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Clementine Paddleford Papers

Oversize Items, ca 1924-1967

Box  Folder
            Farm & Fireside, Originals, n.d.
308  01     Couch, Osma Palmer, "Assisi Work for Linens"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Batiking for Beginners"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Block Prints You Make And Stamp Yourself"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Christmas Cards That You Can Paint"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Dolly's Christmas Luggage"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Easy Made Furnishings For The
               Child's Room"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Five Ways to Reseat Old Chairs"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Four Bead Bouquets"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Hand Made Wall Plaques"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Mats to Weave Of Cord and Twine"
            Couch, Osma Palmer, "Rug Patterns to Design Yourself"
     02     Fillbrown, A. Louise, "Slip Covers You Can Make For Your
               Old Furniture"
     03     Mayer, Sybille, "Home Made Gifts In Plastic Art"
     04     Nichols, Nell B., "Frozen Desserts and Salads for Summer Days"
            Nichols, Nell B., "Jams and Jellies Made in our Kitchen"
     05     Paddleford, Clementine, "New Finishes For Old Floors"
            Paddleford, Clementine, "Old Furniture Made New With
               Paint and Ready Made Designs"
            Paddleford, Clementine, "A Room For Your Boy And Your Girl"
            Haskin, Clementine, "New Finishes for Painted Walls"
               [Note, this is Clementine Haskin Paddleford]
     06     Plumb, Beatrice, "By George - A Party"
            Plumb, Beatrice, "A Caveman Party"
            Plumb, Beatrice, "A Fine Affair"
            Plumb, Beatrice, "A Fire-Cracker-Jack Party"
     07     Shaffer, Elizabeth, "Round the World Recipes for Your
               Food Sale"
     08     Sprackling, Helen, "Tied and Dyed Work and How I Do It"
     09     Stewart, Jane, "Stencils How to Make and Use Them"
     10     "Books Worth Knowing"
            "Curtain Designs for Your House"
            "Eight Rugs You Can Crochet for Your Home"
            "Family Meals For Grown-ups and Children"
            "Gifts for Less Than $1 That You Can Make at Home"
            "House Plants and How to Keep them Healthy"
            "Trimming Your Home For Christmas"
            Poster, some letters received from Extension Workers, 2 copies

            Oversize Menus
309  01     Airlines, Aerlinte Eireann, Dublin Airport, 1958 Oct 08
     02     Airlines, Air France, 1960 Apr 10, in French
            Airlines, Air France, Paris to New York, 1960 Apr 14, in French
            Airlines, Air France, Paris to New York, 1960 Apr 23, in French
            Airlines, Air France, New York to Paris, 1960 May 02, in French
            Airlines, Air France, 1961 Sep 20, in French, n.d.
            Airlines, Air France, recipe for Chicken, n.d.
            Airlines, Air France, recipe for Duck, n.d.
            Airlines, Air France, recipe for Lobster, n.d.
     03     Airlines, Iberia, Madrid to New York , n.d.
     04     Airlines, Pan American, San Francisco to Honolulu, The
               President Special, 1965 Apr 21
            Airlines, Pan American, The President Special, Diner A La
               Carte, n.d., 2 copies
     05     Airlines, Trans World Airways, Royal Ambassador, 1961 Jun 15
     06     The Ambassador, New York, International Dinner Newspaper
               Food Editors Conference, 1954 Oct 06
     07     Arnaud's Restaurant, Easter in the Basque Country, Fourth
               Easter Parade and Fete, 1959 Mar 29               
            Arnaud's Restaurant, a' la carte Menu, Count Arnaud Cazenave,
               New Orleans, Louisiana, with The Story of Arnaud's, n.d.
            (Note, The Story of Arnaud's has been moved to Printed Materials)
     08     The Astor Hotel, New York, New England Shore Dinner,
               American Spice Trade Association, n.d.
     09     Auberge du Coucou, Paris, France, n.d.
     10     Barts Charcoal Broiler, n.d.
     11     Belle Terrasse Grill Restaurant & Fajance Bar, in
               Italian, n.d., 2 copies
     12     Ben Madren's Riviera, n.d.
     13     Blum's, n.d., 2 copies
            Blum's, The San Francisco Room, 1965 Dec
            Blum's, Breakfast At Blum's, 1966 Dec
     14     Boxman's, Lunch Menu,  n.d., 2 different menus
            Boxman's, Dinner Menu, n.d.
     15     Brennan's Vieux Carre "French" Restaurant, New Orleans,
               1950 Feb 04
            Brennan's Vieux Carre "French" Restaurant, New Orleans,
               n.d., inscription  to [signature illegible] to Paddleford
            Brennan's French Restaurant, New Orleans, The First
               Dinner Honoring Recipients of the Holiday Magazine
               Award for Dining Distinction, 1963 Sep 30 
     16     Brussels Restaurant, New York, n.d., 2 copies
     17     The Buccaneer Inn, Sarasota, Florida, n.d.
     18     Café Bonaparte, Sheraton-Blackstone Hotel, Chicago,
               Illinois, 1956 Jan 14
            Café Bonaparte, Sheraton-Blackstone Hotel, Chicago,
               Illinois, n.d., 2 copies
     19     Café Nino, Sports Afield Room, New York City, New York, n.d.
     20     Canlis' Charcoal Broiler Restaurant, Seattle, Washington
               and Waikiki, Hawaii, include, newspaper insert,
               Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1954 Mar 15
     21     Carlton Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium, 1955 May 23

310  01     Chesapeake Restaurant, Baltimore, Maryland, 1954 Apr 22,
               3 copies
     02     Chez Dubern, n.d., in French
     03     Chez Francoise, n.d., in French
     04     Cochon d' Or, Paris, n.d., in French
     05     Commander's Palace, New Orleans, n.d.
     06     Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, Dorado Beach Hotel,
               Dorado, Puerto Rico, Inauguration Dinner, 1964 Apr 25
     07     Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin, n.d.
            Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin, n.d., in French,
               inscription to Paddleford
     08     Cooper Inn, Cooperstown, New York, 1952 Apr 27
     09     The Crabapple Menu, n.d.
     10     Del Monte Lodge, Pebble Beach, California, Mission Trial
               Dinner, The American Spice Trade Association, 1965 May 26        
     11     Delmonico's Hotel, New York, The Nineteenth Ladies Dinner
               of the Lucullus Circle, 1967 May 15
     12     Denmark Pavilion, n.d.
            Denmark Pavilion, The Grand Cold Table, n.d.
            Denmark Pavilion, Dinner, 2 copies
     13     The Down Town Club, 1942 Jan 22 and 1943 Jan 23
     14     Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, General Baking Company
               dedicates, The Newspapers Food Editors Conference, 1953
     15     Edmonds, St. Louis, Missouri, n.d.
     16     El Prado, At the Plaza, Union Square, n.d.
     17     The Forum of the Twelve Caesars, New York City, New York,
               1957, 2 copies
            The Forum of the Twelve Caesars, New York City, New York, n.d.
     18     The Friendship House, Gulfport, Mississippi, n.d.
     19     Giovanni's Restaurant, New York, Accademia Italiana della
               Cucina, 1962 Oct 03, in Italian
     20     Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland, 1962 Jul 09
     21     Golden Horn Restaurant, New York City, New York, n.d.
     22     The Gotham Hotel, Petit Palais Suite, New York City, New
               York, Gastronomic Adventure 1, under the sponsorship
               of The Gourmet Society for the Leisure Arts, Inc.,
               formerly The Escoffiers, presentation and commentary 
               by M. Claude Terrail of La Tour d'Argent, Paris,
               France, 1962 Mar 31
     23     Grand Tier Restaurant, Louis Sherry Building, Opening
               Night Curtain Dinner, Metropolitan Opera Season 1953-1954 
     24     The Great American Dishes, n.d., 2 copies
     25     Hanalei Plantation, Hawaii, n.d.
     26     Hanley's Waterfront Restaurant, Marathon, Florida
     27     Harvey's Restaurant, Bristol, England, 1962 Jul 12
     28     Hotel Boise, The Lampost, Boise, Idaho, n.d., 2 copies
     29     Hotel d'Angleterre, Copenhage, Denmark, n.d.
     30     Hotel Lafayette, New York City, New York, 1949 Mar 23
     31     Hotel Lexington, Hawaiian Room, New York City, New York, n.d.
     32     Hotel Metropole, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, in French
     33     Hotel Pierre, Pierre Grill, New York City, New York, n.d.
     34     The Indonesian Pavilion, A Traditional Indonesian Feast,
               World's Fair, New York City, New York, 1964 Apr 22
            The Indonesian Pavilion, Makan Siang, Luncheon Menu,
               World's Fair, New York City, New York, 1964 Apr 22, 2 copies
     35     Jake's, Portland, Oregon, n.d.
     36     Joe's Dining Room, New York City, New York, n.d.

311  01     L'Aiglon, Eaglet, no location, 1941 Jun 22
     02     L'Arche de Noe Restaurant Leyman, Brussels, Belgium,
               n.d., in French
     03     La Cabana Restaurant and Grill, Buenos Aires, Argentina, n.d.
     04     La Cocina, Albuquerque, New Mexico, n.d.
     05     La Mediterranee, n.d.
     06     La Paloma, San Antonio, Texas, n.d.
     07     Laperouse, Paris, France, n.d., in French
     08     Las Novedades Spanish Restaurant, Tampa, Florida, n.d.
     09     Le Chateau Trompette, Bordeaux, France, n.d., in French
     10     Le Coq Hardi, Paris, France, n.d., in French
     11     Le Mistral, New York City, New York, Gala Banquet, 1965 Sep 13,
               in French
     12     Le Chateau Richelieu, New York City, New York, 1963 Apr 15,
               signed by many people
     13     Le Temple Des Gourmets, Paris, France, n.d., in French
     14     Les Amis d'Escoffier Society of New York, Inc. Hotel
               Pierre, New York City, New York, Le Diner de
               Printemps, 20 Anniversary, 1956 Jan 13
            Les Amis d'Escoffier Society of New York, Inc. Hotel
               Pierre, New York City, New York, Le Diner de
               Printemps, 1959 Apr 13
            Les Amis d'Escoffier Society of New York, Inc., The Hotel
               Biltmore, New York City, New York, Twenty-Fifth Annual
               "Diner d'Automne" 1961 Oct 31
     15     Les Copains de Careme, Sheraton-Aster Hotel, New York
               Founding Dinner, 1957 May 27, includes brief biography
               of Marie-Antoine Careme and correspondence, 2 copies
     16     Locke-Ober Café, Boston, Massachusetts, n.d., includes
               history of café
     17     The London Chop House, Detroit, Michigan, 1952 May 02
     18     Louis Pappas' Riverside Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge,
               Spring Boat Docks, Tarpon Springs, Florida, n.d.
     19     The Mandarin House Banquet, New York City, New York, n.d.
     20     The Maramor Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio, n.d.
     21     Maurice's, 3116 Oak Lawn Avenue, no town, n.d.
     22     The Mayflower Hotel Corporation of America, Presidential
               Room, Washington, D. C., 1958 Apr 29
     23     Mermaid Tavern, Stratford, Connecticut, n.d., 2 copies
     24     Metropolitan Opera Restaurant, Louis Sherry Building, New
               York City, New York, Opening Night Gala Dinner, 1954-
               1955 Season, 1954 Nov 08
     25     Michel's, Honolulu, Hawaii, n.d.
     26     Mogul's Le Gourmet, Portland, Oregon, n.d.
     27     Moroccan Pavilion, Luncheon Menu, n.d.
            Moroccan Pavilion, Dinner Menu, n.d.
     28     Navy, U. S. S. Skip Jack, General Mess Menu, 1960 Mar 21,
               from "How America Eats" How to Cook for the Whole
               Crew, 1960 Jul 10
     29     Nicholaus Restaurant & Delicatessen, Schenectady, New York, n.d.
     30     Oskar Davidsen Restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 menus, n.d.
     31     Pantheon Restaurant, Inc., New York City, New York, n.d.
     32     Per Bacco Cuisine Continental, New York City, New York, n.d.
     33     Pigall's, Cincinnati, Ohio, n.d., 2 copies
     34     The Plaza, The Sixth Ladies Dinner of the Lucullus
               Circle, 1961 May 15
     35     Press Box, New York City, New York, n.d.

312  01     Ratners Bakery & Dairy Restaurant, New York City, New
               York, 1944 Nov 16
     02     Restaurant Antoine, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1940
     03     Restaurant Chiaranda, n.d.
     04     Restaurant De Tourisme, n.d.
     05     Restaurant Floca Athenes, 1961 May 30, in Russian, French
               and English
     06     Restaurant Francais "Concorde," in French and Russian
     07     Reuben's Restaurant, New York City, New York, n.d., 2
               copies with different prices
     08     Rold Stor-Kro, n.d.
     09     Roma di Notte, New York City, New York, n.d.
     10     Rosemarie de Paris, New York City, New York, 1943 Nov 20
     11     Sautter's, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, n.d.
     12     Saxony, Miami Beach, Florida, 1952 Feb 26
     13     Schuler's Country Inn, Jackson, Michigan, n.d.
     14     Shine's, New York City, New York, n.d.
     15     Spanish Park Restaurant, Tampa, Florida, n.d.
     16     Spanish Pavilion, New York City, New York, n.d.
     17     Specialities of the House, n.d.
     18     Splendid Hotel Restaurant, 1955 Jun 08
     19     Stan Musial and Biggie's Steak House, n.d.
     20     Star Hill Club, Tokyo, Japan, n.d.
     21     Table d'Hote, n.d.
     22     The Terrace Hilton Hotel, Skyline Room, Cincinnati, Ohio,
               Chef's Tour of Italy, presented by Kroger Food
               Foundation and Delmonico Foods, 1961 May 15       
     23     Terrace Plaza Hotel, Gourmet Restaurant, Cincinnati,
               Ohio, n.d., 4 copies
     24     Trader Vic's, Oakland, California, 1947
            Trader Vic's, Food Menu, Savoy Hilton, New York City, New
               York, 1958
            Trader Vic's, Beverage Menu, Savoy Hilton, New York City,
               New York, 1958, 2 copies
     25     Two Guitars, New York City, New York, n.d.
     26     Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha, Nebraska, n.d., 2 copies
     27     Villa Fontana, Orange, California, Host, Bob Balzer, nd,
               with photo of Balzer and news release about
               restaurant, 1966 Feb
     28     The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, California-at-
               the-Waldorf Festival, n.d. 
            The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, Lipton Tearoom
               of the Waldorf Moon, Dinner and Divertissements given
               by Mr. Robert Smallwood in honor of the Newspaper Food
               Editors, 1954 Oct 07
            The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Astor Gallery, New York City,
               Steamboat Supper honoring the Ladies of the Press,
               1948 Sep 27, 3 copies
     29     Weile's Creations and Originals, Washington, D. C. 
     30     The Wharf, Seattle, Washington, 1954 Aug 31
     31     Wheeler's, London, England, n.d., 2 different menus
     32     Wine and Food Society of Chicago, Dinner at the Saddle &
               Cycle Club, Chicago, Illinois, 1962 Jun 12
     33     Unidentified Menu, Omikoshi Reception
            Unidentified Menu

            Newspaper Related
313  01     1930 Apr 30, New York Herald Tribune
     02     1947 Apr 10, New York Herald Tribune, Advertisement,
               "You're Missing Plenty if you don't read the Herald Tribune"
     03     1957 Apr 14, "This Week," New York Herald Tribune    
     04     1958 May 11, "This Week," The Florida Times-Union    
     05     1959 May 24, "This Week," The Sunday Bulletin, Philadelphia
     06     1959 Oct 11, "This Week," Cleveland Plains Dealer    
     07     1964 Nov 22, "This Week," The Sunday Bulletin, Philadelphia
     08     1965 Jan 24, "This Week," The Sunday Herald Tribune
     09     1967 Jan 08, "This Week," Richmond Times-Dispatch
     10     1949 Mar 20, "How America Eats," This Week Magazine, Photostats
            1950 Jan 01, "How America Eats," This Week Magazine, Photostats
            1956 Feb 05, "How America Eats," This Week Magazine, Photostats
     11     1967 Oct, The New York University Alumni News, Vol. XIII

            Oversize Items
314  01     American Liberty
               "America's Will To Work," a poem, n.d.
               American Oracle of Liberty, 1775 May 03, Vol. V, No. 219, n.d.
               The Bill of Rights, n.d.
               "Take Notice," Revolutionary Recruiting Handbill, From
                 an original in the Library at Pinesbridge Farm,
                 n.d., 2 copies
     02     Americans From, Woman's Day, by Louis Adamic
               Holland, 1946 Feb
               Poland, 1944 Aug
               Russia, 1945 Mar
               Sweden, 1945 Aug
               Yugoslavia, 1945 Jan
     03     Biography, Clementine Paddleford
               Photostat, The Saturday Evening Post, 1949 Apr 30,
                 "Her Passion Is Food"
               Poster, New York Herald Tribune and The Saturday
                 Evening Post
               Poster, Time Magazine, "Columnist at the Table," n.d.
     04     Biography, Clementine Paddleford Awards
               1950 and 1957, The New York Newspaper Women's Club,
                 most distinguished work in the field of Articles of
                 Special Interest to Women
               1954 Feb 24, Jupiter Rex, Pan American World Airways
                 flight from Rio to New York
               1958 Feb 12, Icarus Award, flight from New York to Rio
                 de Janeiro
               Photograph of Paddleford receiving The New York
                 Newspaper Women's Club award from Eleanor Roosevelt
     05     Biography, Clementine Paddleford Membership Certificates
               1949 Nov 29, City of Times Square U.S.A.
               1966 Apr 11, Les Amis d' Escoffier Society
               Les Compagnons de Rabelais, n.d.
     06     Circus
               McCreery's Big Top, n.d.
     07     Farm
               "New Jersey Farm Integrates Vast Acres, Reaps Super Harvest," n.d.
     08     Newspaper
               The Pioneer Gazette, 1949 Aug, Vol. 1, No. 1, n.d.
               The Pioneer Gazette, 1949 Oct, Vol. 1, No. 3, n.d.
     09     "Purim, The Story," n.d.
     10     Restaurant, Luchows
               "Hear Ye A Proclamation," n.d.
     11     Trains
               "New Twentieth Century Limited Inaugural Press Packet," n.d.
     12     Beverages
               "Champagne," From Country Series, France, n.d.
               Italian Wines and Cheeses, n.d.
     13     Food, General
               "Domestic Economy," n.d.
               "A New and Unusual Counter Display Will Make Money For You," n.d. 
     14     Food, Dairy
               Cheese, From Countries Series, Italy, n.d.
               "Your Masthead Here,"n.d.
     15     Food, Dessert, Candy
               "Candy Eating Chart," n.d.
               "Candy Features," n.d.
     16     Food, Dessert, Pudding
               "Christmas Food Feature," n.d.
     17     Food, Flavorings, Vanilla
               Vanilla Planifolia, Curing, n.d.
               Vanilla Planifolia, Growth, n.d.
               Vanilla Planifolia, History and Habitat, n.d.
     18     Food, Fruit
               "The Fifth Avenue Fruit Tree," 1938 May; 1938 Jun;
                 1938 Nov; 1938 Dec; ca. 1959 Aug
     19     Food, Garnishes
               "Green Pea Soup Plain and Fancy, Garnishes," n.d.
     20     Food, Herbs
               "By the Grace of God," n.d.
               "Herb Seasonings," n.d.
     21     Food, Meat
               "Bar-B-Cuts Make Better Barbecues," From Newsletters,
                 Cryovac Kitchen News, n.d.
               "Meats In Cans Win Modern Approval," n.d.
     22     Food Meat, Fish/Seafood
               General Seafoods Corporation, Fish Pier, Boston, Massachusetts, n.d.
               "Tuna Time Can Be Enjoyed By All," n.d.
     23     Food, Salad
               "The Food That Wrote Salad," n.d.
     24     Food, Vegetables
               "Eat More Baked Beans," n.d.

            Extra Large Items
315  01     American Bakers Association
     02     "Cookery Cards For The Kitchen" - Reliable Rules for Cooking, n.d.
               Correspondence, Steever, Mrs. M.D. from Padddleford, 1942 Mar 10
               Correspondence, Steever, Gladys I., 1942 Jun 17
     03     Farm, "The Farm Is A Factory Nowadays," n.d.
     04     Fiesta, "XII Fiesta De La Vendimia Y," 1959 Sep (From
               Countries Series, Spain)
     05     "A Guide To Good Eating," n.d.
     06     Halloween, The Official Halloween News
               "Witches Still Chase The Hobgoblins Away," (Hexie Hammerstein), n.d.
     07     "Household Functions of Baking Soda," n.d.
     08     Ladies Home Journal advertisements 
	           "You May Wear Your Grandmother's Hat This Spring," n.d.
     09     Maps
               Kansas, 1930 Geological Map of Kansas
               Kansas, 1941, Kansas State Highway System
     10        Nova Scotia, 1935 Highway Map of Novia Scotia (From
                 Topic Series, Food, Meat, Fish/Seafood, Kipper)
     11        Pennsylvania, 1949, Pennsylvania State Map
     12     (The Local Paper) Picnic Section, n.d.
     13     Progresso Quality Foods, n.d.
     14     Food, Dairy
               "Cheese for Breakfast in Holland," n.d.
               "Get Facts At Margarine Hearing," New York Journal
                 American, 1944 Jul 11
               "Publicity Goes to Bat for Dairy Dream," n.d.
     15     Food, Dessert
               "What You Should Know About Candy," n.d.
     16     Food, Dessert
                "The Betty Crocker Pastry Score Chart," n.d.
     17     Food, Eggs
               "Quality Eggs Standard," n.d.
     18     Food, Frozen Foods
               "For The First Time Anywhere!" (Birds Eye Frosted Foods), n.d.
               "Frozen Food King," William L. Maxson, n.d.
     19     Food, Fruit
               "The National Apple Institute," n.d.
     20     Food, Fruit
               "Peach Parade Fact Sheet," n.d.
     21     Food, Herbs and Spices
               "Herbs and Spices," n.d.
     22     Food, Meat
               "Armour's Lamb, Port and Veal Cuts," n.d., 2 copies
               "Armour's Star Beef Chart," n.d.
     23     Food, Meat, Fish/Seafood 
               "Featuring Famous State of Maine Lobsters," n.d.
     24     Food, Meat, Marie Gifford's ABC's of: 
               Braising, n.d.
               Broiling, n.d.
               Cooking Bacon, n.d.
               Poultry Roasting, n.d.
               Roasting, n.d.
               Using Cheddar Cheese, n.d.
     25     Food, Meat, Whale, n.d.
     26     Food, Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing 
               "Hot Food New About Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing," n.d.
     27     Food, Peanut Butter Recipes, n.d.
     28     Food, Sweeteners, Sugar
               "Hands Off For Cleaner Sugar," n.d.
               "How Cane Sugar is Refined," n.d.
               "A New Way To Use Sugar," n.d.
               "Now-Sugar Handling Cut to 3 Quick Steps," n.d.
               "Sugar Speaks," n.d.
               "This New Kind of Sugar Guarantees Cleanliness," n.d.
               "What Makes People Fat?," n.d.