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William F. Danenbarger Papers


The papers of William F. Danenbarger (1931-1981), founder of KNCK radio station in Concordia and member of the Kansas Board of Regents (1961-1965 1970-1974), were donated to Kansas State University by Danenbarger over a period of eight years, 1974-1982.

The papers, consisting of approximately 450 items, are housed in one document box. They are divided into three series: 1) correspondence, 1931-1981; 2) speeches, 1972-1974; and 3) printed material, 1931-1979. Photographs have been transferred to the photograph collection of the University Archives.

The collection's accession number is PC 68, (revised number, PC 1988.05). Processing of the papers was completed by Kerry Polston, student assistant, in December 1983.

Biographical Sketch

1910          Born in Concordia, Kansas on April 7.

1928          Graduated from Concordia High School.

1933          Received A.B. from University of Kansas.

1933-1935     Editor of Concordia News and Press.

1934          Married Winifred Wright on March 30.

1935          Joined United Press in Denver, Colorado.

1938-1939     Manager of United Press in El Paso, Texas.

1939          William Wright, son born on April 24.

1939-1947     Business representative then business manager of United Press in Atlanta, Georgia 
              (special assignment to Havana, Nov., 1940 - Feb., 1941)

1943          Second son, John K., born on August 17.

1947          Returned to Concordia on June 1.

              Sold stock for General Finance, Inc.

1947-1952     Managed Danenbarger's Hardware, a division of General Finance, Inc.

1949-1961     Served on Concordia library board.

1952          Sold hardware store.

1954          Originated radio station KNCK in Concordia.

1954-1972     President and manager of KNCK.

1960          Chairman of the Concordia Library Board.

1961-1965     Appointed to the Kansas Board of Regents by Governor George Docking.

              Served on the Washburn University of Topeka Board of Regents.

1962-1975     Member and Trustee of the Kansas Council on Economic Education.

1970-1974     Reappointed to Kansas Board of Regents.

1971-1974     Chairman of the Kansas State Educational Television Authority.

1972-1974     Commissioner of the Education Commission of the States.

              Member of Kansas State University Research Foundation.

1973-1979     Member of Kansas Economic Development Commission. 

1975          Became vice-president of Cook Foundation, Concordia, Kansas. 

1976-1979     Member of Kansas Industrial Roundtable.

Who's Who in America, 33rd Edition, 1963.

Scope and Content Note

The William F. Danenbarger Papers (1931-1981) contain personal and business correspondence, speeches and printed material. The papers, consisting of approximately 450 items, are housed in one document box.

The papers are divided into three series: 1) correspondence, 1931-1981; 2) speeches, 1972-1974; and 3) printed material, 1931-1979. The major portion of the collection consists of correspondence with parents, Kansas governors, members of the Kansas Board of Regents, university presidents, United Press employees and members of State boards and commissions. Prominent correspondents include Governors Robert Bennett, Robert Docking and John Carlin, and Kansas Senators Ross Doyen and Norman Garr. A letter from U.S. Senator Bob Dole is also included. Many letters are congratulatory in nature, however, some of them reveal information about political events and leaders in Kansas. There are numerous letters concerning Danenbarger's association with the University of Kansas, especially correspondence with Chancellor Archie Dykes. Correspondence with officials of Kansas State University is also included, Presidents James McCain and Duane Acker in particular. The series is contained in 16 folders.

The speeches Danenbarger gave at conferences, retreats and public ceremonies in the years 1972-1974 make up the second series. Scripts from a 1972 tele-lecture conference, Board of Regents and Kansas University Liberal Arts retreats, and Kansas State University and Emporia State University commencements are within this series.

The 25 folders of printed material include the years 1931-1979. Newspaper clippings contain articles written by Danenbarger, articles concerning events at various universities, and Kansas Board of Regents announcements. Programs from campus building dedications and articles and minutes of the Kansas State Board of Regents during Danenbarger's terms are also included in this series.

Four photographs have been removed from the papers and filed in the University Archives photograph collection under the heading of Danenbarger. The photographs include President and Mrs. Richard Nixon at Kansas State University (1970), James McCain (1972). and a scene from a 1937 United Press production of The Front Page in which Danenbarger acted.

Container List

Box Folder

1     01       1939-1941
      02       1944-1946
      03       1947
      04       1953-1956
      05       1960
      06       1961-1962, 1964
      07       1965, 1968
      08       1970, 1972
      09       1973
      10       January-June, 1974
      11       July-December, 1974
      12       1975
      13       1976-1977
      14       1978
      15       1979
      16       1980-1981

      17       1972-1974

            Printed Material

             Newspaper and Magazine Articles 
      18       1938, 1955, 1960-1963, 1970-1973

             Articles and Minutes-Kansas Board of Regents
      19       1965, 1970, 1974

             Programs-Kansas State University
      20       1961-1963, 1970, 1972

             Programs-Colleqes and Universities
      21       1943, 1958, 1961-1962
      22       Programs-The Front Pane, 1937
      23       Newspaper Clippings (by Danenbarger), (1936-?)

             Newspaper Clippings
      24       1931, 1934-1935, 1937, 1947
      25       1954, 1956, 1958
      26       1960
      27       1961
      28       1963-1965
      29       1970 
      30       1971
      31       1972
      32       1973
      33       1974, 1979