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Americans for Fairness in Lending Records


In 2010, Richard L. D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections at Hale Library, Kansas State University, became the repository for the records of the Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) organization which was based out of the 77 Summer Street, Boston, Massachusetts between 2006 and 2010. Originating with a small office staff as an offshoot from the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) in 2006, AFFIL heavily utilized web managers, media relations, polling firms and other consumer groups to raise public "awareness of predatory lending practices." In 2008, AFFIL tightened their focus towards achieving "a dream of a federal regulator wholly devoted to consumer finance." They supported the 2008 Presidential Election by promoting then-Senator Barack Obama's campaign for financial/bank reform and attacking his Republican challengers, Senator John McCain and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They were also instrumental in the final passage of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill, which established an independent consumer protection bureau within the Federal Reserve to protect borrowers against abuses in mortgage, credit card, and other types of lending. Several of AFFIL's files include such companies as Mac, Lehman Brothers, HSBC, Fair Isaac Corporation, MNBA, and Saturn.

The arrangement of these records reflect the non-profit organization's multi-faceted approach to raising national awareness on dubious lending practices and the means with which to end them. They are organized in the following manner: 1) Administrative Files; 2) Meetings; 3) Research; 4) Publicity.

The Americans for Fairness in Lending Records (2000-2010) provides researchers with an in-depth perspective of a consumer group and their development of an issue-centric national campaign against special interest groups to affect a change in congressional legislation and the outcome of a presidential election. Specializing in unfair lending practices, these papers contain the memos, reports, web data administration, correspondence (emails and letters), grant proposals, meeting minutes, legal agreements, artifacts, publicity (print and electronic), trademark certificates, and research of a non-profit organization (NPO). Some of the subjects include specious credit card payment schemes, mortgage lending, refund anticipation loans, and pay-day loans as well as both student and military family loans. The papers also include the organization's relationship with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), NCLC, Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA), Care 2, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), the Annie Casey Foundation, AARP, Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), the Sunlight Foundation, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), the Ford Foundation, the National Council of La Raza, the Federal Reserve Board, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA), Travis Plunket, and Elizabeth Warren.

The Americans for Fairness in Lending Records has been assigned Accession Number P2011.03


2004 Oct.7-8; The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) organizes a conference on
     "Changing Attitudes, Reforming Policy in the Credit Market at Cleveland State
     University with the assistance of several consumer groups, including ACORN, the Center
     for Responsible Lending, and the Consumer Federation of America
     Dec; NCLC offers a proposal to the Annie Casey Foundation for a grant to fund an
     exploration of ways to "reduce the devastation from unfair lending and excessive debt on
     low income families" through the creation of a public relations campaign

2005 Oct; NCLC submits a similar proposal to the Ford Foundation for a public relations
     campaign to "stop predatory lending"

2005 May 18; 60 Minutes airs an episode on Payday lending as part of their weekly news
     magazine show

2006 August 31, With the granted funds, NCLC creates Americans for Fairness in Lending
     (AFFIL) and houses the small organization in their 77 Summer Street, Boston,
     Massachusetts office building.   Kirsten Keefe serves as a part-time Executive Director,
     working out of Albany, New York. They adopt a set of Principles of Fairness in lending
     from related consumer groups as their standard, called AFFIL's Six Principles of Fairness
     in Lending

     Sarah Byrnes is appointed as a full time Campaign Manager for AFFIL's Boston, 
     Massachusetts office

     June; AFFIL hires Washington, D.C based research firm Beldon Russonello & Stewart
     and Benenson Janson to conduct focus groups in Chicago on public perceptions of
     lending and case stories to be used in forthcoming campaigns, including "American
     Tragedies" and "Family in the Woods"

     Nov; Cathy Lesser Mansfield chairs the first Board of Directors meeting. The  Board
     begins to oversee AFFIL's finances and organizational structure, leaving the vision and
     mission of the campaign to the partners 

     Dec.; Bari George of By George and Company is contracted as part of  AFFIL's forming
     team of media specialists and writers to work as a  communications consultant, working
     closely with Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Entertainment, Simon and Schuster, and James
     Scurlock to coordinate events around the release of the documentary and book "Maxed

2007 March; The first public relations campaign begins in 2007, which included a print ad
     campaign, website, and collaboration with the release of "Maxed Out," including hosting
     public screenings, sponsoring house parties, and lending copies for home viewership

     Sept; Senator Barrack Obama becomes the first major party candidate for president to
     endorse the AFFIL's Six Principles of Fairness in Lending to "empower more Americans
     in the fight against consumer fraud"

2008 Elizabeth Warren and Travis Plunket testify before the United States Congress regarding
     unfair lending practises

     Feb; AFFIL is featured on Fox Business, CNN, ABC, and Nightline; AFFIL begins
     working in conjunction with the Consumer Union to devise a credit card work plan. For
     this purpose, the Consumer Union grants $7,500 to jointly publish a reporter's guide to
     credit rates and the five states deepest in credit card debt, including Vice Presidential
     candidate Sarah Palin's state of Alaska.
     AFFIL begins a "Kiss Credit Card Rip-Offs Goodbye" postcard writing campaign, 
     featuring 40,000 activists lobbying congress to support the passage of  Credit Card
     Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (CARD)

     May; Kate Columbo video campaign begins; AFFIL creates a policy and  procedures
     guide for media relations

     June 9; AFFIL holds a board meeting and staff retreat with Elizabeth Renuart to 
     brainstorm and coordinate activities over the next year

     AFFIL begins collaborating with web-based non-profit organization Care2

2009 Sarah Burns is appointed Executive Director of AFFIL. The internal staff grows to three
     members. When Sarah Burns takes maternity leave, AFFIL is led by Jim Campen. 

     Feb; The United States Senate begins debating the S.500 National Usury Cap  legislation
     and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

     In coordination with Consumer Federation of America, AFFIL begins a district  level
     public relations campaign targeting Midwest and Plains states with  legislators resistant to
     lending reforms

     May; President Obama signs the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and
     Disclosure Act (CARD) into law

     AFFIL partners with Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), a Washington based 
     coalition of over 250 consumer groups. Together, they lobby for a broad overhaul of the
     nation's financial system through the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and
     Consumer Protection Act.

2010 July; The Dodd-Frank bill passes, creating an independent consumer protection bureau
     within the Federal Reserve to protect borrowers against abuses in mortgage, credit card,
     and other types of lending

     AFFIL lobbies for the Arbitration Fairness Act  

     Sept 30; Americans for Fairness in Lending terminates operations

Scope and Content

The Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) Records (2000-2010) consists primarily of memos, reports, web data administration, research correspondence (emails and letters), artifacts, and publicity (print and electronic) generated by a non-profit organization (NPO) underwritten primally by large grants from the Beldon Russonello & Stewart, Ford, and the Annie Casey Foundation to advocate for changes in state and federal laws governing business lending practice. The papers, collected into seven boxes, have been arranged to reflect the organization's multifaceted public relations campaign against unfair lending practices in tandem with consumer state and national-level events, including the release of independent film documentaries, the rise of social media programs, the 2008 presidential election, the 2009 Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act and the 2010 passage of the Dodd-Frank Bill, which created the federal Consumer Protection Bureau.

The collection is organized into four series: 1) Administrative Files; 2) Meetings; 3) Research; 4) Publicity.

The Administrative Files Series (2004-2010) consists of two boxes of correspondence (print and email), handbooks, grant applications, meeting minutes, letters of agreement, and employee notes relating to organizational growth. They are arranged in alphabetical order by subject. Some noteworthy items relating to the internal structure of the organization, including the "All About AFFIL" handbook, the search for outside funders, notes relating to conference calls with consumer movement experts, and the organization's strategic plan for the 2008 election cycle. Another key feature of this series includes AFFIL's agreements with the Ford foundation, the public relations firm of Benesen Jansen Advertizing, the National Consumer Law Center, and Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) project agreements. Finally, researchers of social media, such as Youtube and blogs, will also find several topics in this series of special interest, including the development of the organization's website, the tracking of web statistics, the creation of electronic contented targeting internet users, and the on-line outreach initiatives.

The Meetings Series (2005-2010) spans two boxes arranged in alphabetical order by subject and by date, containing correspondence, notes and annotated research utilized in the planning and execution of discussions concerning different issues concerning the organization. The majority of the files in this series concern the formulation and execution of AFFIL's public interest policies. Several folders relate to the division of administrative tasks and the formation of business policies for committee assignments, partners, contractors, consultants, the press, and the general consumer movement community, including AFFIL's general principles, field outreach strategy sessions as well as staff meetings and periodic discussions with the National Consumer Law Center. Other files contain documentation related to the organization's periodic updates to funders concerning their ongoing activities, including the Ford Foundation and the Annie Casey Foundation. Still other files concern conversations between the organization and Magnolia Studios in trying to create a public relations campaign to promote AFFIL issues through the release of their a documentary on American predatory lending business practices, Maxed Out. Other sections of this series include files relating to conversations between employees and the Federal Reserve Board, whistle-blowers, lending victims, and members of the military. Finally, this series also collects material and advice provided in conversations with outside firms, such as Benesen Jensen, focus groups reviewing advertizing campaigns, the National Council of La Raza, and web-based providers.

The Research Series encompasses two boxes of reports, newsletters, internet data, court documents, whistle blower, witness, and victim case files, government documents, and internally generated public relations campaign data. Arranged in alphabetical order by date, these files comprise the heart of the collection, revealing the sources, data, and political focus of the Americans for Fairness in Lending. Some folders contain information generated by the United States government, including the Federal Reserve Board, National Usury Cap Legislation, S.500, 2009, and the California Reinvestment Act. Other folders collect documents relating to different aspects of credit card and intermediary lending company operations, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, medical debt, the Navy Federal Credit Union, the case files of whistle blower, witnesses, and victims, Ritzen v Chase court files, and a brief history of the practice of usury. Still other folders collect lending information generated by the entertainment industry, consumer groups and noted AFFIL associates, including the television show Boston Legal, ACORN, AARP, the Legal Aid Society, the NAACP, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the Consumer Federation of American. Several folders also contain information collected by AFFIL contractors, including focus group data, Kansas district voting patterns, marketing statistics, and targeted population demographics. Finally, this series also contains accumulated consumer lessons from different sources on a wide variety of topics, including Christmas holiday tips, lending and collection abuse guides, mortgage advise, student loans, and payday provisions.

The Publicity Series spans three boxes, collecting the artifacts, posters, and media related to the organization's public relations campaigns. Several folders collect documents generated for Maxed Out Screenings, including fliers, questionnaires, house party lists. Other files hold fact cards, business cards, fliers, press kits, and reports, which AFFIL distributed at consumer conferences. Some of the artifacts collected in this series also include promotional folders, hats, and visors. The strength of this series, however, remains the collection of DVD, CD, microcassette, VHS recordings of AFFIL videos and advocate interviews on several news magazine programs, including Nightline, Fox Business, and 60 Minutes. Finally, a number of small and large posters depicting lending and mortgage horror stories featured as part of AFFIL's on-going campaigns have been retained for preservation in this series.

P. Thomsen
April 6, 2011
Rev. April 11, 2011

Container List

Box  Folder

          Series I Administrative Files

          Administrative Files

01   01   501c Form, 2007
     02   Advertisement
     03   Agenda, 2007
     04   Agenda, Legal, 2009
     05   All About AFFIL Handbook, 2008 
     06   Allies
     07   Ally Drive, 2008
     08   Ally Talking Points, 2008 
     09   Anne Casey Foundation, 2004
     10   Benenson Janson Meeting, March, 2005
     11   Benenson Janson Hours, 2006
     12   Benenson Janson Letter of Agreement, 2005
     13   Benenson Janson Contract/Obligations, 2006-2007
     14   Benenson Janson Invoices and Estimates, 2006
     15   Board Retreat, June 2008
     16   Campaign Review
     17   Care 2 Financial Agreement 
     18   Check Requests
     19   Cleveland, 2004
     20   Cleveland Attendee List Conference Call
     21   Conference Call and Firm Opinions, Cleveland Conference, January, 2005
     22   Conference Call Meetings
     23   Conference Call Umbrella Group, 2004
     24   Contracts, 2007-2009
     25   Corporate Funding
     26   Credit Cards
     27   Curbing Predatory Lending Viral Video
     28   Dennis Dorgan
     29   Endorsement Campaign
     30   Economic National Underprivileged Foundation, 2005
     31   Email Alerts, Text, and Index, 2005
     32   Emails, 2005
     33   Emails, 2010
     34   Emails American Institute for Social Justice
     35   Emails, Expanded Cleveland Group
     36   Emails, Ford Foundation, 2005
     37   Emails, General Information, 2005
     38   Emails, Possible Funding Sources
     39   Emails Sent, 2007-2008
     40   Emails Umbrella Group
     41   Fair Mortgage Collaboration, 2010
     42   Field Mobilization and Outreach, 2009
     43   Filing Complaints
     44   Financial Statement, 2009
     45   Financial Product Safety Commission, 2008
     46   Ford, May, 2008
     47   Ford, September, 2008
     48   Fund-raising Consultant and Proposals, 2008
     49   House Party Supplies
     50   Google Grants
     51   Geoffrey Knox and Associates Training
     52   Grant Reports and Requests
     53   Ideas, 2004
          Administrative Files/Meeting Agendas

02   01   Interested Individuals, 2004-2007
     02   Insurance, 2007
     03   Intern, 2008
     04   Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006
     05   Legislation center, 2008
     06   Lobbying Efforts, 2009
     07   Logo
     08   Margo Kelly
     09   Media
     10   Member Surveys, 2008-2009
     11   Membership Committee, 2006
     12   Miscellaneous
     13   Models
     14   Models, Losers
     15   National Consumer Law Center, 2009
     16   National Consumer Law Center Agreement, 2000
     17   National Endowment for Financial Education
     18   New Partners
     19   Operations, 2008
     20   On-line Outreach/Blog Advertisments,2008
     21   On-line Reports, Final Drafts, 2008-2010
     22   Partners
     23   Partner Web Resources
     24   PDF Tool Kits
     25   Perspective, 2004-2006
     26   Public Interest Project Agreements, 2010
     27   Public Service Announcement Experts
     28   State Pages, 2008
     29   Strategic Plan, 2008
     30   Sunlight Foundation, 2008
     31   Tides Foundation
     32   Trademarks, 2008-2009
     33   Unsubscribers, 2007
     34   Video Interviews
     35   Web Development
     36   Web Financial Reform, 2010
     37   Web Outlines
     38   Web Progress, 2007
     39   Web Review, 2008-2009
     40   Web Stats, 2007
          Series  II Meeting Files

     40   American Financial Future Meeting Agenda, 2009
     41   Staff Meetings, 2009-2010
     42   Auto Finance Meeting, May, 2008
     43   Demos Conference, May, 2008
     44   General Meetings, 2006-2008
     45   Partners Meeting, May, 2008
     46   Philadelphia Meeting, September, 2009
     47   National Consumer Law Center Meeting, 2006
     48   Valentine's Day, 2008
     49   Washington Event, 2007
     50   Washington Meeting, July 2008
     51   Web Notes
     52   Willing to Buy Meeting Notes

          Meeting Agendas

03   01   Administrative Meeting, Sept 6, 2006
     02   Administrative Meetings, Sept. 2006-Oct. 2006
     03   Administrative Call Notes, 2006
     04   Ally Mailing, November, 2006
     05   American Financial Reform Wind Down Meeting Notes, 2010
     06   Benenson Janson Call Notes, 2006
     07   Board Retreat, June, 2009
     08   Campus Project
     09   Casey First Conversation with Irene for Maxed Out, 2007
     10   Casey Notes, May, 2009
     11   Center for Community Changes
     12   Center for American Progress Event
     13   Consumer Rights Litigation Conference, 2007
     14   Consumer Federation of America Conference and Payday Summit, 2008
     15   Corporation for Enterprise Development
     16   D.C. Coalition
     17   Design Management Institute
     18   Federal Reserve Board, 2008
     19   Federal Reserve Board Comments
     20   Field Outreach, 2009
     21   Focus Groups Notes and Analyses , 2006
     22   Forum Launch, 2007
     23   Ford Foundation Meeting, September, 2005
     24   Ford Foundation, January, 2007
     25        March-April, 2007
     26        May, 2007
     27   General Principles
     28   Magnolia and Landmark Conversations on Maxed Out, 2006-2007
     29   Maxed Out Screening Cities, 2007
     30   Miami, 2006
     31   Military Meeting, June 14, 2005
     32   Miscellaneous
     33   Mortgage Coalition, 2007 
     34   National Consumer Law Center Meetings, 2007-2009
     35   October Meetings, 2006
     36   National Council of La Raza, 2007
     37   Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, 2005
     38   Overdrawn
     39   Partner's Meeting, December 4, 2006
     40   Partner's Call Notes
     41   Public Research Interest Group
     42   Regional Partners
     43   SDC Media Group, Inc. 
     44   Staff Meetings, 2005
     45   Staff Meetings, June-July, 2007
     46   Story Notes
     47   Strategy and Structure, March, 2007
     48   Structure, April-June, 2007
     49   Summer, 2009
     50   Supporters
     51   Swank Motion Picture Exhibition Forms
     52   Web Committee 
     53   Web Training, Original Notes
     54   Whistle Blowers Conversation Notes
     55   Video, Columbo Interview, 2008
     56   Viral Video, 2008

          Series III Research

          Research Files

04   01   ACORN, 2005
     02   AARP, 2005
     03   Ad Council, 2005
     04   Articles, Website, 2004-2006
     05   Arbitration, 2009
     06   Auto Financing, 2007
     07   Bank Complaints, 2009
     08   Blog Reading, 2010
     09   Boston Legal Script, 2005
     10   Bibliography, 2005
     11   California Reinvestment Act, 2008
     12   Center for American Progress, 2005
     13   Center for Responsible Lending
     14   Champaign County Health Care
     15   Coalition on Human Needs, 2006
     16   Community Reinvestment Act 
     17   Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina 
     18   Comparative Consumer Law, 2005
     19   Complaints
     20   Consumer Action, 2007 
     21   Consumer Federation of America, 2005
     22   Consumer Financial Protection Agency, 2008   
     23   Consumer Financial Protection Agency, 2009
     24   Consumer Union, 2005
     25   Credit Cards, 2008
     26   Credit Card Campaign, Summer, 2008
     27   Credit Card Case File, 2007
     28   Credit Card Project of the St. Paul Foundation, 2004
     29   Credit Card Reporter's Guide
     30   Credit Card Research, 2008-2009
     31   Credit Card Stories, 2009
     32   Credit Reporting, 2008
     33   Credit Union, 2008
     34   Debt Collection, 2008
     35   Demos, 2005
     36   Derivatives, 2009
     37   Digital Credit Union, 2008
     38   Election Endorsements, 2008
     39   Expanding the Network, 2006
     40   Equal Justice Foundation
     41   Faith Based, 2006
     42   Federal Regulation of Consumer Credit, 2005
     43   Federal Reserve Board
     44   Federal Reserve Board Comments, General
     45   Federal Reserve Board Comments, California, 2008
     46        Illinois, 2008
     47        New York, 4th District, 2008
     48        New York, 6th District, 2008
     49        New York, 7th District, 2008 
     50        New York, 12th District, 2008 
     51   Focus Group Transcripts, June, 2006
     52   Focus Group, United States Public Research Interest Group, 2007
     53   Focus Group, University of Massachusetts, 2007

05   01   Foolproof, 2008
     02   Fannie Mae
     03   Freddie Mac
     04   Holiday Tips
     05   Identity Theft Affiant Rules
     06   Ideas, 2005
     07   International Consumer Law, 2005
     08   If It Ain't Broken, Fix It, Conference Plan, 2004
     09   Benenson Janson Advertizement Campaign, 2005
     10   Spitfire Strategies,2004
     11   In Debt We Trust Campaign, 2006
     12   Issues Campaign, 2005
     13   Indiana, 2008
     14   Jewish Council on Public Affairs, 2008
     15   Judge Advocate General's Office, 2004
     16   Kansas Federal Comments, 2008
     17   Kansas Third District, 2007-2008
     18   Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance 
     19   Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
     20   Legislation, 2004
     21   Lending and Collection Abuse at a Glance
     22   Maxed Out House Parties
     23        Showtime Premier, 2008
     24   Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition
     25   Miami Valley Fair Housing Center, 2004
     26   Media Research, 2005
     27   Medical Debt, 2009
     28   Military, 2005
     29   Miscellaneous 
     30   Moneywise
     31   Mortgage 
     32   Mortgage Advisor/Expert Witness, 2009
     33   Mortgage/Housing, 2009
     34   Most Happening House Parties
     35   National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
     36   National Association of Consumer Advocates
     37   National Association of Consumer Advocate Agencies
     38   National American Indian Housing Counsel
     39   National Community Reinvestment Coalition
     40   National Usury Cap Legislation, S. 500, February, 2009      
     41   Naval Officer Loan Complaint
     42   Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
     43   Navy Federal Credit Union
     44   National Training and Information Center     
     45   Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
     46   New America
     47   New Coalition
     48   Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project
     49   One Thousand Churches Connected
     50   Organization for a New Equality
     51   Organizational Structure
     52   Overdraft
     53   Payday 
     54   Penn Public Interest Research Group
     55   Providence Asset Building
     56   Proposed Partner Letter, Fall 2005
     57   Partner Meetings Presentation Scheduling
     58   Pre-presentation Contacts and Preparations
     59   Public Interest Law Office, Rochester
     60   Questions for Firms, 2005
     61   Radio Spots
     62   Random Press material, 2007-2008
     63   Refund Anticipated Loans, 2007
     64   Real Bank Reforms
     65   Ritzen v. Chase, 2008
     66   Rethos
     67   Rosham Bankruptcy Case
     68   Service Employees International Union
     69   Sojourner
     70   Statistics
     71   Story Project
     72   Student Loans
     73   Targeting, 2009
     74   Targeted Populations, 2008
     75   Transcripts from Videos
     76   Transition Management Team
     77   Unions, 2008
     78   United for a Fair Economy
     79   United States Public Interest Research
     80   Urban League
     81   Woodstock Institute
     82   United States Coast Guard
     83   United States Marine Corps
     84   Usury History

          Series IV  Publicity

          Print/Visual Media  

06   01   Business Cards
     02   Campaign Plan, 2005
     03   Give Me Back My Credit Fliers
     04   Maxed Out Screening Names
     05   Maxed Out Screening Questionnaires and Answers
     06   New York Times Letter to the Editor, Draft, 2008
     07   Pamphlets
     08   Portland Conference Publicity, 2008
     09   Press Clips
     10   Public Service Announcements
     11   Report-Lending and Debt in the United States, 2005
     12   Report-Lending Patterns, Massachusetts Amnesty and Bank Council 
     13   SNARF Identity Theft Cards
     14   Pursuit of the Dream: Cars & Jobs in America, DVD
     15   Overdrawn
     16   In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Bursts DVD
     17   You've Been Fooled, DVD
     18   Basic Black Discriminatory Lending, WGBH, DVD
     19   Payday Lending 400%, 60 Minutes Wednesday, 5/18/05, DVD
     20   Jim Campen on Fox Business, CD
     21   Awareness, DVD-R
     22   Americans for Fairness in Lending, Press Kit, DVD
     23   "Keep it in Your Pants" Contest Finalists, DVD
     24   Videos, 24 September, 2008 DVD
     25   Kate Columbo/Phil Santoro Videos, AFFIL
     26   House of Cards Promotional Videos, DVD RW
     27   Maxed Out, Nightline, 14 March, 2007 VHS
     28   Fox Business, 14, February, 2008
     29   Truly Indie, Maxed Out Trailer
     30   Media Training, Jerry-Cote, Geoffrey Knox and Associates DVD, 2008
     31   Men Age 46-65, Focus Group, DVD, 2006
     32   Women Age 25-45, Focus Group,  DVD, 2006
     33   Women Age 25-45, Focus Group, DVD, 2006
     34   Women Ages 46-65, Focus Group, DVD, 2006
     35   Payday Borrowers: Trapped in a Cycle of Debt, Center for Responsible Lending, 
     36   Kate Interview, 2008
     37   Beeped Video, Censored, DVD
     38   Fairness in Lending Press Kit, Benenson Janson-National Consumer Law Center
               Inc., DVD
     39   Maxed Out, Wall Street, January, 2008, DVD (1)
     40   Maxed Out, Wall Street, January, 2008, DVD (2) 
     41   Disaster, CD
     42   Slide Project Dunning Panel, CD
     43   Debt Hits Hard, CD
     44   "Its Always Xmas Time at Visa", Consumer Union Xmas Lending Clip, CD, 2007
     45   "Maxed Out" Wall Street Interviews, 1/29/2008, Digital Video Cassette
     46   Americans for Fairness in Lending Publicity Portfolio

          Promotional Material               
07   01   Promotional Folder
     02   Promotional Hats (3)
     03   Promotional Visor (1)
     04   FEESA Promotional Giveaways (2)