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Clementine Paddleford Papers

Articles - World Journal Tribune, 1966-1967 and Miscellaneous Articles

Box  Folder
112  01    1966 Sep 23, "Mama Laura Still Going Strong"
     02    1966 Sep 26, "Food Editors Powwow"
             (Hosted by Armour Meat Company)
     03    1966 Oct 6, "Apples Blossom Everywhere"
     04    1966 Oct 16, "The Royal Pumpkin"
     05    1966 Oct 20, "Chili Getting Warm Hello"
     06    1966 Oct 23, "Pulling Chestnuts From the Fire" 
             (Karen Rubenstein)
     07    1966 Oct 24, "Recipe Of The Week" 
             (Luchow's Boiled Beef, Luchow's Restaurant, 110 E. 14th St., New York)
     08    1966 Oct 25, "A Tender Process"
     09    1966 Oct 26, "Gourmets in the Clouds" 
             (Rainbow Room, 64th floor of the RCA building, New York)
     10    1966 Oct 27, "Cooking With A Light Touch"
             (Zoe Shippen Varnum, portrait painter and Laurent K. Varnum)
     11    1966 Oct 28, "Trick on Treat"
     12    1966 Oct 30, "A Turkey's Best Friends"
     13    1966 Oct 31, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Indian Pudding)
     14    1966 Nov 15, "Wall-to-Walnuts"
     15    1966 Nov 16, "Nice to Go Hungary"
             (Paprikas Weiss Shop, 1546 Second Ave., New York)
     16    1966 Nov 17, "Pilgrims 1966"
           1966 Nov 17, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (La Chaumine, 986 Second Avenue, New York)
     17    1966 Nov 22, "The Lady Has Some Crust"
             (Mrs. Manners Hammerstein)
     18    1966 Nov 23, "Hosting; Toasting And Caviar"
             (G. F. Hansen-Sturm)
           1966 Nov 23, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Karen and Otto Plume, The Copenhagen, 68 W. 58th St., New York)
     19    1966 Nov 25, "Start Hoarding For Christmas"
           1966 Nov 25, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (John's Restaurant at 302 E. 12th St., New York - John Pucciatti,
             Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pucciatti, son of John)
     20    1966 Nov 27, "And She Can Cook By George"
             (Beryl Reid)
     21    1966 Nov 28, "Recipe of the Week"
           1966 Nov 28, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Joe De Rose, Frank De Rose and Louis De Rose, La Strada East, 274
             Third Ave., New York)
     22    1966 Nov 29, "Gift Hunting? Take Easy Way Out"
     23    1966 Nov 30, "Mussel Soup Strong Choice"
             (Maria's Cin Cin, 224 E. 53rd St., New York)
     24    1966 Dec 01, "California Avocado Comes East"
           1966 Dec 01, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Marnel's at 131 E. 47th St., New York)
     25    1966 Dec 04, "Portugal's Envoys of Food and Fine Wine"
             (Mr. and Mrs. Nuno de Sampaio Soares, New York)
     26    1966 Dec 05, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Boeuf Bourguignonne A La Marinade)
           1966 Dec 05, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Princess Giovanna Tasca di Cuto "Mrs. Donald Cook", The Leopard,
             East 50th St., New York)
     27    1966 Dec 06, "New: Turkey Bastes Itself"
           1966 Dec 06, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Dan Stampler, Steak Joint Restaurant in Greenwich Village)
     28    1966 Dec 07, "Down to Serious Tasting"
             (Chanson Pere et Fils)
           1966 Dec 07, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Miss Wilcock, Little Old Mansion)
     29    1966 Dec 08, "1,000 Recipes, All Chinese"
             (Gloria Bley Miller, Greenwich Village)
           1966 Dec 08, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Tony's Carriage Trade Restaurant at 38th St. and Third Avenue)
     30    1966 Dec 09, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Bronco Barbecue Restaurant, 165 W. 72nd St., New York)  
     31    1966 Dec 11, "Mr. Peanuts Packs A Protein Punch"
     32    1966 Dec 12, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Marmalade, Carrot and Cucumber)
           1966 Dec 12, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (John Calamaris, owner of the Blue Seat at 135 Third Avenue, New York)
     33    1966 Dec 13, "Going Shopping? Goodies, Goodies for You"
             (B. Altman's Dutch sweets)
           1966 Dec 13, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Luchow's Restaurant at 110 E. 14th St., New York)
     34    1966 Dec 14, "Make Shopping An Adventure"
           1966 Dec 14, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Mike Manuche's Restaurant, 150 W. 52nd St., New York)
     35    1966 Dec 15, "How to Bake A Fruit Cake"
           1966 Dec 15, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (The Corner at Margaret's, 502 Third Avenue, New York)
     36    1966 Dec 16, "Market Takes and Orange Hue"
           1966 Dec 16, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Emy Lou Carlson, owner of La Place, 42 E. 53rd St., New York)
     37    1966 Dec 17, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Mickey Ruskin, Max's Kansas city, 213 Park Avenue South, New York)
     38    1966 Dec 18, "Love Rates High on This Dean's List"
             (Dean Josephine Whitford, Manhattan School of Music)
     39    1966 Dec 19, "Recipes of the Week"
             (Danish Blue Wreath)
     40    1966 Dec 20, "Something New In Meat Items"
           1966 Dec 20, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Maud Chez Elle, 4o W. 53rd St., New York)
     41    1966 Dec 21, "How to Make The Holiday Bubble Over"
             (Richard L. Blum Jr., Julius Wile Sons and Company)
           1966 Dec 21, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Herb Evans Restaurant at Broadway and 64th St., New York)
     42    1966 Dec 22, "Gingerbread Folks Get Around"
             (Edward King, The Basket Shop, 21 Barclay St., New York)
           1966 Dec 22, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Gladys Wilcock, hostess of The Little Old Mansion, 224 E. 51st
             St., New York, Promenade Café and English Grill and Café Francais
             in Rockerfeller Plaza, Horizon Room in the United Airlines
             Building at JFK airport, Tavern on the Green at Central Park West
             at 67th St., New York)
     43    1966 Dec 23, "Chowder For Tree Trimmers"
           1966 Dec 23, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (The Steuben Tavern at 163 W. 47th St., NY, Mama Laura's at 230 E.
             58th St., New York, Joe Kipness, owner of Hawaii Kai, 1638
             Broadway at 50th St., New York, The Tower Suite at Time & Life
             Building, 111 W. 50th St., New York)
     44    1966 Dec 25, "Melissa Hayden: On Her Toes in the Kitchen, Too"  
             (Melissa Hayden Coleman, ballerina)
     45    1966 Dec 27, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Orange New Year Punch)
           1966 Dec 27, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Roy L. Peterson, Janssen's, 430 Lexington Ave., New York)
     46    1966 Dec 28, "The Crumpets Are Coming"
           1966 Dec 28, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (William King and Kyle King, Joe King's Rathskeller or The G/A)
     47    1966 Dec 29, "On Planning a New Year's Party"
             (James Beard)
           1966 Dec 29, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Elias Boneros, Lord Camelot at Eighth Ave. and 45th St., New York)
     48    1966 Dec 30, "Do Some Lucky Eating on New Year's Day"
           1966 Dec 30, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Robert Chu, Tamburlaine, East 48th St., New York)
     49    1967 Jan 01, "The Blini Party Is the 'In' Thing"
             (Don White, the Telephone Chef)
     50    1967 Jan 03, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Ruggiero Ricci, violinist, Spaghetti Con Tonno With Tuna Sauce)
           1967 Jan 03, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Gene's, 73 W. 11th St., New York)
     51    1967 Jan 04, "Remarks in Good Taste"
           1967 Jan 04, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Chef Carl Jones, Old Forge Steak House at 230 E. 44th St., New York)
     52    1967 Jan 05, "Liqueur Does You a Flavor"
             (Mrs. Gerard Glotin)
           1967 Jan 05, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Ross Heiney, owner and Charley Comer, manager, Jolly Sixpence,
             875 Second Ave. at 47th St., New York)
     53    1967 Jan 06, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Gino Conti, owner, VIP Restaurant at 120 Madison Ave., New York)
     54    1967 Jan 08, "What Turkey Can Do for An Encore"
     55    1967 Jan 09, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Persian Lamb Stew)
     56    1967 Jan 10, "Holiday Eating Put on Pounds?"
           1967 Jan 10, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (A. H. Hansen-Sturm, Romanoff Caviar Company and list of his
             favorite restaurants in New York)
     57    1967 Jan 11, "Recipe Basket Amusing Gift"
     58    1967 Jan 12, "Foreign 'Born' Endive Gaining Status in U. S."
     59    1967 Jan 13, "Take a Look at the Market"
           1967 Jan 13, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Blum's of San Francisco at 121 E. 59th St., New York)
     60    1967 Jan 16, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Harlequin Omelet)
           1967 Jan 16, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Agustin Rodriguez, owner, Manana, 1136 First Ave. at 62nd St.,
             New York)
     61    1967 Jan 17, "Learn All About Kosher Cooking"
             (Hannah Roen, chef at Educational Alliance, 197 E. Broadway, New York)
     62    1967 Jan 18, "Fine Sherries His Cup of Tea"
             (Charles Williams, Eilliams and Humbert Ltd.)
     63    1967 Jan 19, "Where Gourmets Make The Grade"
             (Maurice Moore-Betty, Moore-Betty Catering Service)
     64    1967 Jan 22, "Life Is One Sweet Song"
             (Patte Finley)
     65    1967 Jan 23, "Recipe of the Week"
             (New England Chicken Pie)
     66    1967 Jan 24, "A New Robust Instant"
     67    1967 Jan 25, "Clam Chowder Now the Thing"
             (Nan Higgins, Goldie's Restaurant, New York)
     68    1967 Jan 27, "It's Rhubarb Time"
     69    1967 Jan 29, "He Cooked For Jackie And JFK"
             (Rene Verdon, former White House chef)
     70    1967 Jan 30, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Brunswick Stew)
     71    1967 Jan 31, "New Products Go to Market"
     72    1967 Feb 01, "The Italian Freeze"
             (Mrs. Mary Scavetta, B. Altman's department store)
           1967 Feb 01, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Harold Smith, manager of Bickford's Muffinburger, southwest
             corner of Sixth Ave. and 45th St., New York)
     73    1967 Feb 03, "Apples Are Better Than Ever"
     74    1967 Feb 08, "The Werblins: Football Is A Side Dish"
             (Leah Ray Werblin and David A. "Sonny" Werblin, President of the
             New York Jets, formerly President of MCA-TV)
     75    1967 Feb 06, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Salmon Buckwheat Jacks)
     76    1967 Feb 07, "What's New In World of Food"
     77    1967 Feb 08, "Most Unusual Meat-ing Place"
             (Empire Market, 339 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York)
     78    1967 Feb 09, "Countess' Cake A Real Honey"
             (Countess Jan Dembinski, President of Polish Mutual Assistance, Inc.)
     79    1967 Feb 10, "Crunch! It's Celery Time"
           1967 Feb 10, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Old Homestead, 56th Ave. just north of 14th St. New York)
     80    1967 Feb 12, "Honest, Abe Had a Sweet Tooth"
             (Lincoln's Favorite Recipes)
     81    1967 Feb 13, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Celery Flounder Rollups)
           1967 Feb 13, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Hosts, Guido Bacchiola and Joseph Maestro, L-Aiglon, 13 E. 55th
             St., New York)
     82    1967 Feb 14, "Exciting World Of New Foods"
     83    1967 Feb 15, "Two Pie Guys and a Gal"
             (Mr. and Mrs. Ray Campbell, Pie Guy, Inc., 306 E. 72nd St., New
     84    1967 Feb 16, "Winners At Big Bake-Off"
             (Mrs. Carlos D. Bullock, Topeka, KS; Mrs. George I. Crook, Crosby,
             Mississippi; Carlton V. Sawyer, Arnold, Maryland)
     85    1967 Feb 17, "Pork Leads the Meat Line"
     86    1967 Feb 19, "Memories Of The Long Ago"
             (Dr. Corazon Baldos, Newton, NJ)
     87    1967 Feb 20, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Savory Apple-Sausage Casserole)
     88    1967 Feb 21, "Presto! Stuffed Snails"
     89    1967 Feb 22, "This Holiday Grocer's Dream"
             (Mary Simpson, slave to General George Washington)
     90    1967 Feb 24, "The Artichoke Story"
     91    1967 Feb 26, "Pavillon Back With Past Grandeur"
             (Le Pavillon Restaurant, owner Claudius Philippe and chef Roland Chenus)
     92    1967 Feb 28, "World of New Foods"
           1967 Feb 28, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Vincent and Enzo Russo, owners, Delfino's, 68 Fifth Ave., New York)
     93    1967 Mar 02, "King Tuna Rates Royal Recipe"
           1967 Mar 02, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Marc Reuben, owner,Absinthe House, 48th St., New York)
     94    1967 Mar 05, "The Birthday Dinner Was a Gourmet's Dream"
             (Andre L. Simon, founder of the Wine and Food Society - 90th
             birthday, Joseph Castaybert, executive chef of the St. Regis
             hotel, and Paul A. Spitler, Commissioner of the Wine and Food
             Society of London)
     95    1967 Mar 06, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Vegetable Spoon Bread)
     96    1967 Mar 07, "World of New Foods"
     97    1967 Mar 08, "Dinner Party Rings the Bell"
             (Charles Henri Heidsieck, Thomas F. McCarthy, president of Austin
             Nichols, importers of wine)
     98    1967 Mar 12, "Swedish Fiesta-A Lesson In Good Taste"
             (Mrs. Tore Tallroth, wife of Swedish Consul General in New York)
     99    1967 Mar 13, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Green Apples)
     100   1967 Mar 15, "Come Friday, Color It Green"
     101   1967 Mar 17, "The Jets Are Bearing Fruit"
     102   1967 Mar 20, "Recipe of the Week"
             (Bunny Cake)
     103   1967 Mar 21, "Offer Kosher Food Directory"
     104   1967 Mar 26, "Wine Taster's Moment Of Decision"
             (Jean Dalrymple, Nancy Dussault, Linda Bennett, Constance Towers
             and Bob Wright)
     105   1967 Mar 28, "What's New On Grocery Shelf"
     106   1967 Mar 30, "Home Economists Trade Secrets"
             (Martha de Rondon and Una Abrahamson)
     107   1967 Apr 06, "Dining Out With Clementine"
             (Proof of the Pudding Restaurant, Frank Valenza, Owner)
     108   1967 Apr 09, "A Visit To L'Etoile With Clementine Paddleford"
             (L'Etoile Restaurant, 50th St. & 5th Ave., New York)
     109   1967 Apr 12 "The Nutty World Of Tom Zarras"
             (226 Washington St., New York)
     110   1967 Apr 13, "The Stalk of the Town -- Asparagus"
     111   1967 Apr 16, "Ukrainians Say, 'Pass the Pashka'"
             (Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graffman)
     112   1967 Apr 17, "Recipe of the Week"
     113   1967 Apr 20, "Setting for Traditional Seder"
             (Mrs. Judah Nadich, Park Avenue Jewish Synagogue, New York)
     114   1967 Apr 28, "A Look at the Market"
     115   "Dining Out With Clementine," n.d.
             (Cheshire Cheese at 391 W. 51st St., New York; Ricky Carridi,
             Friar Tuck Inn (medieval tavern) at 914 Third Ave, corner of 55th
             St., New York;  Lee Gee, owner and manager, Inn of Six Happiness,
             East 56th St., New York; Jack Crotta and Victor Marlier, Jack's
             Epicure, 344 W. 46th St., New York; Miramar Restaurant, 10 E. 46 St.,
             New York)
     116   "Homage to the King of Mushrooms," n.d.

           Published articles, 1932-1967, n.s. 
113  01    1932, "He's Having A Circus" 
             (William B. Brinkley)
     02    1936 Feb 02, "Michel Martell Gives Some Brandy Pointers" 
             (Michel Martell)
     03    1936 Dec 24, Candles for Christmas
     04    1939 Dec 23, "Rich Incense of Holiday Fare Is Everywhere in City Markets"
     05    1944 Feb, "A Dash Of Spice..."
     06    1947 Aug 19, "Author Reveals How She Kept Children 'Home on the Range'"
     07    1949 Aug 11, "Chilled Consomme Called Spur To Appetites in Hot Weather"
     08    1950 Nov 29, "Season's Supply of Fruit Cakes Keeps Piling Up" 
             (article incomplete)
     09    1950 Aug 23, "Pear Harvest, a Golden Flood in California"
     10    1950 Nov 19, "Blackstrap Molasses in Favor As Rich Source of B Vitamins"
     11    1951 Mar 10, "Sandwiches Right Off the Plane"
     12    1951 Mar 31, "Half a Day Is None Too Long To Study This Candy Factory"
     13    1951 Dec 13, "Farm Mincemeat Sent by Mail, 10 Pounds in a Wooden Bucket"
     14    1951, "Candy Ghosts, Goblins Ready for Halloween"
     15    1952 Aug 04, "Caesar Salad Widens Sphere To Include N. Y. Central Diners"
     16    1953 Apr 03, "A New One With Old Flavor Is Reminder of Days Gone By"
     17    1953 Jul 24, "Thirsty Earth Drinks Up And Vegetables Revive"
     18    1954 May 15, "Luchow's Holds May Wine Festival" 
             (article incomplete)
     19    1954 Dec 18, "Special Treats for Holiday Dining"
     20    1954, "A Food Seasoner in the Picnic Sun"
     21    1955 Jan 19, "New Danish Delicacies Come to Market in U. S."
     22    1955 Jan 25, "Tropics Send Heart of Palm in Cans"
     23    1956 May 30, "Pennsylvania Dutch Products Grow"
     24    1956 Dec 17, "Stage, TV Actress Stars in Kitchen"
     25    1956, "History Museum Shows Olde New Year's Drinks"
     26    1957 Feb 12, "Ham and Pork Loaf High On Lincoln's Food List"
     27    1957 Apr 06, "Spring Foods Come Out With the Touch of April"
     28    1957, "Still More New Frozen Delicacies"
     29    1958 Jan, "Imported Caviar-Gourmet's Delight"
     30    1958 Mar, "Cheese Galore"
     31    1958 Aug 18, "A Lemon Butter is Among New Taste Tempting Foods"
     32    1959 May 02, "May Wine Celebrations Top Menus This Week"
     33    1959 Oct 19, "English Cheeses Cross the Sea"
     34    1959, "Plum Pudding - Tried and New"
     35    1959, "Sauces for Turkey - Cranberry and Others"
     36    1960 Feb 10, "Delicacies for Valentine's Day"
     37    1961 Feb, "Sweets for Your Valentine"
     38    1961 Nov 23, "Thanks for Surplus Turkey"
     39    1961 Dec 18, "Last Call for Finding Holiday Food Gifts"
     40    1961 Dec 19, "Old Scottish Recipes Find Way to New York"
     41    1962 Jun 06, "Wedding Cake Fashion"
     42    1962, "Russia's Technology Turns to Better Wines"
     43    1962 Jul, "Russian Tour Reveals No Gum, No Girdles"
     44    1963 Apr 30, "Dining and Wining In Exotic Setting"
     45    1963 Jun 26, "No Evil Spirits   Just Elaborate Feasts in Hong Kong"
     46    1963 Jul 01, "The Grasshopper Has Hopped to Hong Kong"
     46    1963 Jul 03, "Japan's Shoyu Sauce An Ancient Condiment"
     48    1963 Jul 10, "'Peter Pan' Cheeses"
     49    1963 Aug 14, "'Little People' Cross Atlantic"
     50    1963 Oct 16, "European Foods Freezing Over"
     51    1963 Nov 13, "The Lighter Whiskeys   A Womanly Touch"
     52    1963 Nov 27, "Canapes Made From a Blueprint" 
             (article incomplete)
     53    1963 Dec 04, "A 'Mistake' Makes the Best Cheese Cake"
     54    1963, "Gold Caviar for the Czar"
     55    1964 Feb 19, "Scots Defend Their Haggis"
     56    1964 Mar, "'Penny Cookbook'" (article incomplete)
     57    1964 May 27, "Crusading for Frozen Fish"
     58    1964 Jun 17, "Florida Mangos Have a Fan Club"
     59    1964 Jun 24, "Spain's National Wine Has Come to Town"
     60    1964 Jul 01, "An Heirloom Sauce Tops a Foot-Long Hot Dog"
     61    1964 Dec 02, "Cargo of Eels in Time for Christmas"
     62    1964 Dec 21, "Beef That's Dried On Top of the World"
     63    1964 Dec, "Treats From a Smoke House" 
             (article incomplete)
     64    1965 Jan 20, "To Sea With an Electric Kitchen"
     65    1965 Feb, "Geese Guard The Scotch"
     66    1965 May 04, "Meet a Land at Its Table"
     67    1965 May 12, "Canapes Built On Danish Bread"
     68    1965 May 19, "A Salad Bowl In the Center"
     69    1965 May 26, "He Plays His Hunches About Food"
     70    1965 Jun 09, "The Spices Are Mixed Secretly"
     71    1965 Aug 07, "Dining Around New York: The Free Lunch Starts at a.m."
     72    1965 Nov 03, "His Roots Are Deep In Champagne Country"
     73    1965 Nov 25, "First Thanksgiving In Virginia Colony"
     74    1965 Dec 01, "He Ate Fruit Cake Around the World"
     75    1965 Dec 15, "Turn Off the Tap and Break Out the Bottle"
     76    1965 Dec 25, "The Best-Known Hungarian"
     77    1965 Dec, "Cooking a Goose"
     78    1966 Jan 06, "Food for '67 And the Budget"
     79    1966 Feb 05, "Dining Around New York: Seafare Amid Grecian Columns"
     80    1966 Mar 09, "A Lack Of Corned Beef and Cabbage"
     81    1966 Mar 19, "Real Texas Grub"
     82    1966 Apr 06, "No Time for Retiring"
     83    1966 Sep 18, "Going Places In Pears"
     84    1966 Oct 13, "Cranberries Cram Cape Cod"
     85    1966 Dec 09, "Beef Bargains Available for Weeks"
     86    1966 Dec 23, "Chowder For Tree Trimmers"
     87    1967 Apr 07, "An 'A' for Asparagus"
     88    1967 Apr 14, "What's News in the Market"
     89    1967 Apr 24, "Recipe of the Week" 
             (Cunard's Bread and Butter Pudding)
     90    1967 Apr 26, "Heart Ball -- A Taste of Jamaica"
           Published Articles, n.d., n.s.
114  01    "3 California Vintners Take Hats Off to Texas"
     02    "50 Tons of Swiss Cheese Arrive With a Nut-Like, Pre-War Flavor"
     03    "70c Calf's Head Makes a Feast for 12 Gourmets"
     04    "Add Reminiscence and Potato Chips" 
             (Anne Williams-Heller)
     05    "All Items of Italian Meal in One Place at Last"
     06    "America's Abundant, Neglected Mussel"
     07    "Arabian Nights Spices in One Small Shop"
     08    "Argentina Pouring Out A Huge Flood of Wine"
     09    "Astronaut's Baby Food Spiced"
     10    "Atomic Age Closing In On Vegetable Counters"
     11    "Autumn Cargoes Bring Fruit and Nuts Aplenty"
     12    "Autumn Moves Into the Market: Squash, Beans, Corn, Carrots"
     13    "Bakery Gives a Housewarming At Its Newest Connecticut Plant"
     14    "Belgian Shop Produces Cakes Like Works of Art"
     15    "Black Velvet or Tiger's Milk, It's Same Drink, and It's Good"
     16    "Boat Fare"
     17    "Bollinger 1949 Vintage on Sale Here"
     18    "Brunch Pilgrim Style: Bread and Beer"
     19    "Buffalo Meat for a History Lesson"
     20    "Business of Delicacies Grows and Grows"
     21    "Butter Sliced for Table Is Latest in Packaging"
     22    "Café Espresso Drops Ideal for After Dinner"
     23    "California Harvesting Cling Peaches"
     24    "Cassava Wafers Are Back, Smaller This Time"
     25    "Caviar to Celebrate A Lucky New Year"
     26    "The Champion of Fish Puddings"
     27    "Clearing Up the Wine Mystique"
     28    "Convenient Pasta Dinners Can Be Easily Varied"
     29    "Delicatessen Grew and Grew"
     30    "Desert Date Queen"
     31    "Dipping Into the Lekvar Barrel"
     32    "Dinner With Rotisseurs Is Gourmet Treat"
     33    "Doctors Prescribe a Wine Tasting"
     34    "Don't Burn Your Fingers"
     35    "Double Duty for Holiday Fruit"
     36    "Drink It Cold!"
     37    "An Eating Travelogue: From Here to Hawaii"
     38    "The Eating Is Happy In Sweden-at-the Fair"
     39    "Eggs and Rabbits Pour Into Shops for Easter"
     40    "Endive Culture Is an Art in Belgium"
     41    "Endive Is Eaten by the Upper Crust"
     42    "English Ginger Wine Is Snappy Summer Cooler"
     43    "English Sole by Air, One Day From Channel"
     44    "Essentially a Man's Place"
     45    "Everyone Is Baking Again"
     46    "Excellent Food Surprises on Trip to Germany"
     47    "A Fancy Way With Curds and Whey"
     48    "Fanny Farmer's New Candy Shop Goes Early American"
     49    "Fine Foods From Four Corners of World at Food Show at Astor"
     50    "First Cranberries of 1940 Crop Will Reach the Markets Today"
     51    "The First Lady of Bake-Offs"
     52    "Fish Cheeks"
     53    "Food For Conversation"
     54    "Food For Conversation" 
     55    "Food News" 
             (Icy Treat)
     56    "Food of All Nations Sold Under One Roof"
     57    "For Your Week End Hostess: A Food Parcel of Gift 'Extras'"
     58    "Freeze-Dried Soups Are New In Packaging"
     59    "French Dressing Firm Outgrown Brooklyn Brownstone"
     60    "Freshwater Fish Swim Here for Passover by Rail and Truck"
     61    "Fruit Fancies"
     62    "Fruit Imports Flood Markets"
     63    "Gastronomic Splurge On for Food Writers"
     64    "Glamour Grapes Grown In Belgian Glass Houses"
             [note - no name on article, believe to be written by Paddleford]
     65    "Gourmet Galley up in Clouds"
     66    "A Great Dinner in Preparation"
     67    "A Great Truffle Harvest"
     68    "Haggis Gets a Testimonial"
     69    "He Has Charolais Fever"
     70    "Here's a Phone Number to Have If You Need a Very Special Cake"
     71    "Here's the Hush Puppy, Fried Southern Bread in Mix Form"
     72    "A Hi-Flown Sourdough"
     73    "Hints for Good Gaelic Eating"
     74    "Holland Herring Takes the Stage In Five Forms to Prove Its Worth"
     75    "Home Baked Bread Revived in Miniatures"
     76    "Home Dinner Catering Is His Special Dish"
     77    "Honey Center on Lexington Avenue"
     78    "Honey of 18 States, 12 Nations Is on Display at Bloomingdale's"
     79    "Honolulu Supermarket Caters to Oriental Tastes"
     80    "Hot and Hearty Lunch in the Office"
     81    "Hot Dog Posies"
     82    "How to Decorate Ham For That Easter Meal"
     83    "How to Pick Out Your Turkey: Skin Should Be Moist, Pliable"
     84    "Indians' Party Menu of Native American Foods"
     85    "Introducing Frozen, Char, an Arctic Fish"
     86    "Invasion of New York Tables By Italian Foods Is Growing"
     87    "Irish Foods Aplenty for St. Patrick's Day"
     88    "Is Road to Chefdom Rocky?
     89    "It's Suckling Pig for the Holiday Feast"
     90    "It's Trout Season   Fresh or Frozen"
     91    "Journey to the Trees That Grow Chocolate"
     92    "Knockwurst Featured in Hudson Celebration"
     93    "Liberia's National Rice Dish"
     94    "Long Island Duckling Comes In Packages, Groomed for Table"
     95    "Lovely Colored Easter Eggs Cooked at the Table"
             [Paddleford used the name Mrs. C. P. Haskin for this article]
     96    "The Lure of Old-Fashioned Candy in a Country Store"
     97    "Macaroni Takes On New Shape But Sticks to Old Italian Recipe"
     98    "Maine Clam Chowder, Here, Fit for Native Sons"
     99    "Making a Date for Fritters"
     100   "Malabar Farm's Peach Butter Reaches City for Thanksgiving"
     101   "Mango Juice From Indian Alphonso Is New"
     102   "More About Pancake Recipes"
     103   "Neglected Cuts of Lamb Now Whet U. S. Palates"
     104   "New Food Products Arrive in Time for Holiday Parties"
     105   "New Orleans Is Keeping The Croxignolle Secret"
     106   "New Pies and Old for Thanksgiving"
     107   "New Soup Mixes Processed by Improved Freeze-Drying"
     108   "Novel Foods Displayed At Fancy Food Fair"
     109   "Okra Reaching It's Season's Peak"
     110   "Pate on the Breakfast Toast"
     111   "Pillsbury Mills Sponsors Food Fashion Show in Paris"
     112   "Precautions Needed To Keep Food Fresh"
     113   "'Private Stock' Cheddar Is Put On Mail-Order Sale by Maker"
     114   "Prize Winning Orange Desserts for Easter"
     115   "The Proper Way to Cook Bacon"
     116   "Puerto Rican Produce Arrives"
     117   "Putting Springtime Flavor in Meals"
     118   "Reader Seeks Wine Information"
     119   "Recipe of the Week" 
             (Ambrosia Chiffon Cake)
     120   "Recipes on Christmas Cards Are Shared"
     121   "Report From Denmark Sings Cuisine's Praise"
     122   "Rose Petals for Food and Drink"
     123   "Round of Iced Tea and Salads Not the Way to Beat Heat Wave"

115  01    "St. Croix and Its Food Are Discovered" 
             (Chef, Agnes Williams)
     02    "Salads From the Gold Coast"
     03    "Scone Mix Among Many New Food Products"
     04    "Secret of Freezing Garlic Bread Is Discovered"
     05    "Sesame Seed Products Popular"
     06    "Shops Full of Holiday Fixings, From Mince Pies to Snow Men"
     07    "Smokehouse Cocktail Almonds Use Smaller but Sweeter Nuts"
     08    "Sounds and Scents of Autumn Come to City's Market Places"
     09    "South America Grows U. S. Fruits"
     10    "South Sea Parties Are In Style"
     11    "Spring Brings Back the Finest in Fresh Shad"
     12    "Steamers Are Kingpin At Clam Broth House"
     13    "A Stimulant, Digestive, Refresher and Balm"
     14    "Strange Cuts at Meat Counter From a Filipino Water Buffalo"
     15    "... the Street of Christmas Confections" 
             [first part of title missing]
     16    "Students Sample Czech Dinner"
     17    "Sugar Plum Tree on Wall St."
     18    "Suggestions for the Punch Bowl And the Christmas Cupboard"
     19    "Summer's Here and So Are Berries, Fruit Salads"
     20    "Swedish Foods the Specialty"
     21    "Swedish Specialties Win Royal Approval"
     22    "Swiss Chocolate Family In Step With the Times"
     23    "Talents For Two"
     24    "Teas" 
             [article incomplete]
     25    "They're in Johnny Appleseed's Debt"
     26    "Tisanes Work Their Magic"
     27    "Travel Guides Report On Best of Everything"
     28    "Typical Holiday Feast in England"
     29    "A Variety of Recipes Possible for Sprouts"
     30    "Vote"
     31    "A Vote for Ding Dong Port"
     32    "Washington Ate There"
     33    "Ways With the Leek, a European Favorite"
     34    "We Go to a Kitchen Christening"
     35    "We'll Be Eating"
     36    "What Are Easter Eggs Made Of?"
     37    "What's Cooking"
     38    "Whitebait With Oyster Crabs Are a Gourmet's Dream Meal"
     39    "Wine and Food Society Passes The Bowls for Spring Tasting"
     40    "Wine, Women and Food at Editor's Conference"
     41    "Yes, Virginia Fine Food Is a Joy"
     42    No title, article begins with "The guide book said..."
     43    No title, article begins with "These blocks with the truffled center..."
     44    No title, (Thayngen, Switzerland)

           Typewritten Article, unpublished
116  01    1957 Jun 08, "Company Is Company"
           1957 Jun 08, Paddleford to Mr. Lee Schwanz, Robin Press Inc.,
             Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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     02    Kitchens Around the World
     03    Marshmallow
     04    Readers Report
     05    Super markets
     06    Waldorf Astoria
     07-09 Christmas 
     10    Christmas, Gingerbread House
     11    Christmas, Greek Cake
     12    Christmas, Holiday Scramble
     13    Christmas, Knickerbocker mince pie
     14    Christmas, Luchow's Restaurant
     15    Christmas, The Luchow Tree
     16    Christmas, Our Family
     17    Christmas, Santa Claus
     18    Christmas, Shop of Cheer 
     19    Christmas, Stern, Saul 
     20    Christmas, Tree
     21    "Goblin Battalians Take Over City For Hallowe'en Conclave"

     22    "The All American Feast"
     23    "The All American Feast" [different version]
     24    "Carving Maestro Talks Turkey And Shows Tricks Of The Art"
     25    "Carving the Bird" 
     26    Celery
     27    Corn
     28    "Modern Thanksgiving Dinner Follows Colonial Day Menus"
     29    Pie Thoughts
     30    Recipe of the Week 
             (Cabbage Patch Supper)
     31    Table Centerpiece
     32    Thanksgiving, table setting
     33    Thanksgiving, 
             (Currant Jelly Meringue and Pumpkin Chiffon Pie)
     34    Thanksgiving, day after
     35    Thanksgiving, November
     36    Thanksgiving, Tradition
     37    "Was America's First Thanksgiving a Viking Feast?"
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     05    1946
     06    1947

           Bouquets, This Week, "How America Eats"
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     09-22 [ca. 1951]
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