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Department of Entomology Records

The following records were transferred to the University Archives by the Department of Entomology in November of 2003. The primary focus of the material is on the management of plants and crops, insects (grasshoppers in particular), and pesticides, with the majority of the records spanning the years 1930-1960. They contain the following records: files of several prominent faculty and extension entomologists including Roger C. Smith, E. G. Kelly, Dell E. Gates, Carl M. Rettenmeyer, and F. L. Poston; K-State and Entomology Department publications; correspondence and research files of faculty; reprints of faculty from various publications (Kansas Academy of Science, Kansas Entomological Society, etc.); course files of faculty; company advertisements and operating manuals for farm implements. The approximate years covered by the records are 1910-1980.

Container List


01        "Summary of the Unpublished Notes in the Department of Entomology," 1904-1956. 
               Roger C. Smith

02        Reprints of faculty K-State Pubs (includes flour & milling), ca 1910-1980

03-04     Correspondence/research files.  Roger C. Smith, E.G. Kelly, et al.  Significant
               material re grasshoppers.  Ca 1932-1970

05        Correspondence and course files
               E. G. Kelly files, 1935-1949
               Leroy Brooks course files, 1958-1959 and 1973-1979
               Howard Brooks course files, 1962-1964
06        E. G. Kelly.  "Plans of Work" - Notebooks 1939; 1940; 1941-1942; 1943-1944
07        E. G. Kelly.  "Plans of Work" - Notebooks 1944-1945; [1945]- 1946; 1946-1947
08        World War II and  National Defense publications

09        Fort Hays and Garden City Agricultural Experiment Stations
               Fort Hays Agricultural Experiment Station Branch.  Annual Reports-Insect
                    Investigations, 1953 (Woodrow W. Franklin), 1954 (T. L. Harvey), 1956
                    (T. L. Harvey), 1957 (T. L. Harvey)
               Garden City Agricultural Experiment Station Branch.  Annual Reports-
                    Entomological Research, 1961 (Lester J. DePew), 1967 (Lester J. DePew)
10        Dell E. Gates.  Correspondence
               Grasshoppers, 1946-1979
               Crops, 1967-1976
               Stored grain, 1971-1976
               Pesticides and environmental issues, 1972-1980
11        Dell E. Gates. Correspondence
               Insects attacking trees, gardens, fruit, 1967-1977
               Household insects, 1967-1977
12        Dell E. Gates, Leroy Brooks.  Files, ca 1960-1980

13-14     Carl M. Rettenmeyer.  Files,1960 - 1970s
15-17     F. L. Poston.  Files, 1970s - 1980s
18        Course Files: Economic Entomology, ca 1980s
19        Reports and Publications
               Annual Reports-Entomology Project.  E.G. Kelly 1931-1932; 1939-1940;
                    1940-1941; 1942-1943
               Annual Reports-Entomology Project.  Dell E. Gates 1949-1950 / 1956-1957
                    John Ross, Garden City, KS to USDA.  Grasshopper Control 1948-1950
               "Exchange of Publications" Leaflets USDA to Extension Entomologists,
               Publications and Reports Pesticides/Pest Control (incl. DTD)

20        Publications
               Galleys "Insects of Kansas" (Roger C. Smith)
               Farm Implements - Company brochures (+ DOW Chemical)
               Reprints ER Butterflies (Non K-State)
               "Turf Field Day" 1978 & 1979