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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas University
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Clementine Paddleford Papers

Scrapbook Series, 1920-1967

316         College Scrapbook, ca. 1921
            Kansas State University 

317         Scrapbook, 1921-1924, 1952
            "Sunflowers," by Hale Davis (a collection of sayings)

318         Paddleford Portfolio Scrapbook, 1920-1923
            Note - due to poor and fragile condition, this scrapbook
            was taken apart and photocopied. Some of the items are:
            The Brown Bull, Kansas State Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi
               1920 May, Vol. 1, No. 1
               1921 Feb 10, Vol. 2, No. 2
               1921 May 13, Vol. 2, No. 3
            The Kansas State Collegian, Kansas State Agriculture
               College, Manhattan, Kansas
               1920 Jul 10, Vol. XXVI, No. 73
               1920 Jul 28, Vol. XXVI, N0. 74, 2 copies
            The Milk Market Reporter Covers the Chicago Dairy
               District, Chicago, Illinois
               1923 Feb 20, Vol. 2, No. 4
               1923 Apr 05, Vol. 2, No. 7

319         Paddleford Portfolio Scrapbook
               Note - these items have been photocopied and
               integrated into the Biographical Series under Portfolio

320         Paddleford Portfolio Scrapbook, ca. 1929
               Experience, Background and Training of Clementine Haskin Paddleford
               "Handcraft A Catalog of 42 Good Ideas"
               "Inside The House"
               "The ABC Cook Book," by Nell B. Nichols
               "Helps for Exhibitors at County Fairs," by Doris McCray
               "When Company Comes," by Nell B. Nichols
               "Dishes That Sell," by Marie Chomel
               "Serving A Crowd," by Nell B. Nichols
               "Cakes for Every Occasion"
               "100 Prize Pickle Recipes"
               "The Reed Book"
               "Leather," by Lucy Beecher
               "First Lessons in Weaving," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Patchwork Quilts A Collection of Old Time Blocks and Borders"
               "Easy Flower Designs in Swedish Weaving," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Rugs That You Can Hook"
               "Dressing Tables You Can Make," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Pine Needle Basketry," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Our Fortune Teller," by Helen Palmer
               "A Year of Parties"
               "Wedding Etiquette," by Clementine Paddleford
               "Old Time Dancing Party"
               "Harvest Home Festival," by Nettie Rand Miller
               "Twenty-Four Prize Parties"
               "A Back-and-Forth Picnic"
               "A Biff-Baffling Party," by Beatrice Plumb
               "Dance of the Christmas Toys," by Myrtle Jamison Trachsel
               "Paint It Yourself," by Jane Stewart
               "How to Repair and Refinish Old Furniture," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Curtains for Every Room," By A. Louise Fillebrown
               "Light on Electric Lighting," by J. B. Davidson and Frank J. Zinc
               "Repair and Care of Old Picture Frames," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Dressing Up The Closet," Osma Palmer Couch
               "Christmas Gifts," by Hazel Rawson Sades
               "Keeping Young," by Hazel Rawson Sades
               "The Modern Life Programs," by Anna Steese Richardson
               "Little Lessons in Public Speaking," by Anna Steese Richardson
               "What Every Club Woman Ought to Know," by Anna Steese Richardson
               "How to Prepare A Club Paper," by Anna Steese Richardson
               "Play Toys to Make For Your Child," by Lucile Wolf
               "Family Meals For Grown-Ups and Children"
               "Summer Care For Baby," by Ruth Peck McLeod
               "Efficient Mending Methods," by Osma Palmer Couch
               "Trim Apron Trims," by Jane Warren Wells
               "Smocking and Faggoting," by Jane Warren Wells
               "The Homemaker's Library A Monthly Service"
               "Testing Equipment Service"
               "Making Work Play for Little Folks," by Kate S. North

            This Week Articles (1942-1964)			
321            1942, 1944-1945 This Week Scrapbook

322            1946-1947, 1948-1949

323            1950, 1951

324            1952, 1953, 1952-1954

325            1954, 1955

326            1955-1956, 1956, 1957

327            1958, 1959

328            1960, 1961

329            1962, 1964

            Newspaper Clippings (1936-1967)
330            1936-1938

331            1939-1941

332            1942-1943

333            1944-1946

334            1947-1949

335            1950-1952

336            1953-1955

337            1956-1958

338            1959-1961

339            1961-1962

340            1964-1967

            Lloyd D. Zimmerman Scrapbooks (1922-1925)
341            1922

342            1923

343            1924

344            1925