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Louis Zukofsky Papers

Correspondence - Louis Zukofsky to various people

Box Folder  

 1    71  1942 Nov 10.  ALS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland [CH]

          Follow-up to job interview; remarked on possibility of writing a section for the
          encyclopedia Judaica

      72  1946 Dec 04.  ALS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Mention of Kitty's Irish anthology; enclosure of Celia's work; CH welcome to R's
          Testimony; LZ had wanted CH to review Anew, but CH doesn't do that anymore;
          Priscilla ill; possibly going to Manhattan to celebrate Williams' Briar Cliffe issue, if
          they can get babysitter for Paul

      73  1947 Feb 02.  TLS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Celia's thanks for the order and more circulars enclosed; mention of Benyehuda
          which LZ is returning; CH's forthcoming book mentioned; LZ's essay on poetry is
          making the rounds

      74  1948 Sep 24.  APCS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Objectivist Press sending CH a copy of LZs' Test of Poetry

      75  1948 Oct 08.  APCS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Thanking CH for the praise and looking forward to the review

      76  1948 Dec 06.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.
          Clayton Hoagland

          CH not doing review for Voices, it was assigned to Roskolenko?; list of other places
          book was sent to that might want CH to do review

      77  1949 May 05.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Thanks for copy of review; Paul had scarlet fever; had hoped to hear Williams read
          at NYU

      78  1952 Mar 29.  ALS, 1 p. 
          Kitty Hoagland

          Regrets at missing concert, Paul sick

      79  1957 Apr 24.  ALS, 1 p.
          Clayton & Kitty Hoagland

          Regrets at not seeing Hoagland's before sailing, typhoid shots made them ill

      80  1957 May 01.  ALS, 1 p.
          Bill Turner [BT]

          Sorry to have to trouble BT; if The Poet goes on, LZ will provide free manuscript
          contribution; will look for BT in Glasgow if borrowed money goes that far

      81  1957 Jul 05.  ALS, 1 p.
          Geraldine Lust [GL]

          Response to letter and plan to get in touch on the 10th; mention of helping with
          production of Trachis[sp?]

      82  1957 Sep 26.  ALS, 1 p.
          Clayton Hoagland

          Enclosure of 3 free tickets with Paul's compliments; if aware of anyone who can pay
          Paul's way, let him know

      83  1961 Oct 18.  ALS, 2 p.
          Mr. Merwin

          Enclosures for Nov. 3 deadline, five Cats on yellow paper, three on white page from
          Barely and Widely; LZ currently working on complete Catullus; list of three
          volumes due this fall 

      84  1964 Jul 25.  APCS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard [TP]

          Mention of books sent separately to Bunting; W.W. Norton will list out the collected
          shorts in two volumes All (1923-1958) and All (1956-196?); Jonathan Wms dropped
          by; has stopped doing criticism, but TP is welcome to use anthology of LZ's reviews
          of Bunting, list included

      85  1964 Sep 09.  APCS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard

          Thanks for Northern Accent clipping; "A"1-12 o.p.; looking forward to King Ida's

      86  1964 Nov 20.  TLS/ALS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard

          LZ's permission to publish certain poems in magazine prior to contract with Norton;
          Norton advises not to give permission; suggests using money to print Bunting

      87  1964 Dec 02.  APCS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard

          LZ sick; advice about publishing magazines; comment on Norton contract

      88  1964 Dec 17.  APCS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard

          Get Bunting's approval before using "A"-13, p.23 or Bottom, p.163; NO to TP's
          suggestion of printing LZ's postcards

      89  1965 Apr 05.  APCS, 1 p.
          Tom Pickard

          LZ leaving job in June; request to see what TP is using for Bunting with preface by
          LZ and for complementary copy or two
      90  1965 Jun 27.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.
          Lawrence H. Scott [LHS]

          Mention of meeting the "twenty of them" after a day spent furniture shopping;
          returned six after signing and numbering so that LHS can have one of every cover
          color; discussion of possibly writing "A"-18 or 19 with LHS's involvement

      91  1967 Sep 27.  ALS, 1 p.
          Richard Johns [RJ]

          Recalls talking to RJ forty years ago; mentions that most of what was in Pagany was
          also in "A"1-12 and All (1923-58); suggests that L.Z. archives at Texas and Yale
          may have useful letters

      92  1969 Jun 27.  ALS, 1 p.
          Richard Johns

          Uncommitted manuscript appropriate for Pagany Returns, entitled The "Form" of