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Clementine Paddleford Papers


The opening of the Clementine Paddleford Papers on September 26, 2005, was a long time coming! For years the papers were stored in crumbling file folders inside card board boxes, many of which were used to ship the collection from New York to Kansas State University after Ms. Paddleford's death in 1967. While attempts were made to provide researchers with access to the collection over the years, the size, lack of organization, and physical condition restricted its staff and researchers. It was not until the University Archives was able to expand its staff in 2001 by hiring a full time collections processor, Cynthia Harris, that someone was able to devote the time necessary to organizing the collection and preparing this guide to the papers.

A number of people made the organization of the Paddleford Papers possible, foremost of which is Cynthia Harris whose dedication, attention to detail, and organizational skills have made one of the most important collections of its kind accessible to researchers from all disciplines and levels of interest. Cindy Von Elling, Technology Specialist in the University Archives, played a vital role in producing this register so that it is available to all who seek information about Clementine Paddleford through her papers. The important role that many student employees played in processing the papers cannot be over emphasized. Without their tireless efforts in such areas as photocopying deteriorating newspaper clippings, computer entry, labeling thousands of folders, typing box labels, etc., the processing of the papers could not have been completed so efficiently and in a timely manner.

Clementine Paddleford, K-State Class of 1921, continues to be one of the university's most outstanding alumni. From her humble upbringing in Kansas, she rose to the top of her profession and was named by Time magazine as the "best known food editor in the United States." We are pleased to honor her career and contributions to journalism and the field of cookery by making this significant collection available to the scholarly world.

Anthony R. Crawford
University Archivist/Curator of Manuscripts
September 26, 2005


Clementine Paddleford willed her papers to the University Archives of Kansas State University. The University acquired the collection in 1968, after Paddleford's death on November 13, 1967. The collection documents Paddleford's career as an international food's editor.

The Clementine Paddleford Papers (1920-1967) are housed in 363 boxes and organized into 16 Series: 1) Biographical; 2) Literary Works; 3) Correspondence; 4) Articles; 5) Companies; 6) Countries; 7) Menus; 8) Newsletters; 9) People; 10) Subject; 11) Oversize Items; 12) Scrapbooks; 13) Art; 14) Artifacts; 15) Photographs; 16) Printed Material.

The Paddleford Papers have been assigned Accession Number PC 1988.19. The processing spanned the years 2001-2005 and was processed by Cindy Harris, Manuscript/Collections Processor under the direction of Tony Crawford, Archivist, in the University Archives at Kansas State University. Student employees who assisted most with the project include Lindsey Bird, Tara Malone Pool, and Eric Weaver. Additional student help included Audrey Diehl, Meghan Dowdy, Amber Ekart, Rosanne George, Amber Heller, Bryce Koehn, Jeremy Parker, Diane Solden, Darchelle Switzky, Casey Thilges, and Amity Thompson.

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1898        Sep 27, born in Stockdale, Kansas

1913        Began writing personals for the Daily Chronicle in Manhattan, Kansas

1917        Graduated Manhattan High School

1919        First place in the Collegian contest with 234 inches of material accepted and published
            First place in Industrialist contest with 90 inches of material accepted and published
               Source, The Kansas State Collegian, January 7, 1919

1921        Jun 02, Graduated from Kansas State Agricultural College with a degree in Industrial Journalism

1923        Married Lloyd D. Zimmerman

1924-1929   Women's editor of Farm and Fireside in New York

ca. 1928    Patchwork Quilts: a collection of old time blocks and borders published

1932        Divorced Lloyd D. Zimmerman

            Malignant growth removed from larynx and vocal cords

1933        A Dickens Christmas Dinner published

1934        Editor for Home Echo 

1936-1966   Wrote for the New York Herald Tribune

1940-1967   Wrote for This Week, a Sunday supplement magazine

1941-1953   Wrote a monthly column for Gourmet Magazine

1943        Claire Duffe became her ward 

            Sep 10, Headliner Award

1947        Edited Twelve favorite dishes: with his nine magic rules on how to be a good cook by 
               Duncan Hines, recipes tested by Gertrude Lynn

1948        Recipes from Antoine's kitchen published
            New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for most distinguished work in the field of special
               interest to women

1949        Mar 05, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for best article or column of special
               interest to women
            Apr 30, The Saturday Evening Post wrote a biography sketch entitled "Her Passion is Food"
            How America Eats Best Recipes of 1949 published

1950        Nov 13, Grocers Manufactures Association First Honorable Mention Certificate in the Life Line
               of America Awards

1951        Feb 17, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for article of interest to women
            Sep 30, Received Solo Flight Certificate 

1953        Dec 10, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for best article of interest to women
            Dec 28, Time magazine referred to her as the "best-known food editor in the United States"

1954        Mar 03, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for outstanding women's feature article
               published in 1953

1955        Belgium, a Land of Plenty published

1957        New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for outstanding article of interest to women

1958        A Flower For My Mother published

1959        Nov 07, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for outstanding feature article of interest to women
            The Catherine L. O'Brien Award of 1959 3rd Prize for outstanding achievement in women's
               interest newspaper reporting

1960        How America Eats published

1961        Nov 11, New York Newspaper Women's Club Award for best article or column of special
               interest to women

1962        Jan 26, Honored by New Jersey Fruit Industry for "distinguished service and tireless effort in the
               field of food communications

1964        Mar 15, Recipient of the Society of Gourmets for the Leisure Arts Award

1966        Clementine Paddleford's Cook Young Cookbook published

1967        Nov 13, died in New York, buried in the Grandview-Mill Creek-Stockdale Cemetery on
               Fairview Church Road, Riley, Kansas

1970        The Best in American Cooking published

Scope and Contents

The Clementine Paddleford Papers (1920-1967) consist primarily of correspondence and newspaper clippings. The majority of the collection is related to her publications. The collection is organized into 16 Series: 1) Biographical; 2) Literary Works; 3) Correspondence; 4) Articles; 5) Companies; 6) Countries; 7) Menus; 8) Newsletters; 9) People; 10) Subject; 11) Oversize Items; 12) Scrapbooks; 13) Art; 14) Artifacts; 15) Photographs; 16) Printed Material.

The Biographical Series consist of six (6) boxes of biographical material on Paddleford which include awards and certificates, memberships, honorary memberships, and her obituary. Other interesting items include letters from Paddleford's family, her ward, Claire Duffe Jorgensen, and various friends, especially, Hilda Hamlin who appears to have been a very close friend to Paddleford. Also found in the series are birthdays and get well cards to Paddleford and sympathy cards on the death her cat, Peter. Correspondence from Kansas State University includes party invitations, programs and commencement information.

The Literary Works is comprised of twelve (12) boxes which contain research notes for the books, Cook Young Cookbook, A Flower For My Mother and How American Eats. Included is research for American Originals, Almanac Recipes (no evidence this was ever published) and Meet Your Aunt Samantha which Paddleford tried to get published in The Saturday Evening Post. Also, included is research for individual freelance articles. Paddleford's handwritten notes are hard to read and are not identified with any specific topic or article.

The Correspondence Series is made up of twenty-one (21) boxes of correspondence from individuals relating to different topics. Correspondence is organized alphabetically by last name of sender. Included in the series are some Christmas cards to Paddleford. Also included are Quick Tricks/Tips which were solicited in 1957 and correspondence from the Cook Young Contest which was held in 1965. Correspondence pertaining to Quick Tricks/Tips and the Cook Young contest are listed alphabetically by topic.

Although, Paddleford was on staff and wrote for companies such as Farm and Fireside, The Christian Herald, and The New York Herald-Tribune, she also freelanced to various magazines. The Article Series is contained in eighty-two (82) boxes which includes some of Paddleford's research notes and many, although not all, of her written articles. One of the largest portions of the series is made up of Paddleford's "How America Eats" (1940-1967) articles in This Week Magazine, a Sunday supplement to many large newspapers. The series is organized alphabetical by source (magazine, newspaper, etc.) and chronological under each title. At the end of the series are articles from Christian Herald and Farm and Fireside that were not written by Paddleford.

The Company Series is organized alphabetically and consist of eight (8) boxes. Some companies of interest are American Dairy Association, American Honey Institute, American Institute of Baking, American Meat Institute, Angelus-Campfire, Borden, Carnation, Dole, Heinz, Kellogg, National Dairy Council, Pillsbury, Poultry and Egg National Board, and United Fred Fruit and Vegetable Association. Information pertaining to the companies, recipes provided by the companies and correspondence from the companies are included in the series.

Contained in forty-five (45) boxes, the Country Series brings together information on recipes and customs of international countries, as well as individual states within the United States. The series is organized alphabetically by country with regional information following the countries. The United States is separate with regional information following the states and includes Paddleford's travel and story tips. The series also includes some hand written travel notes and articles by Paddleford as well as correspondence to and from Paddleford pertaining to the country, region, or state. Holland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States make up a large portion of the series.

The Menu Series is organized alphabetically by restaurant and consist of seven (7) boxes plus four (4) oversize boxes in the Oversize Series. Some menus have been signed by the restaurant staff and chef and others have Clementine Paddleford's name and notes written on them. The Menu Series include menus from airlines, cruise lines, and restaurants. Menus of interest include, American Spice Trade Association, Jack & Charlie's 21, Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, The Terrace Room at Hotel New Yorker, Shannon International Free Airport, Shannon, Ireland, The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, The Wine and Food Society of New York and Trader Vic's.

The Newsletter Series is comprised of seventeen (17) boxes and is organized alphabetically by title then chronologically within each newsletter. Some newsletters can be cross referenced in the Companies Series because many were produced by businesses and corporations. For example, the Borden Company produced the Borden-Reels newsletter. Some newsletters are incomplete and portions of newsletters may have been used by Paddleford for research for her articles. Newsletters of interest are "Armour and Company Marie Gifford's Kitchen Service;" "Coffee Newsletter;" "Cranberry Kitchen;" "Focus on the Food Market," New York Cooperative Extension Services (1951-1967); "Food News and Views" (1946-1966); "Food Supplies and Markets," United States Department of Agriculture (1947-1967); "Here's Health With Fresh Fruit and Vegetables," Home Economics Department, New York (1954-1967); "Molasses Notes," Molasses Company, New York; "Rice Consumer Service Release," American Rice Industry; "Spice for Flavor" (1952-1967); ten years of "University of Wisconsin Women's Page" (1956-1966); "Western Growers Association;" "Wine and Food Newsletter" (1937-1960); and "Wine and Food Society" (1938-1965).

Although, Paddleford met many people through her travels, most of them are featured in her articles in the Article Series. A four (4) box series entitled People is organized alphabetically by surnames. Some files have copies of articles that Paddleford wrote about the individual. Individuals of interest include Lucille Ball, James Beard, Raymond Burr, Julia Child, Joan Crawford, Yvonne De Carlos, Phyllis Diller, Walt Disney, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Auguste Escoffier, Duncan Hines, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Eleanor Roosevelt and John Steinbeck. Also, in this series are Historical Figures which include individuals such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy. Another part of the series is ethnic groups: African-American and Native Americans, which do not pertain to any one individual, but the group as a whole.

The Subject Series is stored in 105 boxes and is organized alphabetically. Some of the subjects include Paddleford's handwritten notes and some of her articles are included in the series. The series contains many recipes collected from sources such as magazines, newspapers, and companies. The largest portion of the series pertains to food. Topics of interest include the 1939 and 1964 World's Fair, the National Cherry Festival held in Michigan, Holidays, Seasons, United States Department of Agriculture (1933-1967), cooking in large quantities, radio broadcasts (1946-1963), and restaurants such as Luchow's and Antoine's.

The Oversize Series is contained in eight (8) flat boxes which includes leaflets from Farm and Fireside pertaining to the home such as "Five Ways to Reseat Old Chairs" and "New Finished For Old Floors." Oversize menus of interest include air line and restaurant menus, plus a Navy menu from the U. S. S. Skip Jack (1960 Mar 21). A few This Week Magazines are included from cities such as Cleveland and Philadelphia. Other items include "American Liberty," "Americans from Holland," "Americans from Poland," "Americans from Russia," "Americans from Sweden," and "Americans from Yugoslavia." Paddleford's awards include the New York Newspaper Women's Club 1950 and 1957, most distinguished work in the field of Articles of Special Interest to Women award. Other oversize and extra large items pertain to food.

The Scrapbook Series consist of twenty-nine (29) boxes which includes Paddleford's K-State scrapbook, portfolio items, newspaper article clippings from This Week Magazine and other newspapers. The series also contains four scrapbooks that belonged to Paddleford's spouse, Lloyd D. Zimmerman.

Contained in one (1) box, the Art Series includes a set of 12 Requewihr lithographs, a sketch by Janet Dexter, illustrations by C. B. Falls and Alexander King, and sketches by Russell and Kate Lord authors of Forever the Land: a country chronicle and anthology.

Comprised of six (6) boxes, the Artifact Series includes three (3) plaques, twenty-one (21) ceramic tiles, a Pillsbury Best XXXX judging ribbon, currency (2 each Lire Cento), vapor-vacuum jar opener, and genuine mountain Edelweiss flower from the Swiss Alps. The plaques consist of a 1951 member of United Air Line 100,000 miles club, 1962 Judge for the All Florida Orange Dessert Contest sponsored by the Florida Citrus Commission, and a 1963 General Electric Range Department Bake Off Story Award. Examples of the ceramic tiles are American Spice Trade Association Golden Era Dinner, Seventeen, Stephen Foster Museum, Trader Vic's, and The White Turkey.

Stored in twelve (12) boxes, the Photograph Series includes photos of food, topics and people. The photographs are organized in alphabetical order, respectively. Also in the series are four (4) sample books of photographs one could order. Photographs of interest include beverages and food, animals, babies, photos from countries such as Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. Individual photographs of interest include King Alfred the Second, Lucille Ball, Raymond Burr, Carol Channing, Julia Childs, and John Edward Hollister Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, 1964.

Printed Material is organized alphabetically in a bibliographic format, including books, magazines, and phamplets.

In addition to Paddleford's papers, her library of cookbooks is preserved in Rare Books as described in the library online catalog.

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