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Louis Zukofsky Papers

Correspondence - Louis Zukofsky to Rene Taupin

References in Correspondence
  • Louis Zukofsky [LZ]
  • Rene Taupin [RT]
  • Ezra Pound [Pound]
  • William Carlos Williams [Williams]
  • Harriet Monroe [Monroe]
  • Jesse Loewenthal [Loewenthal]
  • Ted & Kate (Robinson?)
  • Robinson Morton [Morton]
  • George & Mary Oppen [Oppen]
  • Basil Bunting [Bunting]
  • Irving Kaplan? [Kappy]
  • Jerry
Box Folder  

 1     1  1930 Mar 28.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.   

          Invitation for dinner meeting; looking forward to reading RT's book

       2  1930 Apr 01.  ALS, 1 p.
          Confirmation of dinner meeting

       3  1930 Nov 25.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Request to borrow 10 dollars; promise to send the Baudelaine when midterms are
          over; will return the 10 immediately, if the Symposium sends check

       4  [1930 Nov 25?]  ALS, 1 p.

          Request to be met at Pennsylvania Station; acknowledgement of receipt of Salmon;
          mention of meeting H. A. Moe of the Guggenheim Foundation
       5  1931 Jan 09.  ALS, 2 p.

          Expresses hope of getting the Guggenheim Award; mentioned seeing Lathrop, who
          had spent the winter in hospital; request for work; "I'll try the Jeff. again tomorrow,
          but I don't think it'll go"

       6  1931 Jan 29.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.  French sentence

          LZ's 27th birthday; mention of RT retyping one of LZ's poems; borrowed $10 from
          Kappy and $5 from a local lady; mentions Charlie Chaplin's premier [Feb 6] and
          Kate's 27th birthday [Feb 5]; heard that Horace Gregory will be published by Faber
          & Faber; receipt of a copy of Macleod's Ecliptic, "parts called Cancer and Virgo not
          half bad"

       7  1931 Feb 07.  ALS, 3 p. w/env.  

          RT should write "grande historie de la poesie aux E-le" so LZ can translate; sent
          photos, give one to Ted & Kate, one to Loewenthal and he can give one to Jerry;
          inquiry about the Haverford piece; expression of doubt about the future if he doesn't
          get the Guggenheim Award; proposal that they go into the publishing business in
          South America, or Mexico or Europe

       8  1931 Feb 13.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Proposed limited edition anthology by Pound for Scheiwiller, probably using the 5th
          movement of "The"; received Putnam's New Review, announcing 3rd and 4th
          movement of "A"; wonders what L'Ange Heurtebise by Jean Cocteau, is really
          about; request for copy of Windham Lewis' The Apes of God 

       9  1931 Feb 16.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Specific criticism of a critique by Burnshaw about Jean-Antoine de Baif, Rene Ghil
          and Spire; quatrain  in answer to "if I don't care, why do I answer such peapull";
          mention of [Guillaume De Salliste] Du Bartas as a punning surrealist; expression of
          thanks for RT's typing; three more weeks to the Guggenheim Award

      10  [1931 Feb ?]  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Request for RT to read and edit enclosures for a reply to St. Burnshaw; when he gets
          the Guggenheim Award, typing won't be a problem anymore

      11  1931 Feb 20.  ALS, 3 p. w/env.  French sentence

          Discussion of Cocteau's talent and explanation of L'Ange Heurtebise; advice for
          dealing with Loewenthal; mentions Horace Gregory's translation of Catallus, "no
          good" ; dissatisfaction with Grudin's Primer of Aesthetics, etc.; asks for Haverford's
          address and head of the English Dept.; does RT know the work of Weisenborn and
          Stanley; hopes RT can join him in Europe; mentions Williams' criticism of his
          poems in Pagany

      12  1931 Feb 27.  ALS, 2 p.

          Requests return of Pound's father's letter; defended RT in a letter to Pound; mentions
          Williams' essay on Pound's Cantos; discusses painters Dufy, Jean Hugo and
          Rousseau; noted Monroe's misprinting of Salmon; mentions a review of Hillyer,
          Speyer, Young, etc. and future review of Japanese poet for Monroe; Morton might
          write and ask to see RT

      13  [1931 Mar ?]  ALS, 1 p. [lacks beginning]

          Sending manuscripts; glad RT wrote Morton; mentions Mr. Griffith; comments on H
          & H sending $17.50 and requests RT keep it til the end of March; LZ was notified
          that his name would be posted on the bulletin for non-payment of a bill; mentions
          Guggenheim Award deadline

      14  [1931 Mar 13]  ALS, 3 p. w/env.

          Mentions RT hearing from Guggenheim Award; saw Charlie in City Lights; quotes
          Pound about RT/Salmon and the Jefferson; expresses uncertainty about Pound's
          motives; invites RT's opinion about Greg's Chelsea Rooming House; inquires about
          Morris Schappes, Jerry's English teacher; sends luck on the Guggenheim Award

      15  1931 Mar 16.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Quotes Moe's letter of rejection from the Guggenheim Award; requests RT take care
          of himself; mentions asking Pound to get him a job in Europe; asks RT to send a list
          of the Guggenheim Award recipients

      16  [1931 Mar ?]  ALS, 1 p.

          Morton visited RT but wonders if RT would mind his coming again

      17  1931 Mar 18.  ALS, 3 p. w/env.

          Quotes Kappy; mentions 1927 versus 1931 earnings; received Williams' Pound; will
          let Morton know what RT said; poem Tall and singularly... was originally dedicated
          to Morton; Pound wants a good poem by Elinor Wylie; discusses his financial
          condition and uncertainty about his future; mentions having asked Pound to keep an
          eye out for job for him; wishes Columbia Appointments could get him a job at
          Haverford; trying to work on the Jefferson but having trouble writing; asks for a
          report of what Williams says at the public forum; promises "you will write your
          Inspiration next year"; mentions having received Left

      18  1931 Mar 21.  ALS, 2 p.

          Declines invitation to stay with RT; inquires about Haverford; asks for particulars
          about Inspiration; mentions invitation from Ted and Kate; requests $10 loan not
          before April 1, to be repaid next month

      19  1931 Mar 23.  ALS, 2 p.

          Discusses ways to be able to go to Haverford; comments on Williams' lecture;
          thanks RT for check; mentions RT and Morton possibly being in Chicago by Apr 7;
          having trouble with "A"; thanks RT and Loewenthal for the Audeau

      20  1931 Apr 02.  ALS, 1 p. w/env. + ADS, 2 p. encl.

          Quotes Pound's reaction to LZ's latest opus; asks RT's reaction; Pound requested
          clarification of term in America; encloses Remembering the blooms of Monticello

      21  1931 Apr 05.  ALS, 1 p.  

          Inquires about Ted and Kate; comments on trying for the Guggenheim Award again;
          re-reading Stephen Dedalus' Prophecy

      22  1931 Apr 09.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Mentions seeing City Lights again and being depressed; asks what RT's doing for the
          summer and next year

      23  1931 May 13.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Thanks RT for check; mentions going to Chicago

      24  1931 May 18.  ALS, 1 p.

          Asks what RT's doing; heard from Ted, Loewenthal and Morton; hitchhiked to
          Chicago and considers doing same to N.Y.; promises to repay money before the 8th

      25  1931 May 27.  ALS, 2 p. + AD 1 p. encl.

          Contains 2 poems; agrees to translate section from Symbolisme; plans to meet RT
          and "lady of the car" in Buffalo on the 18th or 19th of June if he hitchhikes with
          Martha Champion; 1 poem enclosed with instructions to tear it up

      26  1931 May 28.  ALS, 1 p.

          Mentions clipping from Pound and requests it's return

      27  [1931 Jun ?]  ALS, 1 p.

          Mentions meeting RT at Penn. Station or hitchhiking; tells RT not to be depressed,
          "one of these days the several entities who need to be shot as a prerequisite to
          breathing will be"

      28  [1931 Jun 07]  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Missed meeting and possibility of getting together another time

      29  1931 Jun 08.  ALS, 3 p.

          Discusses plans for meeting and RT's car; mentions poems sent to RT and that
          Rexroth liked the first; tells RT to thank Prince for publicity broadcasts; mentions
          Pound's poems and Tate's review of them; comment about RT's mail being censored;
          mentions a girl borrowing his B.V.D.'s; reacts to comments about "author's sexual

      30  1932 Jan 11.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Missed luncheon appointment; lunching with Baudler tomorrow; mentions new
          English broadside Dope

      31  [1932 Jan 22]  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Missed meeting; plan to meet next morning    

      32  [1932 Feb 05]  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Telephone call; plan to meet for lunch

      33  1932 Apr 20.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Leaving with Jerry for California; finished Apollinaire and thinks it's the best
          criticism he's done; request for payment; Monroe disappointed LZ didn't get
          Guggenheim Award; reference to difficult two months; Morton returns to NY from
          Seattle Thursday

      34  [1932?] Apr 25.  ALS, 1 p.

          Thanks RT for typed copies of XLI; mentions impressing the Guggenheim
          Foundation with something other than French Revolutionary Influences on
          Whitman; RT visits in June

      35  [1932] Jul 04.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Agrees to explain a list of words RT doesn't understand; asks how RT likes Part III;
          requests return of typescript of original; Ted's looking for a place for LZ and Jerry in
          Vermont; will expect RT in August; "escaped being married a second time"

      36  1932 Jul 08.  APCS, 2 p.

          Oppen's finances reduced by 1/3 reducing LZ's funds; request for money; Morton's
          firm fired 3/4 of the employees

      37  1932 Jul 14.  APCS, 1 p.

          Ted can't find anything LZ can afford; when will RT be back so they and Jerry can
          get together; noted arrival of Pound's volume; asks if RT wants a copy of Pound's
          and Williams' sent to him; request for RT to arrange publicicity for them and the
          anthology in a French periodical

      38  1932 Jul 20.  APCS, 1 p.

          Fares from N.Y. to Pittsburgh for LZ and Jerry, but appointment with a lady in
          Montreal may interfere
      39  1932 Jul 24.  APCS, 1 p.

          Went to Coney Island; request for return of the handwritten version of G.A.

      40  1932 Aug 01.  ALS, 1 p.

          Anthology sent under separate cover; hopes RT can help move his stuff from Bronx
          to College Heights; mentions Jerry

      41  1932 Aug 04.  ALS, 3 p.

          Pound says Ford Madox Ford would recommend LZ for a Guggenheim Award; asks
          if RT minds LZ sending Apollinaire to Guggenheim Award; mention of other
          projects done this year; Serly is in Rapallo; LZ and Jerry take turns commenting

      42  1932 Aug 10.  APCS, 1 p.

          Expecting proofs of Inspiration; mention of meeting at end of August; request for
          original of G.A.

      43  1932 Sep 22.  APCS, 1 p.

          Missed meeting; invitation to meeting of writing pubs Serly, Bill, etc at Oppens

      44  1932 Sep 23.  ALS, 1 p.

          Requests explanation of RT disappearance at 2:30 am

      45  1932 Oct 12.  ALS, 3 p.

          Debt owed to LZ by RT; request for RT to testify before Dept. of Taxes and
          Assesments for N.Y.; request for one of RT's "lend versions" of the G.A.; invitation
          to stop by and see LZ; suggestion for RT to answer Lis[sp?] in the October Hound
          and Horn

      46  1932 Oct 18.  APCS, 1 p.

          Request for appointment; mention of J.R. coming along and possibility of meeting

      47  [1932 Nov 01]  ALS, 1 p. w/env

          Missed meeting and attempt to set up another; reminder of meeting with Serly

      48  1932 Nov 10.  APCS, 1 p.

          Setting up phone call and mention of translation of Williams' L'Influence and a letter
          from Pound 

      49  [1932 Nov ?]  ALS, 1 p.

          Mention of illustration for the special benefit of the J.S.G.Fo.; offer to sell
          magazines containing LZ's work if RT wants them; request for return of Poetry
          March 1931 and a copy of RT's Influence

      50  1932 Nov 17.  APCS, 1 p.

          Mention of RT being robbed; list of addresses: New English Weekly, Prof. M.T.
          Dazzi, M. Jean Cocteau, W.L. Root, Erik Nesterton, P.M. Bardi; and thinks the
          Surrealistes would publish parts of the G.A.

      51  1932 Nov 22.  APCS, 1 p.

          Serly's address; mention of Thanksgiving at Jack's

      52  1932 Dec 12.  ALS, 4 p. w/env.

          Mentions piano score of Serly's new work; open invitation for RT to visit; mention
          of helping J. buy a suit; quote Pound letter about RT; mention of reviewing RT for
          Criterion; mention of scheme with LZ, RT, Serly, Jerry and maybe Morton, also
          Pound; RT should go to M.L.A. Conference; request to have artistic handiwork
          returned so LZ can send all but BEBE to Pound for christmas; Jerry's are too
          expensive to send 

      53  1932 Dec 29.  APCS, 1 p.

          Missed meeting; invitation for next day to see LZ and Jerry; mention of Ted Hecht
          possibly being there

      54  [1932?]  ALS, 1 p. + AD, 2 p. encl.

          Two pages fell out of blue book, sent the rest Air Mail - Special Delivery

      55  1933 Feb 14.  APCS, 1 p.

          Rescheduling appointment

      56  1933 Mar 08.  APCS, 1 p.

          Request for RT to bring $20 cash to meeting

      57  1933 Mar 14.  APCS, 1 p.

          LZ has a head cold; expects to see Serly this a.m.; will see RT on Sunday

      58  1933 Apr 12.  APCS, 1 p.

          Serly requests RT call Friday; mention of seeing RT Saturday

      59  1933 May 23.  APCS, 1 p.

          Confirmation of appointment; rescheduling of exhibition

      60  1933 Jun 11.  ALS, 4 p.

          LZ leaves for Paris June 30 on the Majestic and should arrive in Cherbourg on the
          6th or 7th; some trouble getting funds Serly paid $100, Williams silent, and Pound
          n.s.f.ed and possible passport problem since birth certificate says Sallikowsky;
          Oppens, Jerry and LZ going to Canada

      61  1933 Jul 12.  ALS, 1 p. w/env.

          Pound won't be in Rapallo til Aug 10; Pound wants LZ to contact several people
          [Hickok, Branculi, Hiler, Leger, Crosby, Dali, de Masot, Ernst, Barnes] and write
          about them

      62  1933 Aug 21.  APCS, 1 p. w/env.

          Ignore last letter requesting money, but would like RT send 500 francs to
          Loewenthal; seeing Pound and Bunting, Ted hasn't arrived yet

      63  1933 Aug 24.  APCS, 1 p.

          Thanking RT for the money sent to LZ and Jess; Serly and LZ leave Rapallo for
          Cannes, Monte Carlo and Marseilles, Ted's treat

      64  1933 Aug 30.  APCS, 1 p.

          Request to be met at train station Sept. 1; Serly will arrive Sept. 4

      65  1933 Sep 06.  ALS, 1 p.

          Reminder to mail 4 parcels of books to LZ in the US; request to order books at
          discount and walk with Serly

      66  1933 Sep 26.  APCS, 1 p.

          Oppens leaving soon and RT should see them; request for information about G.A.
          and on teaching French in secondary schools; Columbia may ask for
          recommendation of LZ's French abilities

      67  1933 Oct 01.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Discussion of G.A.; will ask Serly to drop 2nd typescript of 2nd chapter off if

      68  1933 Dec 08.  ALS, 1 p.

          Thanking RT for loan

      69  1940 Jul 11.  APCS, 1 p.

          Response to RT's comments; suggest RT write Henri de Kerillis, de Gaulle's
          personal representative; mentions Goll and Williams

      70  1941 Dec 05.  ALS, 2 p. w/env.

          Regret that RT missed supper; suggestion for books to add to list; Madault in old
          French and English; rejected by Houghton