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Clementine Paddleford Papers

Companies, 1933-1967

122  01     Adams, Mel and Associates, Inc., New York City, New York
               "French-Irish Food Festival At Shannon Airport," n.d.
               "Irish Christmas Pudding - A Holiday Novelty," n.d.
     02     Agress Nut & Seed Company, New York City, New York
               "Reserve Stock Colossal Pistachio Nuts," n.d.
               Correspondence, Booker, Jack R., 1967 Oct 23
     03     Altman's, Altman, B. & Company, New York City, New York
               "Branch Water, Altman's Fine Spring Water, Now Has Its Own
                 Companion Cooler," n.d.            
               "An Enchanting Christmas Woodland Fantasy "Premieres" In
                 Altman's Windows," n.d.       
     04     Amana Refrigeration, Inc., Amana, Iowa
               "Fashions In Frozen Salads," n.d.
               "Here's Foolproof Way To Freeze Corn-On-The Cob," n.d.
     05     American Bakers Association, Chicago, Illinois
               Tradition of Mince Pie, n.d.
     06     American Blue Cheese Association, Chicago, Illinois
               1961 Jan 16, "Blue Cheese Pastries Brighten Valentine Meal"
               1961 Jul 07, "Put Spotlight On Sandwiches Made With Cheese"
               "Peach Crumble Supreme Ideal Summertime Dessert," n.d.
     07     American Dairy Association, 20 North Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois
               1947 Jun 15, "Easy Hard Sauce"
               1947 Jun 15, "Whipping Cream Is Back!"
               1947 Aug 18, "Christmas Cookies"
               1947 Aug 18, Pumpkin and Pineapple
               Correspondence, Gustafson, Marguerite, 1953 Jun 08
               Correspondence, Gustafson, Marguerite, 1959 Feb 09
     08        "American Dairy Association Is Unusual Business Development
                 In Which Farmers Build Dairying," n.d.
               "Butter-Baked Peaches With Orange Custard Sauce Ummm! What
                 Good Eating," n.d.
               Cheese Nests, n.d.
               "Dad Needs Milk For Pep, Food Editors Told," n.d.
               "Dairy Industry Growth Expected To Mushroom In Next Years
                 Program Charted By Dairy Farmers' Association To Expand
                 Dairy Food Markets," n.d.
               "Egg Nog as Dessert," n.d.
               "Hark! The Angels Praise Glorious Eggnog Christmas Salad," n.d.
               "Homemade Candy Ranks High As Thoughtful Christmas Gift," n.d.
     09        "Ice Cream Parades In Easter Desserts," n.d.
               "Let's Take a New Look at Dairy Month," n.d.
               "Shorts and Fillers Buttermilk," n.d.
               "Sour Cream And Cheese Recipe Booklets Now Available," n.d.
               "There Are Casseroles...And Casseroles But Only One Sunny
                 Lenten Pike Bake," n.d.
               "Three Wonderful Cooky Recipes You'll Treasure," n.d.
               "We're Interested In Selling Milk!," n.d.
     10     American Dietetic Association, Chicago, Illinois
               1936 Oct 12-15, "American Dietetic Association Convention,"
                 Hotel Statler, Boston, Massachusetts
               1940 Oct 21, "The American Dietetic Association Welcoming Luncheon"
               Corespondence, Barber, Edith M., 1940 Oct 24
     11     American Honey Institute, Madison, Wisconsin
               "Honey For Christmas," n.d.
     12     American Institute of Baking, Correspondence
               Clark, Ruth R., Manager, Test Kitchen Section, 1956 Sep
                 Recipes, quantity uses for sliced enriched bread, French
                    or Vienna bread and sliced sandwich buns
     13        Clark, Ruth R., Manager, Test Kitchen Section, 1961 Oct
     14        Clark, Ruth R., Manager, Test Kitchen Section, 1962 Dec 28
               Clark, Ruth R., from Paddleford, 1963 Jan 02 
                 Recipes for child cooks
     15     American Institute of Baking, Bakery Products
               "Quantity Guide For Using Bakers Products," n.d.
     16     American Institute of Baking, History
               1962 Christmas, "Steamed Pudding-Heritage From Christmases Past"
     17     American Institute of Baking, Newsletters, Bakery Briefs
               1953 Jun, Aug and Oct
     18        1955 May, Sep and Nov
     19        1956 Mar, Jul, Sep and Nov
     20        1957 Jan and Dec
     21        1958 Jun
     22        1959 Jul
     23        1961 Sep
     24        1966 Mar
     25     American Institute of Baking, Newsletters, Bakery By-Lines
               1953 Jul, Aug, Sep and Nov
     26        1954 May and Sep    
     27        1956 Oct
               1957 Jun, Nov and Dec
     29        19 [?] Oct 07, New release for October 7
               "Breakfast When The Easter Bunny Comes," n.d.
     30     American Institute of Baking, Newsletters, News for Women Editors     
               1950 Jan, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1950 Mar 17, "The Legends Of Hot Cross Buns"
               1950 Aug, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1950 Aug, "Stories Behind The Sandwich"
               1950 Dec, "Ancient Egyptians And British Sailors Prominent
                 In Fruit Cake History"
               1950 Dec, "Centuries Of Mince Pies"
     31        1951 Feb, "Bakery Briefs"
               1951 Mar, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1951 Mar, "Enriched Bread Makes United States A Healthier Nation"
               1951 Apr, "Bakery Briefs"
               1951 Aug, "Bakery Briefs"
               1951 Sep, "Bakery Briefs"
               1951 Oct, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1951 Nov, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
     32        1952 Jan, "Bakery Briefs"
               1952 Feb, "Bakery Briefs"
               1952 Mar, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1952 Apr, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1952 May, "Bakery Briefs"
               1952 May 15, "Bread Standards Released Today"
               1952 Jul, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1952 Aug, "Bakery Briefs"
               1952 Oct, "Bakery Briefs," 2 copies
               1952 Nov, "Recommendations For Stuffing of Poultry"
     33        1953 Jan, "Bakery Briefs"
               1953 Feb, "Bakery Briefs"
     34        "What Calls Back The Past Like The Rich Pumpkin Pie?," n.d.
     35     American Institute of Baking, Recipes
               1960 Sep, "Three Tricks To Top The Traditional Treat"
     36     American Institute of Baking, Recipes, Proven Recipes From The Kitchen
               "America's Food Culture: A World-Wide Heritage," 1964 Oct
     37        "Appetizers," n.d.
     38        "Bread Croutons," n.d.
     39        "Bread Desserts and Puddings," 1956 Jan; 1959 Jul; n.d.
     40-42     "Bread in Entrees," 1952 Mar; 1953 Jan; 1953 Sep; 1955 Sep; n.d.
     43        Bread, Jiffy, 1952 Jul; 1953 May; 1955 May
     44        "Bread Sticks," n.d.
     45        "Bread Stuffings," 1952 Dec; 1953 Nov; 1954 Nov; 1955 Nov; n.d.
               "Bread Stuffing Guide," n.d.
     46        "Bread Stuffings," 1956 Nov; 1957 Dec; n.d.
     47        "Bread Uses And Measurements," n.d.
     48        "Cake Desserts," 1952 Apr; 1956 Mar; n.d.
     49        "Cookie Desserts," n.d.
     50        "Cool Confections," 1966 Aug, Ellen H. Semrow, Consumer
                 Service Department

123  01        "Doughnut Desserts," 1952 Oct; 1953 Oct; 1956 Sep; n.d.
                 Correspondence, Hollister, H. E., 1943 Dec 09
     02        "Fruited Bread Puddings Time Honored Dessert Favorites," 1966 Feb
     03        "Pie Toppings," n.d.
     04        "Refrigerated and Frozen Sandwiches," 1952 Aug; 1953 Jul; n.d.
     05        "Sandwich Fillings," n.d.
                 Correspondence, Clarke, Ruth R., Home Economist, 1949 Jun
     06        "Sandwich Meals for Summer Time," 1953 Jun; 1956 May; 1956 Jul; n.d.
     07        "Toast Varieties,"1953 Feb; 1960 Oct;  n.d.
     08        Vegetables, 1960 Sep; 1965 Oct
     09        Other Recipes, 1952 Nov; n.d.
               Tobbey, Dr. James A., "Enriched Bread, A Notable
                 Contribution to National Defense," n.d.
     10     American Meat Institute, Chicago, Illinois
               [1941], "The Right Kind of Proteins"
               1955 Nov-Dec, "Cuts and Slices," Pork
               1956, Frankfurters
               1957 Dec 05, "'Meat For Christmas' Comes Home Again"
               1959 Apr, Bacon
               [1959], "Barbecuing Meats"
               [1959], "How to Select and Cook Ham," 2 copies
               1959 Dec 24, Meat on the Table in 1960
               Correspondence, Dierking, Frederic C., 1941 Jul 15
               Correspondence, Bender, Bernice, 1959 Jun 03
               Correspondence, Houghton, Cholm B., 1959 Dec 14
               Correspondence, Bender, Bernice, 1959 Dec 16
     11        1961 Jan 09, Meat Production
               1961 Aug 24, Meat Curing
               1961 Dec, "Your Meat Calendar"
               1965 Jan 17, Pork
               1965 Mar 02, "Your Meat Calendar" 
               Correspondence, Bender, Bernice, 1962 Mar 02, Ham
               Correspondence, Bender, Bernice, 1963 Feb 19, Hog Jowl
     12        19[?] Jan 28, Sausage
               19[?] Mar 04, Ham Leftovers, 2 copies
               19[?] Mar 20, April Fool
               19[?] Mar 28, Smoked Ham
               19[?] May 23, Pork
               19[?] May 23, Smoked Ham and Picnics
               19[?] Jul 06, Corned Beef
               19[?] Jul 12, Steak
               19[?] Jul 23, Sandwich
     13        19[?] Aug 24, Meat Curing
               19[?] Sep 13, Ground Beef
               19[?] Sep 27, Ham
               19[?] Sep 28, Smoked Ham
               19[?] Oct 05, Melting Pot
               19[?] Oct 31, Taste
               19[?] Oct 22, Chili
               19[?] Dec 07, Ham
               19[?] Dec 30, Lamb
     14     American Meat Institute, Chicago, Illinois, n.d.
               "All About Ham"
               "Barbecued Franks Are A Summer Meal Treat"
               "Beef Steaks For Broiling: How To Buy And Cook"
               "The Bride Learns To Roast Meats"
               "Bring Home The Bacon; It's One Point Per Pound"
               "Canned Meats Offer Easy, Varied Meals"
               "Cold Cuts Family Buffet"
               "Cold Cuts In Hot Dishes"
               "Cold Cuts Supper Tray"
               Cooking Pork
               "Easy Summer Meals With Canned Meats"
               "Franks With Hot Potato Salad"
               "Geography Of Meat Eating Habits"
               "Ground Beef Recipes Handy For Any Meal"
               "Holiday Suggestion: Whole or Half Ham"
               "How To Broil, Pan-Broil And Pan-Fry Meats"
     15        "It's Not All Boloney"
               "Meat Cooking Tips For Outdoor Meals"
               Meat Buying Guide
               "Meaty Menus"
               "New Liquid Feed Supplement Provides High-Quality Meat"
               "Picnic Grill"
               "Pork Sausage Link Recipes"
               "Quicky Meat Dishes To Help Career Gal"
               "Savory Meat Snacks For Easy Entertaining"
               "Serve Cold Cuts Often During Summer Months"
               "Serve Cold Cuts Often For Family Eating Fun"
               "Serve Tasty Spareribs In Variety Of Ways"
               "Trim-Your-Own Franks"
               Uncle Sam (United States)
     16        Meaty Fillers
     17     American Society of Bar Masters, Louisville, Kentucky, n.d.
               "Yule Season Perfect Toddy Time"   
     18     American Spice Trade Association, New York City, New York
               1940 May 08, "Recipes For Dishes Served At The 'Spice For
                 Flavor' Dinner of the American Spice Trade Association
                 Convention," Hotel Astor, New York City, New York
               1944 May 10, "Recipes for the American Spice Trade
                 Association 'Pointless Dinner'," Hotel Astor, New York
                 City, New York
               1947 May, "40 Years of ASTA 1907...1947," by Christopher Clarke
               1948 May 03, "Recipes, American Spice Trade Association
                 Luncheon," Hotel Astor, New York City, New York
               "American Spice Trade Exhibits Spice Cabinet," n.d.
               "Spice Trade Dinner Has Old New England Theme," n.d.
               "Spice Trade Dinner To Show How To Use Available Food," n.d.
     19     American Sugar Refining Company, New York City, New York
               "Happy Holdiay Hints From Domino Sugar," n.d.
               "Holiday Sugar Cookies," 2 Christmas Cards, n.d.
               "Homemakers Offered Unique Recipe Book On Art Of Sugar Cookery," n.d.
               Sugarplum Decoration For Christmas, n.d.
               Sugarplum Tree, n.d.
               "Sugar Spoon Recipes From The Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen," n.d.
               Correspondence, Patterson, Louise Lytle, 1960 Apr 29 
               Correspondence, Patterson, Louise Lytle, 1962 Nov 02
     20     Anderson, Clayton and Company, Dallas, Texas
               1967, "The ABC's of Cooking With New Soft Margarine"
               "ABC's Of Cooking With Soft-Type Margarine," n.d.
               "Blue Ribbon Gelatine Dishes," n.d.
               "Seven Seas Italian Bleu Cheese Dressing," n.d.
     21     Angelus-Campfire Company, Chicago, Illinois
               "Angelus-Campfire Marshmallows, History, Manufacture and Uses," n.d.
               "Campfire Marshmallow Cookery," n.d.
               Correspondence, Pell, John L. E., 1942 Apr 22
     22        1935 Feb 15, "George Washington Pie"
               1939 Apr, "Cooking School Scoop," Easter
               1940 Jun, "Cooking School Scoop," Party Favors
               1940 Jul, "Cooking School Scoop," Party Favors
               "Come to My Party," Summer Months, n.d.
               "Come to My Party," Fall and Winter Months, n .d.
     23     Angostura-Wuppermann Corporation, Elmhurst, New York
               1937 May 18, Angostura bitters is going back to the tropics
               1938 Jan 28, "Souvenir of The Angostura Luncheon," Hotel
                 Pierre, New York City, New York
               1945 Sep, "Johann G. B. Siegert's Marvellous Condiment," by
                 Francis deN. Schroeder, American Cookery
               "Angostura...Romance...and Frank Morgan," by Thelma Mends
                 Smith, Culinary Review, n.d.
               "'Odd Drink Survey Bears Fruit!,'" n.d.
               "History Of The Angostura-Wuppermann Corporation's Business," n.d.
               "Wearin' O' The Green," n.d.
               "Will There Be Charm(s) In Your Plum Pudding?," n.d.
     24     Armstrong, F. Wallis Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
               "Things To Keep In Mind About SOUP," n.d.
     25     Astral Advertising Company, South Hackensack, New Jersey
               "St. Patrick's Day Special!," n.d.
     26     Atmore and Son, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
               1958 Nov 04, "Little Jack Horner Almanac"
     27-29  Baker (Walter) and Company
               [1940], "A Calendar of Walter Baker & Company, Inc., and its
                 Times 1765-1940," The story of this firm is, in miniature,
                 the story of American business
     30     Barton's Candy Corporation, Brooklyn, New York
               Mother's Day, n.d.
     31     Baxter (W. A.) and Sons Limited, Fochabers, Scotland
               1963 Nov 02, "The Baxters Story"
     32     Beatrice Foods Company, Chicago, Illinois
               Cherry Vanilla Ice and Easter, n.d.
     33     Bell and Stanton Inc., New York City, New York
               1964 Oct 07, "U. S. Urges Its Diplomats To Serve American
                 Wine," The New York Times
               1964 Oct 07, "Wine Executive Urges Discretion On Serving U. S.
                 Wines In Our Embassies And Ministries Abroad"
               "Ambassador Stevenson's Diplomatic Wine Cellar," n.d.
               "Fine Wines Of California," n.d.
     34     Bell Fruit Farm, Boonville, Missouri
               Bell Fruit Farm, n.d.
     35     Best Foods, Inc., New York City, New York
               "Real Mayonnaise Variations," n.d.
               "Thirty Years of Mayonnaise," n.d.
     36     Betty Crocker, Minneapolis, Minnesota
               1955 Apr 25, "Betty Crocker Contest, Future Homemakers Seem
                 Adult," by Clementine Paddleford, New York Herald Tribune
               1957 May 02, "The Betty Crocker All-American Homemaker of
                 Tomorrow is chosen tonight!," The New York Times
               1957 May 03, "Betty Crocker Contest Won By Ga. Girl"
               1957 Dec 12, "Program showings of Meringue Creations"
               [1957] "The Search Has Begun"
               1967, "The Hostess with the mostest!"
               1967 Jun, Chocolate cake
               1967 Sep, Muffins
               1967 Sep, Orange cake
               1967 Sep, Snacks
               19[?] Aug 26, Betty Crocker Kitchen Opening
               "Biscuit Magic," n.d.
               "Convenient Casserole Hints," n.d.
               "The History of Betty Crocker's Cake Mixes," n.d.

124  01     Bloomingdales, New York City, New York
               1965 Sep 25, "Trade Winds"
     02     Borden Company, New York City, New York
               1940 Mar 01, Spring
               1948 Sep 07, "Drop in Cheese Benefits Menu-Makers"
               1949 Feb 21, "Buying Cheese In Quantity Means Thrift"
               1949 Apr 28, "Mothers and Teenagers Take Note; Let's Go
                 Sailing on Mother's Day"
               1949 Sep 30, "Who Put The Milk On Mrs. Murphy's Table"
               1949 Sep 30, Dairy Distribution, 2 copies
               Correspondence, Kimball, Helen E., 1938 Feb, party ideas
               Correspondence, Webb-Peploe, R. H., 1940 Aug 09, Homogenized Milk 
               Correspondence, Slaughter, Sam C., Light Cream
     03        1950 Oct 11, "The Good Ole Daze," one-act comedy
               1956 Sep 24, Rock Cornish Hen
     04        1960 Sep, "Fact Sheet, Borden's Whipped Cream Cheese"
               1962 Aug 15, "Fact Sheet, Sour Cream," 2 copies
               1966 Jul 06, Mincemeat Recipes
               1967 Mar 08, Irish Recipes
               Correspondence, Murphy, Mary E., 1966 Jul 06 
               Correspondence, Murphy, Mary E., 1966 Sep 06
               Correspondence, Murphy, Mary E., 1967 Mar 08
     05        "Borden's Announces Lower Milk Prices," n.d.
               "Borden's Instant Coffee Fact Sheet," n.d.
               "Borden's Mince Meat Fact Sheet," n.d.
               "Cheese Filled Tomatoes Excellent For Buffet Service," n.d.
               "Cheese Shorts," n.d.
               "Coddle Your Budget With Vegetable Main Dish," n.d.
               "Crystallized And Preserved Ginger," n.d.
     06        "Double Your Money Back," n.d.
               "Eating Out-Of-Doors Is Fun; Also Easy and Inexpensive," n.d.
               "Egg Nog Bavarian Top Party Choice," n.d.
               "Egg Nog Rings In The Holidays," n.d.
               "Fact Sheet, Dairy-Made Sour Cream," n.d.
               "Fact Sheet On Borden's Biscuits," n.d.
               "Fact Sheet, Up-To-Date Facts About Cottage Cheese," n.d.
               "Fruit Cake Magic Ready For Baking In 15 Minutes," n.d.
               "Holiday Hospitality-The Easy Way With Delicious Dairy Egg Nog," n.d.
               "Ingredients Used In The Making Of Borden's None Such Mince Meat," n.d.
     07        "The Joys Of Modern Mince Meat Cookery," n.d.. 2 different copies
               Lobster Newberg, n.d.
               "The man who made this Borden Box Never saw it!," n.d.
               "None Such Mince Meat," n.d.
     08        "October Designated Cheese Festival Month," n.d.
               "Party Ham Loaf For Special Dinners," n.d.
               "Prepare for a Long, Healthy Life," n.d., Senior Citizens
               "Proper Milk Storage In Hot Weather"
     09        Recipes
     10        "Serve Summer Specialty Milk-Fruit Drinks," n.d.
               "Short Space Fillers About Cheese," n.d.
               "Shorts and Fillers Sour Cream," n.d.
               "Spice Sauerkraut And Smoked Meat With Mince Meat," n.d.
               "Turkey Good For Outdoor Cookery," n.d.
               "Use Cheese-Topped Pie For Thanksgiving Mince Meat," n.d.
               "Use Good Basic Cheese Rabbit Recipe To Make Many Delicious Variations," n.d.
     11     Borden Company, Nonfat Dry Milk Information Service, New York City, New York
               1951 Oct, "Nonfat Dry Milk Prepared By And For Children"
               1952 Feb, "Government Study On Family Nutrition"
               1953 Jan, "and May we all have joy and peace in the New Year!"
     12        Bread Dough
               "For The Fashion Conscious - The Starlac Silhouette"
     13     Bordo Products Company, Chicago, Illinois
               [1967], "Fact Sheet Bordo Products Company"
               Correspondence, Rich, Judith, 1967 Oct 13 
     14     Bosh Stack Associates, New York City, New York
               1952 Jul 30, "Warm Weather Meal Planning Tips Offered By
                 Student Dieticians"
     15     Bourbon Institute, New York City, New York
               [1963], "An Admiral Leads The Bourbon Invasion"
               [1963], "Summer Parties Can Be Fun For Your Guest Too!"
               [1963], "Vice Admiral William J. Marshall, President The
                 Bourbon Institute"
               Correspondence, O'Rourke, Virginia K., 1963 Aug 20
     16     Brown Vintners Company, Inc., New York City, New York
               1967 Oct 09, "Boodles British Gin-Newest Status Symbol"
               1967 Oct 09, "Boodles: What's In A Name?"
               1967 Oct 09, "Gin's Fascinating Past"
               "Traditional Holiday Dishes," n.d.           
     17     Bureau of Industrial Services, New York City, New York
               "Bread Omelet," n.d.
               "Coffee Chiffon Pie," n.d.
               "Ham Omelet," n.d.
               "Meat Loaf Special," n.d.
               "Mushroom And Onion Omelet," n.d.
               "Starlac-Graham Cracker Crumb Crust," n.d.
               "Strawberry Bavarian Cream," n.d.
               "Take York Cue From Royal Custom And Give Luscious Mince
                 Meat Delicacies As Christmas Gifts," n.d.
               Correspondence, Bussing, Elizabeth, 1946 Dec 30 
     18     California Fig Institute, Fresno, California
               1940 Dec 03, Dried Figs
               "Delicious Recipes for California Dried Figs," n.d.
               "Dipped Stuffed Figs," n.d.
     19     California Lemon Products Industry News Bureau, Los Angeles, California
               "Extend The Holiday Season With A Twelfth Night Party," n.d.
               "Fancy Frozen Lemonade Cues Make A Cool, Cool Drink," n.d.
               "Freeze A Lemonade Ice Ring For Your Punch Bowl," n.d.
               "Fruit Lemon Rose," n.d.
               "Nutritional Qualities Of California Lemon Juice," n.d.
               "Pink Lemonade Valentine Cake," n.d.
               "Special For Picnics: Can-Opener Picnic Punch," n.d.
     20        "Punches," n.d.
     21        "Recipes For Frozen Concentrate For Lemonade And Canned And
                 Frozen California Lemon Juice," n.d.
               Correspondence, Michalove, Gertrude
     22     Calvert Distillers Company, New York City, New York, n.d.
               Calvert's Tequila Mariachi
               photocopy of photograph of Arthur F. Murphy
     23     Campbell's Soup Company, Camden, New Jersey 
            [see Newsletter Series for additional Campbell Soup Company information]
               1961, "Campbell's Product Parade"
               Campbell Soup advertisements, n.d.
               "New From Campbell 3 Stout Hearted Soups," n.d.
               statement by W. B. Murphy, president of Campbell Soup Company, n.d.
               Correspondence, Miller, Joan, 1960 Mar 14
               Correspondence, Miller, Joan, 1967 Oct 06
     24     Carnation Company, New York City, New York
               1967 Jun 16, "Carnation Slender," Fact Sheet
               "Fact Sheet Carnation Instant Milk," n.d.
               "Food Feature," n.d.
               "The History Of The Carnation Company, " n.d.
               "The History of Dry Milk," n.d.
     25        Correspondence, Myers, Donna H., n.d. 
               "David D. Peebles," president of Western Condensing Company
                 and chairman of the board of Instant Milk Company, n.d.
               photocopy of photographs of Evelyn Bernard, model; Eileen
                 Lester; Virginia Piper; and Carnation Instant Dry Milk, n.d.
     26     Cayton-Klempner, New York City, New York
               "Baked Boyne River Salmon-Emerald Sauce," n.d.
               "Cock Of The Month," n.d.
               "Consomme Befinn," n.d.
               "Modern Menu," n.d.
               "Shannon Salad," n.d.
     27     Central California Artichoke Growers Association, Castroville, California
               "Artichokes...Winter Queen of the Greens!," n.d.
     28     Chambers and Wiswell Advertising, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
               "A 'Penny Horrible' Valentine Of The Gay Nineties Era," 2 different ones
                 from Rust Craft Greeting Cards collection of antique cards, n.d.
               Correspondence, Sperber, Nathaniel H., 1957 Feb 01
     29     The Chun King Corporation, Duluth, Minnesota - producer of American-Oriental foods
               1964, 1965 Chinese New Year
               Invitation to Chun King Riksha Inn-International No. 1, n.d.
               "Products Of The Chun King Corporation American-Oriental Foods," n.d.
               Correspondence, Paulucci, Jeno F., President, 1964 Oct 09
     30     Cochrane Physicians' Supplies, Inc., New York City, New York
               "Genuine Shearling Sheepskins Specially Selected, Specially Treated," n.d.
     31     Columbia Gas System Service Corporation, New York City, New York
               Correspondence, Simpson, James B., 1964 Jul 10
     32     Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., New York City, New York, n.d.
               "Eat...and Keep Cool"
               "Menus for Entertaining the Bride"
     33     Consolidated Gas Company of New York and Affiliated Gas Companies,
               New York City, New York
               "Attractive Dishes For Meatless Days," n.d.
     34     Cresca Company, New York City, New York
               1967, "Cresca Swings Into Summer With Three New Instant
                 Imported Swiss Drinks"
               19[?] Sep 17, "Cresca Company, Inc., Holds Tasting Party to
                 Introduce Early American Savories"
               19[?] Sep 25 "Cresca Early American Savories"
               "Cresca Introduces Jacob's Pickwick Biscuits Imported From
                 England," n.d.
               "History Helps You Sell A Romantic Story," 2 copies, n.d.
               "Introducing...Cresca Early American Savories," 2 copies, n.d.
               "Savories Bring Memories of Early U.S.A.," 2 copies
     35     Cresta Blanca Wine Company, San Francisco, California
               "Helpful Wine Ideas," n.d.
     36     Crisco Company, New York City, New York
               photocopy of photograph of Orange Rice, n.d.
               "Orange Rice," n.d.
     37     Cross (Christopher) Associates Inc, New York City, New York
               Correspondence, Schwartz, Barry M., 1961 Mar 29, reference
                 Dennis & Huppert, Inc.
               Correspondence, Schwartz, Barry M., reference importers of
                 Prince Polignac Cognac, Mercier Champagne, and Boissiere Vermouth, n.d.
     38     Crosse and Blackwell Company, New York City, New York
               Correspondence, Auchincloss, Edgar, 1938 Nov 30, reference Mincemeat
     39     Cunningham and Walsh Inc., San Francisco, California
               1961 Jul 15, "Mold Pears And Grapes In Cake-Pans"
               1961 Jul 15, "Stuffed Pears And Toasty Cheese"
     40     Dean's, 57th Street, New York City, New York
               "Easter Suggestions," n.d. 
               Easter, n.d.
     41     De Kuyper (John) and Son, Cincinnati, Ohio
               "Headlines For New Liqueur Flavors," n.d. 
               "New Two Excitingly Different Cordials Specially Minted By
                 deKuyper," 2 copies, n.d.
     42     Dilbert's Quality Supermarkets, Inc., Glendale, Long Island, New York
               "Opening Of One Of World's Largest Foreign Foods Stores Will
                 Make Manhattan A Global Gastronomic Center," 2 copies, n.d.
     43     Dole Company, San Jose, California
               1965 Apr, "Fresh Hawaiian Pineapples Are Available Now"
               "Calorie Counters Oriental Dinner," n.d.
               "Can Manufacturing Plant," n.d.
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