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Mary Elsie Border Collection

Biographical Sketch

Mary Elsie Border was born in Strasburg, OH, on March 6, 1901. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Ohio State University in 1924, moved to Manhattan, KS, and joined Kansas State Agricultural College, Division of Extension in 1927. In 1937 she was made an honorary member of Clovia. She was promoted to assistant professor in 1940 and associate professor in 1944. Border took sabbatical for graduate study, 1948-1949, and leave without pay in 1953-1954 to work as an Extension Home Economics Advisor in Pakistan with the Point Four Program, a U.S. foreign aid program. She resigned from KSU in 1957 and returned to foreign service, serving in Turkey until 1961, when she transferred to Liberia and Libya. She retired from foreign service and returned to the U.S. in 1963. Mary Border died May 25, 1994.

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          Correspondence Series


01   01   1953 Oct 28, 1 p. no env.
          Letter from Robert M. Snyder, Chief Agriculturist to All Agricultural Technicians
          in Pakistan
               Informing workers that before they returned to the United States when
               their term is up or on vacation, they are to spend time in the U.S.D.A.
               Foreign Agricultural Services office to write out a report about their work
               and observations while abroad.

          1956 Feb 02, 6 p. w/env.
          Trip back from Operation Moosehorn in Alaska written by Joe Walker


01   02   1957 Apr [04 /05?], 5 p. w/env. includes photograph
          Letter to Rose, 2 p.
               Shoe problems; brief gossip about her department in foreign affairs;
               packers arriving
          Letter to Folks, 3 p.
               Preparations before trip to Ankara, Turkey; Address information; leaving
               for D.C.  
          1957 Apr 08, 4 p. w/env. 
          Letter to Folks
               Letter from Washington D.C.; discusses travel plans; story about a
               German helping her out with rating in order to fly to Rome

          1957 Apr 11, 12 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Turkey plans; "In 5 years they are expecting to have 500 home agents
               trained on the job. I'm responsible for some recruiting, some teaching, but
               mostly for organization, supervision administration, and all in-service
               training"; Cute story about kids at church; dinner plans; "heckled by
               supposedly communists"

          1957 Apr 13, Postcard 
          To Folks
               Post card of Toll house tavern where she had a party

          1957 Apr 18, Postcard 
          To Folks
               Flight delayed in Washington due to fog and planning on staying in Rome
               longer due to a holiday in Turkey

          1957 Apr 25, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks  
               In Rome for a few days; No bath in hotel; Is in Turkey now; describes
               co-workers (superior, two counter parts, Am. man partner); describes
               postal exchange (PX), office, and area around her 

          1957 Apr 29, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Describes living conditions; food not bad; laundry situation isn't to be
               desired as servants wash too hard; tries to get folks to fly out to Turkey
               and visit her

          Letter to Folks
               Last letter from Washington D.C.; had lunch with Catherine Marshal who
               is the author of "A Man Called Peter"; went to a meeting where the
               department of agriculture sent a man to oversee Home Economic
               Research; when they said they were going to the turkey pens, Mary replies
               "I'm a home economist and not a poultry specialist and I'll either see the
               home ec. research or take the next bus back to town"; had dinner with
               some U.S.I.A. folks she knew in Pakistan; went to a conference with a
               fellow home economist on the Wash. I.C.A. staff, "Evidently she is
               becoming more impressed with me because she told me what the fly in the
               ointment is in Turkey, It's not the Colonel. She also asked me to organize
               for next Spring a Home Ec. Extension Workshop for home economists in

01   03   1957 Jun 09, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Recovering from dysentery; found a new temp. apt.; welcoming a new
               home economics professional; black market exchange rates; bought film 

          1957 Jun 16, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Spent two days with a photographer in Izmir to photograph work and had a
               good report; will be living with a gal named Olive; Sees the author,
               Christopher Rand; leaving for Istanbul by car and then will come back and
               fly to Izmir in July for graduation exercises

          1957 Jun 23, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks 
               Maid who never showed up; Filthy apartment with no water in bathroom,
               uncomfortable beds low to the ground without springs, no pillow for
               pillowcase, and you can't leave anyone alone in the apartment; Got hit by a
               kid on a bicycle and is all bruised up;  Can't get transformer out of customs

01   04   1957 Jul 05, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is upset about her living situation and her transformer is still in customs;
               Spent time in Izmir again and then went back to Istanbul; room-mate lets
               in flies and "A maid appeared from nowhere [and] broke some [of Mary's]
               dishes but got the house partially cleaned"; Counterpart always late and
               things are difficult but Mary refuses to consider any other tour

          1957 Jul 06, 6 p.  w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Flew back to Izmir for a graduation which was "pretty drab"; During
               graduation, a special recognition was awarded to a "gal Miss McCune had
               tried to fail but the [politicians?] forced back into school" and Mary's
               counterpart had said the speech was wonderful but later found out from a
               4H woman that it made condescending remarks about villagers; Having
               trouble with recruitment as Turks recruited too many for her program and
               will have to talk to her boss; Byram holiday; Made it back to Ankara;
               describes upstairs Dutch neighbors; accomplished goal to eat breakfast in
               Asia, lunch in Europe, and supper in Asia; describes Turkish high
               positions as having "no responsibility except to draw their salary,
               planning... no intention of keeping any promise or commitment unless its

          1957 Jul 11, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               A story about a fly and co-workers swiping her fly swatters; talks about
               Olive wanting to fire the maid and sleeping in late; Asks the head
               executive office about housing and is looking at another house which will
               get her car off the street, is on the president's water line, and is much

          1957 Jul 13, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to her brother
               Had dinner with the [Weigle's]; describes being covered with itchy welts
               that Olive think might be caused by her nerves; Neighborhood filled with
               army folk and describes swearing, especially one word that means

          1957 Jul 17, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Enclosing check for birthday gift for folks; counterpart never shows up for
               things; warned by a Turk interpreter that the people are sensitive but as
               Mary says "Liked or sent home I'm eventually going to do something about
               this lack of responsibility"; is having the first home economics fair booth
               the country has ever had and received blown up photos for it

          1957 Jul 20, 8 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Newer place has water all the time and PX supplies are limited;
               counterpart cussed out by Mr. Adams for not having her materials ready
               for his program and Mary is going to ask the boss about her counterpart
               situation; Mr. Adams is leaving in a month and she'd like his apartment
               but she's afraid of his landlord; FCA is taking over and "several Americans
               were met at the plane as they were leaving Turkey with a demand for rent
               they supposedly hadn't paid and had no recourse but to fork over money";
               household goods not shipped yet; invited Dutch family upstairs down for
               pie and coffee and is determined to make the man of the family have
               respect for her job and herself as an American; itchy welts going down
               now that she's had some rest and work with her counterpart

          1957 Jul 25, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is going to give a demonstration on giving demonstrations; her Turkish
               counterpart makes the comment that Turkey was once honest but it was
               changed by the "infiltration of Jews" while it was the opinion of office
               secs. that the Americans were responsible; Refrigerator went out and lost
               week's supply of meat; still hasn't received transformer or household goods 

          1957 Jul 27, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Olive went on a date and Mary is making blinds for the windows; Adams's
               seem to be in worse shape trying to get bags packed; still has not received
               household goods and has tried to talk to the head of the section; going to
               try a new recruitment program; Turks swiped up the Fall/Winter sears
               catalogue so no one can see it

          1957 Jul 31, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to her brother
               Refrigerator on the fritz and pipes clogged; Transformer finally went
               through customs and back home just in time for her current transformer to
               go out, but the one she got home didn't work for her; burning up in 110
               degree heat; Is having a hard time getting Turkish people into her Short
               Course Program and will be writing a report to the head of the department 

01   05   1957 Aug 05, 5 p. plus 4 p. of commentary letters w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is in Izmir and trying to find a church to attend; worked all day with Helen
               McCane, the American who runs the Institution in Turkey; Reviewing
               candidates for next year's institution opening in October; having a hard
               time teaching organization because the people can't grasp working with
               groups; "It took an act of God to get paper and pencils for the
               examination" and she finally stole some from her institution just to have
               the examinations done; complains about the people in power in
               Washington D.C.

          1957 Aug 08, 7 p. w/env. 
          Letter to Folks
               Has moved to a different location; not sure when she can get her car and
               household goods to the new place; the maid is driving her crazy as she
               does everything wrong and never asks if she doesn't know how to do
               something; a young English speaking girl asked if she could have a maid
               job but is asking for more pay than can be afforded; feeling bad for
               counterpart who doesn't get her month vacation; describes demonstrations
               a bit

          1957 Aug 14, 8 p. w/env. 
          Enclosed letter from Effie
               Her church has burned down and told Mary that she got her a plate with a
               picture of the old church on it; Firemen to have an ox roast; Mrs. Zeltman
               is in a place in Turkey and thought Mary might run into her

          Letter to Folks
               Is in Izmir for the home economics fair and had a choice between a room
               with no windows but a shower, or the public hotel; "I'd rather suffocate
               than go in the stinkin' public john. This room is filthy enough. I'm not
               going to take a spit bath if I can get a shower.";  At the fair, the American
               men in charge are a high powered lot, no American home economist
               planned the foods end, and the textile end is terrific;  handling money is
               difficult in Turkey and describes how you need three purses to do it; story
               about a man with nothing in Turkey but his wife insists on going on to see
               her grandchild in India; The pres of the union called and thought he could
               borrow millions of I.C.A. Trust money to build a bigger Union and wanted
               her group to quickly plan the building for the Home Ec. Staff; the building
               seems lucrative; back in Ankara got a note saying her personal effects
               were finally in; Now looking for a new maid; currently her new apartment
               is being painted and she met some of the neighbors; the Minister of
               Agriculture occupies the house below her new apartment which will be
               walking distance to places such as the market

          1957 Aug 21, 4 p. w/env.
          Enclosed newspaper clippings 
               "Grandpa's Diary" and "25 years ago" The Inter-Country Gazette, "First
               Lutheran Church Choses Site for New Church" 
          Letter to Folks
               Describes how frustrating the I.C.A. travel department in Washington can
               be; is trying to find a maid but its difficult, maids cannot be seen on the
               streets and the extension women cannot "ride bicycles or horses and they
               must have a car with a driver" [page missing?]; was going to go to the
               Holy Land for a vacation but was called to another meeting in a letter from

          1957 Aug 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had to pay for her counterpart to get to the short course in Izmir; Will be
               moving away from Olive in the evening and Olive seems a bit saddened by
               it, Mary however, says "I like her but I'm just not going to wait on anyone
               hand and foot. I just can't take care of myself let alone a sick and lazy
               woman...She is a pretty girl and very nice but dumb."; Is getting irritated
               that the girls at the institution just shake dishes under cold water instead of
               washing them

          1957 Aug 25, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been moving furniture and trying to keep the movers from breaking
               and scratching items, some even have picked up cartons upside down and
               dumped contents; one maid wanted a raise, a pair of shoes, bus fare, and
               food but she couldn't do anything and left dirty rags in the middle of the
               floor; jokes about turning the Turkish bathroom into a cupboard space; had
               bedbugs that were brought in by the movers; never had the opportunity to
               use her transformer so she might sell it after all the trouble it took to
               receive it

          1957 Aug 27, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having breakfast with the King of Afghanistan Sept. 6 and dean of
               Agean University asked Mary's Institution to serve a breakfast for 30;
               Mary is running a short course and the faculty is serving the food; finally
               got things fixed up so she can have a hot bath; had coffee with an artist
               who had been painting work to sell in Ankara; is still unpacking her things
               into her new apartment and is trying to sell her useless transformer

          1957 Aug 28, 1 p. newspaper clipping w/env.
          1957 Aug 27, "Once-Despised Beast of Burden Is in Demand throughout West"
          The Denver Post, (Denver, CO; s.n.).

          1957 Sep 15, 7 p. w/env
          Letter to Folks
               The short course went really well in Izmir even though the hotel she
               booked said they were full; she's getting irritated at her counterpart for
               wasting working time; complains that the people she works with are lazy
               and incompetent; Worked with a Turkish poultryman who studied in the
               US on a poultry dressing and cooking demonstration, but "he absolutely
               knows less than nothing"; she wants to write about the poultry man to a
               publication when she gets out of foreign service; there was flash flooding
               in Ankara while she was away and has a big mess to fix; barnacles form on
               her best kettles if she leaves it full of water; the Asian Flu has been going
               around and hit her interpreter; Her counterpart won't interpret because her
               status is too high; Did not serve breakfast to the King of Afghanistan but
               was a special guest for lunch and was able to meet the king through an
               interpreter as well as the President of Turkey; she talks about how Turkish
               people know to use hot suds when washing dishes but never practice it; "If
               I ever see a Turk washing a dish in hot suds I'll know we have one of the
               world's problems licked--namely that they not only know something- they
               will do it."

01   06   1957 Sep 17, 9 p. 
          Letter to Christine
               Hasn't received the clothes she ordered from Sears or through Christine;
               the Turkish movers took terrible care of her things; Describes in detail the
               fiasco of the short course with the poultry man, Kozim Bey who went to
               America to observe the poultry processing and poultry plants but America
               neglected to show him in between processes so he knows near to nothing
               about the proper way to kill and dress poultry...hilarity ensues;  talked
               about how the women are so lazy she can't get the short course going in
               the mornings even though they insist on having it in the mornings and then
               told the women if they were in America they'd have to get up early and
               even work at night sometimes, but they responded that at least they'd have
               cars...Mary didn't see how that helped any; The American home
               economics institution was the most popular at the fair said the Turks

          1957 Sep 18
          Newspaper Clippings
               "Grandpa reads his Diary"
          1957 Sep 10-11, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 4 p. w/env.
               "Police break up meeting of students celebrating anniversary of Ottoman
               conquest of Cyprus and defeat of Greeks at Izmir in 1922"; "Inonu begins
               electoral campaign with fighting speech attacking the Democratic Party
               and supporting opposition collaboration; reports on the progress of the
               amendments to the electoral law and by informed speculation as to the
               provisions thereof; Gromyko's threats in the direction of Turkey are
               reported with customary calmness; Archbishop Makarios will speak before
               the Overseas Press club September 13 after his arrival in the U.S.
               HURRIYET; G.N.A. confirms election date of October 27 and approves
               modifications of the election law after an unusually violent session

          1957 Sep 22, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally got her car and left it at I.C.A. for safe keeping; having some
               troubles with electronics and her car; is starting send invitations for
               Thanksgiving; more problems with the apartment; heard her neighbor give
               a great lecture through extension 

          1957 Sep 25.  
          Istanbul Daily Press Survey, w/env.
               Comments about Cyprus and Soviet Bloc; "The conciliatory comments of
               the Syrian Foreign Minister, in Istanbul briefly Friday, are played
               prominently but with some reserve by most editors'; "The city is shocked
               and chagrined at the apparent failure of the opposition parties to reach an
          Letter to Folks
               Has been practically in tears all day from frustration as she has no shelves
               to put items and has filled out so many requisitions over and over, she's
               getting frustrated; is going to her first concert and is hoping to start a
               language class in October; finally called someone about her shelves and
               they said that they had no lumber so she wept to the Chief and he helped
               her out; The institution is having one of their best graduates placed in the
               province and Mary is pleased

          1957 Sep 28, 8 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               It's a cool evening and the landlords haven't put any coal in and the cold
               has been getting into the apartment with ease, "Boy you could sling a cat
               under any of my doors"; having a hard time getting water so she is trying
               to plan being around when it turns on so she can get her clothing washed;
               refrigerator is still broken from the time the movers had broken it; her
               room was flooded when the sewer backed up; Flu scare is about over; has
               correspondence with a Turkish foreign exchange student in K.S.C. and she
               complains that no one is friendly to her; Carpenters finally arrived to put in
               her shelves

          1957 Oct 02 
          Newspaper Clippings 

          1957 Sep 13-14, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 3 p. w/env.
               Arrival of New York of Archbishop Makarios; Flood disaster in Akara;
               meeting of Makarios with Governor Harriman; Turkey accused of
               aggressively massing troops on the Syrian border; preparations for
               upcoming elections

          1957 Sep 15-17, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 4 p. w/env.
               "The Bulganin letter to Primin Menderes, accusing Turkey of aggressive
               intentions in massing troops on the Syrian border, is the top story here this
               weekend"; electoral campaign gets under way; Soviet spies apprehended
               by Turkish police leave country hurriedly

          1957 Sept 22-24, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 4 p. w/env
               Cyprus under U.S. trusteeship; arrival of Congressional committee as an
               effort to safeguard against waste in the expenditure here of U.S. aid funds;
               "The latest official Syrian denial that the country is under soviet
               domination is carried in the YENI ISTANBUL under the ironic headline,
               "Nobody Believes Syria is Russian Puppet"; Greek refusal of the  Balkan
               Pact proposed by Romania

          1957 Sep 28, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 1 p. no env.
               "Only Yeni Istanbul prominently plays the report that Nasser hopes to have
               interview with the President. Most paper gives top play to Iraqi and Saudi
               Arabian support of Syria; Stories of disturbances caused by school
               integration again appear frequently in the local press. SON POSTA carries
               a picture in which girl students appear to be threatened by soldiers'

          1957 Sep 29-30, Istanbul Daily Press Survey, 1 p. no env.
               "All papers feature the speech of Turkish Delegate Seyfullah Esin in the
               U.N., treating it as an exposition before the Western world of the Turkish
               viewpoint on the Syrian problem"

          1957, Istanbul Daily Press Survey 2 p. no env
               "Local editors see King Saud as a peacemaker in his current visit to
               Damascus; most stories report Saud's criticism of the American policy in
               the Middle East"

          Letter from American Institute for Economic Research

          Letter to investors

01   07   1957 Oct 03

          1957 Sept 25-26. Istanbul Daily Press Survey 3p. w/env
               Prime minister makes a speech on the Syrian situation; "Political future of
               Governor Gokay still is in doubt, despite his rejection of a G.N.A.
               candidacy upon his return from European "vacation" yesterday. First
               reaction was that he would return to Governor's office, but considerable
               doubt is expressed today"; Turkish-Syrian disagreements; coverage of
               Makarios's activities

          Letter with drawings of materials 1 p. no env

          Letter with drawings of hooks to be sent to Mary

          1957 Oct 08  
          Letter to Folks 5 p. w/env. labeled Friday night
               Finally found a good carpenter and is having a book case made; Is trying to
               get a lamp bowl to hold the light bulb and has drawn some pictures to
               describe it; bought a Zenith radio and a record player

          Letter to Folks 6 p. w/env
               Has an I.F.Y.E. boy living with her and is trying to put him to work but it
               seems it's the other way around; is trying to help get the boy a job so he
               can live with his sister who has graduated from Mary's Institution;
               neighbors borrow her radio to listen to the World Series baseball; its
               getting colder and so far, no coal or heater; hasn't been able to get
               Christmas shopping done since rug prices have doubled; is worried about
               American inflation; was able to hire her old maid back

          1957 Oct 18, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Got back from a trip to Izmir and the electricity had gone out in her
               apartment and all the food had thawed and gone bad; Situations around
               work are finally looking up for her; resends information about wanting the
               floor lamp; is hoping to get the September issues of The Atlantic for
               articles about Pakistan where she was, Turkey where she is currently, and
               Persia where she is going; has drawn the contours of the difference
               between light bulbs in order to get her floor lamp bowl
                    USIS Bulletin 1 p.
          News roundup for 1957 Sep 18

          1957 Oct 20, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had lunch with Dr. Nesius, the Kentucky director of Extension who's
               making plans for the Iron Extension conference; her maid quit on her; is
               getting the I.F.Y.E. boys to the train to Istanbul while the plumber works;
               found a big dead mouse

          1957 Oct 25, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Posted list of stuff she is wanting for Christmas presents; also discussed
               presents for friends and family; is getting excited to go to Tehran; acting
               landlord publishes the only English newspaper

          1957 Oct 29, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally hired a maid with an I.C.A. man and they'll split her time so it
               doesn't cost so much; Turkish Independence Day; mentions price of things
               compared to the US and also mentions Turkish politics being not a very
               good situation
          Newspaper clipping
01   08   1957 Nov 11, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is on the plane back to Ankara from Tehran; spent too much money and
               won't be buying a Persian rug; conference was a good one; returned to
               Ankara and maid hasn't shown up; started language lessons; the best maid
               in town that has a higher salary than a college professor is nowhere to be
               found and Mary is swamped

          1957 Nov 15, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to brother
               Prized maid is ill so she sent someone else to work for her; found out a
               woman had hired Mary's maid from under her; general service department
               lost a Tacrir request form; needs new oil for her car but none can be found
               and tells about how others have gotten their cars or car parts stolen; Helen
               McCune, another home economist, is meeting with Mary Border;
               Thanksgiving plans fell through but is still happy for a break and some
               time to herself; had her 4th language lesson and seems to be thankful for
               it; describes how the PX threatens to take the privilege away from
               Americans and Mary is surprised that the Turks know so much about it,
               for example, how they can find coffee so easily; Is trying to make her
               home a little more homey and has put up some watercolors

          1957 Nov 26, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Describes more in detail her Turkish class, "We [Mary and her Jewish
               neighbor who is also in her class] really make it tough for the teacher, we
               are tough characters and she is a timid little Turkish girl"; new maid
               showed up and is the best one Mary has had so far; finally got her lamp
               bowl; is trying to cook for Thanksgiving dinner; went to a party at her
               boss's place and has decided that she doesn't have it too bad at her own

          1957 Nov 23, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally received the calendars she needed since the Turkish calendars are a
               bit difficult for her; having more maid trouble as "you hire them and will
               they or won't they show up", and they show up when you don't expect it;
               girl on the third floor of her apartment to have a wedding this evening;
               talks about how the home economics program there is always requesting
               more money but never seems to use what they have; they have excellent
               home ec. textbooks, but "it would not, however, occur to them to teach
               what is in the book;" her store room looks like a grocery store, "I buy like
               a drunken sailor when I can get to the P.X.; has rugs tucked under the
               doorways so the wind doesn't get in; described a wedding she had gone to
               and thought it was the most interesting one she'd ever been to; went to talk
               to old neighbor who suffered from a broken leg in a terrible car accident
               that killed a Turk, "At night had run into a stalled truck with no lights. He
               says he will never go out on the highways again."

01   09   1957 Dec 01, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Switching churches since she cannot take communion from a Lutheran;
               I.C.A. mechanics wrecked her oven; maid stole her butter while she was
               out; put up some Christmas decorations; Kazim the poultry man said he
               had planned a series of poultry meetings at which she was to cook the
               poultry; says there's nothing much at the market and that's why there is so
               much stealing, and that the political situation is "very very bad" 

          1957 Dec 02, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Hurt her back cleaning the kitchen and bathroom; A New York reporter
               had written an article on the Kansas State Student Life and it was less than
               appealing to the C.C. so he tried to take away all the copies, but missed
               some, and students have been having a "hey-day" reading it; is going to an
               evening school church class called "The Prophets"

          Letter to brother, 5 p.
               The people upstairs keep letting in the maid while Mary is gone and the
               maid is the best she's had, except that the maid has stolen butter from her;
               is happy in her language class; is going to see a Mozart musical at the
               Opera house; it snowed but she has no shovel to shovel the walkway or the
               steps, "The janitor of course would have no shovel nor would any Turk
               and if they did they wouldn't know which end to use." 

          1957 Dec 03, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter from Mrs. Orpha Clifford
               Thank you letter for birthday check and describes birthday
          1957 Dec 09, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is in Ismir and lists activities; gets discouraged because her workers have
               no fire, vision or enthusiasm for the job; talks about how Izmir is warmer
               than Ankara but the hotels can be bad, she thinks the management might
               even be involved; Ismir P.X. better than Ankara; has a hard time getting
               teachers to get involved 

          1957 Dec 13, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to brother
               Must change paper because according to her boss, anything written on
               I.C.A. paper by an I.C.A. employee is official; discusses retirement; hopes
               to entertain more Turks socially; went home to have lunch with
               counterpart but discovered her back tire had sunk in the mud because it
               has been so rainy; some Americans and Turks wanted some of the wine
               that is made at the Turkish University so they got Mary to plan it all out
               and go get it, however, during the process, she forgot not to drink some of
               the sample wine before driving back and had quite a time driving back in
               the rainy dark

          1957 Dec 16, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to brother
               Mentions a meeting discussing a child feeding program and claims she
               was the only one who had an idea for the solution, "but what good will
               ideas be if they are never carried out"; is fighting for a National Radio
               Program; stayed up until 1am playing cards with some "old ladies"; at the
               I.C.A. Christmas party, told a man leaving for Washington D.C. to report
               that "this was probably the smelliest post in the world"; has the entire
               week scheduled out socially and thinks she's "entertained more people
               since I've been here than I have in two years in the U.S."; has already
               received Christmas cards and two nice Christmas gifts; is about to make
               her first speech to the directors; talks about how much she loves Turkish

          1957 Dec 20, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose
               Had lunch with an "attractive" woman in her 50's and found out she was
               from Tulsa; has a new part time counterpart that is a real "go-getter" and
               might be influencing her other counterpart; describes Christmas gifts

          1957 Dec 21, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is using adhesive tape as make-shift weather stripping to keep the bitter
               cold out; "The Weigle's came and left me upset...I've never known people
               to ask so many stupid questions."; explains the financial situation a bit

          1957 Dec 23, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is working on wrapping gifts; describes what she's received so far and says
               some of the things she has got from the Turks "I want as much as I want a
               wart on the end of the nose"; discusses Christmas plan; had to get a
               statement from her preacher back in Kansas that states that Mary Border is
               a Christian just so she can be allowed in certain countries

          1957 Dec 28, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Talks about her social life; describes the child feeding project; wishes she
               could have a radio program so the Turks who cannot read could at least
               hear the program; talks about people involved in the oil business tend to
               buy P.X. supplies from people who are leaving the country, some even
               resort to the black market for good American supplies but Mary Border
               claims she is the police on that matter; discusses Turk use of American

          1957 Dec 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Cannot find her counterpart and a program which needed to be sent to the
               ministry in Turkish might have to be sent in English, "Nothing but
               dynamite will lift them from their lethargy"; her Jewish neighbors are
               moving; complains that the Turks never use the delegates they need to for
               the program to work; discusses future plans 

          1957 Dec, card from the Barhydts

01   10   3 envelopes without letters; Jan. 7, 13, 24

          1958 Jan 02 
          Istanbul Daily Press Survey, Dec 28-29, 2 p.
               Recall of the Turkish Consul General in Nicosia and Dr. Kucuk to Ankara
               for consultations; "The G.N.A. internal procedure bill is passed, to the
               accompaniment of bitter opposition charges of undemocratic methods"

          Letter to Brother on back of press release
               Maid is "eating & stealing me out of house & home"; gives office and
               home address

          Ankara Press Items in Brief
               Domestic and foreign news summarized

          Letter continued to Brother on back of press release
               Cleaned kitchen; complains about maid; talks about a minister she likes at
               church that allows her to take communion

          1958 Jan 02 
          Colorado College Annual Fund

          1958 Jan 14, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to brother
               Thinks her mail has been tampered with for the first time; thinks maybe a
               check for $10.00 and a letter was stolen

          1958 Jan 15, 7 p. and newspaper clipping
          Letter to brother
               Discusses when she'll be home if she takes certain assignments; is trying to
               get her brother to come visit; can't talk to the radioman because the
               Minister fired him and the Dr. forgot to get the babies lined up for a photo
               shoot she'll need for her child feeding presentation/program; is getting
               another maid and knows it will be an ordeal to fire the current maid; has
               an eye infection that's going into the other eye; discusses her boss a bit;
               secretary caused a stir by almost sending out Mary's private report as the
               monthly report; complains about one particular woman and says "our
               money goes down a rat hole when we use it on people like that. What
               burns you down is that they think you ought to thank them for spending it
               for us." 

          1958 Jan 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Talks about her eye infection; further elaborates on the fiasco which
               occurred when she had tried to get everything ready for her child feeding
               program, "If you hear about a dead photographer you'll know. If it
               wouldn't be so sad it would be funny"; discusses in amusing detail why she
               must fire her current maid; talks about how some folk she has to work
               with are stubborn about using proper extension methods

          1958 Jan 31
          Letter to Mary from Effie, 2 p. no env.
               Discusses the slow effort to rebuild the church that had burnt down and
               also discusses deaths of acquaintances and hubbub around town 

          Letter to Folks, 8 p. w/env.
               Had a party at her place for a newlywed couple and then fired one maid
               and hired another; left for Mercine; had to wear three layers of clothing to
               keep her warm when she went to bed at the hotel; had a very successful
               presentation; describes how awful the Turkish food is; went to a faculty
               party that was "fearful and wonderful"; mentions the bomb at the
               American consulate and at the Library; describes a certain custom in
               Turkey involving the use of cologne; finally has a new maid; her driver
               said he needed to take her car to the next town to have her brakes looked at
               and  put 267 miles on her car so she reported him to her boss

01   11   1958 Feb 07, Envelope without letter

          1958 Feb 08, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has traveled to Iran where everything is in Arabic so the street numbers
               are confusing but it's much more clean and westernized; had a nice
               reception with great food "they eat cusps (cucumbers) like we eat apples
               and I'm for it;" describes the meeting and comments "Boy this is a high
               echelon meeting with fan fare, form and formality, and flushing of

          1958 Feb 17, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Ministry of Education is trying to take her institute away; thieves broke 
               into the apartment next door while her neighbors were in Beirut; had a
               run-in with the police as the Smith's (the neighbor's who apartment had
               been broken into) left the key with Mary, thus she and her maid were
               suspects; talks about the boy she got a job for who gave her a message.

          1958 Feb 22, 5 p. w/env. 
          Letter to Folks
               Describes another trip to Izmir; describes the less than desirable breakfast;
               traveled with her institution some and describes the experience, some good
               and bad; "the restaurants are just plain hog pens."

          1958 Feb 25, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to brother
               Congratulates her brother on graduating in a sentimental letter

01   12   1958 Mar 17, Envelope without letter

          1958 Mar 02, no env.
          Letter to Mary from Mrs. Sam Myers
               Birthday wishes; discusses social news
          1958 Mar 04, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Updates on the child feeding project, is the only woman out of over twenty
               men involved in the project; weekend plans to Istanbul ruined as her
               counterpart had arranged her weekend and a Turkish man decided to go
               with her; felt as if she finally "Arrived" in Turkey as she was invited to a
               party and was the only foreigner; having trouble with her child feeding
               program again; has a new landlord and landlady.

          1958 Mar 10, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Feeling blue and isn't confident about what she's accomplished in Turkey;
               "I think this must be national cat week," describes all the many cats that
               are everywhere in Turkey; talks about how the Turks eat yogurt on

          1958 Mar 26, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has a house full of plumbers; Is trying to gear up for a conference and
               Washington D.C. folk who will be evaluating their institution; discusses
               her jewelry shopping; tediously working on the child feeding project and is
               having bad luck with the baby pictures; has better luck on the newest maid
               as she is "honest and loyal" and called to let Mary know that the plumbers
               almost put the hot water spigot over the working surface and not over the
               sink; is having hard time with bugs in the house

          1958 Mar 27, 2 p. no env.
          Unidentified letter
               Mentions sightseeing in D.C.; enjoyed visit in Tulsa

          1958 Mar 28, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose and Abe from William Newswanger
               Compliments achievements with Tulsa; compliments the family as well

          1958 Mar 30, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Writes crossing the Marmara Sea; "If life gets much 'seamier' here I'm not
               sure I can take it"; has been in the Thrace portion of Turkey; "I've lived
               little better than livestock in many ways this week;" describes the firing of
               canons and drumming in the streets to alert people they could break from
               fasting; "Maybe a Catholic could understand this monkey business but I
               can't"; maid only working an hour but expects full pay; discusses the
               situation with the plumbers "before I left they stole the rear view mirror off
               my car"; everyone has worms because hand washing is so rare before
               meals; finally got the hot water situation working better than before.

01   13   1958 Apr 07, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Christine
               Needs materials from Christine so she can get the women to wear a bonnet
               instead of a rag over their head for shade while working outside; enclosing
               a paper Mary got a kick out of since her name is in the headlines; is quite
               pleased about a Turkish man who is traveling with her

          Letter from M.C. Wiggins to Mary's Folks w/clipping and env. 
               Brief translations of newspaper clipping; Clipping about Minister of
               Agriculture and Mary are on inspection trip, Mary judged rice pudding and
               preserved fruit juices, and Mary commended for her work with the
               ministry of Agriculture and the Home Economics Program; "I have
               material for a cocktail dress for Mary that will make her look like a brides
               maid"; Campus updates and snow stories

          1958 Apr 16, 7 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Received flower seeds; bought a few items for the Turkish man she
               traveled with but once she did he would then start wanting more and more
               items, "I think I'll just let him keep wanting"; law that says on Apr 16 all
               heat in buildings are to be turned off; shares a couple of interesting stories
               on the Turkish language and Americans; frustrated with counterpart who
               has had Mary's radio scripts for 3 months with the promise she'd translate
               them "Labor is so foreign to their philosophy"; working with new landlady
               who "seems like about the most sensible competent Turkish woman I've

          1958 Apr 22, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Home from a trip to the Holy Land'; details her trip a bit; got locked out of
               her home; found a sewer rat in the oven and has fleas in the house; thinks
               she is being cheated as nowhere does she receive proper change; "I can't
               see what some of those countries have beside ruins, stones, hills and a
               tourist trade." 

          1958 Apr 22, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "These Turks eat butter like cheese when they can get it"; discusses her
               home and the maid a bit; is gaining too much weight; got a new man in
               Extension; had three Turks over for dinner; surprised her as they were
               small eaters

01   14   1958 May 02, 5 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Lydia
               News about Lydia's [husband?] with failing health who had finally passed;
               talks about old friends and memories; church update

          1958 May 04, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Just got in after a week on the road as she was over to the Dardanelles;
               talks about her department a bit; "It never occurs to the men in the
               Ministry that their Directors need supervising, I'm going to write a nice
               diplomatic letter that will curl their hair"; rat is eating all her mouse poison
               and can't figure out where the rat comes in from

          1958 May 13, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose
               Requests hair dye; rat is back; met a new 4H man who's interested in being
               her room-mate, but "He seemed old and acted old"

          1958 May 14, newspaper clipping  w/env.
               Small clipping about the Turkish University in Izmir which has been given
               the name "Ege University"; this is the university Mary is working with
          1958 [May 20], 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Has been trying to help two new men in the department; got a letter from
               an old friend; fell off a step letter and is a little sore

01   14   1958 May 27, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Might have a tough trip soon; has been reading about the recession in the
               United States; had a conference on her Short Course; had a slight
               earthquake; folk are going on home leave but Mary doesn't think she can
               for another year; expresses desire to go to Vienna
          1958 May 28, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Rose
               Wined and dined by the Agriculture Director of Cankiri; will be having an
               Asian Area Conference of Country Directors; maid melted her rubber dish
               pan, broke a glass and put it back in the cupboard, "deliberately broke the
               end off a very special Cutco $3.98 paring knife which was my pride and
               joy," and emptied a whole bottle of dish soap into the mop bucket to scrub
               the floor; on the headlines of the Cankiri paper.

          Letter to Folks, 5 p. w/env
               Exhausted from teaching a local Ext. Home Ec. girl how to make drapes,
               and from dealing with her counterpart and landlady; heard that Turkey has
               the worst accident rate per car in the world; a good friend of Mary's run
               down and killed by a jeep; complains a bit about her counterpart; mentions
               humorous miscommunication; is going to Russia soon; mentions the
               terrible drivers again
01   15   1958 Jun 01, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been on a road trip of over 1500 miles and the driving situation was a
               fiasco, car even caught fire; "I think we got back alive only by the grace of
               God and a little help on the side by Allah"; describes trip a bit; saw a
               cockroach "as big as a mouse"; mentions the living conditions of the east,
               "the people live like animals"; sent some items including an Egyptian head
               dress and describes how to wear it; maid is in trouble for botching up

          1958 Jun 09, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Having a hard time with her short course as "they [Turkish people] feel
               they are equipped to talk on any subject and refuse to do any preparing"; is
               going to get together with her counterparts to organize the baby feeding
               slides and script; working up lessons to teach women how to teach to the
               Turkish people; "Boy you need both Ext. and residence training to hold
               this job"

          1958 Jun 23, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Was happy to hear one of her "little gals made 50 sanitary Turkish toilets
               and she has not yet been on a year"; angry that a girl she had prepared to
               send to the U.S. hasn't been sent and it's been months, the girl had started
               to forget English and so Mary sent a letter to her boss; "As one of the
               foreign Service men I most respected said, 'You can either sit on your
               sitter, be very popular, get promoted and nothing done and be agreeable
               and liked by everyone or you can fight the battles, get ulcers, be hated by
               everyone and show some progress and be fired' he chose the latter and I'm
               going to do the same"; mentions Turkish apartment rates being ridiculous; 

01   16   1958 Jul 02, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Lack of gasoline problems; made quite a stir with bonnets and women's
               work clothes; Turkish woman tried to make some trouble with Mary;
               discusses how the lack of gasoline has been affecting her routine; No
               longer beer in Turkey; made a list of books she's reading; writes about
               stories of awful landlords

          Letter to Brother 1 p. no env.
               Gave advice about seeing the whole picture before acting incorporating an
               elephant analogy [incomplete letter]

          1958 Jul 07, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Grandfather and Grandmother
               Has been trying to work out a way to pay for gasoline for two cars for
               I.C.A.; counterpart late again "I just don't know why we like each other but
               we do"; says the Turkish people make it tough for military before they
               leave, landlords often charge fictitious bills; mentions her neighbors some;
               is struggling trying to work out the gas situation with the Ministry of
               health car; problem with the maid; will be working near the lake with a
               new 4H man; the head of the mission called into Washington and news
               doesn't seem good

          1958 Jul 18, 2 p. no env.
          Letter from Ida to Mary
               Keeping up with events and friendly gossip; thinks Mary is still in

          1958 Jul 28, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Maid broke all her dishes but the Weigle's had bigger troubles as they had
               accidentally broke communion glasses; is trying to work out a way to get
               out of Turkey and work elsewhere; talks about her "Am. boy friend
               (young)" whom she met on the Holy Land trip; talks about the "boys" in
               charge and "It takes 6 telephone calls and 6 personal visits to the offices of
               the educators to get a job done here because the big boys are too big to
               write down a list of things they must get done in order of their
               importance"; folk from Tulsa all up in arms because the preacher had
               mentioned Oral Roberts; 
          1958 Jul 29, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               First two weeks are fine but the third week seems to have gone otherwise;
               "The teachers do not feel a direct loyalty to me as the Ext. girls did";
               counterpart missed a few classes and it is unsure whether she'll be back
               after going back to Istanbul to see her mother; was supposed to stay and
               not go back to Ankara until the head of Teachers arrived, but she had the
               feeling he'd never show up and sure enough she was right; is thankful for
               her new neighbors who have checked on her; had driver troubles "Yes you
               can keep these people from cheating if you stand over each one with a club
               constantly and I mean constantly"

02   01   1958 Aug 01, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Received a 10% raise; her counterpart surprised her with some political
               gossip and the fact that she followed up on a job Mary had started; maid
               left the water faucet handle on so the kitchen flooded once the water had
               turned on; complains about the difficulties of the cashier's office; is finally
               able to get out some literature, "It has really occurred to them finally that I
               mean business and I make their lives miserable till they deliver"

          1958 Aug 05, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to  Brother
               Suggests an article from a monthly publication called "Adult Leadership";
               had supper with a Brazilian Home Ec. Ed. and a Belgium nurse-midwife,
               held an interesting conversation about Russian spies and bizarre customary
               foods; still in a bad gasoline and water situation

02   02   1958 Aug 07, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Describes how to wear the sheik's headdress; maid knocked over the china
               closet and broke all her Japanese china; had to list all possessions for
               insurance purposes in case of evacuation; "My counterpart is blocking
               everything I set out to do. The minute it's done she is so proud of the

          Newspaper clippings
               "Three R's for Turk Soldiers" 
               Page 19-20 from Newsweek Magazine, August 4, 1958
               Part of a letter from a cousin

          1958 Aug 18, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Sometimes I think I'm 'Calamity Jane'"; when she entered the house,
               everything was underwater as the maid left one of the faucets on again;
               plumber insisted on cementing shut the floor drain as he thought the rats
               had come through and now she needs him to come back and chip it open;
               had dinner with a Brazilian UN woman and other UN members instead of
               staying at home and moping about her situation; talks about the corruption
               involved in foreign aid; discusses how Americans aren't quite respected
               and feels that "Every American should spend some time in foreign

          1958 Aug 29, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               The Information man is being sent home for medical aid since he refused
               to go to a doctor with an infected toe when Mary had first arrived, and
               now faces amputation of the leg; "Why do intelligent people avoid a
               doctor?"; Is asking for a transfer, "This foreign service is no joy ride and
               I'm not asking for anything better. I only want to see the world and know
               its problems"; this is vacation month; is at a standstill with her job and
               wishes she had gone to Germany

          1958 Sep 02, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Maid left the water on again, but Mary was able to catch it before it
               became a fiasco; having rat problems again; decided to look for a new
               maid; Turkish 4H people were trying to force Mary to changer her travel
               plans but she had the branch head to take care of it; is leaving for Izmir
               after the International Fair is over; US has a big poultry exchange
          1958 Sep 05, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               It's cold but the heaters won't be turned on by the landlady until the 15th;
               had a cold started and Weigle's gave her some pills; Counterpart is going
               to Switzerland and came in to try and have Mary write her speech; "for
               once it seemed my ill temper paid off, now they have at least a promise of
               some action and also regular monthly staff meetings; "Well it helps to
               have two other Extension workers here even if the one has an 8th grade

          1958 Sep 09, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               horrible dust during a trip, "I just can't take 6 to 8 hours steady eating
               dust"; complains about the difficulty it takes for a hot bath to be prepared;
               talks about the beauty of Amasia and how Turkey is one of the world's
               best for sightseeing; "Don't ever think America has the only segregation
               problem. We got it here worse than at home;" Terrible thing happened
               when an American car lost control and killed a Turkish villager, a Turkish
               engineer tried to interpret was also killed by an angry crowd that had
               gathered at the scene

          1958 Sep 17, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is finally getting some action and gave a speech on planning ahead;
               Visited the high school and elementary school; the economic situation in
               Turkey is bad

          1958 Sep 22, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "My Heart aches for the Turkish people", can only spend paychecks on
               food and rent; one of the men in her office had his car stolen; there is no
               gas in the cheaper renting houses and there are no electric stoves    

          Newspaper, 2 p.
               "Carnival Air in Izmir" The Stars and Stripes, September, 15, 1958 

          1958 Sep 29, 9 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Will be going up to the Black Sea then to Izmir to see if their new school
               has started; is afraid that it will make a terrible scene if she fires her maid
               which she hates to do since the maid is honest, the maid just can't do
               anything right; while in Izmir had traveled with a "new little dumb
               counterpart"; the new counterpart "is like a child gay and happy but she let
               more 'cats out of the bag'"; Driver had stolen the car for a joy ride;
               describes her new counterpart

          1958 Sep 30, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Pleased with her garden; Had the Fosters over and entertained; had an
               awful mess on the stove since a water tank on the third floor broke, "My
               kitchen, especially the stove looked like a cow spent the night on it, the
               only difference it did not smell"

02   03   1958 Oct 04, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had not bathed in two days because the water was off and maid did not fill
               the reserves; little counterpart says when they go off to America, they
               starve and save their per diem to spend on electrical appliances whether
               they need them or not; is cold because they refuse to turn on the heat until
               October 15th; discusses how her counterpart struggles since her winter
               clothes are in America but she refuses to borrow clothes from mary but
               had asked her to buy a record player for her which is illegal; "some Am.
               [Americans] have gotten rich buying from the P.X. and selling at double to
               Turks. That could be hearsay too"; "I guess the motto is to yourself follow
               all the rules and regulations and keep your mind on your job but that has
               some very complicated problems too that I can't solve"; "I read with fear
               and disgust the [Faubus] and other Va. stories"; discusses how she can't
               even discuss the subject with her southern friends

          1958 Oct 04, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Was tempted with a free flight to Germany for two weeks but had to
               decline as she could not give up her work; feels her school counterpart is a
               joy to work with "Wish I had someone like her in Extension"; main
               counterpart, Suheyla, is pregnant; frustrated because after weeks of hard
               work, "the little boys" tell her that they won't be revising the school
               curriculum she had been working on; is regretting not taking the Germany

          1958 Oct 12, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discovered the storage where she had kept her car was in shambles and
               destroyed by fire, her own car was tampered and covered with trash but
               was in good shape; describes the school situation;

          1958 Oct 17, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been accepted to go on a moral trip to Milan, but was disappointed to
               learn that the Weigels were not eligible to go; "There is a guy coming in
               from Tehran Information Spec. and I'm to be the first person to see him
               Thurs a.m. as I seem to be the only one ready with a publication";
               describes her office secretary who married a Turk and has adopted a
               Turkish child;  

          1958 Oct 18, 1 envelope without letter

          1958 Oct 27, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having trouble with the flu and trouble with receiving her paychecks;
               frustrated that she had to immediately get her field schedule sine July 1st
               into them when their own members don't have to do any such thing, also
               frustrated with the lack of monthly or yearly reports; landlord came in and
               said that previous landlord is selling her telephone for $300 and Mary
               might have to pay that and her monthly bills just to keep her phone; was
               told by her newest counterpart that the reason why they will not get a letter
               out is that they have no paper or secretaries or typists; 

          1958 Oct 29, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Landed in Naples and is going to head north via train and bus; travel
               company consists of three catholic women so they want to go to Rome to
               see the coronation of the new pope; wanted to head up to Switzerland but
               is outnumbered by the women who do not want to go

02   04   1958 Nov 10, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Started in Venice, but it started to rain so they may head up to Milan; a
               woman offered Mary tickets to the opera and Mary was a bit nervous
               about going to the opera with a stranger so asked the hotel front deskman
               about the woman, "He laughed and said she is a fine lady, a countess, but a
               little screwy."; thinks she's had enough vacation to last her for awhile

          1958 Nov 21, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               House got broken into while she was away; "took the dangest things"; is
               too swamped to write more, Home Economist from Izmir expects Mary to
               devote her time to her

          1958 Nov 25, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has spent time with police as there are boys in jail on confession of a
               series of house robberies; had taken odd items from her; finally recovered
               from the flu; describes her morale trip; tells how the Turkish people have
               different social standards than Americans

          1958 Nov 27, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Maid's purse, which contained the house key, was snatched on the bus so
               now locks will have to be changed; discusses some problems she's had
               with her school curriculum she had worked on all summer; has discovered
               a love for yogurt; asks about "The Ugly American"; has poor eyesight but
               doesn't believe glasses will be any help; has season tickets to the opera but
               says seating is difficult; got a call from a friend who keeps catching her
               maid "dead drunk in the middle of the day trying to take care of her 7
               month old baby"

02   05   1958 Dec 05, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose
               Having a hard time finding a gift for Christmas since it seems like
               everything in Turkey is silver; finally got her locks changed since the maid
               had lost the key to the house when her purse was stolen; has training
               school for 4H after Christmas but dislikes working with them; finally
               succeeded in making yogurt; having problems getting the Turks to change
               her oil and install the filter, "you cant get along without a car here, you
               can't get along with it" 

          1958 Dec 09, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               There is a Nebraska University program but is too cautious about driving
               at night in the rain so she's not going to go; enclosed a letter from Mrs.
               Sam Meyers because it has a picture of the new Lutheran Church; "Just
               went out [the] door to survey the weather and the Prime Minister was
               walking past surveying the road program it's taken him over 2 years to
               decide on followed by his Cadillac and his strong arm men."
          Attached Letter to Mary from Mrs. Same Meyers, 1958 Nov 21, 4 p.
               Letter consists of small talk about friends and family and about the
               rebuilding of the Lutheran Church. 

          1958 Dec 12, 4 p. w/env. 
          Letter to Folks
               One of her counterparts from Pakistan is now at KS on an American Home
               Economics 2 year scholarship; got a new Fulbright Home Economics
               woman; news from a friend who is married in Greece but cannot visit as
               she has much work to do; is making personal progress since she arrived in
               Turkey, "I can now go to the 'John' out on the road without getting
               mentally upset"; discusses some of the cultural differences; Weigel's car
               had been stolen.

          1958 Dec 18, 4 p. no env. 
          Letter to Folks
               Velma delivered pink pearls for dinner rings but the delivery man had
               lifted a couple of them; "East Dacca, Pakistan is the only place in the
               world you can buy pink pearls"; gave a big pitch at a director's meeting
               about the Recruitment Training and Recognition of local volunteer
               leaders; "I do feel that I have the support of the men here now but it has
               surely come slowly"; 

          1958 Dec 22, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Contemplating leaving Turkey for the US in April; discusses extending her
               service in order to retire at 60; might come back to Turkey but is frustrated
               with counterparts who refuse to work; starting off the busy time of year
               with a 4H Conference; finally got her china replaced; received letters from
               friends from Pakistan who are in the US; got a request for a job at K.S.C.
               but refuses to return; received a letter from Washington D.C. that Turkey
               has also sent a request for her return but if she refuses, there are other job

          1958 Dec 28, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been miserable with a head cold; is having a UN dinner; rye bread
               she's been trying for so long to get; having several dinner parties and has
               finally cornered her boss for a conversation
          Attached Church Bulletin
               The Protestant Chapel, Ankara, Turkey

          1958 Dec 29, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Describes the market in Ankara; is turning down cocktail party invitations
               in order to get work done for a National Conference coming up; had her
               car washed but they forgot to put the cap on "the floor of my car and my
               groceries were completely covered with 'goo'"; Turkish people seem to
               really be into the Christmas holiday; talks about the records she has
               received for her record player; describes a few of her Christmas gifts

02   06   1959 Jan 05, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had the Weigel's over for dinner, feels maybe they're too old to be in
               Foreign Service; "One thing you learn in Ext. is to hunt the job and go
               after it"; thinks the American women who work at the children's hospital
               are a wonderful example to the Turkish women; 
          Newspaper Clipping
               "Furlough Facts"; Article about Istanbul's tradition, wealth, and rebuilding

          1959 Jan 12, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has an appointment with the new Home Ec., with Ankara University, and
               with Dr. Morrow; one of the men she works with was trying to convince
               her to stay in the summer but Mary is suspicious he just wants her to do all
               his work; "I'm learning even at my old age"
          Enclosed letter from Lillian and Ida to Mary
               Wishing happy holidays; hoping Mary can visit during the summer
          1959 Jan 17, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is tired of the conference as her counterparts haven't done much to help,
               "Us 3 American Ext. workers feel that our counterparts are equally guilty";
               I.C.A. wants to put someone in her house while she's on home leave, but
               most of the furniture belongs to Mary; has got a second letter from K.S.C.
               asking for her to take her old job back or to take another

          1959 Jan 21, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Trying to get his measurements so she could get him a suit for his birthday

          1959 Jan 26, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses her home leave plans; "The Turks say yes when they mean 'no',
               it's maddening. You say 'Can I make it?' they say yes, meaning 'yes you
               can not make it'"; got frustrated with the serving men who don't have
               enough cups to bring everyone coffee and bought some at the PX herself,
               "Did that ever tickle the Conasses"; had a conference with a Turkish Vet.;
               counterpart wanted to teach basket weaving but Mary rants about how the
               Turkish people want to teach useless skills

          1959 Jan 26, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses her distaste in alcohol; others have been having counterpart
               issues; received a Christmas present on the 18th and it's been a far
               stretched holiday; describes her newest neighbor a bit; been alerted to
               safety precaution, "don't know what it means"

          1959 Jan 27, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Woke up with welts and has been itching, thinking it be fleas, sprayed
               DDT; frustrated with both her counterparts who refuse to work; talks
               about reading the book "The Ugly American"; heard of a 13 year old who
               had been beaten by a gang of American kids and had to be put in the

02   07   1959 Feb 02, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Attended a ballet with her "little dummy counterpart"; a local girl had
               come in to ask for help on a poultry problem, Mary describes the good
               cooperation with the poultry men and how her counterparts would do
               nothing if they saw a problem; worked with a water resources man about
               what it takes to live and if the leftovers can be used to improve the land
          1959 Feb 06, 5 p. w/env.
          P.S. Sun [Letter to Folks]
               Went to a Turkish play with her youngest counterpart; having a hard time
               with the cold weather; is glad to see the other home ec. go home as "she
               can discuss nothing but business, that gets old from 8:00am to 10:00pm.";
               trying to get someone to teach gardening at their Short Course

          1959 Feb 10, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "We sat one hour and ten minutes waiting for the Turkish Ext. Director,
               He called off our Staff meeting Tue. and then today this happened. We
               were all furious"; had help from her American male friends to fix up her
               house so she can have power and to get graphite for her locks; told of how
               the children were playing in the snow without sweaters and the women
               washed pans and dishes in the watering trough where the cows drink; maid
               has been ill for several weeks with an infected mouth; talks about how
               Americans are normally charged way more for doctor visits and such

          1959 Feb 17, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had a Valentine's Day party for the ministry people and Americans in
               training; showed some slides of her work and helped the Turkish Am.
               Assn. with a child care program; asked to teach Turks how to feed babies,
               "One Doctor was recommending water and sugar. That baby will be dead
               in a month."

          1959 Feb 19, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks 
               Maid returned with 100TL of medical bills and Mary agreed to pay half of
               it; discussed how an acquaintance refuses to buy milk at the U.N.I.C.E.F.
               milk plant and has such a chip on her shoulder about not being able to buy
               from the P.X.; had another all day conference and is again, frustrated at her
               counterparts; has an early birthday present for Rose; saw "A Tale of Two
               Cities" Military Movie; has been offered a 4H youth job in Pakistan;
               writes part of the letter from the Children's Hospital; is trying to get out a
               circular newsletter

          1959 Feb 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Americans are annoyed because they cannot sell their furniture before
               leaving unless it is approved by the Turkish Government; plans to return to
               the united states and perhaps go back to turkey afterward have been
               cleared by Washington D.C.; quit a flu epidemic going around; discusses
               home leave plans; Mr. Weigel is in the hospital

          1959 Feb 28, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Cold is getting worse; might lend her car to the neighbors while she's
               gone; ended up doing the maid's work before she finally showed up; might
               go to a religious ceremony for a baby's 1 week birthday; has not talked to
               the Turks about the Cyprus situation; upset at the horse care as they don't
               shoe the horses that deliver water and wood; tears up cigarettes and
               "bathes" her plants in tobacco solution to take care of bugs; if the
               temperature in the apartment is lower than a certain temperature, you can
               call the police to have the landlord or landlady up the heating; mentions
               the Turks that aren't in power are afraid Makarias would be made president
               of Cyprus, "that would be tragic"

02   08   1959 Mar 02, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has a sore throat and thinks her condition might be related to how cold her
               house is; "I am getting glowing reports of my old Pak. counterpart at
               K.S.C."; has a reservation for the National Home Economics Convention
               in June; a sudden death in the department from heart attack; describes her
               day getting to work

          1959 Mar 06, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Moved washing machine from D.C. to a Turkish home to try out; "My
               counterpart never wants me to come to her office so today I just went
               over"; was told that having tea for a certain Director was not polite, " I
               claim to have entertained more Turks in my home than any other
               technician but I'm getting fed up. So far the only thing I can see that is
               polite to do is to continue to ask America for more and more money. I
               guess these are the experiences that make Ugly Americans"; gave her maid
               a raise since she is honest

          1959 Mar 07, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Rushed into meetings; Pregnant counterpart refuses to show up; getting
               warmer in Ankara finally; is preparing illustrative material; prepared a
               speech for the directors and it disappeared off her desk; "I may give them a
               little lecture on ethics and good manners when they return it and I may say

          1959 Mar 12, 1 p. no  env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from [Burt Deuthit?]
               Congratulations on Presidency of the Downtown Rotary Club
          1959 Mar 12, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from Booth
               Congratulations on Presidency of Tulsa Rotary Club
          1959 Mar 12, 1 p. no  env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from Noble F. Smith
               "Members of Tulsa Rotary Club are to be complimented and congratulated
               on their wisdom in electing you as our new President."

          1959 Mar 16, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I'm completely disgusted with myself. There were two excellent lectures
               scheduled at 6:30 both last night and tonight but I'm just too lazy to go. I
               think I need my head examined;" is slowly writing her terminal report; has
               wrote down her plan for where she will be staying on her way back to
               America when she takes leave; American secretary quit; one of the I.C.A.
               Turk employees went berserk and attacked and American woman

          1959 Mar 17, 1 p. no  env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from [Roff]
               Congratulations on Presidency of Tulsa Rotary Club
          1959 Mar 19, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Congratulations on a free trip; burst a blood vessel in an eye; still can't find
               pregnant counterpart

          1959 Mar 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               had a pitch on the Director's meeting, worked on a speech exhibit, literary
               handouts and got a director to reinforce her on the program, "My two
               counter parts were also there;" terminal report is near completion; "I've
               been reading my predecessor's reports. I think she did more in the 15
               months she was here than I did in two years. She was a sharp cookie"
          1959 Mar 25, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses her home leave plans; "the way this travel looks I may be in the
               poor house before I get back from home leave or jail," Had thrown the
               Kansas income return blank in the trash because she had no income from
               KS before someone had told her that in KS you pay income tax on any
               income from anywhere as long as you maintain a legal residence; found
               out that the Turkish man who lived above her for awhile is the head man
               in the Rotary 
          Newspaper clipping  
               Tulsa Daily World clipping about C. A. Border elected as president of the
               Downtown Rotary Club

          1959 Mar 30, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is working on a series of slides to promote some improvement in Ankara;
               word got out about it and before she knew it, there were seven people in
               the car including the driver's wife which is illegal; Photographer asked for
               baby powder from the P.X., "Every Turkish family who has a baby, they
               all do get word to the Americans to get them baby powder. The last few
               weeks I've been having about 3 requests per day to get them P.X. goods
               when it's strictly against the law and they know it"; an American
               technician was taken to jail for meeting a group of his religion [Bahiac?]
               as it is illegal to have a religious meeting or rally of any organization
               unless it's registered with the police; terminal report is with the typist and
               will be finished next week; working with an American Music Dealer who
               is working with U.N.E.S.C.O. on Turkish Folk Music

02   09   1959 Apr 06, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Described the difficulties of cleaning the curtains; Turkish counterpart
               finally had her baby; is having the suit rerouted so it doesn't have to go
               through customs; her counterpart keeps bugging her to get baby items at
               the P.X.; went to the income tax representatives and it cost her $200

          1959 Apr 07, 1 envelope without letter

          1959 Apr 08, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Maid continues not to show up but is paid anyway, "I keep threatening to
               subtract a day's wages when she doesn't come. I don't want to change at
               this late day so I suppose I'll put up with anything"; is going to work and
               an educational slide set on kitchen equipment with her formal school
               counterpart; tomorrow is Turkish holiday; discusses home leave plans

          1959 Apr 14, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Pictures were no good; is going to sub-rent her apartment; went and saw a
               movie which only cost a quarter; everyone is gone on Turkish holiday;
               "Just heard that the boss said I had one of the best organized and written
               reports he had ever seen by a technician"; discusses how she tends to over
               spend in Turkey; is going to try and take new photos with the Weigels; 

          1959 Apr 17, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "The Pres. of Rotary is my former landlord and the publisher of the only
               English newspaper published in Turkey. It's fearful and wonderful"; was
               working on an educational slide but the photographer lost all her pictures;
               "Just got an O.K. from Washington to spend a month T.D.Y. (means not
               vacation but work). This will schedule me to leave U.S. about August 1;"
               hasn't had a staff meeting in two months; describes the workers on the
               street "I was just watching the man who operates the bulldozer. I wish you
               could see him operate it. He books it at 40 miles an hour. It just bounces.
               I'll bet he kills himself before long"; finally got her travel schedule worked

          1959 Apr 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Worked with the other home ec. and is warming up to her; "I get along
               with the branch head but I'm not in the whiskey drinking, poker playing set
               he runs with"; Is working out sub-renting her apartment to Miss Mary
               Johnston, the Adm. Secretary to Williams Pipe Line Co. of Tulsa; heard
               that the car of the Gen. Ser. Dir. [General Service Director] had been
               stolen and found with a tail light bashed in, "Now, my car and the
               Henderson's on 3rd are the only ones that haven't been tampered with"; her
               "dumb little counterpart" is wanting to get dollar bills but it is against the
               law and is trying to get Mary to help "I'm smarter than that. I'm not getting
               mixed up in money deals"

          1959 Apr 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from Bertha R. Williams
               Business Service Exchange letterhead; reminiscent letter about his interest
               in the Employment work of the Y.W.C.A; 

02   10   1959, May, "United Nations in Brief" Brochure

          1959 May 03, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had to leave Madrid two hours early to avoid an air force demonstration;
               spent a day in Toledo; will be heading to Bermuda

          1959 May 10, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Didn't like Bermuda; met with Miriam and went to Washington D. C.;
               discusses plans to visit certain folk; "Met one of my fellow workers in
               Turkey, the man who orders supplies. I was floored when I found out what
               he was trying to do--the same thing I am--trying to force action;" was
               asked to go to Jordan

          1959 May 12, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "The other home ec. was here and we worked on a project to set up a new
               home ec. building, casts, floor plans, ect."; "We have a constant stream of
               VIPs to meet, greet, and show around to see what has been accomplished
               but no time to accomplish anything;" describes her busy schedule a bit;
               "There are all sorts of rumors afloat. As of last week we can't change T.L.
               into $;" there's a rumor that the Turkish Government took over the
               American Post Office in Izmir to keep Americans from shipping in items
               and reselling them at high prices, "There is also a rumor that the P.X. will
               handle nothing but necessities so that extras cannot be bought or sold on
               the Turkish markets." 

02   11   1959 Jun 10, 6 p. no env.  
          Letter to Folks
               Back in Turkey; Gave the first report of her work at a staff meeting; will
               be located between Izmit and Istanbul at a Technical School in July; Short
               Course work is ready to go to press; maid wants another raise since bus
               fare went up; there was a demonstration and Turkish soldiers were
               guarding the Greek Embassy, hasn't heard what happened politically; is
               going to have a problem moving her things; heard there was rioting on the
               streets of Beirut
          Service Club Tours Enclosed

          1959 Jun. 27, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had a parade for the Prime Minister of Indonesia in Ankara; going on
               tours with Angie

02   12   1959 Jul 13, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               In Washington D.C.; discusses a travel itinerary; "Got a letter this am.
               from my friend in Jordan who thinks I am replacing her. I send her letters
               on to the other girl who thinks she is going;" is going to visit the home of
               the I.C.A. Washington home economist

          1959 Jul 14, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               In New Jersey; met a gal who had been in Istanbul; visiting the Princeton
               campus; will be trying to get to Amherst; Visiting Verda; admits to having
               a good home leave

          1959 Jul 24, 4 p. w/env.
          Postcard to Folks from Amsterdam

          1959 Jul 26, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Back in Turkey; the street in front of her apartment is still a mess; her best
               Turkish counterpart is giving her a party; "It seems that from a
               professional business standpoint the work has gone from bad to worse,"
               they think they need a new Mission Director; talks about her trip to
               Amsterdam a bit; is going to have to live without a telephone for several
               reasons; got a letter from the Mission Director congratulating her for 30
               years in government service

          1959 Jul 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Pleased that both counterparts worked with her all day, "then for the first
               time in history my first counterpart asked me to her home;" was asked to
               help a young Turkish man and his wife start a dancing class; got a new
               horticulture technician; has been asked to teach a Sunday school class for
               small children

          1959 Jul 05 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Heading to Turkey; discusses travel plans; been meeting a lot of people
               she knows from Foreign Service 
          Newspaper clipping
               "Teenager Meets Her 'Dream Man'" by Cathryn McCune; features Mary's

02   13   1959 Aug 09, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I had a fearful and wonderful party Saturday night," had over a widowed
               mother of the girls she works with and one of the daughters as an
               interpreter; discusses the suit Mary is trying to get for them

          1959 Aug 11, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               For the first time C.A.R.E. has entered Turkey, "I have given to C.A.R.E.
               for years and I think they once did a good job. I think I shall not give to
               them again, Their policy here seems to be just to ship in stuff and dump it
               and expect I.C.A. or some one else to see that it is properly used;" is trying
               to finance so she can perhaps afford a personal washing machine; is trying
               to find a Turkish librarian to speak on the value of reading; "We have a
               young Turk on the Am. staff who told me in confidence that all the dumb
               people are in the Govt. and the smart ones in business. Maybe he is right;"
               Neighbors stopped by and woke her because her front door was wide open;
               had a student from the University of Michigan over for supper

          1959 Aug 12, 1 envelope without letter

          1959 Aug 16, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is unable to access her car since they have dug out the street in front of her
               apartment, "They have dug the Grand Canyon in front of my house;"
               mentions the April 1959 issue of "Presbyterian Life" has a story on one of
               Mary's good missionary friends; discusses some workers trying to avoid
               paying American income tax

          1959 Aug 18, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Our mail is being held up. I heard that Pan Am. refused to carry it--That a
               A.P.O. has been taken away Istanbul and may be taken away here, that will
               be very bad for us;" had to drive around "madams" in the I.C.A. car and
               they all complained about the lack of night life; "My little dumb
               counterpart who could have at least run the errands has been gone now 1
               1/2 weeks supposedly collecting her salary down in Southern Turkey but
               the men hauled her up north. They can not travel on the job unless I haul
               them but they go south by going north, figure it out;" boss found out no
               Turks were going with Mary to Konya and he blew a fuse and made her
               counterpart cry, "but the fact still remains, I take the madams to Konya
               while the Turks sit on their 'arses.'" 

          1959 Aug 22, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having a hard time with the "madams" and in her hurry to leave the
               hotel, she inadvertently took a couple of American passports that weren't
               theirs and had to scramble to get things figured out by the time she
               realized it; had to pick up a Time magazine at the P.X. for an article about
               Americans at Izmir; troubles at the P.X.; saving gas not using a car and
               isn't entertaining as much; commander upstairs says the time article was
               untrue and that "these Americans were fabulous black market operators" 

          1959, Aug. 28.  4 p. w/ env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from the Tulsa Farm Club 
               Attached biographical sketches

02   14   1959 Sep 05, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had the dentist and his wife over because she thinks they are intelligent
               and "the future hope of an effective foreign aid program;" went to observe
               Sunday School as she might be teaching it; had the boss's secretary over
               and "she poured out her heart to me, She is confused and missed up and
               unable to figure out what cooks here. This is no place for young single
               people;" still is unable to get her car out; little counterpart has been gone
               four weeks now; had the gas line all dug up and one day it broke "why all
               these houses didn't get blown up I'll never know;" finally her little
               counterpart had showed up; classified I.C.A. conference in September but
               it's only for V.I.P.s; is going back to her Turkish language class

          1959 Sep 08, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Today I was near the breaking point trying to talk I.C.A. into getting
               some planks to drive my car out and trying to think how to get my
               counterparts to work;" the Government of Pakistan called Mary's old
               counterpart back to Pakistan but she cannot get her degree from K.S.C.
               until December so the university got on the wires, "It's the first time I've
               ever heard of a university going to bag against a foreign government;" 
               finally got planks to get her car out, she had to sit in two offices, the
               bosses' and the general service office. 

          1959 Sep 12, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had finished peanut candy for her Short Course when her "little dumb
               counterpart" showed up at the door, "The older one had sent her to tell me
               that the minister of Agriculture had taken in 50 itinerant teachers from the
               Ministry of Education to our Short Course and changed the meeting place
               to accommodate them;" went to her boss to try and work things out; "The
               boss evidently has been trying to get me a new counterpart as he said he
               guessed Suheyla has more political power...Well I still think I may be fired
               and sent home. I wish I could think the boss would lick this problem but I
               have a feeling that the only person who will end up licked is me." 

          1959 Sep 19, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finished her Short Course, said "no" on combining the two groups so she
               will be doing a repeat the next week; has tried several different ways to do
               her short course rather than having one lecture after another, "I think the
               result is perhaps the girls felt it was a pretty low echelon conference
               educationally because the only way for an educator to operate in Turkey is
               to stand on a high platform far above the students and repeat several
               chapters from a book;" her music program is going well; is getting more
               attached to the kids she's teaching in Sunday School; is trying to save
               energy to go to an International Conference in India since Turkey refuses
               to spend any money to represent themselves, "which is one more reason I
               point out that Turkey is the most unprogressive country educationally in

          1959 Sep 21, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Today a miracle happened," her counterpart promised to lead singing  and
               recreation that Mary had demonstrated, and her boss acts as if he's going to
               "tighten up on things;" had strife trying to get a bill paid; is not answering
               her door because she's sick of the "eskige" who are folk who buys things
               for resale; "Gave a 5 min report at staff meeting this am. Had some of the
               old boys fuming." 

          1959 Sep 22, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from the Ankara Rotary Club

          1959 Sep 28, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Met up with "high echelon" folk at the Turkish-American Association Tea,
               "I made some good contacts tonight"; "It was funny at the party last night.
               There is a fight over in the Ministry and the Turks were stationed in small
               groups around the room not intermingling and not speaking;" is going to
               Istanbul with the American High School Home Ec. teacher and an
               interpreter; has been back for two months; talks about a very well-liked
               American technician whose wife is very ill and being generally vicious to
               him, "we are all miserable about the situation. She should be in an

          1959 Sep 30, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has decided to have the wool man make her a suit and perhaps a winter
               coat; had a bit of a "round" with her counterpart about proposed
               participants in the program; is loosing interest in her radio "You just can't
               keep a program. The Russians jam everything." 

          1959 Sep, 3 p. no  env.
          Tulsa Farm Club Newsletter

02   15   1959 Oct 01, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is freezing in her home; Turks say you can drive 60 mph on the roads,
               "Well in the first place I.C.A. cars are not to exceed 50 and in the second
               place the roads are so rough I doubt you could make more and live but
               they know all the answers for everything;" has decided if the temperature
               reaches below the required, she's going to report it; "little dumb
               counterpart" wants to go on the road but has nothing prepared for it;
               worked with C.A.R.E. and was actually impressed with the two men she
               worked with; talks about discovering another alcoholic among the wives,
               "I keep wondering if foreign service promotes alcoholism or whether
               alcoholics seek foreign service or whether I am in a position to know about
               the alcoholic in a normally infested society." 

          1959 Oct 07, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               While in Istanbul, went to the Hilton to visit with Dr. Mr. McMahan who
               was a professor at Columbia in Government and his wife who is a Vassar
               in Economics; contacted American educators whilst in Istanbul; also
               contacted: Child Development PhD, her "smart counterpart in education",
               and a glass factory that would help her work on baby bottles; is trying to
               get clearance on a Nutrition Project that she is working on with an
               American Pediatrician; the Turks have dug a hole for a light pole in the
               middle of the drive way and the neighbors are trying to gather to let the
               workers know they don't want it there"

          1959 Oct 12, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks started Friday 
               Talks a bit about her latest expenses, has bought items to keep her warm
               when the coal is low in the apartment; has decided to quite entertaining
               Turkish folks for awhile and is moving on to entertaining Americans;
               describes the plants around her house; 

          1959 Oct 12, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks started Monday 
               Went to get a travel advance for going on the road; went to the Military
               Auditorium to meet the new director, Mr. VanDyke, "I was not
               impressed;" is getting supplies for her trip, "I dread the trip because of the
               cold hog pens we will sleep in;" got a letter from a recreation friend who is
               sending her twenty records as a thank you; at the office, a co-worker's 17
               year old son had died from a heart attack playing basketball, everyone is
          Newspaper clipping
               Provincial Department of Agriculture news letter
          1959 Oct 13, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Electricity keeps going on and off and making things difficult for her to
               pack before she left; had a difficult time traveling due to the rainy season;
               complains about the cleaning habits "They sit by the mosque and scrub
               their feet before praying but it would never occur to them to scrub their
               faces;" claims that even the wealthy folk were filthy; describes a
               conversation she had with her "smart counterpart" and considers the gal
               one of Turkey's great women; discusses a bit about the Information man
               who had lost his 17 year old son to a heart attack; "One of the technicians,
               I meet last night at a State School, and I both think alike on Foreign Aid
               and the situation here. He is going back to Washington and tell a similar
               story to mine." 

          1959 Oct 24, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had to take one of the other technicians to the hospital, his wife's lungs
               had collapsed and she needed to be flown out to a hospital in Germany;
               folk keep stealing oil from her car so she finally had her oils changed and
               got caps with locks for her tank; thinks her aunt Orpha might be irritated at
               Mary because she did not visit for home leave; "They now have a layer of
               tar on the road but the fragile old gas pip stile lays across my front door
               and porch and the water pipe of the Presidents line across the edge of my
               yard and a deep steep ditch between the house and road;" found out she's
               eligible to go on another morale trip."

          1959 Oct 31, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been entertaining the I.F.Y.E.S. members; has been invited to stay
               over at Rachel Markinell who Mary used to live with and is currently
               living Athens, Greece; is getting stuff done around the house during a
               Turkish holiday; her peanut butter deal is developing; is debating to buy
               some furs in Athens; is reading "The New Turks" by Eleanor Bisbee.

02   16   1959 Nov 04, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is cleaning her drapes and complains how her maid ruins them; is going to
               take a trip with the 4H woman; is sending her Christmas gift to the folks in
               this letter; trying to write everyone before Christmas

          1959 Nov 07, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               4H woman backed out of the trip and wanted to leave her with a 4H man
               who didn't speak any English; had a bit of an ordeal before she could
               cancel her trip; 4H woman showed up later all ready to go and the
               government had the trip all verified so they had to go, but the driver was
               cancelled; "A US Senator or Representative from either North or South
               Caroline as been here and the language he used has all the sailors
               embarrassed;" heard about a high American military major who was
               driving in thick rain and accidentally drove into a group of soldiers
               crossing the road and was put in jail; is taking a trip through the
               Dardanelles, then Izmir, and then down on the Mediterranean  
          TWA ad for Boeing 707
               Mary is trying to convince her folks to visit for next Christmas
          1959 Nov 18, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Describes how the International relations were sub-par on the trip; Turk
               she was traveling with said he was going to report her since she defied a
               Provincial governor in order to travel more safely; just found out she has
               more than 20 days vacation; got a letter about her Aunt Orpha's death; "I
               wish I could learn Turkish by having it poured in the head."  

          1959 Nov 21, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had entertained the social service workers; has been finding pieces of
               copper and has it polished up; trying to make Thanksgiving plans; invited
               the Home Ec. from the University of Nebraska Contract Group, "She is
               pretty low. She is thinking about breaking her contract and going home;" is
               afraid to wax her floors since the woman on the 3rd floor fell badly; asks
               for a blade so she can scrape the frost from her windshield.

          1959 Nov 30, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Heard that Washington D.C. is sending in an investigator to investigate the
               I.C.A. Agriculture program in Ankara, "We have some good technicians
               and many of our people mean well but we seem to lack administration
               leadership;" met with both counterparts at Church and introduced them to
               the American Ambassador.

03   01   1959 Dec 03, 9 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Frances in Strasburg
               News about friends and family; discussed Mary's Aunt Orpha's funeral

          1959 Dec 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Ruth Clifford
               Discusses Mary's Aunt Orpha's passing and funeral service, "I trust you
               will forgive me for using your first name, but that is the only one that
               seems appropriate. Orpha never spoke of you any other way." 

          1959 Dec 04, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Eva
               Shares the moment of Mary's Aunt Orpha's passing; described the funeral. 

          1959 Dec 04, 2 p. w/env.
          Istanbul Daily Press
               Turkish-American Relations; Cumhuriyet;  Middle East, Yeni Sabah; 
               Domestic Affairs

          1959 Dec 07, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Well now I've gone back every day to the General Services Department to
               try to get this telephone moves from next door. Every day they forget;"
               head "through the grapevine" that she is to have a new counterpart soon;
               "Drove down town today. You should see the decorations, fearful and
               wonderful for Ike's coming;" joined the crowd to see President
               Eisenhower, "I believe Turks are better behaved than Americans in a
               crowd;" was able to catch a glance, "I thought being short I'd never see
               him but I did, a good view for a minute and I burst into tears. He certainly
               is different that these diplomats. He is a warm, friendly citizen." 
          Istanbul Daily Press
               Ankara weather
          1959 Dec 11, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Finally got a scraper to scrape the ice from her vehicle; "Now before I go
               any further let's get one thing strait--if H--- froze over I wouldn't make a
               speech about Rotary- only to Rotary about Home Ec. in Turkey. I am an
               educator and specifically a Home Economist, I speak only of that which I
               know and feel I am trained and prepared;" discussing travel plans;
               discusses how difficult currency is to handle in Turkey.
          Newspaper Clippings
               The Stars and Stripes, Dec. 7., 3 p., "300,000 Turks Line Streets to
               Welcome Ike"
               "Christmas Party in Embassy"

          1959 Dec 12, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Mentioned the Clutter Murder; went with her counterpart and one of the

               Information men to the main I.C.A. building to watch a film of Ike's visit
               in Ankara, "I was terribly disappointed because there was no picture of
               Barbara, Ike's daughter-in-law;" is frustrated with the lacking of planning
               on the part of the Turks when it comes to preparing for a trip; "I heard a
               funny story this am. There was a fire in the Turkish Embassy not long ago
               and the Turkish fire department reported twice to help but were not
               allowed in;" is going to entertain the Turkish Home Economics

          1959 Dec 19, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Says they're trying to force her to make out a program for another
               participant and she's refused to all the sub-bosses; had an invite to spend
               Christmas in Jerusalem; had a bit of a problem with her boss

          1959 Dec 21, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Instead of taking a vacation, she's been working and thinking to herself;
               Talked to the boss about being the only Home Ec. not able to go to India;
               is disappointed because I.C.A. had chose the weaker of the two girls that
               have come back from the United States; had made song sheets for a group;
               gearing up for Christmas parties
               "Christmas Party in Embassy"

          1959 Dec 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had come back from visiting her friend, Rachel in Athens, who works for
               an Organization training Greek girls as domestics to ship to Australia and
               Canada; Mary is going to try and organize herself to be tougher on her
               counterparts in order to get them to work.

03   02   1960 Jan 04, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Neighbor's told the maid that Mary was disgusted with her so she's finally
               doing a decent bit of work; organized a National Home Economics
               Association before heading to Greece and wants to take some pictures for
               publicity; saw a Turkish doll exhibit; has been playing Canasta in the
               evenings with neighbors

          1960 Jan 11, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Mentions the Garden City mass murder which was featured in Time
               Magazine; describes her new favorite foods, "Well I've become a Turk in
               food habits;" having counterpart issues again; mentions a Christmas letter
               from Angie, a gal she had traveled with

          1960 Jan 18, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is going to take the American Nebraska University Home Ec. and her
               secretary to hear a traveling American Jazz orchestra; met up with a man
               from Industry I.C.A. who said America had given Turkey a big shipment
               of rubber baby bottle nipples that do not melt in hot water like the Turkish
               ones do and expected Mary to do all the "fighting and leg work," she got a
               Pediatrician to get on the work; had to have her car inspected, ordered by

          1960 Jan 25, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Sleeps with her coat on when she travels; "My dumb little counterpart has
               not a glimmer of what we go out for but she wants to go. I pay her bills
               across the board and she is a big shot riding in a C.D. car. She stayed out
               one night and came in with a black eye. I said nothing;" is having a tough
               time with another cold;  had taught her youngest counterpart to play
               Canasta, "She beat me every game hands down but she can't remember to
               take any literature with us, read the girl's reports in advance nor do one
               stroke of work." 

          1960 Jan 28, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "There has been a serious upset in the Ministry," had moved a fairly good
               extension man to now job and replaced him with a  poultry man who
               spoke no English, "It seems they can't fire anyone so they just move them
               to a desk with no job. Isn't that democracy?" rent has more than doubled
               since she's been at her apartment
          "Dear Home Economics Field Worker" 2 copies  
               A home economics newsletter
          1960 Jan 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went to an important committee meeting and a T.A. association business
               meeting, the new Rotary President was there, "He swears a blue streak in
               English. He speaks both languages equally well and is a hail 'fellow well
               met' and nobody's fool;" is going to teach a lesson on round dancing; "I
               had my picture taken last week for a new passport and I look at least 90." 

03   03   1960 Mar 01, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Got a request from the Ministry to do a series of lectures; discusses a
               Rotary tape; "I had quite a conversation with an outstanding Turk I picked
               up on the street. He is in the Government Meat Processing business;" had
               a meeting with C.A.R.E. but doesn't look forward to it, "I don't believe in
               their philosophy." 

          1960 Mar 07, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Gas went off and her flash heater was left dispensing gas, luckily it was
               caught in time, "Think I'm going to have to keep that thing turned off if I
               want to live;" "We had a knock down drag out meeting today," little
               counterpart had accused Mary of helping the 4H people get some
               equipment and apparently it caused a bit of a stir, "She gave me to
               understand they didn't want an educational program, they just wanted
               EQUIPMENT;" can't get approval for a hard working Home Ec. worker
               who speaks English to go to the U.S. because she's convinced the Ministry
               would rather a gal who is "too stupid to come in out of the rain" because
               she won't embarrass the ministry by coming back and over-working; is
               reading the book "Dynamite in the Middle East"; it's a fasting month for
               Turkey and Mary describes her problems with it; is going to try to release
               the story of results from the I.C.A. annual reports to the newspapers but is
               afraid of going to jail since the news is so sensitive about government

          1960 Mar 16, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is frustrated at work since she seems to feel she does loads of work for
               everyone else but nothing is done for her; is packing up to take a trip to
               Izmir; heard that a Child Development Specialist is to be in Ankara next
               school year; is trying to get the village people to start eating on tables
               instead of eating from the floor; "dumb little counterpart" is asking Mary
               for a scholarship to get her masters back in the US, "I really don't think she
               could get a bachelor's. I really don't think she is basically stupid, but she
               has never learned to think or work." 

          1960 Mar 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               V.I.P. from Washington D.C. and a director from the Philippines came in;
               spent a day interviewing teachers at the school; had kind of a mess as far
               as scheduling goes; has been taking the V.I.P to silver and copper shops;
               the Mission Director raised to Minister rank; is trying to show her photos
               to some women of power in I.C.A.

          1960 Mar 25, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Gave a talk to the Director of the Mission and all the Department Heads
               with a teacher at Izmir; had shown her slides to about fifty people; will
               speak again and show slides at the local hospital; cannot show the picture
               to the Ministry officials because they are not interested, "This am someone
               said, 'I hear all you Ag. people are being liquidated because the Ministry is
               not interested.' The Minister of Agriculture refused to see any Americans." 

          1960 Mar 30, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Will be donating Christmas cards to the schools for village girls, "Their
               dorms look like prisons, gray floors, gray walls, gray beds and gray
               blankets;" is surprised her folks have decided to come to Europe; was
               shocked because the I.C.A. head of Education left early because he said
               "he had to be back as he had an office. He looked shocked when I said
               well I did too. He said he didn't know. How in heavens name did he ever
               think I worked. I was furious. I'll bet I've done more for education in
               Turkey than he will ever do;" 

          1960 Mar 31, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has three buyers on her car but cannot decide if she wants to sell it; "There
               are more problems in this country than a dog has fleas;" has two new
               I.C.A. neighbors.

          1960 Mar, 22 p. w/env.
          Copy of the first annual Home Economics Extension report
               First ever compiled in Turkey; written by Mary Border

03   04   1960 Apr 09, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Traveled with a teacher at their Institute at Barnava, "We did more
               business than I've done in 10 trips before;" discusses their
               accomplishments; picked up a newspaper man and he had been in jail for
               four months, "There is no segregation. He was house with killers and he
               never knew when they might start chopping on him;" said a rich rancher
               from California is coming to visit and wanted to ask Mary about the
               village conditions, she says it's probably better off she doesn't talk to him
               as she'd get sent home sooner; A friend had tried to call Mary through the
               embassy and they said they never heard of her, "It's the second time this
               has happened to me. We have a 'crummy little' embassy outfit here. I think
               they don't like I.C.A. because we outnumber them by a good many times." 

          1960 Apr 14, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Strongly thinking of asking for a direct transfer to another country; is
               having the teacher from Izmir meet with the rich rancher from California;
               has decided to sell her car to get an Opel station wagon; the King of
               Jordan is visiting Ankara and the streets are packed.

          1960 Apr 16, 8 p. w/env.
          Letter to Christine
               "I had our best Turkish girl (teaches at Izmir at our Training Center) here
               for about 3 weeks living and working with me;" gal had commented about
               how her house had so much food in it as most Turkish homes do not have
               that luxury, "They live from 'hand to mouth' as my mother would say;"
               Met an 85 year old woman with an interesting story to tell; finally got a
               washing machine; Mary's folks are talking about taking a European trip
               with a Presbyterian Minister from Tulsa, might take a boat from Naples to
               Istanbul; has a cat that will have kittens soon; Turkish bottle man
               rummages through the rubbish to try and find glass and then knocks on the
               door to ask for more glass, "I'm getting smart now, I don't open the door, I
               just call and ask him what he wants in Turkish. He thinks I'm a Turk and
               then leaves immediately;" "I may cuss the Turks when I'm trying to work
               with them but I feel completely at home socializing with them;" There's an
               extension Conference in Vienne and Mary wasn't sent so she raised a bit of
               hell to her boss, "I won't die if I don't go but it seems so queer when there
               is an Ext. Conf. they send everyone but Ext. workers." 

          Letter to Christine from Mae 1 p. no env.
               Planning some dress making and fashion in India
          1960 Apr 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had already burned up her washing machine, I.C.A. thinks the machine
               was defective but Mary thinks it is the lack of water pressure; mentioned
               blowing up at the boss about everyone going to Vienna except for her for
               an Extension Conference; Went to a program at a school for the blind,
               "10,000 blind in Turkey, 2 schools @ about 130. American Women's club
               (I am a member) bought them a Braille typewriter;" "The Political news is
               very bad here today:" 

          1960 Apr 25, 7 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Got a telegram from Washington D.C. that had congratulated Mary on her
               monthly newsletter and told her how to improve it; was asked for 100
               copies but she will only send 50 since she doesn't have very good secretary
               help, "They all start groaning when they see me coming. They say I give
               them more work than 10 of our men technicians put together;" is preparing
               one of her smartest field workers to go to the States for more schooling;
               describes the girl's director and how he talks to her like she's a man; talks
               about the qualifications her counterparts must have; is going to go to an
               orphanage with a social service worker."

03   05   1960 May 01, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Has been purposely avoiding talking about the political situation in Turkey
               which is under "a virtual dictatorship"; "Elections are either fixed or no
               election is held when the constitution calls for one;" was told to stay in her
               home over the weekend; Schools have been closed for one month, "Two
               police officials who interfered with the student mob in Istanbul were torn
               limb from limb. We think there were some hurt but few killed here. The
               newspapers of course print nothing;" All the out of town traveling has
               been cancelled and there is a 9 pm curfew.

          1960 May 05, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Turkey is under Martial Law; Upset because her second washing machine
               didn't work and they never brought another, "Well I finally got a 3rd by
               raising h___ and putting a block under it;" is trying to get out a three fold
               pictorial brochure called "What is Home Economics Extension;" described
               the orphanage she visited "It's fearful and terrible." 

          1960 May 06, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has bought a German Opel that will be delivered in three months and is
               working out selling her car; had a few demonstrations in Ankara, "Like all
               dictatorships it seems the Prime Minister just found out that he isn't
               popular with the people;" gives the address to the office; is sending her
               folks money and is trying to arrange for them to visit her in Ankara;
               Turkey is still holding up the postage from America, except letters still go

          1960 May 07, 4 p. w/env.  
          Letter to Folks
               "When the young woman who had been here told me this was skirt and
               sweater country, she wasn't lying;" Is about to have her walls painted; is
               having a hard time figuring out how to handle the money coming in from
               the down payment on the car she's selling; got a letter from Washington
               D.C. that said they were sending excerpts from Mary's newsletter to all
               state land grant schools; "This country is beautiful. If they ever get it
               cleaned up it'll be perfect tourist country."

          1960 May 11, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Talks about three Home Ec grads who are married to important American
               men at Ankara; "All the Turks talk about here is [Caryl] Chessman,"
               Turkish teacher asked the U.S.I.S. librarian if she knew Chessman in
               Turkish conversation, she got offended and left the class, the Turkish
               teacher did not know much English; "The American Church Board here is
               translating to Turkish "Renille of a Persian Village," Mary is trying to get
               copies out to make it a required reading in her Training Center; heard there
               was am Extension opening in Israel, "I thought of indicating interest but
               I'm sort of pro Arab in sympathy;" is working on a program for a six girl
               field committee that will be the planning committee for her Short Course;
               "Our political troubles seem to have blown over here for the present." 

          1960 May 18, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks Sunday Night
               Had a Turkish teacher finish language school and is not working in the
               Ministry under Mary; is working on a lesson for city women on nutrition
               and weight control; counterparts are wanting to cook for her now since
               they have been fed by Mary so often; asks about folk's itinerary for

          1960 May 18, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Washington D.C. sent another Home Ec. to Libya for a month to advice in
               their program; "This place is getting like K.S.u. I can't seem to plan
               anything for myself ahead;" "I'm ashamed of it but my counterparts have
               no interest in nothing except trip money and free handouts. It's a shame to
               ask people with an education above the 8th grade to try and work with
          Economics Extension report, 4 p.
               March-April 1960, Issue No. 12
          1960 May 25, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Curfew in Ankara is on again, 8:00pm; had a bit of a crisis as usually
               I.C.A. picks 5-6 candidates to go into an English language program so they
               can study abroad in the U.S. but this time at the opening, Mary was
               surprised with 40 people and the Extension Head is on vacation so she is
               trying to figure the problem out herself; the demonstrations in Turkey are

          1960 May 29, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Suheyla went off to Vienna and left mw with a National field committee
               meeting. I had 5 very bright girls and we got quite a little done without
               help or support of my ministry counterparts;" got up in the morning to the
               sound of commotion, there had been sounds of tanks and machine guns "I
               saw the American Ambassador tear by with all flags flying; her neighbor
               who had recently resigned as Minister of Justice was taken by gun point, "I
               guess they have the Prime Minister, the Pres., and Minister under lock and
               key in Military quarters;" "You've got to hand it to the Turkish Military for
               a well planned coup and to the people for a sane celebration." 

          1960 May, 5 p. no env.
          Press Release
               U.S. Editors See 'Spirit of Atatruk' In Turkish Events; News roundup; In
               the U.S.A.

03   06   1960 Jun 01, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses the advantages of flying rather than taking a boat and discusses
               different travel routes and travel situations for visiting Mary in Turkey.

          1960 Jun 07, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Went to a cocktail party and heard of the money the President and Prime
               Minister stole from the Government and how the coup came just barely in
               time, "They found lists of important people to shoot two days later;"
               ordered 500 copies of the Turkish translation of "Renille of a Persian
               Village"; House had a name change; shared some gory news about
               beheaded ladies being found in the Government meat packing locker.
          Newspaper clipping enclosed
               "Turks Discuss Menderes Plan to Execute 30;" "Turks map Post-Revolt
               Recovery Plans;" "SEATO Will Study Red Threat"

          1959 Jun 07, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Forgot Memorial Day, "American holidays pass unnoticed here;" Briefly
               discusses travel plans; is preparing for him to visit her; the next four days
               are "Byram" which is a word for Turkish vacation or holiday; tells her
               brother there's no point in coming to Turkey as there is news that there
               isn't going to be a Rotary Meeting; talks about a dentist in Manhattan who
               went money crazy and "He runs a factory with a floor of rooms servicing 6
               to 10 patients at once and a score of uniformed nurses. He only does the
               checking and I've never been satisfied with what I had done last summer,"
               so she is going to try and see a Turkish dentist; says that I.C.A. is having
               some changes in American personnel that might help Mary's situation
               some; has been ordered by the Ambassador to go home and stay in, "They
               are bringing from Istanbul all the bodies of martyrs and will bury them on
               the hill in the lawn of Ataturk's Tomb." 

          1960 Jun 12, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went to an Agricultural group picnic and talks about how it seems like
               nobody plans anything; a Turkish Home Economics educator's husband is
               in jail, "Everything is in the state of upset here;" talks about the Extension
               Director being on a 40 day vacation, he has just been called back and Mary
               is requesting a staff meeting, the new branch chief is behind Mary and
               might try to help with the counterpart situation; 

          1960 Jun 18, 2 p. no env.
          The Tulsa Gasser, Vol. 45, No. 51
               "Thanks--Tulsa Rotary" -by C. A. Border
          1960 Jun 21, 2 p. no env.
          Charter Banquet: Rotary Club of Southwest Tulsa

03   07   1960 Aug 15, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Her new car hasn't been released from Istanbul by the Turkish
               Government; the former branch head had been replaced while on home
               leave; has been working with the Middle East University students; has
               been asked by her counterpart to write the Turkish Minister of Agriculture
               Speech; will be releasing her English copy of her program to be distributed
          1960 Aug 16, 1 envelope without letter

          1960 Aug 19, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Enclosed a brochure; is preparing for her biggest Short Course yet; had
               three V.I.P.s from Ohio State; is getting frustrated with the water problems
               and is working with a woman on the third floor to get a plumber; Found a
               grey kitten outside her door and thinks it's the baby of the cat she had kept
               around; says everyone dislikes Short Course because "They just assign
               people to the program and the directors go off and leave them while they
          Enclosed Brochure
               ["What is Home Economics Extension"] written in Turkish
          1960 Aug 22, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Preparing for her Short Course and is weary of Turkish teaching habits
               "Everything is lecture, lecture, lecture and I'm not at all sure if they know
               what they are lecturing about;" hasn't been involved in as many social
               activities since the women seem to quarrel and fight for high positions "I
               don't intend to get involved in any social climbing;" is thinking about
               going on vacation with a Mrs. Ragland; Is preparing for the trials of

          1960 Aug 31, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose
               Describes how hard it is to get postage and packages sent; is working with
               a "congregational mission man," who has been in Turkey since 1943, "I
               told him my idea of having mass marriages to legalize the religious
               marriages so the women of the servant class could be citizens and so the
               children could be registered to go to school;" Washington D.C. will be
               sending Mary to Athens in November

03   08   1960 Sep 06, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had a dinner party with "very conservative people, missionaries, ect" and
               they all had concern for Turkey since many Ministers are being removed,
               "In Agr. I understand we didn't improve our situation in the change;" is
               trying to find someone to go with her to Cyprus and Munich, Germany;
               Will be representing Washington D.C. at an O.E.E.C. Home Economics
               Conference in Athens, Greece in November; is giving everyone who
               attends her Short Course a copy of "Renille of a Persian Village" which
               has been translated into the Turkish language; finished the two day
               recruitment program and is pleased with how it was run

          1960 Sep 08, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is heading to Germany for a morale trip, "There is absolutely no action in
               the Ministry so I think I might as well get away;" just found out that wives
               cannot go on morale trips without their husbands and has decided that
               she'd just go alone; the political situation seems to worsen; is having
               trouble with bottle collectors loitering around in her back yard; had her car
               returned but was missing a few parts and some others weren't working,
               "Guess the Turk had quite a time so tomorrow I'll see if I can get matters
               straightened out."

          1960 Sep 14, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Will be leaving for Germany the next day; is going to try and buy some car
               parts while in Germany.

          1960 Sep 17, 1 p. no env.
          Postcard to Folks
               From Germany; ended up in Munich

03   09   1960 Oct 01, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Was planning on spending the weekend in Istanbul with a world tour
               group but found out a friend had been hospitalized and flew home; had a
               good vacation and tells of her travels; is missing her little cat; "The
               Ministry is still in a turmoil but there is lots to do" 
          Information on the General Von Steuben Hotel enclosed

          1960 Oct 12, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Bought a gas cap for her car, she didn't think she needed one until her
               friends' car was stolen, "It was low on gasoline and the thief never got it
               out of town;" the General Service Department finally said they were ready
               to work on Mary's plumbing; "Rose, your little friend Selma who had a
               party for you got a real promotion. She has been given a man's job;"
               describes some departmental issues, "I'm just about to give up on
               Extension. I'm doing lots of Home Economics and my girls are not mean
               as the 4-H people are but Suheyla will never push her progress. Her family
               is too influential for them to replace her;" finally got the remainder of her
               500 copies of "Renille for a Persian Village" which had been translated
               into Turkish, "Every Turk can think of 50 reasons for having his own
               personal copy and 50 more reasons for never reading it." 
          Newspaper Clipping
               "As We Were...Fifty Years Ago"
          1960 Oct 15, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having photos taken of her doing her work and it's not a pleasing
               process; is supposed to stay at home because Turkey will be taking the
               official 5 year census; is making progress in trying to get Turkey to make
               the change from gram weights to the measuring cups; Buys a lot of
               equipment that just "rots" in customs, "I think the Minister of Customs is
               probably new and he doesn't know how to get it out and he isn't about to
               loose face and ask so it rots and Americans tear their hair;" found out that
               the landlady cannot provide heat yet because coal is rationed.

          1960 Oct 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is writing from the training Institute at Bornova and is afraid she is going
               to loose her extension program to the Ministry of Education due to the
               lack of leadership in Agriculture; describes some of the problems in the
               ministry of agriculture, "As Suheyla says they don't want Americans
               teaching here but then neither do they want to do it themselves so what?"  
          Letter to Folks
               Described a club where she had a party for the Turkish teaching staff in
               farewell to Miss McCune; talks about trouble with customs and how she's
               unable to find a travel partner, "If they don't soon wake up and give me
               some help I may as well 'fold up my tent' like the Arabs and 'quietly steal

          1960 Oct 24, 2 p. no env.
          Booklet "The UN at Work"

          1960 Oct 24, 1 p. no env.
          Program for United Nations Day Community Observance

          1960 Oct 29, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "For the first time in a long time I have no pressing job. We are in a state
               of flux here. Our counterparts are tied up planning. They purged 150
               professors this morning. Sounds just like the original government to me.
               We were warned by the Director this morning to keep out of crowds and to
               make no comments;" is taking a plane to Izmir to meet the Turkish
               Director of Mary's institution and a V.I.P from Washington D.C.; gives her
               folks the address of the place she'll be staying in Athens; will be in Turkey
               for nine more months before leaving for Africa; mentions a Turkish gal
               who was at K.S.U. getting her doctorate in Foods and Nutrition and was
               beat by her father, "It's a mess. Even educated women rate pretty low here
               I fear. Some people blame it on the Koran and the Muslim religion but I'm
               not so sure;" there will be a showing of the Nixon Kennedy T.V. debate at
               the American theater there

03   10   1960 Nov 07, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               I.C.A. had never sent her hotel reservations and Mary is not pleased about
               it; will fly to Salonika to see the Farm School and Mission school to study
               their curriculum and floor plans for Home Economics; thinks you really
               can't get a good experience out of foreign service unless you've spent at
               least a year or two in a foreign country.

          1960 Nov 09, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is experimenting with pumpkin recipes in order to show some folk
               different ways to cook pumpkin; had "O.K.'d" her extension replacement;
               people are worried about the water situation in Ankara

          1960 Nov 17, 1 p. no env.
          USIS Daily Radio Bulletin
               "Eisenhower order cutback of number of dependents abroad;" "Economic
               letter from the United States;" "U.S. cities need to combat war in
               disarmament talks" 

          1960 Nov 19, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had flown to Thessalonica to see Anatolia College Buildings and to study
               the Farm School; mentions a Howard Akers who was transferred from the
               Turkish hospital to one in Washington D.C.; talks about some church
               troubles; the folk she trusted to watch over her house while she was gone
               did not water her plants, "A foreign service worker needs to be a jack of all
               trades;" is at a conference in Athens and is learning much about other
               national and international organizations, "The delegates are about one half
               men and it's interesting to see how Sweden and some of the more western
               countries are resenting the dominating of the program by men;" 

          1960 Nov 25, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Eisenhower's decision has banned the P.X. from selling non-American
               goods and also took away Mary Border's voice on the spending of
               counterpart funds, it's now up to Turkey; discusses how she hates slides
               and finds them boring

03   11   1960 Dec 01 p. no env.
          Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Holmes
          1960 Dec 02, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses the Herb Clutter story in Time Magazine since he was a friend
               of Mary's; requests a book called "A Village in Anatolia" 

          1960 Dec 07, 2 p. no env.
          USIS Daily Radio Bulletin
               "U.S. to Guard Freedom, Aid Developing Nations, Says
               Eisenhower-Kennedy Statement:" "U.S. to Modify Overseas Commodity
               Procurement;" "U.S. Urges Humane Treatment for Congo Prisoners;"
               "U.S. Firms Plan Commercial Communications Satellites;" "Congress
               Unit to Study U.S. Economy"

          1960 Dec 14-15, 2 envelopes without letters

          1960 Dec 15, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Rose and Abe from Henry Stockhausen
               Family and friend news; enclosed a poem called "Old Age"
          1960 Dec 16, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Got an S.O.S for technicians to go directly to Africa; asked for a direct
               transfer and was told she wouldn't get by on age; the General had a serious
               heart attack, "If he is incapacitated it may mean another dictatorship;" had
               received letters from the Turkish girls she had sent back to the States over
               the Ministry's objections and things were good.

          1960 Dec 21, 1 p. no env.
          Christmas card to "Mother and Daddy" from Miriam 

          1960 Dec 22, 1 p. w/ env.
          Christmas card from Jack Doherty

          1960 Dec 23, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to C.A. Border from Salvation Army

          1960 Dec 27, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Isn't receiving mail; discusses Christmas gifts and food
04   01   1961 Jan 05, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Got a notice from the Mission Director that her name had been sent to
               Washington D.C. for Africa; "We've got a lot of dissatisfied technicians
               here. No cooperation in the Ministry and no backbone in the American
               V.I.P.s. We think Kennedy will never be able to break the State
               Department Bureaucracy; 

          1961 Jan 06, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "I just spent $2.00 for the Nov. 1960 issue of 'Annals' publication of the
               American Academy of Political and Social Science devoted to Religion;"
               Rotary club is interested in working with the I.F.Y.E. [the International
               Four-H Youth Exchange] program, "The new President of Rotary was
               there and was quite a character-more fire than Egeron;" had been ringing
               every doorbell on the block trying to find the girls she'll be working with;
               discusses how much the American government gives to Turkey in
               different programs "Yet either Americans or Turks don't know what I.C.A.
               is or where it is;" describes again how she is unable to get any work done
               due to the inactivity in the department; 

          1961 Jan 10, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Has been looking for her counterpart Suheyla who never shows up when
               she says she will and they are trying to prepare for a whole day's program
               for twenty assistant Directors brought in from all over Turkey, "She
               always avoids me until it's too late for her to do any of the running work;"
               discussed how wives cannot be asked to attend anything, as the husbands
               must be consulted first, "I hope my next Country isn't Muslim;" saw a
               former Turkish child prodigy play a violin concert.

          1961 Jan 16, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Heard that she had been accepted to Africa and is wondering if she'll
               actually get an official notice about it, "Last time I had to pry my home
               leave information out of them by force;" talks about how every time she
               asks a Turkish woman for help, the answer is always "No," "I suppose this
               is just a part of the attitude of an undeveloped country." 

          1961 Jan 16, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been invited to a luncheon with the Foundation Rep. Dean of
               Education from the University of California, "I think he thought I was
               pretty low on the totem pole until I told him that John Demey had been
               here advising Atturk on Education and he hadn't known it; had been
               driving folk around for the Turkish girls on the home economics faculty, "I
               always have a good time socially with the Turks;" the Fulbright woman is
               trying to push the Ministries of Agriculture and Education and perhaps the
               Health department for solutions to the Home Economics problems, "We
               are working on it from a high echelon level but I fear we'll just be given
               the run-around as usual."

          1961 Jan 21, 2 p. no env.
          The Tulsa Gasser, Vol. 47 No. 30

          1961 Jan 23, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Rose, I can't help but think that you are like the fellow who was sure if
               one pill was good taking the whole bottle at once would be better;" happy
               with a report by one of her field workers; unsatisfied with a character
               sketch of her "which was forced on me after I avoided it for 6 months." 

          1961 Jan 29, 1 p. w/env.
          Newspaper clipping
               "At Muskogee Jaycee Distinguished Service Award Banquet: Dr. Ted
               Hine, Jim A. Egan and Leonard Howdeshell are Honored"

          1961 Jan, 05 p. no env.
          Letter to Velma
               New Year's wishes; made rye Christmas bread for all her "friends and
               enemies;" just finished writing a speech and is frustrated with her
               counterpart, "I can't find her until the hour a program begins and then she
               appears to be hauled in style in an I.C.A. car. When she gets there she
               expects me to furnish her with a talk and demonstration material which
               she can mumble through her beard while sitting down." 

04   02   1961 Feb 03, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Abe from Tony
               "I'm ashamed of myself and sorry for not having written you sooner about
               that diabolical 'Operation Abolition' film on the student demonstrations in
               S.F.;" says the students in the film had behaved terribly, were violent, and
               were almost surely communist dupes but he believes the film to be a "false
               and treacherous production. I wish I could tell you in detail just how it is
               false but it would take more time than I can afford;" says the film is out of
               the actual time sequence so certain scenes are out of context and also talks
               about how the film had falsified it's sound track; the most important fact of
               what happened during the student demonstration was that "The students
               were completely non-violent." 
          Enclosed an article
               "Some Facts about the Film of the San Francisco Protest..." sent in
               response to the propaganda film, "Operation Abolition;" 

          1961 Feb 06, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Read the story of Dr. Dan Cornelius in the K.S. Weekly Star Farmer; had
               gone to pick Dr. Cornelius up as he is coming to Ankara on a Fulbright
               scholarship, "When I casually announced this am. that I had brought him
               in they all jumped on me wanting to know how I knew he was here and
               where was he now ect. I had not dreamed he was such a 'looked forward
               to' technician;" is working out some confusion with a notice of inheritance.

          1961 Feb 08, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Will be going on the road for two weeks; had a fantastic experience baking
               bread with a little Turkish gal; Went to a dancing class; is preparing for the

          1961 Feb 13, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Complains about staying in unheated rooms when there is snow on the
               ground and has been packing and repacking to leave again; worked with
               two provinces with two girls from each place and worked with a 4-H
               Training School; had folk laughing at her broken Turkish speech;
               complains about the restaurants being "filthy"

          1961 Feb 18, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "I had a pretty rugged trip. I slept in unheated rooms all the time in this
               week and ate in co seat towns and even in villages. I was frozen to the
               bone;" wishes there was more enthusiasm with the Ministry; is trying to
               memorize a Turkish speech in which she is "the Muhtar (mayor to you) in
               a socio-dramatization at a Short Course for Information men."

          1961 Feb 23, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Christine
               Discusses clothing and the destructive nature of maids; describes the
               "socio-dramatization" she had performed at a Short Course for Information
               men; joined The Turkish-American Association and a dramatics class; is
               using  "Pekmez," which is boiled down grape juice, to make ice box
               cookies and dark bread. 

          1961 Feb 27, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is learning to cook and enjoy Turkish foods; the department has lost her
               termination request; because of a strike they have no mail coming in; will
               be choosing the International Four-H Youth Exchange members; preparing
               to show slides for the "T. A. Cultural Volunteer group" 

          Letter to Mary from Effie
               Family, friends, and church news; discusses clothing she had made 
          Newspaper Clippings
               Obituaries for Mrs. Leila Huffman and Lewis C. Wagner; "Mrs. Florence
               Park;" "Nurse Speaks at Strasburg Class Session"

04   03   1961 Mar 06, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Met a another woman from Tulsa; got an inheritance from her Aunt
               Orpha; discusses fellow workers from Tulsa; went to the Buddy Rogers
               U.S.O. show, "You remember his parents lived in Olathe and were good
               friends of mine. Once he brought Mary Pickford there and to church where
               we all met her;" "One of the men got his African Assignment. The place
               wasn't even on the way. We looked it up in [the] Encyclopedia and it said,
               'White Man's Grave'. Whoops."  
          Extension Home Economics Advisor Monthly Report , Feb. 2 p. by Mary Border

          1961 Mar 09, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Abe from Tony
               Talks about how he's not feeling the pressure he used to "I suppose
               because I have tenure and now I don't have to sweat all the time about
               maybe getting fired for not publishing another article, or for standing on
               my hind legs in a committee or department meeting or some such;"
               discusses Bob Walter in relation to the San Francisco demonstrations, also
               mentions he's an editor of Bantam Books company; discusses the
               difference between the HUAC and other committees and how the HUAC
               is wrong, "If you stand on your constitutional rights before the HUAC you
               are labeled a bad American before the world, and you may very well be
               ruined professionally as a result;" explains how picketing could be useful
               in abolition of the House of Un-American Affairs Committee; discusses
               his belief in the right to rebellion and how he is backing the students of
               San Francisco

          1961 Mar 13, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I have a feeling that from now on life is going to be a nightmare here,"
               everyone is trying to get Mary to do things for them before she leaves; saw
               a film in color of the Inauguration; mentions that a fellow worker had been
               "disgusted and discouraged" at the hopelessness at the Turkish children's
               hospital; currently has more Turkish Lira than what she can take out of
               Turkey and is considering going to Israel; "I had to buy my new car with
               Am. $. It's the same the world over--everybody wants Am. $ and no one
               will take Turkish Lira. Not even the Turks want it, They try to figure out a
               way to get a dollar when they are supposed to have none." 
          News briefings
               In the U.S.A, criticism of Peace Corps; "Hare Pays Tribute to Turkish

          1961 Mar 16, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               It is Turkish Shecker Byram, an important Turkish holiday; is trying to get
               work done and has special training to do for nine girls and has a Thailand
               Home Economics Official coming in from Denmark soon; had Pakistani
               flags out all over the city for the arrival of Ayub Khan the President of

          1961 Mar 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to "Dearest Mother and Daddy" from Miriam
               Talks about family and friends; "I read in the newspaper that I.C.A. is
               going to be abolished, but that the head of it will be in charge of a new and
               similar organization;" 

          1961 Mar 27, 3 p. w/env.
               "Dear Seventeeners" from Gerald Schlessman about 45th class reunion

          1961 Mar 27, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "After 3 years I finally forced Suheyla to have a small area meeting of our
               women field workers. Less than half came;" says her second counterpart
               goes through her mail and wants everything she sees, but "she uses it too.
               That's what makes one forgive all her mistakes;" Mary's replacement is
               finished with home leave but hasn't heard from Turkey and has written
               Mary about it, "I figure she thinks I'm holding matters up but she
               overestimates me;" the children's hospital had caught fire and the air force
               rushed in and saved all the children, "We are building a Training Center
               and when I complained about the fire hazards they all just gaped at me...;"
               "I think I may buy another rug- a really famous one to spend my lira. I
               need it like I need a hole in the head." 

04   04   1961 Apr 07, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Took a trip to Istanbul with Suheyla and had an undesirable Easter service;
               took a boat trip to the Princess Islands; having a hard time because she's
               having to do more work than usual and is also getting mixed up in other
               people's "battles;" bought an old design Turkish rug.

          1961 Apr 11, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               There's an American Home Ec. gal who has been in Pakistan that will
               come to Turkey to replace Helen McCune; a seamstress had come over
               and spent the entire day working on her clothes to be ready to go to Africa; 

          1961 Apr 12, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Short letter about being busy and a thank you
          Extension Home Economics Advisor Monthly Report ,  Mar. 1961 
          Professional Letter, 1961 Mar. 20, 3 p
               "Dear Home Economics Extension Worker" from Mary Border
          1961 Apr 13, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Enclosing a story of their military, the Americans came into Izmir and
               painted a school in "one felt swoop;" had discovered two of Kennedy's
               peace corps official [advance] guard investigators; "My new replacement
               demands every minute of my time;" doesn't have much time to write
               letters, "This job is getting hectic because they want me to do a year's work
               these last few months before I leave."
          Newspaper clipping
               The Stars and Stripes, 1961 Apr. 10, "Turkish Youngsters Improve Their

          1961 Apr 20, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is being smothered by the new Home Ec. who needs Mary's help all the
               time, the new Home Ec. will then take over Mary's canning training
               schools; will be leaving for Cyprus; haven't heard anything about her new
          Professional Letter, 1961 Apr. 17, 2 p.
               "Dear Home Economics Extension Worker" from Mary Border
          1961 Apr 22, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to C.A. Border from Thomas Gilcrease Institute 
               Membership recruitment
          1961 Apr 27, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went sightseeing in Cyprus; talks about her lawn and garden; talks about
               how U.S. participants must be O.K.ed and the Agriculture men put
               nineteen folk in a language school and they all failed so now the
               Agriculture extension will have no U.S. participants.
          1961 Apr, 1 p. no env.
          Postcard to Rose from [?]

04   05   1961 May 02, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I'm in the dog house with the boss...;" is starting to help in a program for
               underprivileged children; "Tomorrow is the big day and we each perform
               for the Washington D.C.;" "Sometimes I think the U.S. is in no position to
               help other countries." 

          1961 May 05, 6 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is going to house Maude Smith, the new American Home Ec.; is trying to
               find a new maid; "I'm trying to get Suheyla to get out our annual report but
               I just can't get her to write one sentence;" is trying to get into Israel but if
               she ever gets an Israeli visa stamped in her passport, she can't get into an
               "Arab Country;" heard from Dr. Brown that if they didn't get more rain,
               the people would go hungry, "He [Dr. Brown] thinks I'm too 'pushy' but by
               god I get things done. I got seeds distributed and about 10,000 trees
               planted around homes while he sits and visits;" is having trouble with
               thievery around I.C.A., "The Turks have a reputation for being honest and
               I think they are until they work for us. They see us have more and we
               haven't time to check everything and put it under lock and key and so it
               disappears whether it has no value to them or not;" heard from a Home Ec.
               from Africa who said it was "Hell on Earth--because of the Communists."

          1961 May 18, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Traveled with Suheyla, the National 4-K [4-H?] leader, and the gal who
               will replace Mary, "We had a fair trip-the country is beautiful but our
               Ministry support is so poor I get so blue;" they want to send Mary strait to
               Liberia; is reading travel information about Liberia and the information is
               a bit grim.

          1961 May 22, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               The front tooth of Mary's bridge had come out and is having a hard time
               getting a dentist to be able to do anything about it in Turkey; is helping out
               with a big I.F.Y.E. party; one of the Nebraska home economics gals is
               having trouble with her American co-workers who are "Nebraska cowboys
               who are little characters", they have been treating the gal like a servant; got
               a Turkish friend hired to be an interpreter; finally got her tooth problem
               fixed; The Turkish-Syrian border is closed now, "I really got blue when I
               read and heard the world news"

          1961 May 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Apartment is flooding as the water had flooded on the third floor and
               began to run all the way down, Mary called the landlady but she was
               sleeping and said she could not be disturbed; still hasn't heard about her
               new assignment.

          1961 May 23, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to C. A. Border from The Colorado College
          Colorado College News Bulletin 
          OWASSO High School Commencement Program

04   06   1961 Jun 01, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had contacted a Home Ec that had been in Africa working for I.C.A. to
               ask about the situation; had got a bunch of used Christmas cards and
               Suheyla was rather disappointed when Mary mentioned she was to donate
               them to the orphanage; talked to a gal about the peace corps and she had
               said that they send a doctor and a sanitarian with every crew in Africa; "I
               really pushed on the job today. Madne is shocked at the amount of written
               material I put out. I write all the letters and reports I want Suheyla to get

          1961 Jun 03, 20, 2 envelopes without letter

          1961 Jun 12, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally got the notice about her assignment in Africa, "The money is $, the
               language (official) is English and they are Christian"; discusses her
               preparation plans for the trip, including her financial situation; is getting
               her shots for travel to Africa; there's a new Turkish law about Americans
               selling to the Turks where the Turkish people have to pay the customs and
               bring the Americans a receipt which has to be submitted to the Embassy;
               fired her old maid Delbir and hired one that she is paying double the price
               for, the new maid can sew and fix Mary's dresses.

          1961 Jun 16, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is having an awful time with Turkish customs; has contacted another
               technician who is in Liberia and he is giving her suggestions; having
               problems with her landlady; finally has a terrific maid who works from 8-5
               and has altered Mary's clothes; is packing and preparing

          1961 Jun 16, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Abe from Tony
               Is in the hospital and writing; describes the hospital experience; "Being in
               the hospital was an interesting experience. I was in a room with two Negro
               patients and the staff is thoroughly 'integrated.' That part of it was good for
               me. But the administration of the hospital, the ward care, ect., was
               incredibly bad. From the nursing staff on down, the great majority of the
               personnel were simply incompetent." 

          1961 Jun 20, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               The landlady had messed up the electricity in her apartment by fiddling
               with some wires and nobody took care of it for almost 5 days; the U.S.I.A
               presented her with a set of a dozen 8x14 prints of her working in the
               villages and she gave them to Suheyla to make exhibits from; the gal
               replacing Mary wanted her to hunt down Suheyla but Mary told her it was
               her job now to hunt down her own counterparts; is trying to get her folks
               to save up and take a freighter to Africa in order to visit.

          1961 Jun 26, 1 p. no env.
          Customs Declaration

          1961 Jun 27, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "It is beginning to be embarrassing. Even the Mission is in a tight place on
               me. On their own they cabled Thurs. to see what they are to do with me.
               Evidently my orders are lost somewhere;" gives new Liberian mailing
               address; received information on how to treat snake bites and to carry a
               flashlight at night, "We were warned the same in Pakistan." 

          1961 Jun 29, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Boy this Foreign Service is for the birds;" "If I get a place to live in
               Liberia where every faucet is broken and wired on and every drain stopped
               up and every toilet is stinking and no water but one hour or so a day, I'm
               going to quit and come home;" is having a tough time getting out of
               Turkey and still hasn't got her orders from Washington D.C.; is impressed
               with the current general service man who gives the Turkish employers a
               hard time, Mary thinks things are slowly getting better.

          1961 Jun, 2 p. no env.
          Mary E. Border Monthly Report

          1961 Jun, 3 p. no env.   
          Letter to [?]
               Jokes about stealing a Liberian post report; "Kennedy wants to send pony
               tailers here. Well maybe they would do better. Who can tell. Maybe Africa
               will look good to me. Now don't believe one d___ thing they tell you in
               Wash. Don't be so naive" 

04   07   1961 Jul 05, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               The Americans had a party for her at Ataturk's farm; hasn't gotten orders
               for her departure yet, "Last night at the party I wore a large sign, 'I don't
               know when I'm leaving. I don't know where I'm going' on the other side
               [were] more comments." was glad to get out of a dinner party because
               "they had asked the CARE man and his wife and I am afraid we might
               have come to blows there. He lies faster than most people can tell the truth
               and I might just have challenged him on his statements."

          1961 Jul 06, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is frustrated that she's just been waiting around for orders; is still trying to
               get out her annual report of work done by her field workers; 
          "U.S.O.M./L means United States Operation Mission to Liberia." 
          1961 Jul 06, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is quite upset because she still hasn't got word of when she'll be leaving
               and the Turkish portion of her annual report has been "bogged down;" the
               Turkish women at the university had a dinner for her.

          1961 Jul 07, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Her replacement is fascinated by the P.X. after being in Pakistan for seven
               years; got a note from Dr. Ellis that her orders came in and she must head
               to the Netherlands to meet her new counterpart at a Home Economics
               Extension Conference.

          1961 Jul 11, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               More troubles for her transfer, "These orders I have came from Liberia
               with no allotment no. so we must have a travel order from Wash. D.C.;" Is
               afraid she's going to wind up in jail due to some insurance issues and
               paperwork; finally got the address for her stay in Netherlands; sent the new
               Liberia address as well.

          1961 Jul 13, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               "Yesterday the F.A.O. Extension Home Ec. Conf. started that I was
               supposed to attend. Yesterday a.m. Personnel drafted another priority cable
               to Wash. at the asst. I.C.A. Director's orders asking for action. Somebody
               who came back says Kennedy has everyone so upset about what is going
               to happen next that the people in Wash are just wringing their hands and
               doing nothing about immediate business-afraid of their necks;" has been to
               the Embassy three times trying to have her liras converted to dollars; had
               been talking to Mr. Van Dyke, "He said Liberia like Turkey had gone from
               good to worse--that Liberia was supposed to be a show window for U.S.
               and it was anything but. He said the rich people there were nothing but
               slick Southern politicians;" thinks this will be the last letter her folks will
               get from Turkey 

          1961 Jul 14, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose and C.A. from Christine
          Enclosing a letter sent to Mary; friends and family news
          Enclosed Letter to Mary from Christine
               Needs Mary's written permission to get into her bank box; friend and
               family news; had got back from summer conferences; discusses Mary's
               insurance a bit

          1961 Jul 17, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is actually still in Turkey; "They have been making place reservations for
               me every day  and then cancelling them;" had inadvertently packed her
               check book; "So they are sending a night emergency cable which is the
               highest priority and requires an answer within 8 hrs;" still no word; is
               frustrated with the inefficiency

          1961 Jul 20, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               On the plane; describes how big of an ordeal it was just to get out on the
               plane; visited the home of the President of the Associated Country Women
               of the World.

          1961 Jul 23, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               In the Netherlands and has met her counterpart; didn't feel like there was
               too much to learn from this Home Economics Conference when compared
               to the Athens conference; is getting anxious to get to Liberia; "I think there
               are people here from 42 countries. the word seems to have been spread
               about me. My counterpart I think is one of the sharpest women here. I
               think some of these gals come for the ride. One of the women from
               Norway said she felt Holland was 50 years behind them in Home Ec. I
               can't understand why F.A.O. Home Economists allow a conf. such as this." 

          1961 Jul 26, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is walking out on the last week of the conference; had shown her slides but
               describes how all they want are people who read papers instead of having
               programs; "Yesterday a man from Germany talked on the Rural Youth
               program. It was the dullest dourest, most anti, most negative talk I ever
               heard. It would have never inspired enthusiasm. I guess the war really left
               scars on people's minds." 

          1961 Jul 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to [Brother]
               Sent Mary out to travel with a Home Extension Adviser; will be going to
               Amsterdam and then later is going to try to get a Liberian visa; head that
               Liberia was once known as "White Man's Grave" because of malaria; 

          1961 Jul 28, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had gone to a reception at the Burgemasters; "My Liberian counterpart
               acknowledged the Burgemaster's speech. She is by far the outstanding
               woman delegate here;" was given the "facts of life on Liberia" by the
               National President of the Associated Country Women of the World.
          1961 Jul 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Finally in Liberia; thinks the American extension people are "much
               superior education-wise" than those in Turkey; is living in a hotel that
               I.C.A. pays the rent for; talks a bit about the housing situation.

          1961 Jul 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is in Monrovia, Liberia; complains about the high cost of food, "For some
               reason or other K.L.M. never fed us outside of coffee and very poor cakes.
               My stomach is so upset from better coffee, cake, and candies and
               potatoes;" the hotel she's staying in is a "luxury palace;" finally shares an
               office with her counterpart, "Can you imagine my not hunting every day
               for Suheyla;" is going to push the info man into getting her a house to live
               in; it's abnormally cold lately

04   08   1961 Aug 09, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I understand the head Ext. man wants us to keep Liberian hours instead of
               Am. USOM hours because we office in the Liberian Dept. of Agr. USOM
               hours are 7:00am until 4:00pm with an hour off for lunch and no hours
               Saturday. Liberian hours are from 7:00am to 2:30 and no lunch hour and
               work Sat. am. I don't like the latter;" was out to dinner with the Hesses and
               they have four kids and a baby chimpanzee.

          1961 Aug 15, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               One of the men had brought in a python which had been under the hood of
               his car; has been asked to join the Liberian University Women's club; talks
               about the new financial troubles that come along with the inflated prices in
          Postcard to C.A. Border from "Devil's Den State Park" from "The Winners"

          1961 Aug 16, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had visited the Firestone plantation with her boss and his family; went to
               Mr. Tubman's zoo; has seen a few Africans in full tribal regalia "the
               women with no clothes above the waist is sort of disturbing." 

          1961 Aug 19, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went out shopping at the Firestone store for groceries; told a story about
               how her doctor had gone out into the bush and came across with a soldier
               handcuffed to a prisoner, the prisoner spoke English very well so the
               doctor asked him what he had done, and he said he killed the wrong
               man--he killed a soldier instead, the doctor asked him why he was going to
               kill a man and the prisoner answered "To eat"; is going to the Booker T.
               Washington Institute and another college to train some high school
               educated girls.

          1961 Aug 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Today is a holiday since the President's son is going to marry the Prime
               Minister's daughter; describes the African scenery, "and thank G_ _ I've
               seen the last of those 'Asian Johns'." 

          1961 Aug 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "I have now been in Liberia 1 month and have 5 more to go. This is
               absolutely the most desolate place I've ever been;" she sits and reads three
               or four books a week here; complains that there is no social life in Liberia,
               but is relieved there is work to do; is debating whether or not she'll stay in
               Liberia for two years. 

          1961 Aug 23, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses when she might be taking home leave and what she might do
               during home leave; was finally offered a house to live in; talked to a
               registered nurse about comparisons between Liberia and the U.S., "No one
               in Am. but a regular grad. Dr. can do anything. Here she says uneducated
               helpers are assisting in operations and she says they do excellent work;"
               "In Turkey there were so many schools, organizations, etc to work with.
               Here there is nothing. How does one start on nothing?" 

          1961 Aug 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Rose
               Is surprised with her new counterpart, "She knows where she is going and
               when and why. It's a shock after working with Suheyla;" has given her
               Christmas gift list which looks more like a grocery list; "U.S.O.M is not
               A.P.O. A.P.O. is Military and we have only a small military mission here.
               Less than ten people." 

          1961 Aug 30, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Got a letter from the 4-H man and was upset to find that they had not
               shipped her household effects yet; is disappointed that one can't buy
               magazines in Liberia like in Turkey; complains a bit about her situation in

04   09   1961 Sep 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Lists a few titles; had gone with the program officer to Bomi Hills which
               is one of the iron ore mines; describes how little food there is to eat and
               gives some examples of what kinds of foods she eats for lunch; her
               counterpart is leaving for the Cameroons for am African Nutrition
               Conference; talks about how one family only has a tiny bed room and two
               teenage children share a store room and sleep on cots, "I just think they
               have brought people in before facilities are ready for them. It's costing
               U.S. $8.00 to house me. Why can't a mission see the whole picture?" 

          1961 Sep 09, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Adds to the list of items she would like for the Christmas holiday; relies
               on the U.S.I.S. Library for her entertainment; "What are people there
               saying about the peace corps? A woman technician in Turkey and I are the
               only two people I've known in I.C.A. who think it might be a good
               project;" on her way to get groceries, she had run into a parade of folk in
               tribal dance costumes, and then when she had gone down a different street,
               she had run into a C.I.O. mob on strike; has received a radio and a
               transistor and is starting to plan another radio program but is waiting for
               her counterpart to get back. 

          1961 Sep 13, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "I've had an awful lot of time to sit and think. I've never wanted to make
               any notorious records but today I've been thinking that I'm the highest paid
               prof. woman living on the lowest standard of living;" there has been a
               cancellation of all dances and parties, "The old pres. King Died about 3
               days ago and the funeral is today;" is surprised by how big of a deal the
               funeral is, "Funerals are a great public circus here. The radio is giving
               blow by blow account of the funeral. It's disgusting. It's been going on for
               an hour. Who is there, in what order they are marching, what relation they
               are, their positions, etc. etc.; they will be conducting the first ever census
               in Liberia; on the radio, "The United Pentecostal church is on the air.
               Sounds like a 2nd class night club to me. Guess I'm too much of a

          1961 Sep 18, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to "Mother and Daddy" from Miriam
               Describes the family life
          1961 Sep 18, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been told to go home at once and they were not to go into town as the
               strikers were demonstrating on the highway, a couple hours later, she was
               able to return to work.

          1961 Sep 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Heard via the radio that after a year of trials, Turkey had hung all the old
               officials; counterpart came back and gave Mary a face carved out of ivory;
               tries to describe the situation in Liberia but sums it up to the fact that
               "there is always a danger where so very few have any education at all;" had
               heard a rumor that the new mission Director is "some small town
               Wisconsin politician with no experience fitting him for this kind of a job.
               We are slightly perturbed." 

          1961 Sep 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Says a lot of folk are sent home from becoming alcoholics, they aren't able
               to handle the living situation; describes the market situation which is not
               good, "The salt meat was lying on the floor in sacks and a dog was
               chewing on a large slab of bacon. No one seemed in the slighted
               concerned. Africans are never merchants. Their culture makes it difficult
               as they must share any food in their possession with all relatives. The
               Lebanese are the merchants. They came in here years ago and set up little
               trading centers all over the country as a front for smuggling out

          1961 Sep 22, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went out to a Baptist mission school which has been there for eighty
               years, it has a terrible food situation, "They asked us for our help on
               feeding. As every place everyone wants us to do their work not heir
               training;" Mary hopes to return to the mission school to help with menu
               planning and buying, and training; had been talking to the marketing man
               about the desperate food situation and had come to this conclusion, "It's
               the same old story in these countries, supposed to be republics and
               democracies but the Pres. has Dictorial powers and a few and very few
               have everything tied up;" "We just got the new 'Time' with my Turkish
               friends swinging. It made me ill. I met a Liberian woman and she asked
               what they did and I said 'stole the country's money'. She said 'well if we'd
               hang the thieves here we'd all be swinging.'" 

          1961 Sep 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Heard that she might be moving into an apartment in October as the
               occupant is slipping mentally and will be shipping out; is reading a book
               called "American Foreign Policy"; described the "Fish women" who went
               door to door selling fish which they carried in baskets on their heads.

04   10   1961 Oct 02, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               The small apartment she had looked at awhile ago will now be available in
               the middle of October; the mold is so bad in Africa that she's debating
               sending her Turkish rugs back to her folks'; had talked to her boss and he
               said if she didn't get the housing she wanted then she should "threaten to
               refuse to return to post;" will be going out to the bush with one of the area
               extension workers; "I answer here to the Liberians to the name of
               Mayback. Can you figure that one out. It's impossible to understand the
               natives. They do not pronounce syllables."  

          1961 Oct 05, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is having a hard time getting a legitimate expense account; discusses the
               Border reunion; "We are having our first publicity about our first
               recognized communist infiltration from [Ghavra]. I have been wondering
               how I could instigate a story of the Am. Missionaries in Liberia from an
               educational angle and holding a country for Democracy, good neighbors,
               relations, etc.;" says the drivers are not educated and some would rather try
               to drive the I.C.A. car themselves rather than hiring a driver; says her
               counterpart here is the sharpest she's ever worked with, her husband is in
               the malaria control program; is trying to see how she can get home
               economics into the education system, "In Turkey the Mission supported
               my stepping out of Agr. and working in education. In fact, they
               encouraged me. Here the exact opposite is the case. Again, it seems to lie
               in our Directorship." 

          1961 Oct 06, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "Well we got the news today of the change from I.C.A. to A.I.D. and
               dropping all marginal? employees;" discusses vacation trips the
               government pays for the longer missionaries work in Africa; hasn't quite
               been able to stomach the food just yet; "In 1901 the life expectancy of
               Missionaries in Liberia was 6 mo. I think it could have been due to a great
               extent to malaria." 

          1961 Oct 08, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Effie
               Friends and Family news
          1961 Oct 12, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Has finally figured out her salary and is impressed that in Liberia she can
               do banking at several different banks and write checks; saw a movie with
               Spencer Tracy on the Tennessee Monkey Trial and thought it was one of
               the most enjoyable out of the movies she's seen in Liberia.

          1961 Oct 16, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Read a great article on aging by James Thurhers; "Anyway, I don't have
               the pep here I had in Turkey;" describes a recent accident, the driver
               wrapped the car around a telephone pole; Almost stepped on a poisonous
               snake; "This morning I feel like going down and buying a ticket out. I've
               been in that d--n room 3 months. They wouldn't think of keeping a man
               technician there 3 days and then we come to Africa to raise the status of
               women;" visited the Province Commissioner who's interested in going to
               the United States to study Administration. 

          1961 Oct 18, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               After being around cases of small pox, she was vaccinated again; had been
               taken to the City Market by the area extension worker, "There are no
               trained traffic cops here and no one listens to them. There is a narrow,
               barely 2 lane road deeply rutted and I mean deeply;" discusses the
               ignorance in Liberia.

          1961 Oct 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Hasn't heard about her apartment and can't communicate because there are
               no telephones; heard that the Government is sending 80 Peace Corps youth
               into Liberia and Mary feels that she and the 4H man are the only two who
               aren't against it, "I think they are going to teach themselves and the
               American Public a few things no visiting U.S. Senator knows;" had
               actually turned down her first social invitation as she must prepare for a
               safari trip.

          1961 Oct 21, 4 p. no env.
               The Liberian Age, 1961 Oct. 23, "US Promises Greater Economic Aid to

          1961 Oct 25, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               The Booker T. Washington Institute is the only place they teach Home
               Economics; even though English is the main language, it's hard to
               understand everyone because of the accents; the Turkish deputy
               Agriculture Director is being transferred to Liberia as a forester; still hasn't
               received her household effects; is concerned about the % of money from
               the US that will go into President Tubman's pocket instead of Liberian aid.

          1961 Oct 30, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               The driver and her counterparts fill the jeep with supplies and Mary had to
               put her foot down when they had tried to store live chicken; talks about the
               difficulty in traveling, especially with the driver situation, "Halfway in we
               met another I.C.A. car. The driver reported that while we were gone, a
               bunch of drivers together with a dispatcher got drunk and took one of our
               new Chevys and completely demolished it. That's 2 out of 10 in one month
               cars about 1 mo. old. He said that [they] were all fired;" read about the
               Peace Corps in Time magazine.

          1961 Oct, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "They gave me a key yesterday to this cubby hole I'm to move into;"
               discusses how she is to get new furniture and they were shocked to hear
               that she planned on selling the furniture when she gets her effects from
               Turkey and they had told her she could be fired for it, "I said 'whoops &
               goodie' if they fire me they have to ship my things home at their expense.
               So what;" her counterpart isn't doing so well and might have to have
               surgery; Senators from the US have come to investigate the Agriculture
               Department and had asked I.C.A. several questions during a meeting, "The
               Liberians intimated that they felt most of us were competent but that we
               didn't fraternize. I think it was true. After the meeting I thought I'd take a
               crack at them. Our men are afraid of their shadows. I said Am. would ask
               them how we lived when they got home and I thought they ought to know
               if they felt they could crawl the four flights to my room." 

04   11   1961 Nov 05, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "Today I wept. Living out of 1 suitcases and one foot locker for 4 1/2
               months got me down. Living is just too tough here;" all the office
               secretaries had been given new furniture but Mary is left out and is forced
               to make repairs and clean on her own.

          1961 Nov 06, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Frances [Kapitzky]
               Is writing before heading to India; is terminating her term in office as the
               President of the National Women's Guild; discusses her itinerary to India,
               china, and Japan; friend and family news.

          1961 Nov 15, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Is having troubles with General Service men because they are uneducated
               nationals; "There is no price tag on anything. The clerk doesn't know how
               much it is--the manager doesn't know. They hunt in the books, they can't
               find it. They could charge it if you insist you want it." 

          1961 Nov 15, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Figures her temper tantrum she had over having only old furniture must
               have gotten around because she heard she'll be getting new furniture later;
               At the F.A.O. conference in Rome, "the Sec. of Agr. sent my counterpart
               to the joint comm. meeting which is a high echelon govt. meeting of the
               highest L. Govt. (Liberian Government) and I.C.A. officials. She came
               back and gave the 4-H man and I a blow by blow report. She is a power

          1961 Nov 16, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Finally heard that her personal effects were shipped out of Turkey in
               October; might hire a boy to clean house; discusses prices, everything is
               more expensive in Liberia.

          1961 Nov 17, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses the difficulties in foreign service and tells a story about how a
               manager of an apartment was forced to move the tenants out for a VIP
               who came in town, the tenants were forced to move up country and when
               they came back their personal items were outside left out in the rainy
               season for weeks; "U.S. should make adults serve in Foreign Service like
               they make young people serve in the armed forces. It's unbelievable." 

          1961 Nov 22, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Get's a hardship allowance; program has turned to A.I.D; hasn't had a
               mission director since she came to Liberia; is having a hard time since the
               President of the Ivory Coast is there and it holds up traffic; has a houseboy
               now that she only wants around for 2 hours, 3 evenings a week; Queen
               Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are in town so she figures she won't be able to
               get around to work.

          1961 Nov 24, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Mentioned that she feels the cultural shock is lost after about 3-4 months;
               writes about the folk she receives letters from.

          1961 Nov 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Finally went to the beach, "The nicest place is E.L.W.A. the private beach
               of the church supported radio station;" the Director of the mission had
               called them in and said the policy of the new Administration was to
               concentrate in a few areas only in one mission, "The word in Liberia was
               to put all effort on Education first and public adm. second and to call off
               Agr. and Roads." they won't be dropped until June; wonders if she'll be
               going on permanent home leave; heard that they might be kept in Liberia
               but switched over to different departments.

          1961 Nov 28, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Spent some time with a Dr. Florence Brown; went to the U.S.O.M. to
               watch a movie with her. "We were late but it was the Trapp Family Story
               musicians and a terrific picture. After that we were to watch the tribal
               devil dancers. They were terrible and I got tired and we came home."

04   12   1961 Dec 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "My houseboy's name is Paye. It's a tribal name, I don't know what his last
               name is;" mentions that fellow from Cushing Oklahoma is in Liberia on
               the Police Safety Program; "I went to a Methodist church Sunday and it
               was pretty awful. Lots of shouting and hell fire."

          1961 Dec 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses how she gets the run around at work, "Seems like our highest
               officials are so very ignorant of the simplest procedures. They never show
               up at the office. The supposedly Director of Ext. went to a F.A.O. meeting
               in Rome and returned last week. He has not shown up at the office yet
               after being back at least 4 days;" heard that Kennedy was replacing all
               career mission Directors with Political Appointees."

          1961 Dec 11, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had another staff meeting and it seems like nobody is going to be dropped
               in Agriculture; told a story about a gal they had sent to the United states to
               study and they had thought she was pregnant but she refused to see a
               doctor, she then disappeared to Switzerland saying she went to visit family
               and returned back to the United States having had an abortion and
               demanded to be brought back into school--the story caused quite a stir.

          1961 Dec 14, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally got the money for boat tickets to prepare for home leave; the boss
               came in and said that her job was gone and she was through in Liberia,
               "Then he asked me why in heck I was working for A.I.D. anyway. He said
               he thought I was losing at least $5,000.oo a year doing it and he thought I
               was crazy;" the boss thinks that the job loss "is a local deal and not one
               hatched in Wash. D.C." 

          1961 Dec 15, 6 p. no env.
          Season's Greetings letter from H.B.B.

          1961 Dec 15, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having a great vacation with six other people; [in Nigeria?]; at a port
               waiting for her boat

          1961 Dec 17, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Spent two hours in Lagos, Nigeria; met a fellow who has traveled all
               through Africa, "He says Liberia is the worst and I can readily believe him.
               The French really know how to lay out streets and towns and the English
               bring in bicycles. We have neither in Liberia." 

          1961 Dec 20, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is disappointed she didn't get off the boat at Port Gentil; is having a hard
               time because all the boat announcements are in French and the majority of
               the passengers are English speaking; "You should see us dock. The largest
               French Soldiers stand at the gangway and kick the natives in the shins and
               anywhere to keep them off the boat until the passengers get off." 

          1961 Dec 24, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is at Douala in Cameroon; is starting to feel tired of the trip; "I have never
               approached Christmas with so little feeling for the day it really is;" stopped
               at Cotonou, Dahomey but was not able to get off the boat to go

          1961 Dec 29, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had met the Dutch ambassador to five different African Countries
               including Liberia; "I've decided I'm one of the most optimistic people on
               board which may surprise you after all my complaining."

          1961 Dec 31, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "the boat as per schedule came about 9:00am. When we asked them if it
               would dock they just threw up their hands and said this is Liberia
               FREEPORT? Evidently they hate this port;" heard that they had really let a
               lot of jobs go and her boss is leaving in February not to return, "Things are
               really in an uproar here." 

04   13   1962 Jan 01, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Velma
               Has got the go-ahead from her counterpart with the Training  fired; "I
               haven't been fired yet that I know of but my boss says he's sure I'll either
               be transferred to another post or another dept." 

          1962 Jan 08, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "We just finished our first day of the 3 week training for our recruits. 5 out
               of the 16 registered showed up. An extra eligible one showed up and also a
               teacher who wanted the free board and lodging. The men said she could
               stay but I say no;" is looking forward to being done with A.I.D. in Liberia,
               "This is not living, it's existing and tain't worth the struggle;" 23 people
               were fired in Turkey."

          1962 Jan 16, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having a decent short course because her counterpart is so useful; "How
               can you conduct an educational program with children with no
               background, no experience. One of our teachers from the Health dept. told
               the girls not to go to the village in the evening when the village devil was
               out. Wheh!;" heard that a completion of assignment report for Mary that
               had been made out two months ago was still laying on the Mission
               Director's desk, "The Exec. Office keeps saying to my boss-'Since this job
               is to be abolished, they seem to want me to quit without informing Wash.
               D.C.' I refuse to get in the squeeze. My boss is trying his best but he is
               afraid of the Mission Director." 

          1962 Jan 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Got her car and has had it serviced; describes her school schedule; the
               driver of the A.I.D. car had hit Mary's car, "I felt that if I wanted to murder
               somebody I'd send them out with an A.I.D. driver." 
          Newspaper clipping
               The Tulsa Tribune Jan. 20, 1962,  "Tulsan Helps Keep Church Wheels
               Rolling: Just Call Him Chairman"

          1962 Jan 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Frances
               Had been elected to the Central Committee of the World Council; had
               visited mission work in India, Hong Kong, and Japan; discusses friend and
               family news

          1962 Jan 22, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "The world news is bad. Am. tries honestly to relieve the terrible poverty
               and hunger of the world but as here it's only going in the pockets of the
               'honorables.' Kennedy knows it too but it's a long difficult road to

          1962 Jan 24, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Dropped into bed with the doorbell rang. A Gen. Ser. man came to fix the
               door handle. I had already fixed it with a rusty nail. He left me a
               spare--rusty nail;" received information that the field extension workers
               and the agriculture extension man are to be moved to other sections and
               then most of the rest of them are out, including the head of the department,
               "My counterpart, of course, does not know this. The Nationals are not
               supposed to know anything about it yet but I hear it has leaked in some

          1962 Jan 29, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been so frightened of the terrible I.C.A. drivers, she's starting to think
               maybe she'll refuse to leave Monrovia for work; "If only I can ever get out
               of here. My only regret will be leaving this terrific counterpart." 

04   14   1962 Feb 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Rose
               "Today I've done some undercover work for the UN--to get a Home Ec. in
               here under their auspices. I'm working with my Dept. of Agr. Liberian and
               the head of UN with the Univ. of Liberia...." mentions how everything that
               comes in is easily damaged and one must really look over everything
               before they buy something.

          1962 Feb 05, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "The boss called a quick staff meeting and said he had been ordered to
               Wash. to leave here within 2 weeks and he was uncertain to whom we
               were to report until assigned to other Divisions but to carry on as usual;"
               "Today I got a letter from a Maryland Home Dem Agent who has done
               foreign service in Jordan and Italy. The State Organization of H.D.A. in
               Maryland wants to send me a fabulous list of working supplies. I'll be so
               glad to get them here;" "One of the men from Education came to me the
               3rd time for literature. He seems to think anyone can teach Home Ec. if
               they have a little literature. He has never offered to give me anything. I
               told him I was going to write to atomic energy commission for a few notes
               and then make an atom bomb." 

          1962 Feb 07, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally got a bunch of her stuff in, but needs to ask for a general service
               man to move it to an air conditioned room so her Turkish rugs and wool
               suits don't get ruined.

          1962 Feb 07, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Checked on her personal effects which are being stored in a warehouse;
               has been having headaches, Mary is convinced it's dust while the doctor
               thinks it may be due to the malaria suppressives.

          1962 Feb 09, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is trying to decide whether or not to sell her car; had paid her houseboy's
               school tuition and he still doesn't show up to work; complains about the
               rust colored dust that covers Monrovia; "I'm getting fat as a pig again. My
               appetite came back and with a car, I can get more food. I opened a box of
               frozen brussel sprouts tonight and they tasted like hay."

          1962 Feb 11, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had to travel alone since her counterpart has been ill; describes a big party
               she had attended which was held for the Head of Food and Agriculture.

          1962  Feb 12, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had a terrible time with her back aching due to rough travel in a jeep;
               having a bit of a rough time finding her personal items that are all packed
               up; is working on trying to get US to bring in Home Ec. with the head of
               UN who is in charge of developing the University of Liberia.

          1962 Feb 24, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been invited to a cocktail for five "big shots" from Washington;
               "Nancy is talking about going to the States for an operation and medical
               attention. I wish you could hear her talk to the V.I.P.s in the field who
               naively expect our girls to live with them. There are no moral standards
               among the V.I.P. Liberians here. There is polygamy among the tribes but
               not the promiscuity there is among the Honorables. She even tells off the
               American men who close their eyes to the conduct of their Liberian Co.

          1962 Feb 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Rose
               "I'm beginning to think that hepatitis is having a run the world over. I
               almost died with it when I was a senior in high school. I think it left its
               mark that I've carried ever since. Three weeks rest is what the Doctors are
               prescribing here plus a special diet. Two of the men in our department are
               down with it;" just heard that all Food and Agriculture Technicians are
               being transferred back to the Department of Agriculture and that think
               those who are eliminated will have travel and reassignment orders in the
               next week or two; Discusses job possibilities.

          1962 Feb 27, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is thinking she's in the mood for a long trip through South America on her
               way back to the States; "You should see the bars in this town. I'll really
               like an accurate count. They are mostly just dirty little shacks. There must
               be hundreds of them." 

04   15   1962 Mar 02, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses how host countries let in programs like A.I.D but never supply
               housing, "These countries have no concept of keeping a bargain with
               others and even themselves. Under developed doesn't just mean Agr., or
               Communications, etc. It's in every area."

          1962 Mar 02, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Landed a spot on the radio when even AID communication had trouble
               doing so, "The Good Lord helped us and it turned out to be a top notch
               interview with giggles in the proper places;" Is going to try to get a
               recording of the radio show and a regular time slot.

          1962 Mar 07, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has declined the Ghana assignment; "I also heard today that many A.I.D.
               career people are upset because of a new policy 'once assigned to Africa no
               chance for other territory.' Before there was an unwritten policy that if you
               got a hardship post they would try to snitch you to a better post the next
               time. Also I heard via the grapevine that our Peace Corps V.I.P.s made a
               public statement that A.I.D. was to house them. The head is a Harvard
               class mate of Kennedy's;" talks about how her counterpart, Mrs. Nab, is
               one of the most popular in A.I.D. 

          1962 Mar 10, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Received an offer from Washington with details on an assignment in
               Ghana; has been hearing about Turkey in the news quite often; is having a
               hard time adjusting to the calendars since the seasonal changes are so

          1962 Mar 19, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Mrs. Nab, her counterpart, had brought cake and hot dogs to the office for
               Mary's birthday "I really was embarrassed as it was quite a financial outlay
               as food is so expensive here;" describes the food situation and says that to
               make up for lack of proteins the Agriculture Department seems to only
               want to focus on meat rather than other sources of protein; has applied to
               be a peace corps trainer

          1962 Mar 19, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has had quite the social life recently; 4H man transferred to the desk job
               "It will help him financially but surely doesn't do much for the program." 

          1962 Mar 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses meal plans for when she gets back to the US; discusses how it's
               hard to get the Peace Corps to really cooperate with A.I.D.

          1962 Mar 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               A.I.D. Agency for International Development; describes the poor shape the
               building she works in is in; the C.A.R.E. workers are on their own so it's
               hard for them to make it in Liberia; "All is litigation here;" "You have to
               pay houseboys 2 weeks in advance when you fire them. Most of them are
               in debt to you twice that much which they admit but can't see how that
               effects their advance. It is funny and sad." 

          1962 Mar 30, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Hasn't received word on when she'll have home leave, "Then, since people
               know I'm leaving its difficult to get cooperation on projects such as charts,
               posters, etc.;" is working on a Peace Corps project to get ten home
               economists, "It may get me into trouble but I've seen lots of it so what?" 

          1962 Mar [?], 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               A flu bug has been going around and everyone's been a bit ill; told a story
               about a woman who had suddenly got violently ill during a trip up country
               but had company in the car that was able to drive her to a hospital, "At the
               hosp. they said it was an allergy from insect bites and in an hour she would
               have been gone had they not been able to give her an injection." 

04   16   1962 Apr 01, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Told a story about how her office secretary had shown up with a gash on
               her head "Our sec. is as personable and competent gal as you could ask for
               but she brings trouble to every place she lives. this is her 3rd move since I

          1962 Apr 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "I don't know whether those of unstable minds seek foreign assignments or
               whether F.S. makes one unstable;" describes the bad water shortage

          1962 Apr 05, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               "Yesterday I got Lederer's, 'A Nation of Sheep.' If you haven't read it, do.
               He co-authored with Burdick 'The Ugly Am." I liked this one very much.
               Perhaps for several reasons. 1. I understand the title, 2. He put the shoe
               more on the other foot this time. 3. He stole my original (at least I thought
               so) idea of making Foreign Service like compulsory military service." 

          1962 Apr 05, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had a conference with the President of Liberia University, he is the
               Liberian representative to the F.A.O. conference in Rome on Freedom
               from Hunger--Nutrition Conference.

          1962 Apr 07, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is having a hard time with the insurance policy communication and
               mentions how it's hard to manage finances in Foreign Service. 

          1962 Apr 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I forgot to tell you I'm coming up in the world. My street name has been
               changed from Duncan's Alley to Pres. Sekow Tour‚ Ane (the Pres. of
               Guinea visited us);" had a mix up at the police station where the traffic cop
               said her license was expired but there really was a big stamp on it that had
               showed it had been renewed.

          1962 Apr 20, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Mentioned more Agriculture men getting transfers but still has not
               received her travel orders; Describes how a family had become god
               parents at the church and they were wearing Mandingo native costumes
               "They are about the most spectacular-not quite as colorful as India and
               Pakistani but just as dramatic-the men's much more so." 

          1962 Apr 21, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Went to a Mission School "one of the best operated in the country from a
               cleanliness and feeding standpoint" and helped drain a fish pond and clean

          1962 Apr 30, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I mailed you some newspapers. This paper is of course controlled by the
               Pres. There is only one political party and every Gov't. employee has to
               give half his May salary for the party;" If you must see someone in Wash.
               see Larry Cummings Forrestry for Africa. He was the chief Agr. here. He
               is a quite unassuming person and he could tell you about Africa. Don't ask
               him anything personal. Frankly no one in A.I.D. Wash. knows anything
               and cares less." 

          1962 Apr [?], 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had met with the UN head of the University of Liberia to check on the
               Home Economics facilities, this UN head claims that they have been
               raising soy beans, "Our Agr. men say you can't raise soy beans here.
               Others say if we could the Africans wouldn't eat them." 

04   17   1962 May 02, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "We think here they don't have a job for me and so they are waiting as long
               as they can to avoid sending my household effects. If travel orders come
               without an assignment here they could ship my household effects and then
               if they assigned me in this direction they would refuse to return my
               household effects. Of course I wonder if I have any household effects.
               They may all be rotted and rusted;" 

          1962 May 04, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "The attitude toward work here is the worst I've ever experienced, you'd
               never believe it if I told you;" "Forgot to tell you that all Liberian help call
               every Am. Woman 'Missie' except those to which they want to give great
               respect. My driver calls me 'My Old Ma' which is an epitaph of deep
               respect but I can scarily keep a strait face when he says it." 

          1962 May 22, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Told a story about an alcoholic wife in Liberia who, while her husband
               was away, turned on the gas with a lit cigarette in her mouth and almost
               blew up her face and her apartment and it's become a controversy around
               the post.

          1962 May 22, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Complains that she's been working three months on a poster and has had
               little to no help on it, "Every time I go they have the most fantastic story of
               why it isn't done. 'The sec is working on it' that's been for two days. That's
               less than a word a day;" describes a couple tragedies in the field, "we've
               had some terrible things happen here that I can't repeat so I'm low."  
          1962 May 25, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is working to get High School Juniors apprentice jobs in Home Ec.;
               "Helen let the cat out of the bag. She said she was telling one of the men in
               Ed. what a terrific quantity of teaching material I had put out and he said, 'I
               didn't know she did things like that;'" "I think now I wouldn't mind staying
               here another year. It seems too bad that it takes one a whole year to be
               accepted professionally and socially."

04   18   1962 Jun 11, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is doing some managing for her trip back to the states; "wined and dined"
               with the UN Dean of Agriculture at the University of Liberia, a Jewish
               contracting couple, the head of the Government Hospital Dental
               Department, a native of British Guiana, and an American citizen who is
               with the Monrovia State Bank, "Believe me it was a cosmopolitan group if
               I ever met one." 

          1962 Jun 11, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses home leave travel plans as it will be her last night in Liberia.

04   19   1962 Aug 27, 1 p. no env.
          Newspaper clipping
               Kansas City Times, Aug 27, "African Cold Shoulder to Communism"

04   20   1962 Sep 02, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had gone to Denver, Colorado and Lindsborg, KS to visit friends; "I'm
               beginning to like a life of leisure and am afraid it will be difficult to get on
               schedule once again." 

          1962 Sep 26, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has been on KSAC radio and gives a schedule of her radio programs;
               "Yesterday I called Wash. Again and said I had heard nary a word. They
               said 'that's strange we ordered the Post Report and travel orders sent to you
               over a week ago.' They did seem to know that the mission is to be moved
               to Benghazi. That is bad to say the least but they also said I had not been
               accepted there yet. It's the constant planning and replanning that gets one
               down but maybe it could be worse;" will be traveling to Washington to
               await orders.  
          Newspaper clipping
               Kansas City Times, Sept. 5, "The Vice-President Eludes Protocol"

04   21   1962 Oct 03, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Reading Gunther's Inside Africa on Liberia and Tanganyika. "Read what
               he says about Liberia and Tanganyika and you'll know where I've been;" Is
               thinking about doing her mission work in Tanganyika; "Yes this Miss.
               [Mississippi race riots?] deal is a disgrace and believe me, I'll hear about it
               wherever I go. With this deal and waiting for travel orders three weeks
               believe me one questions one's own government." 
          Newspaper clipping
               "Area Future Tied to River"
          1962 Oct 09, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Gave a Washington D.C. mailing address; would prefer Tanganyika but
               has a feeling she'll be sent to Libya.

          1962 Oct 13, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Kathleen said the Peace Corps'ers coming from KSU and Okla. Were
               worn out from an 18 hr day program. Where does our health ed. come in?
               No wonder KSU profs said they slept through classes. Kathleen said Okla.
               Housed them in unused barracks that were bed bug infested and when they
               complained or reported the college officials made light of it. How can you
               accomplish change in a developing country if your technicians don't expect
               change where they live?"

          1962 Oct 17, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Has a new address; "If something soon doesn't break here I'm going to quit
               and get settled in Manhattan and get ready to enroll in school the second

          1962 Oct 24, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I got a note from the personnel Women in Liberia this am. They had to
               make out my travel orders to come from Manhattan here so now perhaps I
               can collect. I'm broke from advancing so much money." 

          1962 Oct 26, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses the difference between the US and underdeveloped countries are
               that the US was settled by a matured social group while these
               underdeveloped countries are still immature and have never had the
               chance to mature; is to confer with the woman who's place Mary is to take
               in Libya; discusses plans for her departure to Libya; read about F.A.O. in
               an issue of Reader's Digest. 

          1962 Oct 27, 4 p. no env.
          Letter to Velma
               The latest news is that she is going to Libya for 90 days T.D.Y. and then
               work to keep the job permanently; "Many groups of students were
               picketing the White House today so I went over to see the deal. I walked
               by the Russian Embassy and it was well guarded. The signs the pickets
               carried looked like 8th graders had made them. Cops were everywhere.
               [Incomplete?] Manchester hotel paper will be doing some business with
               F.A.O in Rome for a couple days on the way to Libya.

          1962 Oct 28, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "We can't send wires and cables out of missions now because of the
               Military Freeze and it makes traveling bad;" "I've been reading the Sun
               paper. I think our situation is much more serious than many of us think.
               We drove out past the Pentagon and the parking lot was full of cars which
               we felt mean many of the Military were working today." 

          1962 Oct [?], 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother and Niece
               "Today the boss said our Asst. Director just came back from Washington
               and said the Liberian officials don't know what they want and need and so
               it is difficult for Washington to decide on Aid. I'm sure he is right from my
               experience at the Senator's session with the Secretary of Agriculture. His
               answers sounded like an 8th grader."

04   22   1962 Nov 12, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Effie
               Wondering where Mary is and what she is up to; discusses obituaries;
               discusses friend and family news

          1962 Nov 12, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses recent social activities
          1962 Nov 12, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been giving the public Health man a hard time and it was rather
               amusing, "Poor fellow he is an excellent person but he really had no
               background for training like this and he surely didn't think through the
               problems;" "I've got pretty good partners in crime here and we stick
               together on the subject of nutrition and practical living;" 

          1962 Nov 17, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally made it and discusses her traveling difficulties; isn't technically
               qualified for PX privileges but has enough connections that she thinks
               she'll be able to use the PX after all; had her purse stolen in Italy but is

          1962 Nov 23, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Had Thanksgiving lunch with the Mission Director; "I've been blue the last
               few days. I have never known such red tape," she isn't able to buy
               American stamps, shop at the PX, drive a car or own one, or ride the
               military bus since she only has temporary status; is worried about her post
               since she has heard that they had previously hired folk who had no
               experience in extension to do extension work; an AID car was set up by
               the Assistant Personnel officer to take Mary and two office secretaries to
               the base; one of her two counterparts does not speak any English nor have
               much education; "There is to be no Peace Corps here because Libya said
               no Jews and US said we are not screening our people for nationality creed
               or religion so____. One does not mention the world here." 

04   23   1962 Dec 03, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Velma
               Is able to use a secretary's things as they gave Mary her apartment while
               the secretary was on home leave; "This is the d___est post I can imagine.
               No file, no book case, no interpreter, no nothing just complaints. Living
               wise its surely 100% better than Liberia;" mentions that there has never
               been a woman participant from Libya sent to the United States; 

          1962 Dec 16, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Effie
               Tells a story about how a friend had lost his teeth and the dog had found

          1962 Dec 16, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Margaret
               Christmas greetings
          1962 Dec 17, 1 p. w/env.
          Christmas card to Folks 

          1962 Dec 20, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks 
               "I am now teaching in my apt my two counterparts with nothing to teach
               with. I get needles pins scissors with my own money (script bought
               illegally) by list sent out with secs. going to the base. Maybe this is all a
               good thing. Maybe it will give me the gumption to quit;" lives a couple
               blocks from the King's palace and describes it's beauty; 

          1962 Dec 22, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose and Abe from Henry S. Stockhausen
               Friend and family news
          1962 Dec 25, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks from Tony
               Christmas letter

          1962 Dec 27, 1 envelopes without letter
04   24   1963 Jan 03, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               I'm getting so desperate but when I stop to analyze the psychological
               situation of a whole mission of frustrated people I can be more lenient. I
               can understand that everybody will fight and criticize anyone to relieve
               their own feelings and it probably isn't personal enmity. This is an
               impossible situation and I may be lucky to be sent home Feb. 17;"  

          1963 Jan 12, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Took a trip to Benghazi but is stationed in Tripoli; "The Mission seems
               completely demoralized and even if I could stay I see no point in it. I
               probably would get no support whatever;" describes the poor situation at
               the Mission; is thankful for her two counterparts who want to work with
               Mary in her apartment. 
          Letter to Christine
               Had hands in hard water all day and having problems writing.  Had 4-5
               girls in for tea.  Asked for an apron pattern and knitting needle gauge.

          1963 Jan 14, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I had a wonderful day's excursion yesterday conducted by the military,"
               encloses the program; reading "Tully's Ten Years Residence in the Court
               of Tripoli;" enclosed an article about Karl Barth
          Tour to Garian and Jefren from Service Club
               Military Troup to Garian and Jefren     
          Newspaper Clipping
               The Stars and Stripes, Jan 6., "Barth Offers Definition of Faith"
          1963 Jan 20, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose, C.A., Miriam, Tony from Christine
          Had enclosed copies of Mary's letters
          Copies of Mary's Letters
               Discusses teaching how to sew clothing, "I believe I could learn to like to
               teach clothing if I could concentrate on it. Now don't laugh. It has many
               problems. For example so far my girls have refused to take their clothes
               off for fitting but they also want their clothes to fit like their skin;" Had
               gone to Benghazi, one of the three capitols, "This country is ripe for home
               ec. But Govt. officials are so very young, inexperienced, uneducated,
               untrained, and immature. It seems hopeless to me. It's like dealing with
               kindergarten;" "Aysha (my Libyan counterpart) and I received a written
               invitation [Sussi family wedding] through Madam Menazy the head
               mistress of the girl's school in Benghazi where the bride had gone to
               school. Madam's husband is the Ambassador to France. She, we suspect is
               the leader of the quiet but still evident emancipation of Libyan women. I
               feel that Aysha also her student is a favorite prot‚g‚ and so fortunately she
               is favorable to our program;" describes the Libyan wedding which includes
               the feast, the costumes, decorations, entertainment, and finally the
               procession, "Finally from the doorway comes an Indian [Native American]
               hoot as our American kids do with their hands on their lips. Libyan women
               do it without their hands but you can see their tongues flip up and down a
               mile a minute in their wide open mouths. It's announcing the next feature
               [the procession of the bride]" The wedding takes seven days. 

          1963 Jan 21, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Some weeks ago the Director had asked that we get together to decide my
               fate. Well today the Chief/Agr. said I was going home as planned Feb. 17.
               He is not about to discuss it with the Mission Director. They just don't get
               along and they have me in the middle of their scrap;" "I think the Govt
               really wants Home Ec. But they just don't know what to do about anything
               and they are not about to admit it. The Am. Agr. chief is going to try to
               force them to do something and I don't think he or I can force the Libyans
               but he is hurt and so he is trying to save face. In fact all are trying to save
               face;" discusses possible plans for her life after she returns to the United

          1963 Jan 26, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Effie
               Obituary news
          1963 Jan 26, 5 p. w/env.
          Letter to Velma
               Worked with the Military Base Church Group at an old medical clinic in
               the "old city" that used to be a missionary clinic before the government
               outlawed missions; Ramadan holiday has begun and her counterpart,
               Aysha is gone with her mother while Mary tries to figure out what to do
               with her other counterpart who doesn't speak English; "I've used my apt.
               for a training center every am. and begged every sec in the bldg. to get me

               stuff at the AFEX so I could operate. For 10 years this govt has been
               promising appropriating etc. And never keeping the slightest promise so to
               heck with them. I'm quite favorable to letting them stew in their own juice
               for awhile and see what happens." 

          1963 Jan 26, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Rose
               "The mission Directors called us all in and held up the Ag. Chief's cable
               that I was coming back to Wash Feb 17 and told him in no uncertain terms
               I'd go only if he (The Mission Director) said so. Well I've been working on
               an agreement and if the Ministry swallows it, I may stay;" mentions
               working at the old medical clinic; the Stars and Stripes newspaper is
               finally printing articles on AID

          1963 Jan 30, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Is going to be on Television; her counterpart Aysha is leaving to Benghazi
               to study the fast month in her mother's home and turned in her resignation
               to the Minister in order to get a teaching job; "I'm getting to be a wine
               drinker. I like that dazed feeling it gives you;"  "The Liberian Govt has
               made a rule that all Am. technicians have to work in their respective
               Ministries instead of USAID and that they are no longer to be called
               advisors but associates. Also I heard they asked that the asst. chief in Ed.
               Be sent home and he was. Wheh!"

          1963 Jan 30, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Hoping that she won't have to do her training school at her apartment
               anymore; going to be on TV for an audience of about 2000 in Tripoli

04   25   1963 Feb 01, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "I'm having an English woman for lunch tomorrow I asked to take her to a
               restaurant but she wanted to come here to the house. She quits work for
               the day at 2:00pm like the Nationals and I work until 5:30. She doesn't
               realize what a chore it is for me to cook and serve guests in one hour. Her
               opinion of Americans is pretty low I guess. Well I may just strait her out a

          1963 Feb 06, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "Guess I'll make my flight arrangements out of here tomorrow to leave
               about Feb 15. I'll report in Wash. and they will probably tell me they have
               nothing for me and so I'll go over and take out retirement and head back
               for Manhattan. I wish I had less ambition;" is getting upset because the
               Liberian people aren't blaming the Chief or Mission Director, they blame
               Mary for being sent out; enclosed newspaper clipping
          Newspaper Clipping
               "Retired Postal Worker Enrolls as Frosh at 70"
          1963 Feb 11, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               "They are not using CARE milk but shipping in from Italy and very
               expensive brand half cream and buy cereal also from there in tiny pkgs
               when they could use their own in bulk at 1/5 the price. The woman in
               charge a very fine person has to use only what the VIP's in the Ministry
               order for her. They refuse to come to see the situation. I think there is a
               Billie Sol Estes deal involved." Discusses some of the problems AID is
               having in Libya. 
          Newspaper Clipping
               "Central Airlines to Offer Service to Tulsa"
          1963 Feb 14, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Has noticed that AID has opened two of her letters; heard through the
               Public Health nurse and an English man that the Ministry of Social
               Welfare had requested the Ministry of Agriculture for Mary's service in

               Libya for a tour of duty but the Ministry of Agriculture never bothered to
               discuss it with her; discusses social plans before she leaves
               Libya Palace Hotel Brochure

          1963 Feb 23, 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Made it to Washington; had stayed in London for a short visit; mentions
               an earthquake in Barca Libya; is trying to save up for a new car; was
               surprised to hear an American on her plane had gone to Russia to have

04   26   1963 Mar 03, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Found out that her necklace she had been wearing was worth one hundred
               dollars; her W2 for income tax hasn't come from Liberia yet, "Jail here I
               come;" had discussed retirement plans with a Department of Agriculture
               Cloth Specialist who was able to give her the full run-down on retirement;
               has a meeting with the Peace Corps.

          1963 Mar 06, 2 p. no env.
          Letter to Mary from Margaret 
               Friend and family news
          1963 Mar 06, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Discusses her concern for a friend in AID that lived next to her in Turkey;
               got a teaser from Kentucky University on a contract job in Indonesia; "Last
               night this friend and I saw Lawrence of Arabia 2.95 per seat. I never heard
               of reserved seats in a movie;" will be working on educational teaching
               materials for the South American Alliance for Progress program.

          1963 Mar 11, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Finally got her W2; is having trouble getting her driver's license renewed
               due to lack of understanding; is hoping to get a part time job with the
               Peace Corps rather than a full time job; "I have so many good friends here
               I'm going to hate to leave Wash. I'm truly glad to have had this home base
               experience. I'm very happy in this little dump of a hotel." 
          Newspaper Clippings
               "Instant Prosperity Bedevils Ancient Libya" 
               "Ellender Accuses U.S. of 'Tiptoe Diplomacy'"
               The Washington Daily News, Mar. 9, "Ellender's Odyssey"
          1963 Mar 13, 2 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               The Peace Corps have called and asked to borrow Mary for training 55
               corpsmen going to Liberia; had been asked to join a party given for
               Ambassador Peel of Liberia.

          1963 Mar 14, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Velma
               Mentions working with the Peace Corps at Lincoln University in
               Pennsylvania to train 55 people, mostly girls, to go to Liberia to teach
               primary grades; is trying to prepare teaching aides for the Alliance for
               Progress Program in South Africa; friend and acquaintance news; "There
               are lots of things going on here in Wash. At night but women alone are
               warned to stay off the streets after 8:00pm. Drug stores are running big ads
               of tear gas pens legal to carry for protection. Think I should go back
               overseas to be safe;" "Boy, talk about jealousy-I just can't get material out
               here one bit easier than I could in Liberia. Three depts. want it here but no
               two can get together on it so I'm just at a state of flux." 

          1963 Mar 26, 4 p. w/env.
          Letter to Velma
               C.A. Border might have to go in for surgery; is helping Velma locate the
               locations of some mutual friends; "I can hear not a blanket-blank word
               from the Peace Corps. It's not that I'm so anxious to be employed. It's that I
               want them to understand under what conditions I can now be employed;"
               did a little research and found out that AID has less than 20 Home
               Economists on direct in the U.S. and she's only found 4 University
               Contract Home Ec., "There must be something wrong with us that even
               our best friends won't tell us;" discusses how a certain acquaintance has
               such a wrong view on foreign service and is against both AID and the
               Peace Corps.

          1963 Mar 31, 1 p. w/env.
          Letter to Brother
               Discusses news with friends; think she's getting too comfortable in
               Washington making so many friends and is ready to move out; "I still like
               big cocktail parties. You can stay just one hour and disappear and no one
               missed you. You can hold a glass of orange juice all that time and pick and
               choose a little food and move away from the people you don't like;" 

          1963 Mar 31, 3 p. no env.
          Letter to Folks
               Mentions that she might be able to land a part time job with the Peace
               Corps; Verda is going to have surgery; filled out her retirement
               applications and plans on leaving Washington in April.

          1963 Mar [?], 3 p. w/env.
          Letter to Folks
               Had been all lined up for retirement, "But here at the office they asked me
               why I left Libya? They said there was a job there and they had wanted me
               to stay and do it. So they said would I wait here in Wash. Until they got rid
               of the Agr. Chief and see if they can get me back. Well I just think I don't
               want to go;" discusses how she prefers an apartment over a house; is going
               to visit the Home Economics department at Howard University.
04   27   1964 Apr 07, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Evan Frances, Furnishings Editor, Family Circle
               Submitted "on speculation" an article "...on housing for the rugged
               individualist."  Also asked from instructions for freelance writers.

          1964 May 08, 1 p. no env
          Letter to Jarslav J. Vajda, Editor This Day
               Enquiring if the magazine would be interested in an educational story
               featuring Mary and her "...experiences teaching Liberian bush women
               better methods of home making and specifically baby feeding"

          1964 May 13, 1 p. no env
          Letter to Henry S. Hayward, Overseas Editor, Christian Science Monitor
               Sent story  "on speculation" that the magazine would be interested about
               young men from Kenya studying in Kansas.  These young men do well in
               Kansas, but when they get back to Kenya, they had no idea how to apply
               what they learned in their village.

          1964 May 15, 1 p. no env
          Letter to C. H. Dykeman, Editor-in-Chief, Ford Times
               Enquiring if the magazine would be interested in a story ".,,of a canoe trip
               in northern Minnesota taken by single women with a guide."  Goes on to
               say "We would no doubt be traveling to Ely in a Ford."

          1964 Jun 09, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to Proctor Mellquist, Editor, Sunset Magazine
               Enquiring if the magazine would be interested in single women taking a
               canoe trip in Northern Minnesota.

          1964 Sep 22, 1 p. no env
          Letter to John Petterson, Editor Topeka Capital-Journal
               About Mary reaching retirement age and individual housing for retirees. 
               Enclosed a story, but no copy of story was attached to letter.

          1967 Jan 12, 1 p. no env.
          Letter to The Kansas City Star and Times Publication
               Enquiring if the newspaper would be interested in a story on early history
               for their Sunday edition.

04   28   [1959] [Mar], 6 p.
          Letter to Folks
               "Am. has spent money to send the head of the Ministry of Agri. Info. Man
               to U.S. to train him in Info. methods two different times. He was just
               getting so he know the difference between a poster and a letter and a
               picture. You could never dream by talking to Turks how little they can put
               into practice of what they know;" worked for an hour on a poster that only
               had about five Turkish words on it; "I just came from the Weigles. She has
               a phobia that she will have to leave here without having everything that
               you can get cheaper here;" will be receiving a hand operated washing
               machine that was built in Beltsville Research Center in Washington, D.C. 

          [1960] Dec [?], 5 p.
          Letter to Folks 
               Invited some kids from Jordan for dinner; took her car to the garage to
               have some Prestone anti-freeze put in and the guy who worked on her car
               did not put the radiator tap back in; "I've been pushing Dr. Ellis pretty hard
               about my situation so he called the Gen. Dir. for a conf. I asked him to go
               with me so I wouldn't blow my top. We sat there and fought inch by inch.
               I'm sure Suheyla never got the idea that I was complaining about her;" got
               out her Christmas decorations; doesn't understand how Turkey and Greece
               are so different in native intelligence and attitude and vision, "Greece has
               so much less in the way of resources and have gone so much farther." 

          [1961] [?], 4 p.
          Letter to Rose 
               Has been trying to get her car serviced before they ship it; found out that
               the man that had wanted to buy her refrigerator was a "wheeler and a
               dealer" who works for Dr. Brown as an interpreter but uses it as a cover to
               buy and sell American goods; had been sick from food poisoning; hasn't
               heard anything about her travel orders;

          [1961] [?], 1 p. 
          Letter to Brother
               [In Liberia] Sold her typewriter to the Goldsmith; met the Ambassador for
               the first time, also met an Embassy secretary from Ankara; is the only
               woman in her building and there is no toilet.

          [1961/1962] [?], 2 p.
          Letter to Folks 
               In Kakata Liberia, talks about her counterpart, Mrs. Nab; is cleaning the
               filthy Home Ec. Lab which was equipped from Americans for Institution
               Management; mentions she doesn't like to go to the parties because they
               expect you to stay so late, "My attitude is that at my age I can have a
               wonderful time. Visit and eating experience in 2 or 3 hours and I don't
               need to put on a show for 2 or 4 more. 'Every man to his taste said the old
               woman as she kissed the cow;'" has put in her request for home leave and
               has decided that perhaps she'll look for a job outside of ICA, AID.

          [1965], 1 p. no env., incomplete
               Reference to possible tour of international students so they can learn about
               Manhattan, Kansas museum, bank, stores, churches, etc.

          [?] Aug 31, 4 p.
          Letter to Folks
               In Turkey; Thinks that her folks should read "Let's Talk Turkey" by Willie
               Snow Ethridge; finally got a dress that Christine had sent her; tried to get
               her car washed and she ended up having to furnish all the supplies only to
               get none of the supplies back

          Letter to Helen
               Reference speaking engagement in Russell, Kansas. The printers did not
               get the invitations done in time, yet that worked out because Russell
               postponed the presentation for the following month.  Mentions Nor Stegg
               winning an award in Chicago.  The printing bill was $99.43 and Mary
               asked for $35 for stamps

04   29   Postcards
          To Brother, Iran
          To Folks, Sorrento, Italy
          To Folks, Rome, Italy
          To Folks, Rome, Italy
          To Folks, Rio De Janeiro
          To Abe, "Buying the Birthday Gift" [1950]

          Subject Series

05   01   African Recipes
     02   "Community's 8 Black Boys"
     03   Home Economics Extension
     04   Home Extension-Libya
     05   Home Extension Report-Libya
     06   "Home for the Rugged Individualist"
     07   Letters/Personal Records
     08   Liberia
     09   Liberia Home Economics
     10   Libya
     11   Miscellaneous Articles
     12   Pakistan
     13   Pakistan Reports (Sept. 18th, 1950-Aug. 20th, 1953)
     14   Pakistan Reports (Oct. 12th, 1953- Jan. 20th, 1954)
     15   Pakistan Reports (Jan 20th, 1954- May 20th, 1954)
     16   Pakistan Reports (May 20th, 1954 Sept. 20th 1954)
     17   Resignation Report
     18   Travel Itinerary/Expense Report
     19   Turkey Terminal Report

          Photograph Series

     20   Africa 
          Cattle - White Boran Cattle, Veterinary Station, Kenya
     21   Pakistan 
05   22   Turkey Canning Program 
          Field- Home Economics Extension Trainers working in the garden at Bornooa
               Izmer Eye University grounds We are not sure how effective our
               gardening training. It did not have the popularity and support that other
               like clothing, childcare and foods and nutrition had. Perhaps if men and
               girls had been trained together more than just an occasional day or two of
               in-service training it would have resulted in more practical action.
          Border, three women, child- Although drying was a common method of food
               preservation we introduced some improved methods...sulfering, capering,
               with gauze, etc. 
          Box of Jars- CARE brought Kerr Jar into Turkey and asked us to teach canning.
               Most all village families cooked over a tiny charcoal burner, which is
               surely somewhat inadequate for much canning. So, we taught canning only
               at the technical schools where there are kerosene stoves. Then we ask the
               girls to limit the canning to tomatoes and apples. We could not see a future
               to the project when the one supply of Kerr lids were gone. The technician
               was never to sell the products because there is fresh fruit and vegetables
               almost the year around. We felt drying might be safer. Many years later we
               understood the project survived...there are now many canning center in the
               large towns over the country
05   23   Turkey Conferences in Ankara 
               Microphone, Three women- This is an American FYE (Farm Youth Exchange
                    4-H) the Am. (American) technician and the national Home Economic
                    director broadcasting. Unfortunately the program was not too well
                    understood by the national official directing it in some years. We spent
                    every effort to explain the program to bath the national and AID officials
                    we also tried to influence the selection of delegates in order that they
                    might be good representatives of their country and that they would make a
                    creditable contribution on their return. We had some excellent candidates
                    going both ways. 
          Four women, standing, pasture- Helen Stroud-Wash DC, Helen McCune AID H.
               EC, {Illegible} In training student, Esen S. at the Training Center
          Two women, back of truck- Helen McCune AID, Helen Strow AID Wash DC
          Six women radio, poster on back wall-Some of our Home Ec. Trainees at a tea in
               ME Border's residence we took every opportunity to have the nationals
               come to our home in order that they might see how we lived. We tried to
               be a friend as well as a teacher. We spent time in many homes. They
               Turkish people are a friendly and gracious people. They loved a party or
               tea and we brought as many of our trainees into our home as possible,
               sometimes for tea, sometimes for a meal and sometimes for a night or
          Three women standing, brick home- Helen Strow, Helen McCune, Helen Strow
               from the Wash DC office visits Turkey. We tried to have her meet as many
               local people as possible for an exchange of ideas in her short visit
          Women blackboard- After having placed our first graduates in outlying provinces
               we were able to establish simple monthly reports. Our next step was to
               assist our counterparts in establishing a newsletter several times a year.
               The letter contained as much news as possible gained from monthly
               reports and especially progress observed by the Am Technician and the
               Turkish Counterparts on their observation visits to the provinces
          Women sitting, map upper left corner- Meeting to agonize a home economics
               association. We agonized the group but it eventually dissolved as we were
               not able to get together on goals and objectives
          Four women, folding chairs (Can't read names)
          Four women, couch- Nezahat Oye-Techer, Dr. Rezan Schimkaya, Saide
               Tezel-Teacher, Saadet Bozoglu
          Three women, folding chairs, two women standing- Teacher, Home economist.
               Home agent in....province
          A get together of women who are teaching in the Turksih schools in Ankara
               subjects related to home economics. Border's residence.
          Four women sitting, Two women standing- (List of names)
          A meeting to organize a home economics association in ME Borders home.
               Attending are all home economics teachers in Ankara, Turkey.
          People sitting, wearing signs- Role playing at a conference in Ankara attended by
               all agriculture province directions, This program was worked out by the
               AID home economist and  communications technicians. The Nationals
               enjoyed doing it but we have no idea what follow-up was. It was easier to
               convince the Ministry officials of the need for a a conference brining
               province employees in to a center than to persuade government officials to
               go out in the provinces to see first-hand problems and progress
05   24   Turkey Cooking
               Women washing hands, girl pouring water- In village girl give soap
                    demonstration. Washing hands to try out homemade soap.
          Women standing around, talking- Making soap in a village near Izmir
               Black pot in wall, over sticks- Cooking in a village hut
          Women bending over, near two buckets- Dish washing much household work like
               cooking, washing, etc is done outside in the courtyard. Its lighter than
               inside and Turkey is blessed with much mild weather.
          House-Finder's Village
          House, Cat, Stairs- An unusually fine village home owned by the Teacher
          Woman carrying pot- This is the village (or several families) bake ovens. Pieda or
               a flat bread was commonly made in the village.
          Women pointed on board to women, children- Teaching lesson outside using the
               basic four chart
          People eating outside- The Turkish AID official photographer, the American
               Home Ec. Technician and Turkish trainees enjoyed a meal at the home of
               the village teacher. One of the better homes in the village. In very few
               village homes could chairs and a table be found.
          Woman squatting near jar- This is really an outdoor kitchen. The large earthen jar
               is for water storage
          Woman bending over- The village woman looks outside and near hear water
               storage- the large earthen jar
          Woman cutting on cutting board- {Illegible names}
          Women gutting chicken
          Woman carrying two chickens- Dressed chickens on the market left much to be
               desired so we decided to give a chicken dressing preparation
               demonstration at our training institute. The killing we left to the nationals
               as muslims have their cultural methods we colded, plucked, singed and cut
               up the chicken in parts and fried as well as roasting whole. In areas where
               servants are common standards of household work can below. Students
               seemed deeply impressed by these demonstrations but what the carry-over
               or fallen up results were we do not know. Plans must be made for the
               repeat of a demonstration many times to make the results effective.  
05   25   Turkey Nursery Schools 
          Children standing in front of teacher- One of our Turkish counterparts special
               expertise was in family life an child development so we tried to work with
               all the nursery schools. In my opinion Selma Ognaem did an excellent job. 
          Children playing
05   26   Turkey Laundry, Toilets, etc.
          Group picture of children-I felt that our 4H program was never too successful. I
               think a strong 4-H program depends on a strong Adult Extension program
               and that we did not get here. The national leaders saw end results in their
               visits to US but in most cases are not aware of the tedious dedicated work
               foundation at the grass level. These programs cannot be transplanted in
               mass but must grow slowly from the grassroots on modest goals. I think
               they had some value in broadening the school curriculum but they lacked
               lasting qualities.
          Children congregating outside school- Notice the French influence in the school
          Fields, house, trees- One of our most popular Turksih projects was building asian
               toilets. This is not an easy job for women. They Near East Foundation had
               fusnished drawings and directions, This picture shows one going up. Every
               trained had to demonstrated her ability to build one in a village before
               graduation. Girls had to lean to mix cement and carry rocks to build the pit
               Often when the village men saw the women carring the rocks found that
               the home economics worked knew what she was doing they rushed to
          Can-A village or small town home toilet. Many village homes were without toilets
               of any kind. We felt our toilet building project was one of the better
               projects. One exceptional worker Ayfer Goner built more than 50 in a
               town which she worked. To get the project started the girls would often
               approach the Iman (pastor) and ask if he wouldn't like one at the mosque.
               Once that one was completed other villagers asked for them. \
          Men playing volleyball- The village people loved sports but we had not rules. We
               got some AID money to but a few basketball and volleyballs and we sent
               for rules but we had no American who could or would teach so the
               villagers made their own rules. Any Americans going to work in an
               underdeveloped country and to their village could well take recreation
               material and teach simple recreation. It's a good way to get acquainted and
               to make friends.
          Border, ironing board
          Border ironing a short- Border doing a Time n Motion demonstration to a mixed
               (men & women) conference in Ankara of Province Agr. Directors and
               their home economist.
          Women cooking with a big pot outside- We felt we could at least a rope or wire
               clothesline but the custom of drying on the ground or bushes dies hard.
               There was however a great deal of interest generated in laundry
               improvement methods.
          Women  in lab coats pouring water- 
          Men showing Border a machine- One of the outlying agriculture province
               directors had been to USA and was introduced to one of our early hand
               operated wash machines. We had great difficulty getting even one made.
               Even in cities like Ankara the water flow was too unsteady and uncertain
               to use electricity for washing. 
          Women using washing board Laundry methods in Turksih villages left much to be
               desired in the opinion of the Am. Home Ec. Technician we worked an
               improved methods constantly. After the women stood in mud near near the
               one village faucet washing in a shallow wooden basin or when there was a
               village wash house beat the clothes on a stone with a stick
          Person holding a stick- This is sort of a plumber's friend idea for washing clothes
          Line of faucets- The laundry in the training center near Izmir
          Line of fire pits-Beating wet clothes with a stick on a stone surface
          Wide shot of river, people washing clothes- This is a village laundry a series of
               crude tubs and running water
          Crowd of women washing clothes- Trying to improve some laundry methods
          Women carrying clothes- Arriving at the laundry with a load of clothes
          Border standing with washing board- Trying to introduce American washboard to
               be made locally. This man is an ag. director of an outlying province. The
               Turkish people are a proud people and like to look well dressed and well
05   27   Turkey Training School, Beds 
               Bed-A bed of this type was seldom seen outside a city
          Ladies putting cloth on Our students at Barnova (near Izmir Turkey) training
               center chase this project. They said colds were so common in villages that
               they felt caused by sleeping on the cold floors they felt they needed a bed
               project of some sort. We worked this nest type our as in the villages
               families lived in one room. In the daytime they could be used for sitting
               we combined their projects with mattress working. Many of these bed
               frames were made at the prisons by prisoners. 
          Women/Children standing in front of a wall-A group of village women who
               indicated willingness to learn from the village worker and may become
               what we Extension call local lay leaders
          Women putting together dresses- This was indeed an interesting project. Our
               trainers had no money for demonstration material. The American military
               planned to destroy some out dated parachutes and wondered if I could use
               the fine quality silk in them. With a number of my Turkish counterparts
               we spent several days dismantling them. Then we divided the silk among
               our trainees. They made mostly slips and children's dresses. Most Turkish
               women sew and this was a most popular project. 
          Group of women standing over oven- Out of tin oilcans we tried to make a baking
               oven. We never got it to draw as we would have liked
          Women listening to teacher- The Am. Technician was responsible for recruiting
               and placing and in-service training. Helen McCune had major
               responsibility for the Bornara Training which was only for home
               economics. We tried to train the women and men together in our in-service
               training as some of the subjects overlapped. Too we wanted the men and
               women to work together in the village to support each other.
          Women getting ready to eat- This picture was taken of Ministry officials who just
               had lunch in our Home Ec Training Center in Bornara, IzMir on the Ege
               Univ Campus. Helen McCune who had formerly worked for the Near East
               Relief Program directed theschool and did a fine job as she had a long
               background working village families in Greece before coming to AID in
          Women standing on stair steps- Two local leaders who gave a yardage shrinkage
               demonstration material available was poor and wore out quickly, no doubt
               because of laundry methods. The girls with aprons are our trained home
               economists. They made and wore them in training. Aprons are not
               common in developing countries. 
          Girl Behind Curtain- The bride displaying hard work gifts from her dowery. The
               dowery in the village seemed to consist mostly of needle craft articles,
               many comforters and sometimes many dresses. We worked on this custom
               at length in our training center working practical lists of items for a
               dowery. Yet when our own trainees married they rented to old customs.
               They seemed sold to the new practical ideas but only for Athens.
          Two girls, one forward, one backwards- Children at the technical Schools wore
               uniforms. Our trainees redesigned the uniform and simplified it. We had
               two counterparts one for Home Ec. Extension village work and one who
               supervised the teachers in the Technical Schools.
          Women sitting on stool- Turkey is known for its fine rugs, Much of the weaving is
               done by young girls
          Two women standing in front of curtains- In the 50s it was difficult to buy a man's
               shirt ready-made in Turkey. At the Training Center in Bormora the girls
               made up patterns of men's shirts in many sizes. In going to a new village,
               they always visited first with the Muhtar (mayor) and asked him if he
               would like them to make a shirt. Of course, he did and indeed one was
               made for him and usually after that the program was accepted. 
          Women cooking in a large pot- Some dying of fabric is still practiced in the
          Women sewing

          Women and a man look over railing- Visiting a village family once the Kentucky
               Extension Director in a visit to a Turkish Village asked what was their
               greatest problem. The village (mayor) spokesman without a moment's
               hesitation said, "The mother-in-law problem". We immediately began
               working on a program for family relations.

          Girls cooking
          Girls standing at separate tables cooking-Our Home Ec. Training School Home
               Ec. Laboratory at Barmora
          Women mixing and cooking- When the Turkish Minstry decided that our home ec
               training was good and practical they decided to take our best students and
               make them teachers in the Technical Schools. These are boarding school
               of about Junior high age. This decreased the number of women we could
               put in villages as Extension workers and we objected. The official did not
               understand education outside the formal school situation. This man not
               have been the worst decision as these young girls were now getting some
               practical and basic home economics training.
          Wide shot of girls cooking-The Ministry chose our best students for the Technical
               School which we felt was not fair to the Village program. Perhaps in the
               end it was not a bad idea.

06        Printed Material

          Agriculture Research Service: United States Department of Agriculture. "Bulgur
          Border, Mary E. and Nancy N. Nah. Learn About Home Economics. Liberian
               Information Service: Monrovia, Liberia, 1962. (4)
          Federal Extension Service: United States Department of Agriculture. Home
               Making Around the World. Washington, D.C., 1958 Aug. 
          Fridthjof, John. Encouraging the use of Protein-Rich Foods. Food And
               Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Rome, 1964. 
          George, Emmet. Women in Africa (Agenda: Agency for International
               Development Magazine).  Volume 1 No. 2. Press and Publication Division
               Office of Public Affairs Agency for International Development,
               Washington D.C., 1978 Feb. 
          Najmeh, Najafi, and Helen Hinckley. Reveille for a Persian Village. Harper &
               Brothers: New York, 1958. 
          New Day-The Magazine for a Reading Liberia. Ed. Margaret Traub. Vol. 8 No. 3. 
               Monrovia, Liberia: Department of Public Institution. 1962 Apr-May.
          Our Made-to-Measure Service by Post, Alexandre Limited: London. 
          Pelt, Sciara Adrian. Tripolitania (Libya). Rome, Italy. Tripolitania Tourist
          Reply to Criticism in "The Ugly American". International Cooperation
               Administration, Washington, D.C.
          Sumer, S. Ev ve aile hayatimizda daha iyiye dagru (4)
          United States of America. Food for Peace Program. 
          White, Ruth Bennet. The Turkish Woman and her Family Forty Years after
               Emancipation. Vol. 55 No. 4. 

07        Oversize

          Photographs of Mary Border
          Pakistan Photograph (From R to L: Pakistani Girls, Pakistani Teacher, Border)
               Description on back: "Our Village Aid students visiting with a Lahore,
               Pakistani Teacher from the Technical School there. Because of
               accommodations it was difficult to get local teachers to teach."
          Pakistan Photograph (Border (first row, middle) Pakistani females holding
               knitting tools) 
               Description on back:"This was one of our first graduating classes of
               Village Aide workers in Pakistan."
          Pakistan Photograph (Three Pakistani women flanking a stone, holding
               notebooks/taking notes) 
               Description on back: "We worked with a local missionary trying to perfect
               a Chula (got the plan from India). It's a stone. Most village families out
               door over an open cow dung fire. We are trying to raise the cooking
               process to a sanding process. Reports are numerous into the fire at ground
          Pakistan Photograph (Pakistani females watching teacher write something on a
               chalk board)
               Description on back: "Akther Mahuyd  din our Pak.(Pakistan(i))
               Counterpart teaching in the class room at the Ouaidibad on the desert a
               day's journey from Lahore. It was difficult to find a place to stay overnight
               we would go for 4 days at a time. We had a very little teaching material
               except what I could bring form my home.
          Loose Articles/Posters:
               Liberia Map
               Muvazeneli ve iyi Beslenmek icin
               Developmental Chart (0-12 months)
               Food Supplement for Normal Infant (2) (Small and Large)
               An Adequate Diet-Makes the Difference (6)
               Drawings for a House (2)

          Wueng, Woot-Tsuen Wu and Marina Flores. Food Composition Table for use in
               Latin America. Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National
               Defense: Bethesda, Maryland, June 1961.