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Ruth Hoeflin Papers


Ruth Hoeflin donated her papers to Kansas State University starting in 1989. The collection documents Hoeflin’s life and career as Dean of Home Economics at Kansas State University.

The Ruth Hoeflin Papers (1875-2001) are housed in 12 boxes and organized into 9 Series: 1) Biographical; 2) Correspondence; 3) Literary Works; 4) Subject; 5) Photographs; 6) Artifacts; 7) Scrapbooks; 8) Slides; 9) Printed Materials.

The Hoeflin Papers have been assigned Accession Number U1989.16. This collection was processed by student employee, Lindsey Bird.


1917          Jan 04, born, Fort Dodge, Iowa

1928-1937     Junior College, Fort Dodge, Iowa 
              Transferred to Iowa State College (then) Fall of 1935-1936 (?)
              Mar, B. S., Iowa State College, Child Development

1940-1942     Mar-Jun, Director of Nursery, Sherwood School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
              Summer, Attended University of Michigan

1942          Summer, Program Director, Camp Knight for delinquents, Cheboygan, Michigan

1942-1943     Jun-Sep, Recreation Director, Methodist Children's Home for Delinquents,
              Detroit, Michigan

1943-1944     Sep-Sep, Director of Nursery School, Lanham War Nursery, Highland Park,

1944-1946     Sep-Jun, Director of Nursery School, Merrill Palmer Institute, Detroit, Michigan
1945          Jun, M. A., Parent Education, University of Michigan
1945-1946     Summer, Taught Child Development course in Nursery School, Ohio State

1946-1947     Sep-Aug, Assistant Professor, Home Life, Oklahoma State University

1947-1950     Instructor, Home Economics, Ohio State University

1948-1960     Member of North Central Regional Technical Research Committee, NCR-11 on
              Farm Family Living with U.S. Office Experiment Station

1950          Ph. D., Family Life, Ohio State University
1950-1957     Professor, Ohio State University

1957-1960     Head, Department of Family and Child Development, Kansas State University

1960-1974     Associate Dean, College of Home Economics, Kansas State University

1962-1963     National Secretary, National Council on Family Relations

1962-1968     Member, Phi Kappa Phi

1962-1965     Secretary, Phi Kappa Phi

1966-1967     Vice, President, Phi Kappa Phi 

1967-1968     President, Phi Kappa Phit 

1966-1973     Kansas Home Economics Association Chairman of Colleges and Universities

1968-1970     Secretary of AHAE Committee on Accreditation of Community Junior Colleagues 
              and Technical Committees

1969-1970     Steering Committee, Regional White House Conference on Children and Youth

1969-1971     Member of NCR-55, North Central Regional Research Committee on "Factors of
              Well-Being of Elderly"

1969-1974     Director, Education Professions Development Act

1970-1972     Chairman-elect and Chairman, North Central Home Economics Adminstrators
              Second Vice-President, AHEA

1970-1979     Member, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

1971          Jun 04, Home Economics Centennial Award, Iowa State University
              Home Economics Alumni Award (Distinguished Service Award), Ohio State 
              University 75th--Diamond celebration

1971-1974     Chairman-elect, Planned Puerto Rico program and went to Puerto Rico in 1971,
              Chairman, San Francisco, CA and Past Chairman, Association of Administrators of
              Home Economics

1972-1973     Chairman-elect, AHEA

1972-1974     AHEA Committee member, plan AHEA workshop on articulation, two and four
              year institutions. 
              Helped run workshop in Atlantic City 1973
              Follow-up Program in Los Angeles 1974

1973-1974     Member, Board of Directors, AHEA
              Chairman, AHEA

1974          Acting Dean, Home Economics, Kansas State University
              Chairman, Accreditation team for site visit, AHEA
              Co-Chairman, Kansas Home Economics Association plan districting
              President-elect, Kansas Home Economics Association

1975          President, Kansas Home Economics Association

1975-1983     Member of NCA-5, North Central Administrators Research Committee 
              Associate Director, KSU Agricultural Experiment Station

1976          Counselor, Kansas Home Economics Association

1975-1983     Dean, Home Economics, Kansas State University

1976-1978     AHEA Nominating Committee; Agency Member Unit

1977          Aug, Ruth Hoeflin and Dr. John Chalmers, Vice President of Academics created
              Hoeflin Stonehouse Daycare

1978          Diagnosed with breast cancer

1979-1980     Member, Council of Professional Development, AHEA

1980          President-elect, AHEA
1980-1981     AHEA President-elect and on Board of Directors; Presiding Officer of AHEA
              Assembly of Delegates; Member of AHEA Executive Committee, AHEA Program
              Emphasis Committee, AHEA Finance Chairman of Committee on Committees;
              AHEA Foundation Board of Trustees and Center for Family Council

1981          Chairman, AHEA Board of Directors
              Traveled with 5 other men to Nigeria, Yola, Gongola State, guest of the Governor
              Broke a bone in the left foot and began to use a cane

1981-1982     President and Chairman of Board of Directors, AHEA

1982          Summer, Announced Retirement

1982-1983     Member AHEA 75th Anniversary Committee; AHEA Foundation Board of Trustees 
              and Center for Family Council, AHEA Credentialing Committee

1983          Retired as Dean of Home Economics, Kansas State University
              Apr 29, Over the Rainbow: Honoring Ruth M. Hoeflin, Ph. D.
              May, Child care center named "Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center" in honor of
              Ruth Hoeflin

1984          Professor, Family and Child Development, College of Home Economics, Kansas
              State University

1984-1988     Director, FENIX Office

1985          First woman invited to join Wrangler, all male discussion group
              Member, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
              Wranglers, Scribbler for 1985

1988          May 17, Official Retirement

1989          Apr 16, OWLS Award

1990          Member, Angels of the World

1991          Apr 10, Ohio State Home Economics Alumni Association: Distinguished Alumni

1992-1993     President, Manhattan Area Retired Teachers Association.

2000          Aug 30, died

Scope and Contents

The Ruth Hoeflin Papers (1875-2001) consist primarily of letters and articles. The majority of the collection is related to Ruth Hoeflin’s career in Home Economics at Kansas State University. The collection is organized into 9 Series: 1) Biographical; 2) Correspondence; 3) Literary Works; 4) Subject; 5) Photographs; 6) Artifacts; 7) Scrapbooks; 8) Slides; 9) Printed Materials.

The Biographical Series consists of 21 folders of biographical material on Hoeflin which includes awards, certificates, and travel. Other interesting items include articles written about Hoeflin’s accomplishments in the field of home economics.

The Correspondence Series is comprised of 98 folders from individuals relating to different topics. Correspondence is organized alphabetically by last name of sender. Included in the series are Ruth Hoeflin’s annual Christmas letters which described Hoeflin’s life over several years.

Literary Works makes up 55 folders which contain articles written by Ruth Hoeflin, research and notes for her Ph.D. dissertation, as well as the notes for her book, History of a College.

Stored in 78 folders, the Subject Series is organized alphabetically. Some of the subjects include documents concerning the Stone House Child Care Center, Hoeflin’s programs such as the EPDA program, and individuals who have been an important influence on Home Economics at Kansas State.

The Photograph Series is contained in one box and is a collection of photographs that were kept by Ruth Hoeflin. It is made up of photos from former EPDA graduates who corresponded with Hoeflin and Hoeflin’s holiday and event photos. This series also includes historic photographs under the subject "Pioneers of Home Economics."

Comprised of one box, the artifacts series is a small collection of plaques and other items that had once been owned by Ruth Hoeflin.

The Scrapbook Series consist of four scrapbooks contained in one box. These consist of a guestbook and three other scrapbooks that contain letters, cards, and other documents detailing events such as Ruth Hoeflin’s retirement and memories from the EPDA program.

The Slides Series is contained in one box and consists of a few slide boxes which contain slides from the Kansas State Centennial event, the Hoeflin and Hoffman recognition, as well as EPDA slides.

Printed Material is organized alphabetically in a bibliography format. The format includes books, magazines, and pamphlets, some of which include published works by Ruth Hoeflin.

Container List

            Biographical Series, 1954-1995 

01   01-03  General [ca1956]-1991

            Articles about Hoeflin,1954-1995

     04     1954 Apr, "Many Jobs for Miss Hoeflin," Agricultural Student,  [S.l.;
               Oklahoma State University].
            1955 Feb 13, Hansen, Ann N. "Dr. Ruth Hoeflin Finds People Are
               Fascinating" [S.l.; s.n.].
            1957 Oct, "[Ruth Hoeflin]," What's New in Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
               [attached to article below]
            1957 Nov, "About People; Ruth Hoeflin," Forecast for Home  Economics,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1957, "Dr. Ruth Hoeflin to Kansas State College," Columbia Dispatch, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1957, "Ruth Goes to K-State University; Hoeflin Heads Department" KHLA
               Newsletter, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1957, "To a K-State Post," Kansas City Star, [S.l.; s.n.]. 
            [1959], "Kansas Women Did These Things during State Home Economics
               Day," The Rural Homemaker, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1960 Jun 30, "Dr. Hoeflin is Appointed Home Ec School Exec," Kansas State
               Collegian, [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1960 Fall, "Hoeflin's Family Living Gives Students Grounding for Post
               College Problems," The Wiley Bulletin, [New York, NY; John Wiley &
               Sons, Inc.].
            1960 Dec 09, "Writing Poetry, Textbooks Keeps Assistant Dean Busy,"
               Kansas State Collegian [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1963 Nov, "Family Life Education Speaker Points Out Trends, Challenges,"
               National Catholic Council on Home Economics Bulletin, [S.l.; s.n.].
     05     1971, "Award for Dr. Hoeflin," Fort Dodge Messenger, [S.l.; s.n.]. 
            [1975] Feb 06, "[Hoeflin New Dean of Home Economics at KSU]", [S.l.; s.n.]. 
            1975 Feb 12, "ISU grad named dean at Kansas State," Ames Daily Tribune,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1976 May 07, "Meeting Dean," The Morning Sun, [Pittsburg, KS; s.n.].
            1976 Nov, "Not all Angels Are in Heaven," The Justin Journal, [Manhattan,
               KS; Kansas State University].
            [1976], Gatlin, Toni Mari, "Angels live on earth, too" [S.l.; s.n.].
            1977 Aug 22, "Heritage instills pride in home ec program," The Manhattan
               Mercury, [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
            1977 Dec 02, "Angels captivate Christmas spirit for University Dean," Kansas
               State Collegian, [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1978 Apr 16, "[Home Economics Masters Degree Program]," Atchison Globe,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1978 Apr 20, "Home Ec Major," The Holton Recorder, [Holton,  KS; John
            1978 Apr 20, "K-State Visit," The Holton Recorder, [Holton, KS; John
            1978 Dec 01, "Dean's yen for teas, angels now tradition," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1978 Dec 04, "Her hobby simply 'angelic'," Topeka State Journal, [Topeka,
               KS; s.n.].
            1979 Nov, "News brief," The Justin Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, [Manhattan, KS;
               College of Home Economics, Kansas State University].
            1979, "Hoeflin assumes association presidency," [S.l.; s.n.].
     06     1980 Mar, Fink, Diana. "Hoeflin candidate for AHEA office," The Justin
               Journal, Vol. 4, No. 5, [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1980 Apr 16, "KSU Fraternity," The Manhattan Mercury,  [Manhattan, KS;
            1980 Oct, "Home Is Where the Degree Is," Playboy, p. 21, [S.l.;  s.n.].
            [1981], "Hoeflin takes helm in fitting place," [S.l.; s.n.]. 
            1982 Jun 30, "'We Need You' Was Theme of Second General Session," Pace
               Setter, AHEA Convention Newsletter, [Cincinnati, OH; Southwestern
               Publishing Co.]. 
            1982 Jul 27, "Home economics dean at KSU to leave post," The Topeka
               Capital-Journal, [Topeka, KS; s.n.].
            1982 Aug, "Foundation Honors Dean Hoeflin," Kansas Home Economics
               Association, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1982, Peterson, Debra, "Angels," Kansas! Magazine, p. 14, [Topeka, KS;
               Kansas Department of Economic Development].
     07     1983 Apr 27, "Special events to honor Ruth Hoeflin," The Manhattan
               Mercury, [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
            1983 Apr 28, "Celebration of Ruth Hoeflin's leadership planned," In View;
               Faculty and Staff Newsletter, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1983 May 01, "K-State home ec dean anticipated changes," The Topeka
               Capita Journal, [Topeka, KS; s.n.].
            1983 May 02, "Weekend activities to honor Hoeflin, feature first Forum on
               Family Issues," Kansas State Collegian, [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State
            1983 May, "Retires as dean," Cooperative Extension Services Department of
               Radio-TV film, [S.l.; s.n.]. 
            1983 May, Hartenstein, Bart, "Farewell-But Not Goodbye," K-Stater, Vol. 32,
               No. 6, [Manhattan, KS; Kansas University Alumni Association]. 
            1983 Sep 03, "A new chapter begins for Dean Hoeflin," Kansas Farmer, [S.l.;
            1983, "Home economics Dean Ruth Hoefline retires but students will long
               remember her; INFLUENCE," The Royal Purple Yearbook, p. 102-103,
               [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1984 Spring, "News from you," Department of Child Development
               Newsletter, [Ames, IA; Iowa State University College of Home
            1984 Oct 11, "Hoeflin assumes new duties after leaving deanship," In View;
               Faculty and Staff Newsletter, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1984 Nov 07, "Working With Families seminar to be held Saturday at KSU,"
               The Manhattan Mercury, [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
            [1984-1985], "Hoeflin continues service to K-State," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1985 Oct 20, "From schoolgirls to career women," The Manhattan Mercury,
               [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
            1989 Nov 19, "Holiday Cooking Guide," The Manhattan Mercury,
               [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
     08     1990 Apr 11, "Book author gives talk to home economics club," Hutchinson
               News, [Hutchinson, KS; s.n.].
            1990 Apr 24, "Retired dean enjoys change of pace; Hoeflin fills time with
               letters, collection of angel figurines," Kansas State Collegian, [Manhattan,
               KS; Kansas State University].
            1995 Jul 30, "Dean Emeritus; Hoeflin Recognized," The Manhattan Mercury,
               [Manhattan, KS; s.n.].
            "In honors Program," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Feminine Input," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Sue Mae's leading KSU faculty on UFM tour," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Participants gathered for an interfaith service," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Dean's yen for teas, angels now tradition," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Hoeflin Recognized For 50-Year Membership," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Agricultural Experiment Station Administers," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Gift from New Zealand," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Angels we have heard on high...," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
     09     Awards 1976-1984
     10-11  Distinguished alumni 1971-1972, 1991
                 Caul, Jean F.
                 Clark, Catherine
                 Heyl, Lynda
                 Phillips, Mary P.
                 [?], Helen 
                 [?], Mary
                 [?], Shay and Burt
     12     Who's Who in American Education 1959-1973
     13     Cards, 1936-[ca. 1984]
     14     Certificates, 1935-1995
     15     Diplomas, 1940-1950
     16     Hoeflin Celebration, 1983
               Duhn, Florence
               Harrison, Glenna Walter
               Hewson, Mary
               Huyck, Elnora T.
               [Karter], Rachel
               Mortvedt, Marjory M.
               Platt, Cyndy [incomplete]
               Wilson, [Eva]
               [?], Jean
               [?], Ruby and Merle
     17     KSU Faculty, 1957-1960
     18     Class Papers/Assignments;  n.d.
     19     Ruth Hoeflin Economics Fund, 1972, 1986
     20     Transcripts and Test Scores, 1932-1948
     21     Travel, 1959, 1975

            Correspondence Series, 1945-1995

     22     Acker, Duane, 1980
     23     Anderson, Kling and Elinor, n.d.
     24     [Bothell family], n.d
     25     Bryant, Bernice, 1983
     26     Clowen, Carolee, n.d
     27     Coleman, Patricia, 1980
     28     Crandall, Elizabeth, [ca 1985]
     29     Crawford, Tony, 1988
     30     Crist, Rosemary, n.d.
     31     Delaney, Vera, 1986 
     32     Denton, Betty Lou, 1983
     33     EPDA 1973
            EPDA Correspondence
     34        Harvin Family, [ca 1982]-1995
     35        Parks Family 1989
     36        Sunderland Family, n.d.
     37        Wallingford Family, 1989-1993
     38        Unidentified, n.d.
     39     Folland, Laura, 1981
     40     Getman, Kendall G., 1952
     41     Glaser, June F., 1983
     42     Harrison, Dorothy, 1958
     43     Hays, Gayla, 1983
     44     Hayward, Winnie S., 1970 [incomplete]

02   01-28  Hoeflin, Ruth, 1946-1997

03   01-02  Hoffman, Doretta, 1956-1971
     03     Invitations, 1969-1996
     04     Johnson, Martha and Harold, n.d.
     05     Justin, Margaret M., 1945
     06     Kell, Leone, 1956-1978
     07     Kelly, Martha, 1970 [incomplete]
     08     Kroehler, Bill and LaVerne, 1978
     09     [Lonewell], Maude, 1970
     10     MacVicar, Robert W., 1984
     11     Memos, 1978-1981
     12     [Mene],  Sarah, n.d.
     13     Milbourne, Max, 1974
     14     Mills, Ruby, 1983
     15     Moore, Russel H. Mrs., 1970
     16     Niday, Carol, 1961
     17     Oates, Walter, 1957
     18     Olsen, Charlotte, 1988
     19     Patton, Mary Ann and Willard, n.d.
     20     Pepoon, Lucile [incomplete], n.d.
     21     Reagan, Barbara M., 1983
     22     Renner, Linda Akin, 1983
     23     Ridley, Agnes, 1971
     24     Riggs, Em, 1982
     25     Roy, William R., 1971
     26     Scheidt, Rick J., 1981
     27     Scott, Dorothy, 1957
     28     Sean, Jean, 1986
     29     Smith, Betty, 1983 
     30     Sponsler, Theo Marie, 1976 
     31     Stephenson, M.E. Steve, 1991
     32     Stith, Marjorie, n.d.
     33     Stowe, Barbara, 1984-1985
     34     Tilly, Lola Cremeans, 1982
     35     Tyler, Mr. and Mrs., 1971
     36     Unidentified, n.d.
     37     Warden, Jessie, 1983
     38     Welch, Maurine Miller, 1970
     39     [?], B., 1976
     40     [?], Cheryl, 1977
     41     [?], Comfort, n.d.
     42     [?], David, n.d.
     43     [?], Golda, n.d.
     44     [?], Justin and Jessie, 1978
     45     [?], Kenny, 1977
     46     [?], Marvin and Eunice, [ca. 1970]
     47     [?], Mary Lou, n.d.
     48     [?], Ruby, 1970

            Literary Works, 1951-1986

            Articles, 1951-1986

04   01     1951 Dec, "The Effect on Child Rearing Practices of the various Types of
               Child Care Information Obtained and/or Used by Ohio Farm Families,"
               Journal of Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].  
            1952 Mar, "Selection of a Sample of Rural Preschool Children," Rural
               Sociology, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1952 Jun, "The Use of the Open-end Interview in Family Life Study," Rural
               Sociology, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1954, "Child Rearing Practices and Child Care Resources Used by Ohio Farm
               Families with Preschool Children," The Journal of Genetic Psychology,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1954, "The Effect on Child Rearing Practices of the Various Types of Child
               Care Resources Used by Ohio Farm Families," Abstracts of Doctoral
               Dissertations, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1955 Jun, "When Shall We Marry," Journal of Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1957 Jul-Aug, "College Freshmen Provide Information on Problem of
               'Growing Up,'" Ohio Farm and Home Research, [Wooster, OH; Ohio
               Agricultural Experiment Station].
     02     1960, "Essentials of Family Living," [New York, NY; John Wiley & Sons,
            1962 Nov, "Tips for parents of young children; A nursery school teacher
               shares her experience," Farm Journal, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1963 Nov, "We Tell the Home Economics Story," Journal of Home
               Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1964 Feb, "A Descriptive Study of Thirty-Five Unmarried Graduate Women,"
               Journal of Marriage and the Family, [S.l.; s.n.].
     03     1966 Jan, "Stimulus to Graduate Study in Home Economics," Journal of
               Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1967, "What not to do with a Turkey," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1967 May, "Preschool Teacher Certification," Journal of Home Economics,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1967, "Find Glamour, Service, and Prestige in a Home Economics
               Profession," Guide Posts, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1969 March, "Comparison of Life Styles of Honors, Non-Honors Women,"
               Personnel and Guidance Journal, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1970 Jun, "Kansas State Prepares Home Economics Junior College Teachers,"
               Journal of Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
     04     1972 Jun, "Walk as a Friend," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1972 Nov, "Freshman and Sophomore Women: What Do They Want Most in
               the Future?" Journal of College Student Personnel, [S.l.; s.n.]. 
     05     [1972] "Clothing Practices of Junior College and University Women," [S.l.; s.n.].
     06     [1972-1973], "Father-Daughter Relationships: Viewpoint of Freshman and
               Sophomore College Women," [S.l.; s.n.]. 
     07     [1973], "The Older Women in the Community and Junior College," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1976 Mar, "People Coping with Change--Theme," [S.l.; s.n.].
            1976 Nov, "Teach students to write good application letters," Journal of
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            1977 Nov, "Adult Women in College: How Do They Fare?" Journal of Home
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     08     1981 Dec 22, "Christmas day 1942 just for grown-ups," The Manhattan
               Mercury, [Manhattan, KS.; s.n.].
            1981 Dec, "The President's Column; Double 'P' for Public Policy," AHEA
               Action, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1981 Aug, "The President's Column; Home Economics: Now-More than
               ever," AHEA Action, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1981 Oct, "The President's Column; React--then Act," AHEA Action, [S.l.;
            [1981-1982], "The President's Column; Home Economists: First Class and
               Growing," AHEA Action, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1982 Jan, "Change or Broadening the View of Home Economics," Forecast
               for Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1982 Feb, "The President's Column: Career Changer Choices," AHEA Action,
               [S.l.; s.n.].
            1982 Apr, "The President's Column: What it takes to make a rainbow," AHEA
               Action, [S.l.; s.n.].
            1986, "Life Goals and Decision Making: Educated Women's Patterns," Journal
               of Home Economics, [S.l.; s.n.]. 
     09     "Basic Needs of Individuals," Department of Family and Child Development:
               Kansas State College, [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Comparison of Life Styles of Honors and NonHonors Students," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Graduate Women Succeed in EPDA Program," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "Operating your Home Safely: Keep Them Safe At Christmas," [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
            "What Have You Done Today That is Creative?" The Delta Kappa Gamma
               Bulletin, [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.
     10     "Family courses in the Community College: Viewpoint of Women Students,"
               [S.l.; s.n.], n.d.

     11     Careers for Professionals, n.d.
     12     Careers in Home Economics, 1970-1980
     13     Elements of Family Living, 1958
     14-22  History of a College, 
               Notes, n.d.
     23     Introduction to Home Economics, 1968
05   01-27  Dissertation 
            The Effect on Child Rearing Practices of the Various Types of Child Care
               Resources Used by Ohio Farm Families, n.d.   
06   01     Poems, n.d.
     02-05  Thesis
            The Effect of a Ten-Hour Nursery on Young Children, 1945

            Subject Series, 1923-2001

     06     Alumni Days, 1985
            Deacon, Ruth
     07-09  Angels, 1981, 2001
     10-13  Brockman, Helen, 1972-1993
     14-15  Christmas, 1960-1987
     16     College Seminar Pilot Program, 1968
     17     Colvin, Bill, 1996
     18     Conference, n.d.
     19     Dating, 1986
     20     Elkins, Dick, 1982
     21     EPDA, 1979-[ca 1986]
     22     Family Forum, 1977-1978
     23     Finances, 1975-1983
     24     Foodini, 1973
     25     Hannant, Jan, 1970
     26     Heinz, Hattie, 1972-1974
     27-30  Hoffmann, Doretta, 1959 - [ca1976]
     31     Home Economics Alumni Scholarship, 1997-1998
     32     Home Economics Course, 1951

07   01-04  Home Management Houses, 1942-1945
     05     Jones, Nellie Sawyer Kedzie, 1925-1979 
     06     Justin Hall, 1958-1985
     07     Kansas State University Pictorial History, 1963
     08     Kell, Leone, 1938
            Kell, Leone and Beth Alsup.  "One Cup of Sugar: Home Economics and
               Migrant Families" Reprinted from Journal of Home Economics, October
               1963: Vol. 55, No. 8 [Washington: American Home Economics
               Association], 1963. 
             Kell, Leone and Carroll E. Kennedy.  "Attitude Change in Honors and
               Nonhonors Students Between Freshman and Junior Year" Reprinted from
               Journal of Home Economics, October 1966: Vol. 58, No. 8 [Washington:
               American Home Economics Association], 1966
     09     Marlatt, Abby, 1944-1986
     10     Martin, Gene, 1980-1983
     11     Newsletters, 1983-1984
     12     Nursery Schools, 1926-[1986]
     13-17  Programs and presentations, 1874-1998
     18-19  Rainbows 1981-1985
               Carter, Dorian
               Peet, Maxine Galer and Vera Schaeffer Roberts
               Riggs, Jean
               [?], Art and Justine
     20-26  Recipes, 1930-1989

08   01     Reunions, 1975-1986
               Clowers, Jim and Karen
               [?], Betty
               [?], Beverly
     02     Richards, Ellen H., n.d.
     03     Riddell, Daniel, 1981
     04     Script: Recognition Slides, Centennial, 1973
     05     Seminars, 1988
     06     Shugart, Grace, 1994
     07     Stith, Marjorie, 1968-1969
            Stith, Marjorie, Carroll E. Kennedy, Stephan R. Bollman, and Terry D.
               Keeley.  "Mental-Health Field Experiences for Home Economics
               Students" Reprinted from Journal of Home Economics, (Washington:
               American Home Economics Association), 1968  Nov: Vol. 60, No. 9
            Stith, Marjorie and Irene Kathy Lee.  "Opinions About Sex Education Held by
               Low-Income Negro Mothers," Journal of Home Economics, [Washington:
               American Home Economics Association], 1969 May: Vol. 61, No. 5.
     08-10  Stone House Child Care Center, 1972-2000
     11     1977 Apr 12, "Old home may be new child center," Kansas State Collegian,
               [Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University].
            1977 May 13, "Student teachers to stay on campus," Kansas State     
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10          Assorted pins, ribbons, and tags
            Calendar: KSU 125th Anniversary Historical Calendar 
            Paperweight: "School of Home Economics the Ohio State          
                 University Focus for the 80's"
            Plaque: "Presented to Ruth Hoeflin President American Home          
               Economics Association 1981-1982" 
            Plaque: "Ruth M. Hoeflin, The Sapphire Club Home Economics     
                 Programs Fund"
            Plaque: OWLS Award plaque presented to Ruth Hoeflin; 1989 Apr 16
            Plaque: President's club member's plaque; Kansas State University   
               Endowment Association
            Plaque: Wooden plaque in the shape of Kansas with engraving    
                 "Dr. Ruth Hoeflin KHEA Outstanding Home Economist 1985"
            Plaque: Wooden plaque with engraving "Ruth Hoeflin the Best    
                 Dean in the Whole World, February 1975"
            Plastic card: Gold colored lifetime member's card for City of Faith      
               Medical and Research Center

11          Textile: Throw with text "With Love 1979 To Ruth Hoeflin from  


12          Guest book: Assorted events, 1983-1996
            "EPDA Memory book," 1983
            "Ruth Becomes Dean," 1975
            "Retirement," 1983


13          "Hoffman/Hoeflin Recognition Slides; Centennial," 1973
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