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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
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Kenneth S. Davis Papers

Bibliography of books in Davis Collection/Research Library

(will go into Special Collections)

Aaron, Daniel. Writers on the Left: Episodes in American Literary Communism. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1961.
First Edition
On page xi Aaron cites Davis for his help with this book.

Adams, Henry. The Education of Henry Adams: An Autobiography (Boston, MA: The Houghton Mifflin Company), 1961.

Adams, Henry H. Harry Hopkins: A Biography by Henry H. Adams (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons), 1977.

Adler, Alfred. What Life Should Mean to You (New York: Capricorn Books), 1958.

Adoratsky, V. Dialectical Materialism: The Theoretical Foundation of Marxism-Lenism (New York: International Publishers), 1934.

Algren, Nelson. A Walk on the Wild Side. New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1956.
Inscription reads: "For Kenneth Davis, With sincere Welcome to Chicago, and read good wishes - Nelson Algren May 22 '56"

Algren, Nelson. Never Come Morning. Harper & Brothers Publishers: New York, 1942.
First edition
Inscription reads: "For Kenneth S. Davis from Nelson Algren Wishing him good Luck with "In The Forests of the Night" 4/30/42"

Averill, Thomas Fox. Passes at the Moon, Stories From Kansas. Topeka, Kansas: Woodley Press, 1985.
Inscription reads: "3-6-86 For Kenneth S. Davis With best wishes and with admiration for your work, Thomas Fox Averill"

Averill, Thomas Fox (ed.). What Kansas Means to Me: Twentieth-Century Writers on the Sunflower State (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas), 1991.

Barber, James David. The Presidential Character: Prediction Performance in the White House (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.), 1972.

Bartley, William Warren III. Wittgenstein (New York: J. B. Lippencott Company), 1973.

Beasley, Maurine H. (ed.), Holly C. Shulman (ed.), and Henry R. Beasley (ed). The Eleanor Roosevelt Encyclopedia (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press), 2001.

Beauvoir, Simone de. The Second Sex (New York: Alfred A. Knopf), 1953. [Translated and edited by H. M. Parshley]

Bergson, Henri. Creative Evolution (New York: Henry Holt and Company), 1931. [Authorized translation by Arthur Mitchell, PH.D.]

-----. Matter and Memory (London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd.), 1919. [Authorized translation by Nancy Margaret Paul and W. Scott Palmer]

Berlin, Isaiah. Concepts and Categories: Philosophical Essays by Isaiah Berlin (New York: The Viking Press), 1978. [Edited by Henry Hardy]

Bernier, Oliver. Fireworks At Dusk: Paris in the Thirties. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1993.
First edition. There is a letter in this book from Fredrica S. Friedman, July 30, 1992, of Little, Brown asking Kenneth Davis to write an endorsement for use on the back of the jacket of this book and in advertisements for the book. Davis did write the endorsement. See the back of the dust jacket for endorsement.

Berryman, John. His Toy, His Dream, His Rest: 308 Dream Songs. New York: Fararr, Straus and Giroux, 1969.
On a single sheet of paper inside this book is a poem "The Poet's Final Instructions" signed "John Berryman Chicago 22 March 58"
Davis knew Berryman in Chicago and Berryman must have given this poem to him and inscribed it.

Bird, Roy. Topeka: An Illustrated History of the Kansas Capital. Topeka, Kansas: Baranski Publishing Company, 1985.
Inscription reads: "For Kenneth S. Davis Who In The Shadows Of Mount Wachusett Brought Light On F.D.R. Best Wishes, Georgia Neese Clark Gray and Andy Gray Topeka, Kansas 24 April 1986"

Blake, Roger. The Passion of Pain (Detroit, MI: Foremost Publishers), 1965.

Bumgardner, George H. Princeton and high road: 1775-1975. Princeton, Massachusetts: The Bicentennial Commission, 1975.
Inscription reads: "For Flo & Ken with all my best Tim Spring 1976"
Tim was the nickname of the author or the author's son. - Check correspondence in Bumgardner file in Davis Correspondence Series.

Burke, Kenneth.

A Grammar of Motives

(New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc.), 1945.


Permanence and Change; An Anatomy of Purpose

(New York: New Republic, Inc.), 1935.

Calverton, V.F. (ed.). The Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology (New York: The Modern Library), 1931.

Camus, Albert. Resistance, Rebellion, and Death (New York: Alfred A. Knopf), 1961.

Carter, Angela. The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography (New York: Pantheon Books), 1978.

The Century Association. The Century: 1847-1946. New York: The Century Association, 1947.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1964. New York: The Century Association, 1964.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1973. New York: The Century Association, 1973.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1974. New York: The Century Association, 1974.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1987. New York: The Century Association, 1987.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1988. New York: The Century Association, 1988.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1993. New York: The Century Association, 1993.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1994. New York: The Century Association, 1994.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1995. New York: The Century Association, 1995.
(Paper inside titled, "The New Members, November 1994 to October 1995)

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1996. New York: The Century Association, 1996.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1997. New York: The Century Association, 1997.

The Century Association. The Century Yearbook 1998. New York: The Century Association, 1998.

Chesser, Eustace. Strange Loves: The Human Aspects of Sexual Deviation (New York: William Morrow and company, Inc.), 1971.

Christian, William A. An Interpretation of Whitehead's Metaphysics (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press), 1967

Colwell, Miriam. Young. (Orono, Maine: Puckerbrush Press, 1997.
Inscription reads: "For Jean & Ken with warmest thoughts of our meetings - Mimie Marion Colwell"

Cooper, Henry S. F., Jr. Inside the Century. New York: The Century Association, 1997.

Correll, Charles M. The Manhattan Congregational Church 1856-1956 (S.l.: s.n.), n.d.

Davis, Earle. I Sing of America. Manhattan, Kansas: The Kansas Quarterly, 1981.
Inscription reads: "Specially for Ken and Flo - Earle"

Davis, Kenneth Sydney. Arms, Industry and America. New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1971.
The Reference Shelf, Volume 43 Number 1

_____. The Cautionary Scientists. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1996.
Publishing date in ink in front is in author's hand.

_____. FDR: The Beckoning Of Destiny, 1882-1928. New York: Random House, 1972.

_____. FDR: The New Deal Years 1933-1937. New York: Random House, 1986.

_____. FDR: The New York Years, 1928-1933. New York: Random House, 1994.

_____. FDR: The War President, 1940-1943. New York: Random House, 2000.
First edition.

_____. Flight To Glory: The Story of Charles A. Lindbergh And The Spirit Of St. Louis. Garden City, New York: Garden City Books, 1960.
First edition, illustrated by John N. Barron - this book is for children

_____. General Eisenhower Soldier of Democracy: From Boyhood To Supreme Commander. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1949.
First edition
A children's edition of Soldier of Democracy

_____. In The Forests Of The Night. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1942.
Inscription reads, in Davis' handwriting: "Mother Here tis! Hope you like it. Ken and Flo March 9, 1942"

_____. In The Forests Of The Night. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1942.

_____. Invinvible Summer: An Intimate Portrait Of The Roosevelts based on the recollection of Marion Dickerman. New York: Atheneum, 1974.
First edition
There is a note on a half sheet of paper enclosed between pages 138-139 in Davis' handwriting. The note speaks to a mistake in the book, i.e. James Buddington....this is an important piece of paper.

_____. The Paradox Of Poverty In America. New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1969.
The Reference Shelf, Volume 41 Number 2
In the book, "A Nation Within a Nation" from Time May 27, 1968. Davis probably used this in his research.

_____. A Prophet In His Own Country. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1957.
First edition
Book is autographed by both Adlai E. Stevenson and Kenneth S. Davis

Davis, Kenneth Sydney and John Arthur Day. Water The Mirror Of Science. Garden City, New York: Anchor Books, Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1961.

Davis, Kenneth, et. al. 200 Years: A Bicentennial Illustrated History Of The United States. New York: U. S. News & World Report, 1973, 2 volume set.

Davis, Kenneth S. "The Birth of Social Security." American Heritage, (April/May 1979): 38-51, 2 copies.

_____. "The Deadly Dust: The Unhappy History of DDT." American Heritage, (February 1971): 45-47, 92-93, 2 copies.

_____. "In the Name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress!" American Heritage, (October 1963): 65-77.

_____. "Miss Eleanor Roosevelt." American Heritage, (October 1971): 48-59.

_____. "The Sage of Emporia." American Heritage, (October/November 1979): 80-97.

_____. "Social Security: How the Trouble Began." American Heritage, (April/May 1983): 103, 3 copies.

_____. "The Story of the Pill." American Heritage, (August/September 1978): 80-91.

_____. "What Somebody Said to the Golden Girl." Kansas Quarterly, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Fall 1975): 119.

Dewey, John. Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (New York: The Macmillan Company), 1916.

-----. Reconstruction in Philosophy (New York: Henry Holt and Company), 1920.

Duffy, James, ed. The Century at 150: excerpts from the Archives, 1847-1997. New York: The Century Association, 1997.

Editors of American Heritage Magazine and United Press International with Biographical narrative by Kenneth S. Davis. Eisenhower An American Hero: The Historical Record of His Life. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1969.

Flexner, James Thomas. Paintings On The Century' Walls. New York: The Century Association, 1963. (This is an Address delivered at the monthly meeting of the Century Association on March 7, 1963)

Foveaux, Jessie Lee Brown. Any Given Day. New York: Warner Books, 1997.
Inscription reads: "April 14, 1998 To Jean Davis. May God Bless You Always. Jessica Lee Brown Foveaux"

Furnas, J. C. Great Times. New York: G. P. Putnam, 1974.
The card inside the book is that of Harvey Ginsberg, Editor-In-Chief at Putnam's. He was Davis' editor for many years.
Inscription reads: "Marvelous to see you. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did."

Greenstein, Fred I. The Presidential Difference: Leadership Style from FDR to Clinton. New York: Martin Kessler Books, 2000.
Inscription reads: "To Jeane Davis With good wishes - I have profited from Ken's books - Fred Greenstein"

Higginson, Fred H. Anna Livia Plurabelle: The Making of a Chapter. Minneapolis, MN: The University of Minnesota Press, 1960.
Higginson signed this book.

Hilsinger, Serena Sue. Foxes On The Hill. Boston: Gambit Inc., 1969.
Inscription reads: "May 17, 1969 To Ken - Whose praise has meant so much to me. Fondly, Sue"
(There is also a review of the book that was in the Worcester Sunday Telegram, February 2, 1969)

Hilsinger, Serena Sue. Madsong. Boston: Gambit Inc., 1970. Inscription reads: "For Ken & Flo - With best wishes - Sue"

Hinger, Charlotte. Come Spring. (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1986.
Inscription reads: "To Kenneth Davis - with great delight at having met you. May all your springs be filled with hope. From the heart of Kansas! Charlotte Hinger April 26, 1986"

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Directory Of Fellows 1925-1974. New York: Lind Brothers, 1975.

Miller, Nolan. A Mother of Time. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1946.
Inscription reads: "For the Davises in memory of lobster cantonese and other pleasures Nolan Miller - April, '47"

Miller, Nolan. The Merry Innocents. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1947.
Inscription reads: "For Florence & Kenneth Davis who may want some light reading after the wonderful and stimulating years of the Pilgrimage. With my best love. Nolan Miller Yellow Springs January, 1948"

Miller, Nolan. Why I Am So Beat. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1954.
Inscription reads: "For Ken & Flo, who are not characters in this book but who are characters in my life between July 26 & August 2, 1954, to wit:
1. liban
2. eggplant & pine nuts
3. popovers & baked Alaska
4. The Mystic Chords
5. The Middle Age Menagerie
6. chiggers
7. being "couth"
8. two pots of coffee every morning & conversation that has ranged from Falukner* (no good) to considerations of the work of Davis & Miller (very good)
9. etc. (which is a dirty word)
All with love & tenderness Nolan August 1, 1954 Manhattan
* man will manuve & detail...."
(Note: not sure of this last line, a Faulkner expert could probably decipher this)

Miller, Nyle H. and Staff of the Kansas State Historical Society. Kansas, The 34th Star: A Photographic Treasury of Kansas Issued in Commemoration of the American Bicentennial. Topeka: Kansas State Historical Society, 1976.
Inscription reads: "With kindest regards to Ken Davis, a great guy and a great author with whom it has been a pleasure to probe the Kansas story. Cordially Nyle Miller 11/1/76"

Paludian, Phillip Shaw. "A People's Contest:" The Union and Civil War 1861-1865. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1988.
Inscription reads: "To Kenneth Davis with admiration Phillip Paludan"

Paullin, Ellen. Ted's Stroke: The Caregiver's Story. Washington, D.C.: Seven Locks Press, 1988.
Davis and Ellen Payne Paullin had been friends in Manhattan, Kansas.
Inscription reads: "To Ken Who for over fifty years has been an inspiration to Ellen Paullin May 21, 1988 Princeton, Mass."

Peterson, John M. John G. Haskell: Pioneer Kansas Architect. Topeka, Kansas: H.M. Ives and Sons, 1984.
Inscription reads: "John M. Peterson"

Reagan, Charles E. Paul Ricoeur: His Life and His Work. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.
Inscription reads: "For Ken Davis A great historian and author. It is an honor to be your friend. Best wishes, Charles Reagan, November 12, 1996"

Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. The Age of Jackson. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1946.
Inscription reads: "For Flo and Kenneth Davis with warm regard Arthur M. Schlesinger"

Shortridge, James R. Kaw Valley Landscapes: A Traveler's Guide to Northeastern Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Press, 1988.
Inscription reads: "To Ken Davis a fellow Kansas enthusiast Peter Shortridge"

Socolofsky, Homer. Biography of The Honorable Richard Dean Rogers, Senior United States District Judge. Newton, Kansas: Mennonite Press, 1995.
Gift to Davis from Mr. Rogers
There are two letters in this book one from Richard D. Rogers, May 23, 1996 to Davis and one from Davis June 1, 1996 to Richard D. Rogers
Inscription reads: "To: My good friend, Kenneth Davis You are an outstanding historian and I am pleased to send you an Overblown biography of an overrated judge. Homer Socolofsky took a sow's ear and did a great job in his attempt to turn it into a silk purse. It was a difficult task. Yours with respect And admiration Dick Richard D. Rogers"

Shirer, William L. A Native's Return: 1945-1988. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1990.
First edition.
Shirer, Davis and Davis' wife, Flo, were very good friends. There is a lengthy correspondence between Shirer and Davis in the Davis Correspondence Series.
Inscription reads: "To Ken In remembrance of a long and lasting friendship. Bill Shirer Xmas, 1989"

Stevenson, Adlai E. Looking Outward: Years of Crisis at the United Nations. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1963.
Inscription reads: "For Flo and Kenneth Davis - from an old friend and great admirer! Adlai E. Stevenson New York, Christmas 1963"

Stevenson, Adlai E. What I Think. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1956.
First Edition
Davis wrote many speeches for Stevenson and some of what he wrote are in these speeches.

Taylor, Peter. A Long Fourth and other Stories. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1948.
First edition.
Inscription reads: "For Ken Davis with best regards Peter Taylor"

Twain, Mark. The Favorite Works of Mark Twain. New York: Garden City Publishing Company, Inc. 1939.
Inscription reads: "Oct. 1941 - K.C. Don't I remember you saying you'd like to have this book? Flo"

Ward, Geoffrey C. A First Class Temperament: The Emergence of Franklin Roosevelt. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1989.
A copy editors page in the book. This is the uncorrected proof which Ward sent to Davis in April 1989 before the book was published in August 1989. A letter from War is in the book and it reads: "April 5, 1989 Dear Ken - Here it is, typos and all. I hope its glossy hero Is recognizable. Best Geoff"

Wellman, Paul I. The Bowl of Brass. New York: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1944.
First edition.
Inscription reads: "To Kenneth S. Davis from Paul I. Wellman who profoundly admires his writing - with best wished for "Eisenhower" a book that will do a lot to set the history of this war. April 21, 1944"

The Wichita Eagle. Kansas on my mind. Helena, MT: Falcon Press, nd.
Davis is quoted on pages 16, 89, 120.

Wilson, Paul E. A Time To Lose: Representing Kansas in Brown V. Board of Education. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Press, 1995.
Inscription reads: "To our Friends Jean & Ken Davis Best Wishes Paul E. Wilson 4-13-95"

Young, Philip. Ernest Hemingway. New York: Rinehart & Company, Inc., 1952. Inscription reads: "Manhattan February 19! ' 55 For Ken and Flo with all affection Phil"

Zara, Louis. Against This Rock. New York: Creative Age Press, Inc. 1943.
Inscription reads: "For Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Davis with best wishes to your own writing and the hope that we may meet & talk writing and writers. Cordially, Louis Zara"