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Save the Tallgrass Prairie Collection


The three boxes contain correspondence, reports, brochures and flyers, newsletters, newspaper clippings, maps, financial and legal documents, and printed material in various formats created and collected by the Save the Tallgrass Prairie, Inc. (STP), 1971-1985. STP was formed in January 1973 "as an organization of concerned citizens who wanted to re-establish a small segment of the tallgrass prairie in as natural a condition as is possible." Its primary goal was to support legislation for the establishment of a Tallgrass Prairie National Park in the Flint Hills area of Kansas.

Container List

Box Folder  Description

01          Save the Tallgrass Prairie, Inc.  Contents include a variety of formats that documents the 
               organization's activities and its effort to preserve the prairie and establish a national park: 
               appeals to individuals and groups, legislative actions, conference material, newsletters and 
               flyers, financial documents, etc. 
               Includes Scientific Advisory Panel to Save the Tallgrass Prairie, Inc: Final Report (1979).

02 01       Legislative and Legal Documents, 1972-1979

   02       Newspaper Clippings.  STP and related concerns, 1970-1985

   03       Maps.  Maps of the tallgrass prairie; includes tour guide, Public Prairies of Kansas; no dates

   04       Reports & Publications

            Tallgrass Prairie: The Landscape no one Knows: A Presentation by the Tallgrass Prairie Foundation,
               (1977).  This lengthy unpublished report incorporates the work of the Save the Tallgrass Prairie as 
               well as the Tallgrass Prairie Foundation to describe the history of the prairie, need to preserve the
               prairie, what it is, and what can be done; includes original photographs.

            Wildlife and America.  Howard P. Brokaw, editor.
            Washington, D.C.: Council on Environmental Quality, 1978

            A 20-Year Record of Succession on Reseeded Fields of Tallgrass Prairie on the Rockefeller 
               Experimental Tract.  Henry S. Fitch and E. Raymond Hall. Lawrence: Special Publication No. Four, 
               University of Kansas Publications, Museum of Natural History, 1978

   05       Wild Flowers and Seeds.  Information about wild flowers on the prairie and seeds; includes
            descriptions of flowers and catalogs of seed companies.

03 01       Periodicals and Articles.  Contains publications about the issues of a national park and saving the
               prairie; includes articles about the Save the Tallgrass Prairie organization.  Among the numerous
               publications are the following:

            "The Tallgrass Prairie: How the West Was Lost." Environmental Action, 9(No. 18,  Jan. 28, 1978)

            "Park on the Prairie?"  Includes two articles, "The Case Against a Prairie Park" ("A Summary of the
               Stand of the Kansas Grassroots Association") and  "The Case for a Prairie Park" ("A Statement from
               the Tallgrass Prairie," Lawrence Wagner).  Kansas Fish & Game, 36(Sept/Oct, 1979). 

            "Value in Saving Scraps of Prairie 'Mat,'" by Judy McCleary.  Farmland News.  41(No. 12, June 29, 1974).

            "Is There Anything Worth Saving in Kansas?" by Pat Duncan.  Man Not Apart, 2(10, October 1972).  

            "New Directions for the National Park System: The Proposed Kansas Tallgrass Prairie National Park," by
            George C. Goggins and Michael McCloskey; Reprint from Kansas Law Review,  25(Summer, 1977).

            "Forgotten Treasure: Our Tall-Grass Prairie," by Patricia D. Duncan.  Modern Maturity,
            22(June/July 1979).

            "The Tallgrass Prairie: Can it be Saved?"  by Dennis Farney.  National Geographic, 125(January, 1980).

   02       Printed Material.  Includes periodical articles, pamphlets, and ephemera containing more general
            information about prairies.

   03       "Prairie Wildflower Note Cards." Published for resale  by the STP.