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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
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Russell I. Thackrey Papers

Biographical Sketch

1904		Born in Kansas City, Kansas on December 6.

1927		B.S. in Journalism, Kansas State Agricultural College.

1927-1928	Newspaper reporter.

1928		Married Emily Sheppeard, June 29.

1928-1932	Instructor at Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science.

1932		M.S. Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science.

1932-1935	Assistant professor in Journalism, K-State.

1933-1935	Revived and edited Kansas Magazine.

1935-1936	Reporter with Associated Press.

1937		Legal correspondent in Jefferson City, Mo.

1937-1940	Assistant professor, University of Minnesota.  Part-time graduate work.

1940-1943	Edited Kansas Magazine.

1940-1944	Professor and Head of Journalism Department, K-State.

1943-1944	United States Naval Reserves.

1944-1947	Dean of Administration, K-State.

1947-1970	National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.

1949		National 4-H Club foundation.

1951-1956	Chairman of policy committee, Washington International Center.

1960		John F. Kennedy Task Force on Education.

1970		Director Emeritus, National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.  
		Free-lance author.

1971		Published, The Future of the State University, Illinois Press.

1990		Died in Manhattan, Kansas on March 11.

		Honorary Degrees and Awards

1955		LL.D. University of New Hampshire and University of Maine.

1959		LL.D. University of Arkansas.

1961		LL.D. Kansas State University.
		DH.L. University of Delaware.

1965		Michigan State University.

1969		Presidential award of American College Public Relations Association.

1970		University of Wisconsin and University of Vermont.
		National Press Club.
		Sigma Delta Chi.
		Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
		Scabbard and Blade.
		Contemporary Authors, V. 37-40. 1st.  Revision.

Preliminary Scope and Content Note

The papers of Russell I. Thackrey were transferred from three file cabinet drawers into three boxes. Original order of the collection seems to have been alphabetical, although some parts appear to be out of sequence. The files have been placed in the boxes in the same order they were received.

The papers reflect the post-retirement activities of Russell I. Thackrey. Most of the material is dated after 1970, although a few exceptions do exist. Earlier material consists of a few letters and articles between 1965 and 1970, and some letters with earlier dates filed in reference to a subject he was writing on. An example of such is within the Friends of Art File, in which letters and invoices concerning art bought in 1935 were filed among more recent materials. During their retirement years, Russell and his wife, Emily, relocated from Washington D.C. to Manhattan Kansas. From this location, he wrote numerous letters and manuscripts. The details of his career prior to 1970, which are not included in the collection, can be found in the Contemporary Authors, Volumes 37-40.

The material present includes magazine articles, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, speeches, incoming and outgoing correspondence. Those represented in the collection were journalists, editors, members of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, of which Thackrey was Director emeritus, personal acquaintances, and Government personnel. A few included in the collection were Bob Dole, Nancy Kassebaum, Jim Slattery, and John Carlin. Letters to Duane Acker, President of Kansas State University, 1975-1986 were also found. Thackrey had worked on an article about former Kansas State University President Milton Eisenhower (1943-1950), and parts of the manuscript were found.

The main emphasis of Thackrey's work was education. He was extremely concerned with the rising cost of college, and the problems associated with students finding financial assistance. He also kept files on desegregation, educational organizations and Government generated ideas. His commentary on the Bennett plan is an example of his concern for Government plans. He advocated the lowering of tuition.

Two photographs were removed from the collection and placed under the heading of Russell I. Thackrey. One was of himself, and the other photograph was of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges meeting.

Container List

Box  Folder

		Drawer 1
 01		Loose papers:
			NASULGC memo.
			Triple A auto club.
	01	A.C.E., American Council on Education.
		American Can Company.
	02	Army, role of blacks - 1973.
	03	Atlantic - Silber: reviews of article.
	04	Harper's piece and reply.
	05	Sports reforms: athletic reforms in 1986.
	06	Kansas Regents study.
		Attorney General Stephan's suit against.
	07	Articles, Russell I. Thackrey, 1965-1983.	
	08	Academy of Independent Scholars.
	09	Newman Report.
	10	Book reviews.
	11	Brookings (Think Tank).
	12	A.C.T. Project.
	13	Resegregation and Black Colleges.
	14	Attrition- student drop out rate.
	15	Benezet.
	16	Bankhead-Jones Study  USDA. 
	17	Manilla Envelope
		H. Boozer, Corp.
	18	Carnegie Commission.
	19	Colloquium
			Cost per student
			Council on Liberal Arts
	20	Church and State.
		Loose Papers:
			Book review on the New Deal.
			Newspaper clippings.
	21	K.S. Davis, correspondence.
	22	K.S. Davis, memos.
	23	Manilla Envelope
		Brookings Study.
	24	Desegregation, 1974-1977.
	25	Future of State Universities project, research.
	26	G.I. Bill.
	27	Involvement in learning.
		Loose papers:
			College Enrollment.
			Personal letters.
			Report on drug use on Campuses.
	28	H. Durham, Corp.
	29	M. Eisenhower.
		"Remembering the Milton Eisenhower Years."
		Loose papers:
			"English Speaking Union" members.
	30	Finance.
		Loose papers:
			Los Angeles Times, 1970.
			Bob Dole: Central American Conflict, 1987.
	31	Desegegation:  North Carolina Lawsuit.
	32	U. of D.C.
	33	Eisenhower, M.S. (Book)
	34	Desegregation, Prince Edwards County.
	35	Discussion Group, 1982-1983
	36	Affirmative Desegregation.
	37	Education Commission.
	38	Drugs/Narcotics, University of Michigan Study.
	39	Carter.
		Loose papers:
			Church and State magazine.
			Manhattan Country Club.
			Commission for Higher Education, State of Indiana.
	40	Figures, number of colleges.
	41	Finance - Mundel
02	01	Finance - PAYE
		Ed OP Bank.
		Loose papers:
			Letters concerning students financing college.
	02	Finance Boweh.
		Loose papers:
			Veterans Educational Program.
	03	Thoughts in Financing.
	04	Illinois - Archives.
	05	Illinois, original drafts of "Future of the State University."
	06	Carnegie Commission.
		Newman report II.
	07	Journalism Advisory Council.
	08	KSU Historical Folder.
	09	Jencks.
	10	Higher Education Act of 1972 (Brademas).
	11	Kansas Magazine.
		C.E. Rogers.
		Loose papers:
			Education as the Open Frontier, speech, 1961.
			Higher Education group, Washington D.C., speech, 1969.

		Drawer 2
		Loose papers:
			Land Grant Colleges brocheres.
			Proposal for Art Museum at KSU.
	12	Bennett and New Republic.
	13	Income Contingent Loans.
		Loose papers:
			Admission of Women to the Rotary Club.
			Rotary Club certificate, 1987.
			Education Vouchers Report.
	14	Land Grant Colleges.
	15	Friends of Art - KSU.
		Loose papers:
			Outgoing correspondance.
	16	Bennett and Voucher.
	17	KSU general.
	18	Media: Evans and Novak.
	19	J.F. and Ted Kennedy.
	20	Knopp.
	21	J. L. Morrill.
	22	History of K-State (?)
		Purple K-State folder containing articles on James Morrill, 
		1st Kansas Geologist, and Landgrant history.
	23	Rhodes.
	24	North Carolina, 1970.
	25	NAACP.
	28	Popham (seminar).
	29	Press.
	30	Manilla Envelop
		Open Meeting.
	31	Peterson - Ted.
	32	Productivity.
	33	Progessive.
	34	University Presidency.
	35	Charles E. Rogers.  1942.
		Loose papers:
			Booklets, Toward a Long - Range Plan for Federal 
			  Support for Higher Education. A report to the 
			  President. 1969.
			Registration form for the Popham seminar and a letter 
			  declining the invitation.
	36	Compilation.
	37	Ted Peterson.
	38	Penn. State.
	39	Private College Numbers.
	40	Residence Council Minutes.
	41	ROTC.
	42	Regents.

03	01	Tax Credit, Misc.
	02	Statistics, Phi Delta Kappa.
	03	Tuition.
	04	Veterans, G.I. Bill.
	05	Selective Service.
	06	Richards.
	07	Vermont.
	08	War Service - College Students.
	09	Washington Star.
		Loose papers:
			Outgoing Correspondence.
	10	Wharton.
	11	Personal Papers.

		Drawer 3
	12	Letters from Russell I. Thackrey
	13	Letters to Russell I. Thackrey
	14	Materials related to the Russell I. Thackrey letters.
	15	Manilla folder.
		From Kansas Senate.
		Loose papers:
			Outgoing correspondence.
	16	D.D. Henry, correspondence.
	17	General correspondence.
	18	Vouchers.
	19	Russell I. Thackrey, current correspondence.
	20	Wisconsin.
	21	Letters.
	22	Clips NPB.
	23	Newman repb.
		Loose papers:
			General Material