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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
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Lou Douglas Collection

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01   01        Vita of Louis H. Douglas, ca 1977

     02        Oral history interview transcript of Lou Douglas by James Carey; July 17,

     03        Lou Douglas Scholarship Fund, 1977

     04        Minutes: Lou Douglas Lecture Series Committee; Oct 27, 1999

     05        Awards, Certificates, and Plaques of Lou Douglas, 1957, 1961,1977 and

               Appointment to Kansas Commission on Constitutional Revision
               signed by Gov. George Docking; Dec 6, 1957

               State of Kansas Senate Resolution No. 1847 commending Lou
               Douglas for his service to Kansas State University signed by Ross
               Doyen (President of the Senate) and L. Kenney (Sec. of State), 
               Apr 5, 1977

               Retirement certificate, Kansas State University signed by Duane
               Acker and William Stamey, May 4, 1977

               Certificate from Phi Kappa Phi chapter at Kansas State University
               honoring Lou Douglas as a life member, 1977

     06        Plaque designating Lou Douglas as "Honorary Lifetime Chairman"
               or the Riley County Democratic Party, nd

     07        Plaque with letter of appreciation to Lou Douglas from the [faculty]
               of the  "Discipline of Political Science, University of the Philippines"
               at the time Douglas left the country having served as a Fulbright
               scholar, Feb 7, 1961

     08        Framed U.S. one dollar bill "To LOU From all of us at UFM, 1977-78,"
	           [University for Man at Kansas State University]   

Separation Record: 59 photographs of Lou Douglas and Lou Douglas Lecture Series speakers transferred to VF. Photograph Collection-People; 75 photocopies of newspaper articles and ephemera related to Lou Douglas Lecture Series and speakers transferred to VF. Douglas, Lou (filed alphabetically under the speakers' last name)