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Mamie Alexander Boyd Papers


Mamie Alexander, 1902

In 2007 members of the Boyd family donated the Mamie Alexander Boyd Papers and McDill "Huck" and Marie Boyd Papers to University Archives/Manuscripts of the Morse Department of Special Collections, Hale Library, Kansas State University. Huck and Marie's daughter, Pat, and their grand children Anne Brockhoff and Tom Krauss were the donors. The bulk of the papers were transferred to the University Archives from the home of Marie and Huck Boyd in Phillipsburg, Kansas after Marie's death in 2006.

The Mamie Alexander Boyd Papers (1876-1979) are housed in 15 document boxes and 4 flat boxes and occupy 11 linear feet of shelf space. They are organized in 12 series: 1) Personal; 2) Correspondence; 3) Speeches; 4) Awards and Certificates; 5) Literary Works; 6) Art; 7) Financial Records; 8) Printed Material; 9) Photographs; 10) Oversize; 11) Artifacts, and; 12) Scrapbooks.

The Mamie Alexander Boyd Papers and McDill "Huck" and Marie Boyd Papers collectively constitute a major body of material and information related to a variety of research topics, in addition to the specific activities and lives of various members of the Boyd family. The topics include politics, women's organizations and history, newspaper journalism, state of Kansas, and rural life, to name a few.

The collection was processed by Anthony R. Crawford with substantial assistance from several student employees during a two year period. They include Rosanne George, Jonathan Root, Brian Sutton, Katy Frederickson, Caleb Whitten, Taylor Wulf, and Jessica Heuback. It is ironic that while growing up in Hill City, Kansas, Roseanne George was a "baby sitter" for Bob and Diane Boyd's children; Bob is Mamie's grandson!

Researchers interested in Mamie Boyd are advised to consult the McDill "Huck" and Marie Boyd Papers. Donated at the same time, their papers contain substantial information about the Boyd family including Mamie.

Mamie Boyd's motto was "KANSAS-Say it above a Whisper"; it was printed on the bottom of her stationery. She instilled this promotion of pride in Kansas among her family, associates, and friends, and it is documented in her papers in perpetuity as a way for researchers to study the history of the state.

Anthony R. Crawford
University Archivist/Curator of Manuscripts
June 29, 2009

Biographical Sketch

The following are the major facts about Mamie's life and many of her accomplishments to give researchers a summary of her life and to assist them with finding information contained in her papers. It does not do justice to her outstanding career so at the end of this finding aid to her papers is a more detailed narrative of her professional and personal career written in approximately 1969 (typescript is located in Box 1/Folder 3). It is followed by a comprehensive list of the organizations she belonged to, her professional activities, and the many awards and honors she received; she prepared this list and updated it around 1969 (from Box 1/Folder 6).

1876      December 13; born as Mary Emma "Mamie" Alexander near Humbolt, Kansas, to Joseph
          McDill Alexander (1843-1913) and Hester Ann Scott (1854-1943) who married in
          1872; nine sisters and three brothers, Clara Grace Alexander the oldest.

1898      Sold her calf for $17.50 to enter Kansas State Agricultural College, now Kansas
          State University

1902      As a student employee in K-State's printing department; she met and began a
          life-long relationship with a class mate, Frank W. Boyd, Sr; she served as president
          of senior class

          June 19, graduated with honors from KSAC in printing and general science

1902-1905 Served as a clerk in the Farm Department at KSAC

1905      After developing tuberculosis, went to Colorado in an effort to recover; Frank
          visited her every weekend from Phillipsburg where he worked on newspaper
          August 15, married Frank after he convinced her to return from Colorado; Mamie
          joined Frank in Phillipsburg where he was editor of the Phillips County Post.

1907      April 17, George McDill "Huck" Boyd is born

          Purchased Phillips County Review

1912      July 09, Frank W. "Bus" Boyd, Jr. is born

[1918]    Attended her first national convention of a women's organization in Des Moines 

1922      Frank, Sr. elected secretary of Democrat central committee, Mamie assistant
          secretary (their newspaper had always been democratic)

[1923]    Mamie organized first women's division headquarters of Kansas Democratic Party
          while Jonathan Davis governor

1927      Spoke at Kansas Editorial Association ("Newspaper Applesauce") which she
          considered her introduction to the newspaper world

1930      January 29, elected president of the Woman's Kansas Day Club and presided over
          meeting January 29, 1931

          June 11, Huck married Marie Kreikenbaum of Phillipsburg

          Elected as the first woman president of the KSU Alumni Association
1934      After serving as Democrats for years and actively supporting President Franklin D.
          Roosevelt in his first term in office, Mamie and Frank left the party because of the
          direction it had taken in Kansas and under the New Deal, especially after the Kansas
          Democrats passed a resolution at their state convention stating that they no longer
          recognized Frank Boyd or members of the family (Huck or Frank, Jr., never
          identified with Democrats)

          September 1, Frank W. Boyd, Jr. married Mary Foewell Dexter (from Georgia);
          they met as students at K-State

1935      Marie, Huck's wife, won award for best "personality sketch" at meeting of Kansas
          Federation of Women's Clubs in Beloit for her piece on Mamie

1939      Became charter member of National Federation of Press Women; formed Kansas
          Woman's Press Association and became president

1940      April, National Federation of Press Women met in Lawrence, Mamie elected
          general chairman of convention 

          Boyd family purchased the Mankato Advocate:  Frank Boyd, Jr., resigned as
          principal and basketball coach of Mankato High School to become editor

1942      Frank, Jr. entered service in U.S. Navy; Mamie began editing the Jewel County Record

1947      Boyd family purchased Jewell County Record

          September 19, Frank, Sr. died; Mamie became associate editor of the Jewell County
          Record where she worked until the time of her death.  

          Frank's accomplishments were many in the newspaper business and other
          endeavors; president, Kansas State Editorial Association; mayor of Phillipsburg for
          14 years; chairman of State Board of Administration, and elected to Kansas
          Newspaper Hall of Fame.  When Mamie entered the Hall 15 years later they became
          the only husband and wife to be inducted.

1953      Awarded "Journalist of the Year" by Theta Sigma Phi 

1954      Honored by Kansas Press Women as "Newspaper Woman of the Year"  

1957      May 07, received first "Distinguished Service Award in Journalism" from Kansas State University

          Kansas Press Woman of the Year

1959      January 28, honored as the "Kansan of the Year" by the Native Sons And Daughters of Kansas

1961      January 14, K-State re-named Northwest Hall (residence hall) as Boyd Hall in her
          honor; Southeast Hall named Putnam Hall for Irene Putnam

1963      Presided as K-State's Centennial Homecoming Queen

1965      April 09, honored as the "Kansas Mother of the Year" by the Golden Rule Foundation

1966      July 13, became first recipient of the National Newspaper Association "Emma C.
          McKinney Memorial Award"

1967      February 10, became the first woman to receive the William Allen White Award for
          Journalistic Merit

1968      Received the National Federation of Press Women "Woman of Achievement Award" 

1972      Autobiography Rode a Heifer Calf through College published

1973      October 15, passed away at the age of 96

          Mamie's autobiography, Rode a Heifer Calf through College, was published in
          1972, a year before her death; it contains substantial information about her family
          and personal and professional life.

Scope and Content Note

Mamie BoydThe Mamie Boyd Alexander Papers contains information associated with numerous people, organizations, and subjects because of Mamie's diverse personal and professional activities and interests. The contents have state, regional, and national significance. They also include a variety of formats into which most of the papers are organized according to series and subseries. The collection is stored in 19 boxes and organized in 12 series: 1) Personal; 2) Correspondence; 3) Speeches; 4) Awards and Certificates; 5) Literary Works; 6) Art; 7) Financial Information; 8) Printed Materials; 9) Photographs; 10) Oversize; 11 Artifacts, and; 12) Scrapbooks.

The papers have numerous research strengths including, but not limited to, newspaper journalism, women's organizations and history, state and national politics, Kansas history, Kansas State University, family history, Phillips and Mankato Counties, and rural Kansas.

Following her graduation from Kansas State Agricultural College in 1902 with a degree in printing and general science (she was employed in the printing department as a student, along with her future husband Frank W. Boyd, Sr.), Mamie, as well as other members of the Boyd family, owned and operated several newspapers in Kansas, Mankato and Phillipsburg in particular. While being involved with the newspaper business, Mamie became extremely active in numerous organizations, women's groups in particular, on the state and national levels. Over the years she won a variety of honors and award in these arenas, as well as being recognized as an outstanding citizen, writer, and mother.

She, along with her husband, was active in politics and became close associates and friends with many political leaders on the state and national levels over a period of decades. This involvement was enhanced when her son, Huck, became active in the Republican Party which included attempting to win the party's nomination for governor on two occasions (he was unsuccessful) and serving as an official delegate to the Republican National Convention multiple times.

From the time of their marriage in 1905, Frank and Mamie were involved in the newspaper business as editors, writers and owners. It should be noted that Frank Boyd, Sr. had an outstanding and varied life and career that including many accomplishments and honors. While there is some documentation of Frank's activities in the collection, unfortunately, it is not significant; therefore the collection bears Mamie's name.

Boyd Hall

Mamie maintained a close relationship with her alma mater throughout her life serving in a leadership role in numerous capacities including the Alumni Association, K-State Foundation, and journalism department. Several scholarship opportunities for K-State students continue to be awarded through her generosity. In recognition of her service and contributions to K-State, the university renamed one of its residence halls in her honor. On January 14, 1961, Northwest Hall became Boyd Hall.

Mamie's love for K-State carried over into athletics and it is said that she attended a football game shortly before she passed away; she had an "honorary chair of football surveillance" in the president's box at the stadium (President James McCain). At basketball games in Ahearn Field House she had a chair reserved for her at one end of the court. Another passion of her's was knitting and she was often seen creating pieces at events.

The first series in Mamie's papers is the Personal series (1 box, 1876-1973), and includes three sub-series; family, personal, and biography. Significant areas include her education, typed biographical documents, and her funeral in 1973. Of particular interest are two notebooks that contain her handwritten notes from classes she took at K-State in 1898 and 1899; the latter illustrates her neat penmanship, "Lectures on Hygiene."

Correspondence, series two (2 boxes, 1904-1979), is divided into subseries of family and alphabetical. The family correspondence begins in 1904 when Frank wrote letters from Phillipsburg while working for the Phillips County Post to Mamie in Manhattan at 616 Manhattan Ave. where her parents had moved. After their marriage in 1905, a significant portion of the letters was sent to Mamie when he traveled to conventions or on business. There are letters to Mamie from members of the Alexander family during the early years of the correspondence. Also, Mamie spent time with her parents in Manhattan, including after Huck was born in 1907, and Frank wrote a number of letters to her from Phillipsburg. After Huck and Frank, Jr. ("Bus") were born, she received letters from Frank when they were apart that contained brief notes at the end written in Huck and Bus' hand. Frank also wrote Mamie after her professional career and work with organizations prospered causing her to travel. Frank often addressed Mamie as "Mama" and signed the letters, "Daddy." There are letters from Huck and Frank, Jr. ("Bus") when they were students at K-State. Frank continued to write Mamie when he served on the state Board of Administration in the late 1930s and early 1940s and was required to travel (he served as chairman for several years). The correspondence continued to the time of Frank's death in 1947 after visits to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Mamie received telegraphs and letters of sympathy from such notables as Alf and Theo Landon, Milton Eisenhower (president of K-State at the time), and Arthur Capper.

Following Frank's death the correspondence contains a few exchanges of letters between Mamie and various family members, including Huck , Frank, Jr., Pat and Marcia (Huck and Marie's daughters), and as well as Pat's daughters in the 1970s.

Also in the family correspondence are Christmas cards that provide an interesting and entertaining insight into Mamie and the family because of the messages and photos they contain.

Non family related correspondence in the chronological subseries (1905-1979) contains personal letters from friends, correspondence related to Mamie's professional and personal interests, and business matters.

The alphabetical subseries (1931-1972) contains letters from political leaders including Arthur Capper, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Theo Landon (Mrs. Alf Landon), and Richard Nixon. Also present are letters from Milton Eisenhower and Kansas State University. The Doles were close friends of Mamie's as well as Huck and Marie Boyd. The letters in this subseries are limited in number.

The Speeches series (1 box, 1920-1971) primarily consists of manuscripts of speeches given by Mamie. They were written generally for meetings and conventions of the various clubs of which she was a member. Also within this series are is a speech written by Bob Dole that includes sections about Mamie. Included is a release of a speech by Alf Landon in 1936 when he was running for president. Other speeches pertaining to particular award ceremonies can be found in the Awards series.

Mamie Boyd, 1968

The Awards and Certificates series, the fourth (1 box, 1910-1973), contains materials regarding the numerous awards and honors bestowed upon Mamie. The information in this series demonstrates the outstanding contributions that Mamie provided the field of journalism, organizations to which she belonged, Kansas State University, and others. The awards also indicate the outstanding characteristics that she possessed and what people thought of her as an individual. The folders generally house clippings, letters of nomination and support, programs, and speeches associated with an award or honor. Information about Boyd Hall, the "Kansas Mother of the Year" title, William Allen White Award and "Kansan of the Year" title can be found within the series. A comprehensive list of her awards is provided at the end of this finding aid.

Series number five is Literary Works (1 box, 1968-1975; many of the typescripts are not dated). There are typescripts of essays and articles, plays, and files related to her autobiography, I Rode a Heifer Calf through College, published in 1972. Material about the autobiography includes correspondence to the publisher and book stores, contracts, book drafts, advertisements and book reviews. One may also find transcripts of selected articles and other written works here. Among the plays is the manuscript for "Mamie: Pride of Kansas."

Watercolor by Mamie Boyd

The Art series, the sixth, is small but contains two small original water colors by Mamie.

The seventh series, Financial Records (11 folders, 1912; 1969-1973), is primarily her personal checking account records and financial documents associated with her autobiography; it includes the contract with the publisher.

Series number eight, Printed Material, consisting of 6 boxes (1910-1973), is the largest in the collection and divided into three subseries. The first, organizations-alphabetical, is arranged by the name. This large group represents approximately 50 organizations primarily women, journalism/press, and civic groups; formats include meeting programs, informational booklets, handbooks, and yearbooks. The Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, Kansas State University, and Women's Kansas Day Club have the most material in the series. The entire series, along with others in the collection, is rich in women's history for researchers.

The second subseries in Printed Material is Alphabetical by Title. It is similar to the previous subseries only it contains mostly individual items unrelated to an organization or institution. Interesting items include the following: Ladies' Aid in 1789 by Clara G. Alexander, Mamie's sister; "Landon: What He Stands For"; "'Mamie' Pride of Kansas" play program; unpublished manuscript, Moral Equivalent: The Thunder of the Fast Express [Rock Island Railroad] written by Ralph Creger and Barry Combs in 1980.

The Clippings subseries contains a large number of articles written by or about Mamie and her interests ranging from the 1920s to her death in 1973 (family members added articles about her life and career through 1981). Due to Mamie's distinguished career in journalism as well her involvement in organizations and activities within the state, a plethora of various newspaper clippings are included. Many of the clippings cover the numerous awards and honors bestowed on her. Copies of her newspaper column, "Homely Chatter," dating from 1933 to 1973, are also housed here. They provide insight into issues, well known and obscure, local and national, that Mamie felt strongly about.

Mamie Boyd, age 90

Photographs comprise series 9. There are approximately 200 photographs in this series, primarily black and white images, although there are a few in color of Mamie and Frank. The earliest photo is one taken of Mamie's parents outside there home in Garnett, Kansas in the late 1800s. The collection starts in earnest when Mamie and Frank were at K-State in the early 1900s and increase in quantity after Huck and Bus were born, 1907 and 1909 as many were taken during their childhood. They include photos taken outside where they lived. Frank, Sr. is included in many of the views until his death in 1947. The photos document Mamie's business and professional activities, and many were taken when she received numerous awards (several of those photos include Mamie's sons and daughters in law, grand daughters and their husbands, and nephews and nieces). A number of photographs are inscribed including those from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Frank Carlson, and others. The Roosevelt inscription reads, "For my friend, Mrs. Frank W. Boyd from Franklin D. Roosevelt." It no doubt was presented to her before the Boyd's left the Democratic party after FDR's first term in office.

Items that will not fit physically in the other series are housed in Series 10, Oversize. It includes eight items: photograph, diplomas, and awards. Mamie's K-State diploma from 1902 is stored in the large flat box.

Artifacts, Series 11, is small in number and contains ten three dimensional pieces most of which are political and organization buttons and name tags, many with ribbons. The most notable item is Mamie's 1902 gold metal class ring from K-State. The artifacts are stored in the flat box with the oversize material.

The last series is Scrapbooks (12 volumes, 1908-1962) are housed in flat boxes and number consecutively, 1-12. The scrapbooks, most of which were created by Mamie, document her activities as well as those of her husband (Frank, Sr.), children (e.g., the marriage of her granddaughter, Marcia), and other members of the Boyd and Alexander families. They contain newspaper clippings, ephemera, photographs, and a few three dimensional items such as buttons and ribbons from organizations and political events. Subjects include: K-State (including Frank, Jr. as a member and captain of the basketball team in 1934); Phillipsburg; organizations; and politics. Collectively, the scrapbooks provide a summary of many of the educational, business, civic, and professional experiences of Mamie and Frank, and their sons, throughout the years.

Most of the scrapbooks (and a few albums in the series) cover a specific span of years. One volume is a guest book for Mamie and Frank's 40th wedding anniversary celebration while another was maintained to document the dedication of Boyd Hall named after Mamie in 1961. Of special interest is the first album which contains post cards most of which are sent by various members of the Boyd family to their relatives, ca 1908-1910. They contain interesting handwritten messages about family life on the back. The images are from locations in Kansas and the United States, with several from other countries. One is a historical view of Wolf's Studio near the Riley County Courthouse in 1908.

Container List

Box  Folder

          Series 1: Personal
01   01      Scott family history
     02      Alexander, Clara Grace; 1923, 1938
     03      Alexander, Mrs. J.W. Program in her honor, June 4, 1915
     04      Boyd, Francis William. Funeral arrangements        
     05      Birth certificate. Mary Mamie Alexander, Dec. 13, 1876 (certified copy, 1957)
     06      Oxford Public School. Report card, 1894-1895
                 Kansas State Agricultural College
     07          Class day exercises program, 1902
     08          Class notes/assignments, 1898
     09          Class notes, "Lectures on Hygiene," fall 1899
     10      Guest book, 1944-1959 
     11      Day book, 1965 
     12      Membership cards, 1927-1965; includes 2 leather card holders
     13      Bequests to family members, [1970]; typescript
             Funeral, 1973
     14          Ceremony; United Methodist Church, Mankato; Oct. 18, 1973, 10:30 pm
     15          Funeral book, United Methodist Church, Mankato   

02   01          Funeral book, Phillipsburg Presbyterian Church; Oct. 18, 1973, 2:30 pm
     02          Records 
     03      Typed carbon, 6 pages
     04      Typed; resume and summaries
     05      Typescripts, incomplete    
     06      "Activities of Mrs. Frank W. Boyd"
     07      Tributes by others, typescripts
     08      Tributes by others; brief typescripts
     09   Legal Document. [Grauerholz (?), John H].  Probate court, Smith County, Kansas, 1877

          Series 2: Correspondence

03   01      1904
     02      1906-1908
     03      1909
     04      1909; Frank (post cards)
     05      1913, Aug-Oct
     06      1913, Nov-Dec
     07      1914-1919
     08      1920
     09      1921-1927
     10      1930-1931
     11      1936-1939
     12      1941-1942
     13      1945-1946
     14      1947; Frank Senior's Death
     15      1948-1949
     16      1954
     17      1970-1973
     18      (No date)

04   01      Christmas Cards, Mamie
     02      Cards. 1918; nd
     03      Invitations. 1930; 1937; 1959; 1965
     04      1905-1921
     05      1939-1959
     06      1964-1965, 1967-1968, nd
     07      1970-1972
     08      1973-1979
     09      no date
     10      Capper, Arthur. 1931; 1948
     11      Dole, Bob and Elizabeth. 1965; 1972-1973 
     12      Eisenhower, Milton. 1969
     13      Kansas State University.1950; 1960; 1972
     14      Landon, Theo (Mrs. Alfred). 936
     15      Nixon, Richard Nixon. 1972 
     16      Stationery, letterheads, Mamie. Blank (newspapers  & organizations) 
     17      Post cards, blank. ca 1915-1929 

          Series 3: Speeches

05   01      ca 1920-1958. Notebook          
     02      ca 1955-1958. Notebook
     03      1960s. Note cards          
     04      1960s. Note cards
     05      No date
     06      Cosmos Club, Ellis.  1961, October 4
     07      Cultus Club. 1961, September 19
     08      Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs. 1963, Oct. 15. "Together"
     09      Kansas Mother of the Year, 1965
     10      Kansas Press Association, 1961, March 9-11.  "Memorials"
     11      Kansas Press Association, 1971.  "Convention Memorial"
     12      Rotary Clubs, 1968.  Various locations. "Kansas Politics as I Have Lived it"
     13      William Allen White Award, 1967
             William Allen White Award, 1967; by Clyde M. Reed
     14      Incomplete.  Notes and schedules
          Other speakers
     15      Dole, Bob. 1966, January 30.  "Nothing"
     16      Landon, Alf. 1936, Sept. 26. Rear platform, Madison, Wisconsin
          Series 4: Awards and Certificates

06   01   American Cancer Society, 1946, nd       
     02   American Woman's League, 1910-1917; includes certificate as member of Founder's
          Chapter, 1910
     03   American Woman's Republic, 1912
     04   Boys' Town, Nebraska, 1950
     05   Christmas Seals (tuberculosis, etc.), two certificates, nd (one contains signatures on the
          back, some include M.D.s)
     06   Cultus Club of Phillipsburg, 1961
     07   General Federation of Women's Clubs, [1964] and 1970
     08   Kansan of the Year, 1959 (Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas)
     09   Kansas Authors Club, 1951, 1953, 1961
     10   Kansas College Republican Federation, 1971
     11   Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1920
          Kansas Mother of the Year
     12      1945, Nomination booklet
     13      1951
     14      1953
     15      1965, Nomination letters
     16      Editorials  & news releases
     17      Invitation, programs, letter
     18   Kansas Press Association, 1968, 1970
     19   Kansas Press Women, 1973
     20   Kansas Society for Crippled Children, 1942
     21   Kansas State Board of Health, 1965
          Kansas State University
     22      Trumpet, 1958
     23      Boyd Hall, 1960
     24      Boyd Memorial Scholarship, 1973
     25      Distinguished Service Award, Journalism (Arts  & Sciences), 1957
     26      Memorial Stadium Corporation [1920s]
     27   Lions Club of Columbus, Kansas, 1964
     28   National Editorial Association, 1956-1959, 1965
          National Federation of Press Women 
     29      Certificates, 1948, 1951, 1957, 1971
     30      Woman of Achievement, 1968 
     31   National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, nd
     32   National Woman's Liberty Loan Committee,  ca 1918
     33   Native Daughters of Kansas, 1937-38
     34   Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas, Boyd Memorial Award, ca 1973
     35   Outstanding Personalities of the West and Midwest, [1968]
     36   Theta Sigma Phi (Women in Journalism), nd
     37   U.S. Treasury Department, 1961
     38   Who's Who of American Women, nd
          William Allen White Award, 1967
     39      Editorials, tributes
     40          Awards booklet
     41          Periodical articles
     42   Woman's National Publishing Co., 1912 

          Series 5: Literary Works

07   01      Animated Newspaper
     02      Birthday of Kansas
     03      Campaign Yells and Songs, 1968 and 1972
     04      Children and the Home
     05      Dear "Pa"
     06      Everyday Newspaper Man
     07      Following the Dean of Frank Boyd
     08      History of Phillipsburg
     09      In Italy: "Again Amazed at the Cleanliness"
     10      Kansas Seal
     11      Tend to your Knittin
     12      Thanksgiving
     13      Tribute to a Secretary
     14      Where have they Gone?
     15      [Women's Club history], incomplete
     16      Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
     17      Incomplete and fragments
     18      "Mamie" Pride of Kansas
     19      Slivers
     20      Sisters of the Skillet
     21      What's the Matter with Phillipsburg?

          Book: Rode a Heifer Calf through College
     22      Correspondence, no date
     23      Correspondence, 1969
     24      Correspondence, 1969-1970
     25      Correspondence, 1971
     26      Correspondence, 1972-1975
     27      Drafts
     28      Photograph caption
     29      Promotional information
     30      Publicity and book reviews
     31      Quotes and sayings of others; handwritten (notebook)
     32      Quotes and sayings of others; handwritten, typescripts  & publications
          Series 6: Art
     33   Watercolors; originals by Mamie Boyd
     34   Prints and published (others)

          Series 7: Financial Information

08   01   Receipt. Colony Option Expense Fund, 1912
     02   Receipt. Sea Gull Hotel, Miami Beach [Republican Convention]
          Checking account-personal    
     03      Deposit slips, 1972-1973
     04-06   Cancelled checks, statements, 1973
          Rode a Heifer Calf through College 
     07      Contract, invoices, receipts, orders, 1969-1974
     08      Checking account; deposit slips, 1972-1974
     09      Checking account; deposit slips  & statement, 1973
     10      Checking account, deposit slips  & statements, 1975
     11   Taxes and Medicare, 1972-1973 

          Series 8: Printed Material. Organizations-Alphabetical

          Note: scrapbooks contain substantial information about women's organizations and other groups.

          American Mother's Committee
09   01      Luncheon program, 1965
     02      Program, 37th anniversary gala luncheon,1972
          Business  & Professional Women's Club, Sixth District 
     03      Conference programs, 1925-1930
     04      Convention program, May 6-8, 1928
     05      Banquet Menus, 1926-1928
     06      Calendars, 1926-19727 and 1929-1930
     07      Song Book [no date]
     08   Coffeyville Federation of Women's Clubs. Yearbooks, 1924-1925
     09   Cultus Club   Programs, 1906-1920  
     10      Yearbooks, 1910-1928
     11      Yearbooks, 1930-1940
     12   Daughters of Union Veterans   Membership rosters
     13      Tribute booklet [no date]
     14   Democratic Club   Annual Banquet Program, 1923
     15      Luncheon Invitation, 1924
     16   Domestic Science Club   Programs, 1919-1924
     17      Yearbooks, 1914-1916 and 1924-1925 
     18   Excelsior Club meeting program, 1920-21
             General Federation of Women's Clubs
     19      Home Economics Department, 1916-1918 
     20      Golden Prairie Biennial, 1920
     21   Iowa Republican Party, 1969, nd
          Kansas Authors Club   
     22      Meeting program,1938
     23      Yearbooks 1966-1967
     24      Yearbooks 1968-1969

10   01      Yearbooks 1970-1971
     02      The Cottonwood, 1938
          Kansas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs
     03      Program, 6th District Conference, 1927; Kansas Business Woman, March 1961
     04      Convention Song Book, 1925 [includes history of Organization]
     05   Kansas Federation of Republican Women.
             We Salute.  Frank Carlson, 1967
             Program. Kansas Day Meeting, 1972 
          Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs   
     06      Annual meeting programs, 1916-37
     07      Annual meeting programs, 1920
     08      Annual meeting programs, 1920
     09      Luncheon menus, 1920 and 1922
     10      Annual meeting programs, 1922-1928
     11      Annual meeting programs, 1928-1930
     12      Annual meeting programs, 1931
     13      Annual meeting programs, 1932-1937
     14      Biennial convention program, 1932
     15      Yearbook, 1922-1923
     16      Federation Fancies and Follies, vols. 1 (nd)  & 13 (1934)
     17      The Clapper, 1938
     18      Sixth District News
     19      [no date]

          Kansas Mite Women of the Democrat Victory Army.
11   01      Form letter soliciting members, 1932; Membership and fund raising pamphlet [nd]
     02      Kansas Newspaper Women   Breakfast Program, 1966
     03   Kansas Pioneer Woman's Memorial Association. Pamphlet, 1927 and 192[?]
          Kansas Press Association   
     04      Convention Programs, 1962, 1965
     05      Kansas Publishers, 1950, 1961, 1965. 1972, 1973
          Kansas Press Women
     06      Kansas Press Women, 1947-1948; incomplete, 1955   
     07      Directory, 1969
     08      Convention Program, 1971
     09      Handbook, 1974
     10      Kansas State Editorial Assoc., annual meeting program, 1938
          Kansas State University
     11      Student Publications: Sigma Delta Chi. Recognition Banquet program, 1965
     12      Journalism: "To the Incomparable Mame Boyd" 
     13      K-Stater, Oct 1973 
     14      Basketball: program vs. University of Kansas, Feb. 12, 1955
     15      Basketball, 1973-1974
     16   Kansas Tuberculosis and Health Association.  Our First Forty Years, 1910-1950 
     17   Kansas Woman's Press Association, annual program, 1912
          Kansas Women's Republican Club
     18      Annual convention program, 1959
     19      6th District meeting yell sheet, 1960

12   01   Mankato Chamber of Commerce. Birthday party program, 1971
     02   National Editorial Association.  Dinner menu, Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, June 25, 1942
     03   "N.E.A." [National Editorial Association?] report, 1954
     04   National Federation of Press Women, annual program, 1942
     05      Press Woman, 1965-1973, incomplete
     06   National League of American Pen Women, Topeka branch, handbook, 1968-1969
     07   National Newspaper Association, Awards, 1982 [Mamie recipient of McKinney Award in 1966]
     08   National Society of United States Daughters of 1812, newsletter, Feb. 1973
     09   Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas, annual meeting programs 1966, 1972 and 1974
     10   New Century Club, calendar, 1919-1920
          P.E.O. Philanthropic Educational Organization
     11      Annual convention program, 1923
     12      P.E.O Record, p. 26, Oct. 1970
     13      P.E.O. Authors, typescript, nd
     14   Public Health Study, Advisory Committee, nd 
     15   Rotary Club, 25th anniversary program, 1962
          Theta Sigma Phi
     16      Headliner, 1955
     17      Matrix, 1959, 1961   
     18      Poem "To the Incomparable Mame Boyd"
     19   Topeka Woman's Club   Creative writing booklets, 1939-1945
     20   Tuesday Afternoon Club   Calendar, 1908-1909
     21   Woman's Club. Yearbook, 1924-1925
          Women's Kansas Day Club   
     22      Annual meeting programs, 1929-1933
     23      Silver anniversary notebook, 1931
     24      Kansas Day Club Review, 1940
     25      Annual meeting programs, 1957-1960
     26      Annual meeting programs, 1961-1964
     27      Past vice president club program, 1958. 1961
     28      "Meet the First Ladies of Kansas", 1959
     29      "Wring Out the Old" play program, 1961
     30      Minutes, constitution, memo, reports,1963-1965
     31   Women's Literary Club   Annual announcement, 1924-1925

          Printed Material. Alphabetical by Title  

13   01   The Club Woman's Guide to News Writing
     02   The Christmas Seal Commentator, May/June 1974
     03   Harmony United Methodist [Mankato] and Montrose United Methodist:
          Yearbook-Directory [1968?] 
     04   Jewell County, Kansas. School directory, 1957-1958 
     05   "Kansas Newspapers to 1900" by Nyle Miller [1956] 
     06   Ladies' Aid in 1789 by Clara G. Alexander 1923]
     07   Landon: What He Stands For (1936)
     08   Little Blue Book.  No. 1354 "A book of Striking Similes", No. 658 "Toasts for all
          Occasions", No. 815 "A Book of Familiar Quotations"
     09   "'Mamie' Pride of Kansas" play program; Christian Women's Fellowship, First Christian
          Church, Salina, Kansas (nd)
     10   Manual of Patriotic Instruction.  Issued by State Superintendent of Public Instruction,
          Topeka, 1925
     11   "Pomes and Prose" of the Sixth District, nd
     12   Presidential Inauguration items, 1953   
     13   "Tomorrow's Leaders":  program, Youth Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church,
          Phillipsburg, January 26, 1958
     14   Unprofessional Conduct, play program presented by The Topeka Bar Association, 1962
     15   Update, Spring 1985
     16   Yearly Yak-Ity-Yak, Published by The Newspaper Women's Gang, Topeka, Jan 1966 and
          Jan 1968
     17   Book.  Pages from unknown title. "of Nature's Peerage," Hays, Kansas; "The Aristocracy,"
          Claude M. Older.  
     18   Book.  Moral Equivalent: The Thunder of the Fast Express [Rock Island Railroad] by Ralph
          Creger and Barry Combs, [1980, "Fifth anniversary of "Rock Island Bankruptcy"].
          Photocopy of unpublished book (?), ca 119 pp. 

          Newspaper Clippings 

          "Homely Chatter"
14   01      1933-1961
     02      1963-1965
     03      1966-1971
     04      1972-1973
     05      [no date]
     06      [no date]
     10   1927-Jan 1952
     11   Nov 1952-1954
     12   1955-1957
     13   1958-1959
     14   1960-1961
     15   1963-June 1965
     16   July 1965-1966
     17   1967
     18   1968-1970
     19   1971-1972
     20   Mar 1973-Oct 15 1973
     21   Oct 16-17, 1973
     22   Oct 18, 1973
     23   Oct 19-Nov 1973
     24   1974-1976
     25   1977-1981
     26   [no date]

15        Series 9:  Photographs

          Contains approximately 200 photographs beginning in the late 1800s with a photo of
          Mamie's parents outside their home in Garnett, Kansas.  They begin in earnest when Mamie
          and Frank, Sr. were married in 1905 and expand in number after Huck and Frank, Jr. were
          born in 1907 and 1909.  Many of the photos were taken of Mamie at the time she received
          awards and honor, some of which include members of her immediate family.

          Series 10: Oversize
Flat box

16   01   Photograph.  American Mothers Committee, Inc. International Awards Luncheon;
          Waldorf-Astoria, NYC,1965 
     02   Diploma.  Kansas State Agricultural College, Bachelor of Science in General Science, June


     03      Fleisher Yarns Knitting Contest, honorable mention, 1923 
     04      Kansas Press Women (writing awards), 1949-1968
     05      National Editorial Association.  "Better Newspaper Contests" awarded to Mankato
             Jewell County Record for best feature story, 1953
     06      Kansas State College; Distinguished Service in field of journalism, 1957
     07      Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 6th District; Award, second place essay, 1971
     08      Thousand Women of Achievement (London) diploma, 1972

          Series 11: Artifacts

     09   Photocopy of the Topeka Executive Mansion on wooden plaque
     10   Democratic National Convention Badge, 1932
     11   Crochet Hook 
     12   PEO convention delegate ribbon and button, Oklahoma City, 1927
     13   Campaign paper "button"; "Our Governor/Jonathan M. Davis/Re-election" [1924; Davis was
          governor of Kansas, 1923-1925]
     14   Name tag, medallion, and ribbon.  Business  & Professional Women's Clubs; delegate, 10th
          state convention, Parsons, 1928
     14   Plastic medallion, Kansas State University Endowment Association, "Trustee" [from
          meeting at K-State?]
     15   Name tag  & ribbon.  Kansas Press Association convention, Manhattan, 1973; "Honorary
     16   Button with ribbon ("Kansas").  "Mame" Boyd/Phillipsburg",  organization unidentified, nd
     17   Class ring.  Mamie's Class of 1902 ring, gold with "02" design

          [Note: several scrapbooks contain a few ribbons and buttons from organizations and conferences]

          Series 12: Scrapbooks

17   01   Post card album, ca 1908-1910.  Contains approximately 150 post  cards from family,
          relatives, and friends, primarily to Mamie and Huck ("McDill") although there are several to
          Bus.  Post cards are of various holidays with many showing scenes of the locations from
          which they were mailed, including several in Manhattan (one shows Wolf's Studio and the
          Riley County Courthouse in 1908).

     02   Scrapbook, ca 1909; 1922-1939.  Contains clippings, programs  & ephemera, and several
          conference ribbons related to women's organizations, politics and Democratic Party, Kansas
          State Agricultural College, ant others.  Organizations include: Kansas Federation of
          Women's Clubs, Business  & Professional Women, PEO, Women's Department Democratic
          State Committee and Kansas Democratic Women's Woodrow Wilson Luncheon Club
          (Mamie named director), Kansas Editorial Association, Daughters of the American
          Revolution, AAUW.  Clippings record death of Ethel Alexander (Mamie's sister) by
          drowning in Colorado (1909)

     03   Scrapbook, ca 1922-1948.  Contains newspaper clippings related to organizations (women,
          press, etc.), family members (includes article about Mrs. J.M. Alexander, Mamie's mother),
          events in Phillipsburg.  A number of clippings cover Frank Boyd, Sr.'s run for U.S. Congress
          in [1922].  Contains several programs related to Phillipsburg; Kansas State College
          commencement/annual-senior dinner in May 1931 when Mamie served as toastmaster in
          capacity as president of the Alumni Association. Documents related to Kansas Tuberculosis
          and Health Association (1936) and Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas essay contest (ca
          1940?).  Approximately 20 pages.  

     04   Scrapbook (without front cover), ca 1925-1926.  contains newspaper clippings; primarily
          related to the Business and Professional Women (B&PW) and creation of chapter in
          Phillipsburg; Pearl Kinman of Mankato, the state president; activities sponsored by the BPW
          including the Phillipsburg library.  Approximately 50 pages. 

18   05   Scrapbook, ca 1926-1936; 1947.  Primarily clippings related to Mamie's organizations and
          Frank's activities, including political;   Also clippings of Frank Boyd, Jr. as basketball player
          at K-State, 1933-1934 in particular when he was team captain..  Birth announcement for
          Patricia Marie Boyd,  Nov. 28, 1933.   Photograph of dedication of Pioneer Woman 
          monument in Ellis, Kansas [1933?].  Several programs of meetings and activities of
          women's organizations.

     06   Scrapbook (without covers), ca 1938-1943.  Contains clippings: regarding Mamie, Frank,
          and their son Frank, Jr. ("Bus"), including his days and K-State as a student and service in
          the U.S. Navy; related to Phillipsburg, the new cooperative refinery; Boyd newspapers;
          Kansas politics; various organizations; Kansas Federation of Women , Woman's Kansas Day
          Club, Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas, Kansas Press Women,  Kansas Authors' Club. 

     07   Scrapbook, ca 1943-1949.  Includes 11 photographs of Mamie and Frank, Sr., and Mamie in
          Texas in 1947.  Clippings and several documents regarding Frank's death in 1947, and
          Mamie's activities in organizations.  Approximately 40 pages. 

19   08   Scrapbook, 1943-1950.  Contains primarily newspaper clippings that document various
          organizations; Kansas Federation of Women, Women's  Kansas Day Club, Kansas Press
          Women, and others.  Other clippings refer to members of Boyd family.  Also contains
          programs from school activities in which Boyd children participated; Jewell County Record
          Supplement related to new medical clinic in Mankato (1949); several cards from children of
          Huck and Bus Boyd; programs of political events; drawings and items for Mamie by
          children in family; clippings related to Kansas State College.  Approximately 70 pages with
          items laid in. 

     09   Guest Book, 1945.  40th wedding anniversary of Mamie and Frank Boyd, August 15, 1945;
          12 pages of signatures and lists of people who sent flowers, gifts (includes items), and cards. 

     10   Scrapbook, ca 1958-1960.  Clippings regarding Mamie and Frank, Sr., Huck and Marie, and
          Marcia.  Articles related to numerous topics including; Marcia's engagement and wedding;
          politics especially Huck announcing candidacy for governor and his campaign in 1960.  28

     11   Scrapbook, 1959-1962.  Mostly clippings related to Mamie and Huck; others associated with
          Frank, Sr., Frank, Jr., marriage of Mary Frances Boyd (daughter of Frank, Jr. and Mary
          Boyd) to James Logback; also, awards and honors to Mamie and Huck and clippings
          regarding Kansas State University.  Approximately 55 pages.

     12   Album, 1960-1961.  Contains clippings and several documents related to the dedication of
          Boyd Hall at Kansas State University in honor of Mamie Boyd, 1960-1961.  Included are
          photograph of Boyd Hall and dedication program; also letter from [Wint Smith].  Putnam
          Hall also named at this time after Irene Putnam; 16 pages.

          Album.  Placed in McDill "Huck" and Marie Boyd Papers; contains newspaper clippings at the time of
          Mamie's death in 1973; clippings include obituaries and tributes.  Inscribed to Huck and
          Marie by, Nancy and Mark [Miner].


The following is a verbatim typescript from Mamie's papers (Box 1/Folder 3) apparently written by her in third person perhaps to accompany a nomination for an award; dated 1969 in pencil.

Mamie Alexander Boyd

Mamie Alexander Boyd (Mrs. Frank W. Boyd, Sr.), 92, is known to some as "Mother Mame" and to others as the "Grand Lady" of Kansas. Her name and charm are known to many who haven't even met her, but they are eager to do so. And everyone who knows her, loves her. In addition, she has had a long and distinguished record in the fields of journalism and public affairs, and she is recognized today as the oldest member of the working press in the nation. The walls of her office at the Jewell County Record in Mankato are covered with the 67 state and national awards she has received for journalistic effort.

Mamie Boyd is a charter member of chapter BE, Phillipsburg, and served as organizer of the chapter January 30, 1920. Although she now lives in Mankato and works daily as associate editor of the Jewell County Record with her younger son, Frank W. Boyd Jr. who is editor, she has retained her membership in chapter BE in Phillipsburg where she and her late husband established their first home, purchased their first newspaper, and reared their family.

Only for a short period of years was she a member of another chapter-Chapter EP in Topeka-which she helped organize. Her membership in that Chapter was during her years of residence in Topeka while her husband served as chairman of the State Board of Administration for Kansas.

Born on a farm near Humboldt, Kan., Mamie Alexander sold her heifer calf to finance her first year of college at Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan, now known as Kansas State University. She also worked in the college printing office to supplement her college finances, and there she met her future husband, the late Frank W. Boyd Sr. Both worked as student printers for 10 cents an hour.

After her marriage, Mamie Boyd's interest in the newspaper continued and throughout all the years of her marriage, she worked side by side with her husband in the publication of their own weekly newspaper, "The Phillips County Review." Since his death, she has continued an active association with her sons, McDill "Huck" Body of Phillipsburg and F.W. Boyd, Jr., of Mankato, in their various newspaper activities as owners of several weekly publications. Each day, she can be found in her office at the Jewell County Record in Mankato from 8 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock in the evening with the exception of a two-hour "break" at the noon hour.

She is happy that both sons followed in the profession of their parents, and that her two grandsons, Robert and Richard Boyd have also chosen journalism as their professions. In addition, one granddaughter, Marcia Boyd Krauss, studied journalism at Kansas State University and was editor of the Royal Purple, University yearbook; and Jim Logback, the husband of another granddaughter, has also entered the newspaper business.

Despite being 92 years "young", Mamie Boyd's energy seems boundless, her interests are varied, and her mind and wit are keen. Each week she writes two columns for the Jewell County Record, works with subscriptions, solicits ads and writes news, and she is currently engaged in writing the autobiography of her life. She is an avid sports enthusiast and never a week goes by that she doesn't attend one or more high school or college game. At the KSU fieldhouse in Manhattan she watches basketball games from a special chair endowed for her use by Dr. James McCain, president of the University, and she has a permanent seat in the stadium pressbox for football games. And as she watches she always knits to keep her hands busy during the excitement of the game. Another hobby has always been the making of jelly and pickles for her family and friends. During the canning season, her kitchen overflows with the jars of her handiwork, but soon they disappear to the homes of others, for she keeps little of it for herself.

This brief sketch of this little woman with the silver hair and dark brown eyes-bright, expressive eyes-falls short of the accolade given by Clyde Reed, Jr., publisher of the Parsons Sun, in presenting her the annual William Allen White award two years ago:
"There is only one Mamie Boyd in all the broad sweep of our beloved state. Only one, with her unfailing kindness, her unflagging energy, her deep philosophy that has guided her and her brood safely through trial and tribulation, her sparkle that delights friends and those who are strangers but briefly in her presence. All of this, and still a working newspaperwoman at the age of 90..."

How does she account for her amazing energy that causes her to sparkle constantly and live to what is trite but accurate to call "ripe old age?"

"When I work," she says, "I work hard; when I sit down, I sit down easy, and when I worry, I go to sleep."

Following is a resume of her achievements which attest to a distinguished career in journalism:

National Recognition

In 1968, Mamie Boyd was presented with the most coveted honor of the National Federation of Press Women, the "Woman of Achievement Award."

She has three times been a speaker on national convention programs of the National Editorial Association.

She is a charter member of the National Federation of Press Women and has served the national organization as recording secretary, regional vice-president, and editor of the "National Presswoman" for three years.

She is one of three in the United States who has been awarded the gold medallion for 50 years of service in journalism by Theta Sigma Phi, horary journalism sorority for women.

And the Emma C. McKinney Memorial Award, presented for the first time by the National Newspaper Association meeting in Boston in July, 1966, was awarded to Mamie Boyd with the following inscription: In tribute to a newspaper editor and publisher who has long served her community and state with distinction and in recognition of her contribution to her National Association, and to many professional organizations.

Other Firsts

The Emma C. McKinney award represents only a few of the "firsts" for Mrs. Boyd.

She is the only woman to win the William Allen White Foundation award given to her in 1967. Previously, 55 men had been so honored.

She was the first recipient of the distinguished service award in journalism presented by Kansas State University. She was the first woman president of the Kansas Alumni Association.

First president and organizer of the Kansas Press Women.

First woman to be elected honorary president of the Kansas Press Association and the District Press Association.

Among other Cherished Honors

Among her most cherished honors are those which have come in recent years.

In 1959, she received the coveted honor of "Kansan of the Year" from the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas.

In 1961, Kansas State University's new residence hall for women was named "Boyd Hall" in her honor, and her large colored picture hangs in the foyer.

In 1963, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kansas State University, she was chosen the "Homecoming Centennial Queen".

And in 1965 she was named "Kansas Mother of the Year" by the Golden Rule Foundation. The "Mother of the Year" title was especially deserved, for despite her many years in journalism and a myriad of other organizational interests, Mrs. Boyd does not admit to being a career woman, because her family has always been her first consideration. And in the past years, she has been known for the assistance she has given to young women in her own home to help them further their educations and to get a better start in life. Also she gives journalism scholarships each year to a girl at Kansas State and Kansas University.

Other Professional Recognition

In other professional recognition, Mamie Boyd was named "Kansas Newspaperwoman of the Year" in 1945; was editor of two state publications, "Kansas Clubwoman", official publication of the Kansas Federation of Women's clubs, and "First Flight", creative writing magazine.

She has served as publicity chairman for the Topeka Chapter of the Aeronautical Association; and as national publicity chairman of the "Air Marking" campaign. She has served as correspondent for the Associated Press, the United Press, Kansas City Star-Times, and Topeka Daily Capital-Journal for many years, and has been quoted by 65 Kansas newspapers and 21 out-of-state publications.

She has been listed in "Who's Who in London Quarterly"; in "Who's Who Among American Women" and in "Who's Who in the Midwest."

Appointed by Five Governors

She has been recognized by appointments to the following state boards by five Kansas governors; the Industrial Management Commission for the eleemosynary institutions of Kansas; the Kansas State Park Board, the Kansas State Text Book Commission; and the Committee on Status of Women.

Other Organizations

Mamie Boyd has been president of three state organizations including the "Kansas Authors' Club", the "Native Sons and Daughters", and the Women's Kansas Day Club."

She has received an award for 50 years of service on the Kansas Tuberculosis and Health Association; was honorary Christmas Seal chairman of Kansas in 1963; and is Honorary President in 1969. She served as Sixth district chairman of the Liberty Loan Commission during World War I; was Sixth district chairman for the Pioneer Woman's Association; is a life member, Kansas State Historical Society; charter member and president of the Northwest Kansas Association of University Women.

She is a former president of the Sixth district Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs; was organizer and first president of the Phillipsburg Business and Professional Women's club, and Sixth district director, BPWC.

She was organizer and first president of the Phillipsburg Library Board; has been active in the Phillips County Chapter of American Red Cross; Sixth district Kansas Crippled Children's Commission; American Cancer Society; DAR; War of 1812; Civil War Veterans; American Legion Auxiliary, V.P.M. Auxiliary; several federated women's clubs and the Mankato chamber of commerce.

The following is a transcription of a list from Mamie's papers (Box 1/Folder 6) that she prepared in approximately 1969.

Activities of Mrs. Frank W. Boyd (Mamie Alexander)

National Editorial Association. In attendance since 1935. Served as Kansas Representative for three years-chairman of Women's Activities committee, member of Community Service Committee, and speaker for NEA three times.

National Federation Press Women. Charter member, life member-Editor "Presswoman" for three years-Recording Secretary, Regional Vice-President, and has attended 21 national conventions.

Kansas Press Women. Organizer and first president-now honorary president for life. Scholarship chairman.

Theta Sigma Phi (Honorary journalism sorority for women). Awarded gold medallion for 50 years of service in journalism. (One of three in US).

Distinguished Service Award. The first to receive the "Distinguished Service Award in Journalism" from Kansas State University (1957).

Theta Sigma Phi (Epsilon Chapter). Awarded parchment plaque for "Encouragement of young authors, newspaper women and young journalists" in 1954.

Theta Sigma Phi (NIJ Chapter). "Journalist of the Year." (1953)

Kansas Press Women. "Newspaper Woman of the Year." (1954)

Theta Sigma Phi (Greater Kansas City Chapter). "Headliner Achievement Award." Honorary President Northwest Kansas Press Association. (1959)

Editor Kansas Clubwoman (Official publication Kansas Federation Women's Clubs). Served for six years.

"Editor First Flight." Creative writing magazine.

Kansas Authors Club. Member of Corporative Board-President. 1932-1934

Phillipsburg Library Board. Organizer and first president-member of board for 12 years.

William Allen White Foundation Award. 55 men have received such award and Mrs. Boyd is the only woman so honored.

Aeronautical Association. Publicity Chairman of Topeka Chapter and National Publicity chairman of the "Air Marking Campaign."

Correspondent of AP, Up, Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital for years.

Widely quoted. Have clippings from 65 newspapers of Kansas and 21 outside Kansas.

Listed in Who's Who in London Quarterly, 1934.

Listed in Who's Who Among American Women, 1964-1965.

Listed in Who's Who in Midwest for the last 10 years.

Kansas Press Association. Elected honorary president, 1966.

Boyd Hall. Named in honor of Mamie Boyd-dedicated January 14, 1961. Kansas State University.

Homecoming Centennial Queen. 100 Anniversary of Kansas State University, 1963.

Kansas Federation Women's Clubs. President of 6th district, 1919-1921. Editor Kansas Presswomen for five years. State chairman Press and Publicity, Public Welfare, Child Welfare, Federation Pin and Transportation. Serving on State Board a total of 18 years.

Business and Professional Women's Club. Organizer and first president. Phillipsburg Club, 1925-1927, 6th district director-delegate to four national conventions.

P.E.O. Sisterhood. Organizer and served as president. Delegate to three Supreme conventions. Received 50 year service record on June 11, 1960.

American Red Cross. Organizer Phillips County Chapter-taught surgical dressing and knitting during World War I.

Kansas Crippled Children's Commission. 6th District. (That was before the state of Kansas voted a mill tax to care for the unfortunate children.)

American Cancer Society. Was Captain in the Women's Field Army during the first year of its organization-been County Chairman of Phillips and Jewell counties.

Kansas Tuberculosis and Health Association. Was Phillips County Chairman of Christmas Seals for 18 years. Received an award for 50 years of service-Honorary Christmas Seal Chairman for Kansas, 1963-Honorary President, 1969.

Liberty Loan Commission for 6th District (26 counties) during World War I.

Pioneer Women's Association. 6th District chairman for the fund raising campaign and director, and helped raise the money for the statue erected on the statehouse grounds in Topeka.

Woman's Kansas Day Club (historical). Served as president 1930-1931. Served on standing committees. Now a Counselor.

Kansas State Historical Society. Life member.

Industrial Management Commission. Served on the original board (five men), for eight years. The commission had charge of the ten eleemosynary institutions for the state-the mentally ill, our greatest problem.

Women's Republican Club Publicity Chairman. Instructor in School of Politics. Cheerleader and member of speakers bureau.

Kansas State Park Board. Served three years.

Kansas State Text Book Commission. Served for four years.

American Association of University Women. Charter member of Northwest Kansas Association and president for two years.

Kansas State University Alumni Association. First woman to be president of the association. Served on the board for 14 years.

Kansas State Endowment and Development Association. Served as Vice-President. National president of the "First Century" fundraising campaign.

National Library Association. Our committee sponsored a nationwide "Read a Book" campaign.

American Woman's Volunteer Services. (Organized during World War I, combining the efforts of all women, organized or unorganized.)

Optimist Club. Topeka speaker.

Mamie Boyd has been appointed to state positions by five governors.
Governor Ratner-member of State Text Book Commission
Governor Landon-member of Kansas State Park Board.
Governor Carlson-member of Institutional Management Commission.
Governor Arn-reappointment to Institutional Management Commission.
Governor Avery-honorary member of Status of Women.

Served as state president of the following state-wide organizations:
Women's Kansas Day Club.
Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas.
Kansas Authors Club.
Charter member of Kansas Council of Women.

50 year recognition in the following:
50 year continuous membership of Presbyterian church.
50 year Gold Medallion in National Theta Sigma Phi.
50 year service Kansas T.B. and Health Associations.
50 year Kansas Federation Woman's Club-Cultus Club, Domestic Science Club.

Kansan of the Year, 1969. Chosen by Native Sons and Daughters.

Kansas Mother of the Year, 1965. Chosen by the Golden Rule Foundation.

Emma McKinney Memorial Award. National Newspaper Association. 1966-only one in the United States. Following inscription:

"In tribute to a newspaper editor and publisher who long has served her community and State with distinction and in recognition of her contribution to her National Association, and to many professional organizations."

Has been official delegate to the following:
In Supreme conventions of P.E.O. Sisterhood.
3 National Conventions of Kansas Federation Woman's Clubs.
17 Federation of National Press Women.
4 Business and Professional Women's Clubs.
4 Political Conventions.
Served as 6th District President of Kansas Federation Women's Clubs, Kansas Press Women, American Association University Women.
Local member of DAR, War 1812, Civil War Veteran, PEO Sisterhood, American Legion Auxiliary, VFW Auxiliary, Mankato Chamber of Commerce, Phillipsburg Library Board. Several Federated Clubs.

Kansas State-wide Health Survey. (Area director, 1966). Sponsored by Kansas State Board of Health and Legislative Council.

"Women of Achievement." Presented by National Federation Press Woman, 1968.

Silver Tray. For 50 years service to Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas.

Honorary member of the Republican Collegians, 1961. By Collegiate Federation of Young Republicans of Kansas.

In all I have received 76 plaques, awards, citations, memorial books, memorial plates, souvenir spoons, and silver trays.