    22          Programs
    23          Tournament
    24          Awards
    25          Miscellaneous
    26-30       Clippings
            1967 National Invitational Tournament (NIT)
    31          Programs
    32          Miscellaneous
    33-39       Clippings

            1967-1968 Season
02  01          Game Statistics
    02          Programs
    03-05       Clippings
            1968-1969 Season
    06          Programs
            1969-1970 Season
    07          Game statistics
    08-10       Programs
    11          Countrywide Sports magazine
    12-15       Clippings	
    16	 	1970 Transition from SIU to KSU, Clippings
            Kansas State University

    17          Clippings-ND
            1970-1971 Season
    18          Telegrams
    19          Game Statistics
    20          Programs
    21          Tournament	
    22-26       Clippings
    27          KSU, 1971; University of Oklahoma, Clippings

            1971-1972 Season
03  01          Telegrams
    02          Game Statistics
    03-06       Clippings
            1972-1973 Season
    07          Programs & Sports Illustrated, March 1973
    08          Clippings
            1973-1974 Season
    09          Game Statistics
    10          Programs and media guide
    11-16       Clippings
            1974-1975 Season
    17          Programs
    18          Clippings
            1975-1976 Season
    19          Program
    20          Clippings
            1976-1977 Season
    21          Photo
            1977-1978 Season
    22          Clippings
            1979-1980 Season
    23          K-Stater, November 1980
    24          Clippings
            1984-1985 Season
    25          Clippings
            1985-1986 Season
    26          Programs
    27-29       Clippings
04  01-04       Retirement, Kansas State University, 1986
    05          Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, 1986


            Coffeyville Jr. College
    06-07       1955-1962 
    08          1957-1958 Season
            Southern Illinois University
    09          1963-1964 Season
    10          1967 NIT Tournament
            Kansas State University
    11          1971-1972 Season


05          Trophy; Coach of the Year, National Association of Basketball Coaches, 
            1980-1981 season 

06  01      Plaque; Kansas Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, 1989
    02      Plaque; Kansas State University winningest coach, 1970-1986