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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
University Archives & Manuscripts - Collection Guides
Kenneth S. Davis Papers

Printed Material

98          Magazines/Journals

            America: National Catholic Weekly Review. " Khrushchev's tour--In 'Pravda'; God
               Knows Best; Prayer in the Public School; Plums for Jack Horner Readers."  17
               October 1959: Vol. 102, No3. 
            -----.  "Questions for Catholic Paper; The Education of Scientists."  31 January 1960:
               Vol. 102, No. 17.   
            The American Art Journal.  1986: Vol. 18, No. 4.
            American Heritage.  February 1988: Vol. 39, No. 1.
            American Heritage of Invention & Technology.  Spring/Summer 1989: Vol. 5, No. 1.
               [2 copies]
            The American Scholar.  Winter 1983/84; Winter 1985/86.
            Amherst.  Fall 1982: Vol. 35, No. 2
            The Antioch Review.  Summer 1979: Vol. 37, No. 3. 
            Assumption: The Assumption College Magazine.  Summer 1968: Vol. 29, No. 2; Fall
               1968: Vol. 29, No. 3
            Atheneum Publishers Catalog. July to December 1974.
            Audit/poetry.  Vol. IV, No. 2.
            Bible, Swedish, Family, 1886
            Book-of-the-Month Club News.  December 1945;  Midsummer 1953;  August 1957
               [3 copies];  December 1959 [2 copies]; September 1970.
            Books and Bookmen.  October 1967: Vol. 13, No. 1. 
            Commonwealth.  12 October 1973: Vol. 99, No. 2 [2 copies];  27 April 1979: Vol.
               106, No. 8 [2 copies].
            Country Beautiful.  1965: Vol. 4, No. 2 [2 copies]. 
            Country Journal.  September 1977; Vol. 4, No 9 [2 copies];  November 1977: Vol. 4,
               No. 11;  November 1979: Vol. 6, No. 11. [4 copies]
            Everybody's Money.  Spring '73.
            Gettysburg: The Gettysburg Review.  Summer 1989 [2 copies].
            Harvard Magazine.  November-December 1996: Vol. 99, No. 2.
            House Beautiful.  March 1994: Vol. 136, No. 3.

99          In Fact.  24 February 1941: Vol. 2, No. 8;  10 March 1941: Vol. 2, No. 9;  24 March
               1941: Vol. 2, No. 11;  31 March 1941: Vol. 2, No. 12;  7 April 1941: Vol. 2, No.
               13;  14 April 1941: Vol. 3, No. 1;  21 April 1941: Vol. 3, No. 2;  28 April 1941:
               Vol. 3, No. 3;  5 May 1941: Vol. 3, No. 4;  12 May 1941: Vol. 3, No. 5;  19 May
               1941: Vol. 3, No. 6;  26 May 1941: Vol. 3, No. 7.+    
            John O' London's. 22 September 1960: Vol. 3, No. 51.
            K-Stater.  April 1951: Vol. 77, No. 9 [2 copies]; December 1976: Vol. 26, No. 4.
            The Kansas Agricultural Student.  October 1931: Vol. 11, No. 1;  November 1952:
               Vol. 20, No. 4;  August 1953: Vol. 20, No. 7 [2 copies];  Summer 1954: Vol. 21,
               No. 2.  
            The Kansas Historical Quarterly.  February 1940: Vol. 9, No. 1.
            Kansas Magazine.  1934 [2 copies, 1 with missing cover]; 1939 [2 copies, 1 with
               missing cover].
            The Kansas State College Bulletin.  1 March 1950: Vol. 34, No. 5 [2 copies];  15 June
               1950: Vol. 34, No. 9 [3 copies];  1 September 1951: Vol. 35, No. 7 [2 copies].
            The Land.  Spring 1953: Vol. 12, No. 1.  
            Look.  30 November 1965: Vol. 29, No. 24.
            Magazine Digest.  November 1950: Vol. 41, No. 5. [2 copies]
            National Live Stock Producer.  July 1939.
            National Review: A journal of Fact and Opinion.  16 January 1960: Vol. 8, No. 3 [2
            The New-England Galaxy.  Fall 1963: Vol. 5, No. 2.
            The New Republic.  9 November 1953: Vol. 129, No. 15;  9 August 1954: Vol. 131,
               No. 6;  15 August 1955: Vol. 133 No. 7;  27 January 1982: Vol. 186, No.4.
            -----.  "This Man Willkie: A Special 18,000-Word Section by the Editors."  2
               September 1940: Vol. 103, No. 10.  [In 2 parts]
            The New Yorker.  16 November 1987: Vol. 63, No. 39;  23 November 1987: Vol. 63,
               No. 40.
            Newsweek.  3 July 2000: Vol. 136, No. 1. 
            On [In] Wisconsin.  Fall 1999: Vol. 100, No. 3.
            Prologue: The Journal of the National Archives.  Spring 1976: Vol. 8, No. 1; Summer
               1977: Vol. 9, No. 2.
            Random House.  Fall 1993; Winter 1993. 
            Red Triangle Overseas. [Paris, France] 5 April 1919: Vol. 1, No. 35.
            Roosevelt House Review.  Spring 1945: Vol. 1, No. 11;  Fall 1945: Vol. 1, No. 12
            Rural Electrification Magazine.  May 1974: [32nd year], No. 8. 
            Saturday Review.  3 August 1957: Vol. 40, No. 31; 16 January 1960: Vol. 43, No. 3; 
               3 July 1965: Vol. 48, No. 27;  20 January 1968: Vol. 51, No. 3; 9 November
               1968: Vol. 51, No. 45;  11 April 1970: Vol. 53, No. 13.  
            Soil Conservation. December 1936, Vol. 2, No. 6;  February/March 1941: Vol. 6, No.
            Successful Farming: The Magazine of Farm Business and Farm Homes.  October
               1938: Vol. 36, No. 10;  June 1940: Vol. 38, No. 6;  November 1941: Vol. 39, No.
            The Talespinner.  August 1957: Vol. 2, No. 1. 
            Talk.  December 2000/ January 2001: Vol. 2, No. 4. 
            Time.  7 June 1976: Vol. 107, No. 24; 21 June 1999: Vol. 153, No. 24 [3 copies].
            To the Stars.  April-May 1954: Vol. 9, No. 3.  
            Tomorrow's Assumption.  Vol. 28, No. 4. [2 copies]
            The Week-end Review.  "New Statesman." 1 October 1960: Vol. 60, No. 1542.
            Wilderness. Spring 1985: Vol. 48, No. 168; Summer 1985: Vol. 48, No. 169.
            The Writer.  April 1953: Vol. 66, No. 4. [2 copies]

            Publications in a Foreign Language


            Plan Commode de Paris avec Le Chemin de Fer Métropolitain (S.l.: s.n.), n.d. [Map
            Plan de Paris par Arrondissement; Bois de Boulogne Métropolitain (Paris: L.
               Guilmin), n.d.

            Paperback Books

            Groupement Meusien des Pays Envahis (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Guide du Visiteur a la Cathédrale Saint-Jean de Lyon (S.l.: J. -B. Roudil), 1918.
            Images du Liban (Paris: Les Éditions Lumière), n.d.


            ??????? [America]. ??????? [February] 1984: Vol. 50, No. 327; ???? [March]1984:
               Vol. 50 No. 328
            L'Économiste Agricole. Octobre 1953: Volume 23, No. 5.  
            Le Pays De France.  5 Avril 1919: Vol. 6, No. 233.

            Paperback Books 

            The Army at War: Tunisia (London: His Majesty's Stationery Office), 1944.
            Bordeaux Illustrated Guide (S.l.: L. Larmat), 1918.
            A Celebration of Letters; The Twenty-Fifth Annivesary of the National Book Awards
               (S.l.: s.n.), 1974. [Program inserted]
            Chamonix; Guide of Chamonix (S.l.: Syndicat D'Initiative), 1913.
            Circles and Standing Stones: An Illustrated Exploration of Megalith Mystries of
               Early Britain (S.l.: The History Book Club Review), 1975.
            Clugston, W. G.  Facts You Should Know About Kansas (Girard, KS:
               Haldeman-Julius Publications), 1945.
            Cooke, Morris Llewellyn.  Some Implications of Multiple-Purpose River Planning
               and Development (Washington, DC; American Association for the Advancement
               of Science), 1952.
            Crisis at the University of California, II: A Further Statement to the People of
               California (San Francisco, CA: American Civil Liberties Union of Northern
               California), 1950.
            Crowther, Samuel.  A Primer: Comment on the Great Constructive Work of the
               President of the United States in Making Arithmetic the Basic Science of
               Government (New York: The Chemical Foundation Incorporated), 1934.
            Davis, Kenneth.  Eli Thayer and the Kansas Crusade (S.l.; s.n.), 1963. [4 copies]
            -----.  Farms the Rains Can't Take (S.l.: s.n.), n.d. [2 copies]
            Decker, Eugene Donald.  A Selected, Annotated Bibliography of Sources in the
               Kansas State Historical Society Pertaining to Kansas in the Civil War (Emporia,
               KS: Graduate Division of the Kansas State Teachers College), 1961.
            Dexter, Byron (ed.).  Annotated Bibliography on the Second World War from the
               Foreign Affairs 50-Year Bibliography (New York: R. R. Bowker Company),
            Documents Concerning the Last Phase of the German-Polish Crisis (Berlin: The
               Reichsdruckerei), 1939. [2 copies; 1 in English, the other in German]
            Doubleday and Garden City Children's Books: New Titles thru December 1960
               (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc.), 1960.
            Eisenhower, Milton S.  The Strength of Kansas (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            English-French Handbook for the Use of United States Soldiers (New York: National
               Security League), n.d.
            Etta's Journal; January 2, 1874-July 25, 1875 (S.l.: s.l.), n.d. [2 copies]
            Farmhouse (S.l.: National Farmhouse Fraternity), 1934.
            Farrell, F. D.  Kansas Rural Institutions: V. Three Effective Rural Churches
               (Manhattan, KS: Agricultural Experiment Station), 1949.
            Freres, Jullien [Photo editer].  Photos of Mont-Blanc (Geneve; s.n.), n.d. 
            General Marshall's Report; The Winning of the War in Europe and the Pacific:
               Biennial Report of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army 1943 to 1945, to
               the Secretary of War (New York: Simon and Schuster), n.d.
            Gifts to Kansas State College, 1943-45 (Manhattan, KS: s.n.), n.d.
            A Great Constructive Contribution to the First of the Sciences by the President of the
               United States (New York: The Chemical Foundation Incorporated), n.d.
            Grew, Joseph C.  Report from Tokyo: A Message to the American People (New
               York: Simon and Schuster), 1942.
            Guide to Lourdes (Lourdes, France: Knights of Columbus War Activities), 1919.
            Gurewitsch, David A. Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Day (New York: Interchange
               Foundation), 1973.
            Hand Book of American Y. M. C. A., A. E. F. (Paris: Legal Department Y. M. C. A.),
            Hay, Ian.  A Welcome to All American Soldiers and Sailors (London: American
               Expeditionary Forces Young Men's Christian Association in the United
               Kingdom), n.d.
            Hearings Before the Select Committee on Intelligence U.S. House of Representatives
               Ninety-Fourth Congress First Session: October 9, November 13, and the
               Afternoon Session of December 10, 1975;  Part 3 (Washington D.C.: U.S.
               Government Printing Office), 1976.
            Hill, Walker H.  Learning and Living: Proceedings of an Anniversary Celebration in
               Honor of Alexander Meiklejohn (Chicago, IL: Walker H. Hill), 1942.
               [Handwritten notes inserted]
            Historic Lyons (S.l.: The American Y. M. C. A.), n.d. [2 copies]
            Historical Materials in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library (Abilene, KS: Dwight D.
               Eisenhower Library National Archives and Records Service General Services
               Administration), 1975.
            Historical Ramblings on Eighty Years of Worchester's Bohemian Club, 1897-1977
               (Worcester, MA: The Bohemians, Inc.), 1977. [2 copies]
            Hitler, Adolf.  Speech by Adolf Hitler, Fuehrer and Chancellor of the German Reich,
               Delivered Before the Reichstag on October 6, 1939 (S.l.:s.n.), n.d.
            Hoover, Herbert.  A Cause to Win: Five Speeches by Herbert Hoover On American
               Foreign Policy in Relation to Soviet Russia (New York: The Freeman), n.d.
            The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall (S.l.: The History Book Club Review), 1975.
            In the Supreme Court of the United States October Term, 1987: Random House, Inc.
               and Ian Hamilton V. Jerome D. Salinger (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Isely, Bliss and Lucy Helen Meacham.  Kansas: Our Own State (Wichita, KS: The
               McCormick-Mathers Publishing Company), 1939.
            Jacoby, Robert L [Compiled by].  Calendar of the Speeches and other Published
               Statements of Franklin D. Roosevelt 1910-1920 (Hyde Park, NY: Franklin D.
               Roosevelt Library), 1952.

100         The Kansas Story on Unesco (Washington, DC: United States National Commission
               for Unesco), 1949. [2 copies]
            Kerwin, Kenneth W.  Hysteria (S.l.: s.n.), n.d. [2 copies; not published]
            Koistinen, Paul A.  The "Industrial-Military Complex" in Historical Perspective: The
               Interwar Years (S.l.:s.n.), 1970.  [Reprinted from "The Journal of American
               History: Vol. 56, No. 4"]
            -----.  Mobilizing the World War II Economy: Labor and the Industrial-Military
               Alliance (S.l.: s.n.), 1973. [Reprinted from "Pacific Historical Review: Vol. 42,
               No. 4"]
            Leahy, E.  Our Lady of Lourdes (Dublin: "Irish Messenger" Office), 1919.
            The Legacy of FDR: A Roosevelt Symposium (Manhattan, KS: Kansas State
               University), 1997. [4 copies; 2 blue, 2 peach, 1 with handwritten note to Ken
               Davis; Booklet of photos also included]
            Liban (Beirut, Lebanon: UNESCO), 1948.
            Liberty French (New York: International Committee of Young Men's International
               Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations), 1918.
            The Limericks of Bohemia and Other Collected Verse (Oxford, MA: Clarence P.
               Daigneau), 1978. [letter enclosed]
            Maher, Michael, ed.  An Illinois Legacy: Gubernational Addresses of Adlai E.
               Stevenson 1949-1952 (Bloomington, Illinois: Paint Hill Press), 1985. [letter
            Manning, Rebecca, ed.  Eye on the Arts, No. 23 (Washington. DC:  Franklin Pugh),
            Masters, Dexter, ed. and Katharine Way, ed.  One World or None; A Report to the
               Public on the Full Meaning of the Atomic Bomb (S.l.: Whittlesey House, A
               division of the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.), 1946.
            Meiklejohn, Alexander.  Education as a Factor in Post-War Reconstruction (S.l.: Free
               World Inc.), 1942.  
            -----.  Inclinations and Obligations (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press),
            Miller, William Lee.  Two Americans (Part Two) (Charlottesville, VA: The Miller
               Center of Public Affairs), 1994.
            The Mirror (Manhattan, KS: UR RUNE, The American College Quill Club), 1934.
            Moore, William C.  Our Navy's Fighting Ships: The Ships & Sailing Albums Number
               3 (S.l.: Kalmbach Publishing Co.), 1947.
            Nevins, Allan.  Kansas and the Stream of American Destiny: A Lecture Delivered at
               the Kansas Centennial Conference at the University on April 30, 1954 (Lawrence,
               KS: University of Kansas Press), 1954.  
            New York Herald Tribune Front Page History of the Second World War...Including
               Historically-Important Photographs of Leading War Personalities and Incidents, a
               Chronology of Events, and Articles of Surrender (New York: New York Tribune,
               Inc.), 1946.
            Nichols, Roy F.  The Territories: Seedbeds of Democracy (S.l.: Nebraska History),
            Oceanographical Museum and Aquarium of Monaco; Illustrated Guide (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Opinion [Civil Court] (S.l.: [District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania]), n.d.
            Pages of American Glory (Clermont-Ferrand: Michelin et Cie), 1918.
            Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government (Washington D.C.: The
               United States Shipping Board), n.d.
            Paullin, Ellen.  Pictures from Cuba Including Negatives and Positives (S.l.:s.n.), n.d.
            Poetry and Lore of Princeton (S.l.: s.n.), 1959.
            Popular Songs of the A. E. F. (Paris: Young men's Christian Association), 1918.
            President's Report; 1966 (S.l.: The George C. Marshall Research Foundation), n.d.
            Princeton Telephone Directory (Princeton, MA: The Center), 1979.
            Report of the Committee on the Philosophy of Education at Kansas State College
               (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Rhodes, Major General Charles D.  "Information" Concerning Bordeaux and Base
               Section No. 2 (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            The San Francisco School of Social Studies (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Sherwin, Martin J.  The Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War: U.S.
               Atomic-Energy Policy and Diplomacy, 1941-45 (S.l.: The American historical
               review), 1973. [Inscribed by author]
            Sikes, W. H.  Life Begins at Ninety (Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Publications),
            Snyder, Claude J.  Toward a Philosophy of Rural Life for Town and Country Church
               Workers (St. Louis, MO: Board of National Missions Committee on Town and
               Country Church), n.d.
            Stensland, Per G.  The Classroom and the Newspaper (Chicago, IL: National Society
               for the Study of Education), 1954.
            Stevenson, Adlai E.  Letters from Choate (Wallingford, CT: The Andrew Mellon
               Library), 1968.
            Story, Sommerville.  Paris in Ten Days: A Little Guide for Tommy and the Yank
               (Paris: La Renaissance du Livre), n.d.
            The Strength of Kansas: An Address by Milton S. Eisenhower (Manhattan, KS:
               Kansas State University), n.d.
            Stuart, Sir Campbell.  Britain's Tribute to Franklin Roosevelt: The Story of the
               Memorial in Grosvenor Square (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            Sylvester, William.  Romanticism and Other Problems in Mathematics, or Some
               Other Poems (Buffalo, NY: Dedekind Reprints), 1982.
            Taft, Robert.  The Appearance and Personality of Stephen A. Douglas (Topeka, KS:
               The Kansas State Historical Society), 1954.
            To Build a Better College---A Handbook on Endowments for Kansas State College
               (Manhattan, KS: Kansas State College Press), n.d. [3 copies]
            Unesco: A World Programme (Paris, France: United Nations Educational Scientific
               and Cultural Organization), n.d.
            Vitry, Paul.  The Museum of the Louvre: A Concise Guide to the Various Collection
               (Paris: Gaston Braun), n.d. [Translated by Charles H. Hauff]
            Vorst, Van.  France; Our Ally (New York: The International Committee of Young
               Men's Christian Associations), 1918.  
            -----.  To The Homeward-Bound Americans (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.
            -----.  A Popular Geography of France; Industries, Principal Cities (Paris: Librairie
               Larousse), n.d.
            Wallace, Henry A.  F.D.R.; Miscellaneous Recollections of the Interment Train, April
               14-15, 1945 (S.l.:  Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries), 1974.
            -----.  Sixty Million Jobs (New York: Simon and Schuster), 1945.
            Warren's Guide to Winchester (Winchester: Warren and Son, LTD), n.d.
            Willkie, Wendell L.  One World (New York: Simon and Schuster), 1943.
            Woods, Rev. Edward S.  After the War; An Opportunity for Soldiers (Paris: American
               Expeditionary Forces Young Men's Christian Association), n.d.
            Woollcott, Sergeant Alexander.  Chateau Thierry; A Friendly Guide for American
               Pilgrims to the Shrines between the Marne and the Vesle (Paris: The Lafayette
               Publishing Co.), 1919. [2 copies; Ken's(?) handwriting on inside cover of one
            Your College and You: A Brief history of Kansas State College and a Compendium
               of Useful Information for College Staff Members (Manhattan, KS: Kansas State
               College Bulletin), n.d.


            Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra Hall, Chicago. March 25-26, 1943.
            Fine Arts Festival Music Program.  Kansas State College; Manhattan, KS. April,
               1951. [2 copies]


            Davis, Kenneth S.  "The Boyhood of Our Next President." King Features Syndicate.
            That Green Valley Grin Comes from Living Good Again (Green Valley, AZ: s.n.),
            Who's Who Monthly Supplement: Current Biographical Reference Service. June,
               1942: Series 3, No. 6.

101         Newspapers

            "Book Week."  Chicago Sunday: Sun-Times. 3 December 1967.
            "Book World."  The Washington Post.  23 October 1983: Vol. 13, No. 43
            Missouri Ordnance News. [47 copies from 20 August 1942 to 29 July 1943; Placed in
               a rust colored envelope]
            The New York Review of Books.   4 December 1986: Vol. 33, No. 19;  29 June 1989:
               Vol. 36, No. 11. 
            The New York Times.  The New York Times Book Review.  29 August 1965,
               Section 7;  04 July 1965, Section 7 [2 copies];  18 July 1965, Section 7;  26
               November 1967, Section 7;  28 March 1993, Section 7.  
            -----.  WNBC-TV New York Channel 4: An NBC News Supplement to Election-Year
               Viewing.  04 August 1968, Section 11. 
            The Stars and Stripes.  Pictorial Supplement. 13 June 1919. 
            "Voila!".  10 April 1919: Vol. 1, No. 2.
            Worchester Sunday Telegram.  Special 65th Anniversary Report: Assumption
               College.  09 November 1969.  
            -----.  Sunday Telegram / Living. 24 April 1977, Section E.
            -----.  Sunday Telegram Review.  27 November 1983, Section J [6 copies]; 16
               November 1986, Section K.