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Louis Zukofsky Papers

Other Correspondence, Literary Works, Printed Material, etc.

Box Folder  

 2    61  1927 Jul 19.  ALS, 1 p.  French
          Jean de Gourmont [?] to Madame

      62  1927 Jul 25.  ALS, 1 p.  French
          Francis ?? Griffin to Mademoiselle

      63  1940 Aug 28.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.  French
          Raymond Arne to Andre Malraux

      64  1940 Oct 28.  TL, 1 p.
          Fernand Baldensperger to Henry Dupont

          Comments on RT's expected promotion and about his abilities

      65  [1940?]  1 TL/1 TLS + 3 TD encl.
          RT to ?

          Form letter soliciting material for the first issue of LFeL; listing of individuals on the
          advisory board enclosed; typed copy and carbon of prospectus enclosed

      66  n.d.  1 AD
          R. W. Urie to ?

          Return address for R. W. Urie

      67  [1930-1940, n.d.] 12 env.
          various to various

          Empty envelopes


      68  1931 Feb 28.  TD, 1 p.
          LZ's review of Hidden Flame by Bunichi Kagawa, forward by Yvor Winters

      69  n.d.  TD, 2 p.
          LZ's review of Redimiculum Matellarum by Bunting

      70  n.d.  TD, 8 p.  French
          RT's essay on Andre Salmon


      71  Review of Objectivists' Anthology, edited by LZ
          Voices, no.68, 1933 Feb-March, p.40-45.  "A Remark on Objectivism" by Pierre Loving

      72  Ezra Pound essay by LZ
          The Observer, n.d., pg.3-4, 8.  "Ezra Pound: His Cantos" by LZ

      73  Reviews of L'Influence du Symbolisme francais sur la poesie americaine (de 1910 a/
            1920) by RT
          Poetry, n.d., pg.44-49. Review by Harriet Monroe
          Saturday Review of Literature, 1931 May 23,  pg.849.  Review by Albert Schinz
          Modern Language Forum, 1930 June 16, pg.102. Review by W. L. Schwartz
          Livres Revue Ango-Americaine, n.d., pg.463-465. Review by C. Cestre
          Literature Anglaise et Americaine, n.d., pg.82. Review by C. Cestre
          Revue Critique D'Histoire et de Litterature, 1930 Sept., pg.417-418.  Review by
            Rene Pruvost
          Annales de L'Universite de Paris, n.d., pg.533-535.

      74  Review by RT of Maldorer, translated by Guy Wernham
          Quarterly Review of Literature, n.d., pg.77-79.

      75  Miscellaneous
          Poetry Society of America, 1931 Feb., pg.1-8
          Ecole Libre Des Hautes Etudes, 1946-47, pg.1-24
          Two articles of unknown origin and date

      76  Miscellaneous
          one prescription sheet; 
          one bibliographic sketch of RT, 1923-1930; 
          one partial AD entitled Profession of Faith