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Clementine Paddleford Papers

People, 1932-1967

199  01   People, General, 1960 Nov 08
             (Robert Taylor, Mrs. Emanuel Zusmer, Joan Crawford, Mrs. Nancy Quinn,
             Mr. R. C. Elliott, Miss Jamie Caneron, Mrs. Hebbard Case, Mary Sia, and
             Dr. Khai Foi)
     02   Abel, Walter, Actor, n.d.
             [News Release regarding Walter Abel's kitchen on the third annual
               kitchen tour]
     03   Adams, Mrs. Lawrence
             1952 Mar 02, "Food Editor Interviews," The Florida Times-Union,
               Jacksonville, Florida
     04   Alcott, Louisa May
             1932 Nov 27, "Louisa May Alcott: By One Who Knew Her," The New York
               Times Magazine
     05   Allen, F. C., Jr., President, The Hawaiian Society
             Correspondence, Allen, F. C., Jr., 1938 Mar 09
             1941 Jul 21, "Hawaii Invades New York" [Press Release]
             [Flyer announcing Allen's lecture subjects], n.d.
     06   Armstrong, Mary
             "News of Food: Jelly Shop Here Is Offering With Pride a 'Man's
               Marmalade' Made With Lemon," by June Owen, n.d.
     07   Ashenheim, Lady, wife of Jamaican Ambassador to the United States, His
          Excellency Sir Neville Ashenheim
             "Recipe of the Week: Spice Buns," New York Herald Tribune, n.d.
     08   Avery, Arthur C., Technical director of the Commissary Research Division of
          the Naval Supply Research and Development Facility, Bayonne, New Jersey,
             "The Fantastic Future in Food," [Avery discusses how the Navy prepares food]
     09   Ball, Lucille
             "Hollywood Tintype: Chorus Girl Makes Good," by Sidney Skolsky, n.d.
     10   Barber, Mary I., Expert Food Consultant for the United States Army
             1945 Nov 20, "Cite Food Consultant For Helping to Feed Our GIs
               Nutritiously," by Margaret Pettigrew, Brooklyn Eagle
     11   Barnett, Mrs. James A., New York, n.d.
             [News Release regarding Mrs. Barnett's kitchen on the third annual
               kitchen tour]     
     12   Baxter, Gordon and Ena
             "Just Talking about Baxter's business makes one hungry," by Nikki Moir,
               n.d., n.s.
     13   Beard, James
             1956, [Christmas Pudding], by James A. Beard
             1963, "A Little Corner of France," from Frank J. Hale's Playhouse
               Celebrity Room
             1964, "Recipes by James Beard, Menu For Holiday Dinner," Sherry Wine &
               Spirits Company, Inc.
             "Holiday Hints by James Beard America's Leading Food Authority," n.d.
             "Cooking with Stevenson, Kefauver & Wagner" or "Bringing Home the
               Bacon," edited by James Beard, n.d. [includes recipes]
     14   Beard, Patsy
             "Born to be a best Cook," by Katharine Best and Katharine Hillyer, n.d.
     15   The Beatles, 1960s Rock Music Group
             1964 Sep 06, "Shaggy Englishman Story," by Anthony Carthew, The New York
               Times Magazine
             "The Cool Brain behind the Bonfire," by Gail Cameron, n.d.
     16   Correspondence reference The Beatles
             Correspondence, Judge, Diane, 1964 Sep 02
             "Beatles Bedevil Delmonico Chef," by Clementine Paddleford, New York
               Herald Tribune, n.d.
     17   Becker, Thekla, Ogden, Utah
             "The best cook in our town," by Helen Evans Brown, n.d., n.s.
             (Dr. and Mrs. Ezekiel Dumke, Mr. and Mrs. George Eccles, Mrs. Florence
             Drake, and Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Perkins joins Mrs. Becker for Christmas)
     18   Belinkin, Mrs. Ausma, Cincinnati, Ohio
             1965 Sep 02, "Short-Cut Recipe Wins Cincinnatian Contest Prize," by
               Phyllis Tamor, The Cincinnati Enquire
     19   Benjamin, Helaine, guest relations director of the Manger Vanderbilt Hotel,
          New York City, New York
             1958, Jul, "N. Y. Visitors Like Daytime TV, Pizza," by Marilyn Mercer
     20   Bennett, Tony
             [Tony Bennett's recipe for Polpettone or Meat Loaf], n.d.
     21   Bergen, Polly, Actress
             Correspondence, Marie Haller, Magazine Division for CBS Television,
               1958 Sep 24
             1958 Sep 24, "Polly Bergen Bio"
             1959 Feb 12, "Polly Bergen," by [Clementine Paddleford]
     22   Berry, Romeyn, Jacksonville, New York
             1950 Feb, "Cooking's a 'Natural' with the Berrys," by Jean Brown, The
               American Home
     23   Bethune, Mary McLeod
             1946 Jul 22, "Matriach," Time
     24   Bow, Clara, Famous Movie Star
             ca. 1929, "Good Square Meals for my Week-end Parties, and how to plan
               them ahead," by Clara Bow, The Silent Hostess, Vol. 1, No. 1
     25   Bradford, Francis Scott, Mural Painter
             [News Release regarding Bradford's kitchen on a kitchen tour] 
     26   Brian, Mary, Actress
             "Drink soft drinks to your health!," by Mary Brian, The Silent Hostess,
               Vol. 2, No. 2, n.d.
     27   Brunson, Fannie M., C'Nannie, Batavia, New York
             Correspondence, Fannie M. Brunson, 1947 Dec 21; 1952 Dec 21
             "C'Nannie Retires But Not Her Famed Plum Pudding," by Virginia Trietley, n.d.
             "C'Nannie's Plum Pudding" recipe cards, n.d.
     28   Buckley, Patricia
             1967 Mar 07, "How would you like your daughter to marry William F.
               Buckley, Jr.?," by Eleanor Harris, Look
     29   Burr, Raymond, Actor, famous for playing the role of Perry Mason
             1964 Jan 30, "Biography of Raymond Burr (Perry Mason)"
             Correspondence, Charles A. Pomerantz to Anna Marie Doherty, 1960 Jan 30;
               1964 Feb 07
             Correspondence, Anna Marie Doherty to Charles A. Pomerantz, 1964 Feb 05
             News Release from Charles A. Pomerantz, Public Relations, regarding
               Raymond Burr.  Includes recipes Burr likes.
     30   Buzard, Mrs. Virgil
             1955 Jan 07, "Betty Budget, Gourmet, Looks Back to Sampled Delicacies,"
               by Betty Budget, Tulsa Daily
     31   Careme, Marie-Antonin 
             1945 Oct, "Antonin Careme - King of Cooks, and Cook of Kings," by F. de
               N. Schroeder, American Cookery 
     32   Cairone, Letizia, European Opera Singer
             1964 Jun 07, "She Pawned Her Jewels for Pasta," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     33   Cannon, Poppy, Food Writer
             1951 May 28, "Poppy Cannon Serves Up Gourmet Food in Jiffy," by
               Clementine Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     34   Carroll, Diahann
             Correspondence, Gene Sheffrin to Mary Lyons, 1964 Feb 05
             1964, "Brown Stew - from Diahann Carroll" 
     35   Caruth, George, Chef, Trinidad
             1965 Nov 04, "His Thoughts Turned To Hummingbird Land," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     36   Cashmore, Edna, President, Herb Society of America
             Correspondence, Edna Cashmore, 1964 Jun 06; 1966 Jul 11; 1966 Jul 13;
               1966 Nov 11; 1967 Feb 23
             Correspondence, Edna Cashmore from Paddleford, 1966 Nov 14
             1946 Jul 02, "Say Herb, 'erb or Yarb, But Use Them Correctly!," The
               Westport News
     37   Cassini, Jean, Barman, Hotel D'Europe, Avignon
             [A card announcing Jean Cassini as barman], n.d.
     38   Caswell, Dr. Hollis L., President, Columbia's Teachers College
             1957 Feb 19, "College President Lives Privately in Public Eye," by
               Cynthia Kellogg, The New York Times
     39   Cates, Louis Shattuck, Chairman of the Board, Phelps Dodge Corporation, New York
             1953 Jan 28, "Lyrics For King Louis's Party at Green Gables"
             1953 Jan 28, "A Dinner in Honor of Louis S. Cates," presented by Roy
               Wayland and Walter R. Bimson
             "Under the Sun," by Bert Fireman, n.d. 
     40   Caudill, Esther, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
             1942 Nov, "Contributors," The American Home
     41   Chamberlain, Samuel, Artist, Gourmet and Raconteur
             1963 Dec 22, "British Bouquet: Without Warm Beer," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     42   Chaplain, Charlie, Broadway Star
             "The Voice of Broadway," by Dorothy Kilgallen, n.d.
     43   Chase, Judith, Writer, Rumson, New Jersey
             "Judith Chase," n.d.
     44   Chatterton, Ruth, Writer
             "What I do with the money I earn - and save," by Ruth Chatterton, The
               Silent Hostess, Vol. 2, No. 3, n.d.
     45   Chef Phillip, Brass Rail Restaurant
             "The Big Occasion: How To Achieve A Professional Touch," n.d.
     46   Child, Julia, Gourmet Chef
             1966 Aug 07, "How to Avoid TV Dinners While Watching TV," by Joan
               Barthel, The New York Times Magazine
     47   Clavarino, Mike, Supervisor, Panagra's Gourmet Galley
             "Senor Mike Clavarino, Panagra's Supt. of Commissary," n. d.
     48   Cloete, Stuart, Novelist
             1945 Aug, "A l'Afrique," by Stuart Cloete, Gourmet
             "Autobiography of Stuart Cloete," n.d.
     49   Colbert, L. L., Director and Vice President, Chrysler Corporation and
          President, Dodge Division
             "Chrysler Off With Bang," n.d.
     50   Colette, Madame Gabriette Sidonie, French Novelist
             1950 Jan 22, "La Grande Colette - Aging, Ailing, Adored," by Joseph A.
               Barry, The New York Times Magazine
     51   Corbett, Lucy, Teacher of French Language, Detroit, Michigan
             1953 Apr-May, "Pot Shots From a Grosse Ile Kitchen," by Neva Ackerman
               Moyer, The Matrix
     52   Corea, Lady Karmaine, wife to Sir Claude Corea, Ceylon's, United Nations Ambassador
             "A Fashion Note at U.N.," n.d.
     53   Cousins, Margaret, Managing Editor
             ca. 1950, "Who's Who Cooks," Good Housekeeping Magazine
     54   Crawford, Joan, Actress
             1965 Feb 21, Inside Fashion With Eugenia Sheppard," New York Herald Tribune
             1965 May 30, "Pork Chops Worth Award," by Clementine Paddleford, New
               York Herald Tribune
     55   Dalrymple, Jean, Morristown, New Jersey
             "Recipe Collector Presents a Favorite Dish - Chicken Paella," by
               Clementine Paddleford, n.d.
     56   Daniels, Jonathan
             1967 Dec 28, "Thee Will Eat It," by Jonathan Daniels, This Week Magazine
     57   Davis, Dorothy, owner of "Lunch Is Served"
             "Acres of Peach Shortcake Wait," by Clementine Paddleford, New York
               Herald Tribune, n.d.
     58   Day, Avanelle, Cookbook Author, Murray Hill, New Jersey
             1965 Jan 14, "Retirement Gives Food Expert Time to Cook," by Jean
               Hewitt, The New York Times
     59   Day, Bunny, Towd Point, Long Island, New York
             1964 Apr 12, [Bunny Day]
     60   De Carlos, Yvonne, Actress
             "Yvonne De Carlo's Favorite Tidbits," n.d.
     61   De Gautier, Dona Felisa Rincon, four time mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico
             "Unbeatable Mayor of San Juan," n.d.
     62   De Malvilain, Georgette, Madame Blanche, New York City, New York
             1933 Apr 21, "She Bakes Cakes For Presidents," The Carolina Watchman
             1938, "Madame Blanche, Specialists in the Art of Wedding Cakes also
               Anniversary Cakes," by Madame Blanche
             1939 Jun 10, "Cakes for the Royal Visit," New York World-Telegram
             1941 May 26, "Madame Blanche," New York Herald Tribune
             1941, "Madame Blanche, Specialists in the Art of Wedding Cakes also
               Anniversary Cakes," by Madame Blanche
             1944 May 30, "Caterers Say Trend Is to Larger Wedding Parties, but
               Conservatism Still Is Rule," by Jane Holt, New York Times
             1950 Jun 24, "Wedding Cake Queen," by Margo Fischer, Collier's     
             "Making Allowances," n. d.
             "Built the Wedding Cake from Blueprints," n.d.
             "Cakes for Weddings and Anniversaries," by Madame Blanche, n.d.
             "Wedding Cake Artist Notes Cupid's Return," by Margaret Mara, n.d.
             "Why the Idea Came to Me of Making a Specialty of the Wedding Cake," by
               Madame Blanche, n.d.
     63   De Malvilain, Georgette
             Correspondence, Cognac Gordon Rouge 1955 Oct 28
             Correspondence, De Malvilain, Georgette, 1954 Oct 234; 1955 Nov 08; 1965
               Apr 04; 1965 Apr 25
             Correspondence, De Malvilain from Paddleford, 1965 Apr 13; 1965 Apr 14
     64   De Menil, Adelaide, Photographer, Manhattan, New York
             1966 Mar 03, "A World of Food in One Kitchen," by Craig Claiborne, The
               New York Times
     65   Dempster, Emma, Manhattan, New York
             1965 Apr 22, "Small Kitchen Doesn't Cramp Actress's Style," by Craig
               Claiborne, The New York Times
     66   Deveaux, Fernand, Air France Chef
             "Biography," n.d.
     67   Dewhurst, Colleen, Broadway Actress
             1963 Dec 08, "Say You Just Love Chitt'lin's," by Clementine Paddleford,
               New York Herald Tribune
     68   Diller, Phyllis, Actress and Comedian
             1961 Nov 20, "Just Season With Dill(er)," by Will Jones
     69   Disney, Walt
             1955 Feb, "McEvoy in Disneyland," by J. P. McEvoy, The Reader's Digest
     70   Doe, Charles M.
             Correspondence, Charles N. Doe from Paddleford, 1966 Jun 01; 1966 Jul 08
             Correspondence, Charles N. Doe, 1966 Jun 10; 1966 [?]
     71   Doherty, Anna Marie, one of Paddleford's secretaries
             1967 Apr 19, "Best News Since The Can Opener," by Anna Marie Doherty,
               World Journal Tribune
             1967 May 02, "Easy Way With Strudels," by Anna Marie Dohertry
     72   Donaghue, Anne K., Journalist
             "Biography," n.d.
     73   Dowager Queen Louise
             1947 Apr 13, "Apprentice In The Royal Kitchen," by Sigrid Lillilund,
               This Week Magazine
     74   Doyle, Betty Boyd, Weston, Massachusetts
             "The Best Cook in Our Town," by Peta J. Fuller, n.d.
     75   Draper, Dorothy (Tuckerman)
             1937 Oct 23, "Success Story," Cue
     76   Du Maurier, Daphne, writer and wife of General Sir Frederick Browning,
          treasurer to the Duke of Edinburgh
             "Daphne du Maurier," by Beverly Nichols, n.d.
     77   Dunnington, Jacqueline Cochran, New York
             1963 Oct 20, "How to Raise a Gourmet," by Clementine Paddleford, New
               York Herald Tribune
     78   Duskin Family, Winnetka, Illinois (Lelah, Nadia, David, and Amanda)
             1942 Nov, "Contributors," The American Home
     79   Eden, Anthony
             1938 Dec 09, "National Association of Manufacturers Annual Dinner-Hon.
               Anthony Eden, Guest of Honor"
     80   Ehring, Edward, owner, Ehring's or "The Store"
             19[??] Oct 19, "Taverns Foams With Atmosphere," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     81   Eisenhower, Milton, President, Kansas State College
             1958 Jul 27, "Milton Eisenhower in Puerto Rico"
     82   Elkinton, Charles M.
             "Toil and Trouble," n.d.
     83   Elkon, Juliette Hamelecourt, Women's Editor, France Amerique
             1967 Sep 14, "Grits' Versatility Limited Only By Cook's Imigation"
             1967 Sep 14, "Juliette Hamelecourt Elkon"
     84   Escoffier, Auguste
             1935, "Auguste Escoffier," by Eugene Herbodeau
             1961 Oct 01, "Chez Three Chefs," by Craig Claiborne, The New York Times
             1964 Nov 26, "A Museum in a Great Chef's House," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
             "Morsels from the Maestros, Some Original Recipes by Escoffier and Other
               Leading Chefs," n.d.

200  01   Faris, George and Lucille
             "I always liked to cook - now I love it! says Mrs. Faris," by Jessie
               Bakker, n.d.
     02   Farmer, Fannie Merritt
             1944 Sep, "Fannie Farmer in Person," by Zulma Steele, The American Mercury
     03   Fitchett, Bernie (Mrs. Edwin B. Fitchett)
             "With a Hudson Valley Flavor," New York Herald Tribune, n.d.
     04   Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Eliot C.
             1952 Mar 07, "Gourmet Visits Tampa," by Barbara Clendinen, Tampa Morning Tribune 
     05   Follens, Mrs. J. G.
             1955 Jan 07, "Betty Budget, Gourmet, Looks Back to Sampled Delicacies,"
               by Betty Budget, Tulsa Daily World
     06   Fradenburg, D. J.
             "He Uses Hors D'oeuvres to Quiet Guests," by Hope Johnson, New York
               World-Telegram, n.d.
     07   Freccia, Massimo, Conductor, New Orleans Symphony
             "Conductor Proves He's Also Good Cook," by Hope Johnson, n.d.
     08   Frost, Imogene Powell
             "A Tribute to a Friend," by John H. Platt, n.d.
             Correspondence, Benjamin DuBois Frost, 1963 Oct 04
             Correspondence, Benjamin Du Bois Frost from Paddleford, 1963 Oct 14
     09   Frye, Howard, Cohasset, Massachusetts
             "From the East, Clam Chowder," n.d.
     10   Gaige, Crosby, Producer
             1938, "This Man Can Cook," by Grace Turner, This Week
             "Gaige," [Paddleford's hand written notes about Crosby Gaige]
     11   Gannon, Frances Foley, Director of Consumers' Service and Research Division
          of the City Department of Markets
             "Mrs. Gannon Completes 14 Years in Food Service," by Dorothy Skinner, n.d.
     12   Geaney, Victoria, Hostess-Manager, Blair House
             "Hostess to Royalty, Mrs. Victoria Geaney," New York Times, n.d.
     13   Gerot, Paul S., President, Pillsbury Mills, Inc.
             "Paul S. Gerot," n.d.
     14   Givens, Hank, North Hollywood, California
             "From the West, Meat-Ball Soup," n.d.
     15   Gleason, Mrs. Eloy, Mahoning Boarding House
             1955 Jan, "Mrs. Gleason's Boarding House," Iron News
     16   Goldberg, Molly, Cookbook Author
             "Molly Goldberg Gives Her Favorite Recipes," n.d.
     17   Gray, Mrs. Herbert
             1955 Jan 07, [Holiday Open House]
     18   Green, Amy, Beauty Editor, Glamour Magazine
             1965 Mar 17, "From Little Spain to an Eastside Elegance," by Clementine
               Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
     19   Greenough, Marie-Anne
             "Cooks Tour of New York Kitchens," n.d.
     20   Gruppo, Mrs. Nelson
             19[??] Nov 07, "Cooks Tour of New York Kitchens" 
     21   Hamilton, Dorothy and Maxwell, Cookbook Authors
             "Biographical Data on Dorothy and Maxwell Hamilton, Editors of 'What
               Cooks In Hollywood,'" n.d.
             "Cook Book Giving Favorite Dishes of 106 Movie Stars to Benefit D. A. V.
               [Disabled American Veterans Service Foundation]," n.d.
     22   Hammann, C. G.
             [CBS Men], n.d.
     23   Hammann, Walt
             [CBS Men at work], n.d.
     24   Hammerstein, Mrs. Manners, better known as Bucks County's [Pennsylvania] "Hexie the Witch"
             1963 Nov, "Hamerstein Profile," by Peggy Lewis, Bucks County Life
             1967 Oct 29, "Olney Halloweeners to Be Treated," The Philadelphia Inquirer
             1967 Oct 29, "Witches Still Chase The Hobgoblins Away," by Barbara
               Barnes, The Sunday Bulletin
     25   Hampton, Hope, Actress
             1959 Feb 04, "Hope Hampton & Rice Pudding"
     26   Hansen, Mrs. Viggo, Chef, Scandinavian Airlines
             1966 Dec 15, "A Scandinavian Housewife (and Retired Chef) Prepares a
               Christmas Feast," by Craig Claiborne, The New York Times
     27   Harrison, Charles Yale, Author
             1948 Sep 21, "There's Fund in a Nobody's Fool," by Mary Harrington, New
               York Post Home News Magazine
     28   Hartford, John A.
             "John Hartford Dies in Elevator; Chairman Built A. & P. [Atlantic &
               Pacific Tea Company] Chain," n.d.
     29   Hazelip, Carolyn, Louisville, Kentucky
             1957 Jan, "The Many Faces of Love," by Harold Brodkey, Woman's Day
     30   Henry, Gene, Author
             1943 May, [Brief Biography of Gene Henry]
     31   Hill, Doris, Actress
             "Midnight Suppers in a Kitchen Cabaret," by Doris Hill, The Silent
               Hostess, Vol. 1, No. 7, n.d.
     32   Hine, Francois, French Cognac Maker
             "200 Years Later - Still Flaming," n.d.
             "France's Great Cognacs Combine the Skills of Man and Nature," n.d.
             "Francois Hine," n.d.
     33   Hines, Duncan 
             1956 Jun, "Background and Biography on Duncan Hines and the Duncan Hines Enterprises"
             1959 Mar 16, "Duncan Hines Inspected Back of Restaurant First" 
             1959 Mar 16, "Duncan Hines, Seventy-Eight, Gourmet, Is Dead"
     34      "About Duncan Hines and His Adventures in Good Living," n.d.
             "Best," The New Yorker, n.d.
             [Duncan Hines], by Virginia Safford, n.d.
             "Duncan Hines He is the Traveler's Authority on Where to Eat," by
               Phyllis Larsh, n.d.
             "Duncan Hines, Signpost To Good Eating, Is Dead," n.d.
     35-37   "Duncan Hines Twelve Favorite Recipes," n.d.
     38      "Full Time Hobby," by Paul Pebbrook, n.d.
             "Gourmet Plumps for Ice Cream at Bedtime," by Edd Johnson, n.d.
             "How to Find a Decent Meal," by Duncan Hines and Frank J. Taylor, n.d.
             "Tuesday Eve., April 30," by Mr. And Mrs. R. E. Wegner, n.d.
     39-41   [Duncan Hines, Paddleford's hand written notes], n.d.
     42   Hines, Duncan, Correspondence
             Hines, Duncan from Paddleford, 1946 Dec 07
             Hines, Duncan, 1946 Dec 11; 1947 Apr 08
     43   Irving, James A.
             19[??] Jul 10, "James A. Irving Dies; Long Headed Growers" 
     44   Jacobs, Margaret Moore
             ca. 1965, "The Garden of Life," by Margaret Moore Jacobs
     45   Johnson, Howard
             1950 Feb 16, "New York Close-Up," by Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg
     46   Johnson, Lawrence A., Groceryman, Syracuse, New York
             1946 Aug 18, "Grandmother Shopped Here," by Clementine Paddleford, This
               Week Magazine
     47   Jones, Emma, Peach Queen of Georgia
             1963 Apr, "National Peach Queen Emma Jo Jones of George," American Fruit
     48   Jordan, Jay and June
             "Anyone for Polo? Then Come on Upstairs!" by Pierre de Rohan, n.d.
     49   Joy, Helen and Sam, Glendale, Arizona
             "The Best Cook in Our Town," by Helen Evans Brown, n.d.
     50   Kamm, Ike
             "Ike Kamm," by John Taber, Pinesbridge Farm, n.d.
     51   Kaufman, Theodore and Jean, Textile Artists
             1964, "A Food Seasoner in the Picnic Sun," by Clementine Paddleford, New
               York Herald Tribune
     52   Kaufman, Mark, Photographer, Life Magazine
             1965 Feb 14, "He Focuses On Good Food," by Clementine Paddleford, New
               York Herald Tribune
     53   Kendall, Messmore, President General of the Sons of the American Revolution
             "Washington Ate There," by Clementine Paddleford, n.d.
     54   Kent, Richard, Traveling Cook
             "Recipe of the Month," House Beautiful, n.d.
     55   Kerr, Jean, Playwright
             1961 Oct, "Thank Your Stars," by Peggy Davis, Promenade
     56   Kister, Hannah and Marion, Owners, Roy Publishing Company
             [November Kitchen Tour], n.d.
     57   Kitchell, Iva, Dancer
             1946, "The Dance," by Walter Terry, New York World-Telegram
             1948 Aug 07, "The Dance," by Walter Terry, New York Herald Tribune
             "Assassin of the Dance," by Kyle Crichton, n.d.
             "Hoofer Spoofer," n.d.
             "Iva Kitchell Dances, Ballet To Burlesque," n.d.
             Correspondence, Iva Kitchell, n.d.   
     58   Koestler, Arthur, Author
             "Cozy Town," The New Yorker, n.d.
     59   Koussevitzky, Serge, Maestro
             1946 Jul 22, "Tanglewood, U. S. A.," Time
     60   Kuony, Liane, Owner, Postilion Restaurant
             "Food News: French Chef in Wisconsin," n.d.
     61   LaGanke, Florence, Editor, Home Economics Department, The Cleveland Press
             "Gracious Living - Still Important?," by Florence LaGanke, n.d.
     62   Laverty, Maura, Cookbook Author
             1953 Feb 04, [Cavanagh's]
             1953 Feb 17, [St. Patrick's Day]
             "Background on Maura Laverty," n.d.
             "Maura Laverty Speaks About Cooking," n.d.
             Correspondence, Maura Laverty, 1939 Mar 04
     63   Lazarnick, George and Helen, Photographers
             1966 Mar 24, "Souffles Without Tears," by Isabel A. McGovern, New York
               Herald Tribune
     64   Leterman, Elmer G., Insurance Salesman
               1941 Mar 01, "Another Elmer Emerges, One Who Makes A Fortune by Doing
                  People Favors," by Elliott Arnold, New York World Telegram
             1949 Jun 19, "One Good Friend Deserves Another," by Frank Kingdon, The
               Wichita Beacon 
             "Profiles, The Master, Elmer G. Leterman," n.d.
             "There's Elmer!," by William Moran, n.d.
             Correspondence, Elmer G. Leterman, 1940 Sep 11
     65   Lewis, Tillie, Founder and Owner of Flotill Products, Inc.
             1952 Aug, "Tillie of the Valley," by Dorothy Walworth, The Reader's Digest
             "Tillie Lewis," n.d.
     66   Lindman, Ina S., Author, Navy Cookbook
             1963 Sep 03, "Ina S. Lindman Is Dead; Wrote Cookbook for Navy"
     67   Lipton, Tom, Tea Merchant
             "Tom Lipton, Tea Merchant," n.d.
     68   Lochridge, Patricia, Journalist
             "Miss Lockridge," n.d.
     69   Lull, Margaret, Author
             "Margaret Lull," n.d.
     70   Lunt, Alfred, Broadway Actor
             "Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne," n.d.
     71   MacAusland, Earle R., Publisher, Gourmet Magazine
             ca. 1951, "Interview McAusland"
             "Four Pound Cookbook," n.d.
             "With Romance," n.d.
     72   MacDougald, Duncan, Jr.
             "On the Implications of Phallic Food-Offerings: A Psychodynamic
               Interpretation of the Little Known Symbolism of Heterosexual Feeding," n.d.
     73   McCutchen, Richard S., Marine Captain
             1955 Sep 14, "Marine Answers $64,000 Question," by Marie Torre, New York
               Herald Tribune
             1955 Sep 26, "Semper Chow," Time
             "Marine Officer Who's an Expert on Food Got His 'Basic Training' the
               World Over," by June Owen, n.d.
             "Marine Wins $64,000 TV Quiz; Aided by Father in Food Queries," by J. P.
               Shanley, n.d.
             "A Rich Marine Eats His Words," n.d.
     74   McEvoy, Mrs. Richard E.
             "Cooking Fits Home of Rectors' Wife," by Elizabeth Halstead, n.d.
     75   McGovern, Isabel A., Journalist, n.d.
             [many times when Paddleford was on vacation or traveling for research,
               McGovern's columns filled the space usually occupied by Paddleford]
             [Giant Cookoff], by Isabel A. McGovern, n.d.
             "Schedule for Isabel A. McGovern," n.d.

201  01   Macomber, William, United States Ambassador to Jordan
             1962 Oct 11, "Parties Don't Faze Bachelor Ambassador," by Katherine Evans
     02   Maderia, Jean, Singer, Metropolitan Opera Company
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