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William H. Avery Collection


The papers of William H. Avery (1954-1964), a member of the U. S. Congress (1955-65) and Governor of Kansas (1965-67), were donated to the Kansas State University Archives by Avery in 1987.

The papers are housed in six document boxes. They are divided into four areas: 1) campaign materials (1960-68), 2) congressional newsletters (1956-64), 3) printed materials (1954-55; 1965-66) and 4) literary works. Photographs (27) have been transferred to the photograph cabinet and filed under Avery's name.

Processing of the papers was completed by Pam Neuschafer, student assistant, in May 1987.

The collections accession number is PC 51. New numbering system: PC 1987.03

Biographical Sketch

1911         Born on a farm near Wakefield, Kansas on August 11, the son of Herman W. and Hattie C. Avery.

1934         Received an AB degree in Political Science from the University of Kansas.

1935-1955    Farmer, stockman near Wakefield	

1940         Married Hazel Bowles of Junction City , Kansas on June 16.  They have four children: 
                William Jr., Barbara, Bradley, and Martha.

1946-1954    Director of Wakefield School Board.

1951-1955    Member of Kansas House of Representatives from the 2nd District.

1955-1965    Served in the U. S. Congress

1965-1967    Governor of Kansas.

1966         Sought gubernatorial re-election, defeated by Robert Docking.

1967-1968    Worked for Garvey Enterprises.

1968         Unsuccessful candidate for the U. S. Senate.

1967-1971    Worked for the Clinton Oil Company which merged with Real Petroleum with Avery as President.

1973-1977    Congressional liaison to the Department of the Interior.

1977-1980    Chairman of the board and director of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Wakefield.

Scope and Content Note

The William H. Avery Papers document a number of his activities in state and national politics during the years 1954-64. The papers contain personal and business correspondence, speeches, printed material, photographs and scrapbooks. They are housed in six document boxes.

The papers are divided into four areas: 1) campaign materials (1960-1968), 20 congressional newsletters (1956-1964), 3) printed materials (1954-1955; 1965-1966), and 4) literary works. The most significant part of the collection is the campaign material contained in the three and a half document boxes. There are folders of election statistics, news releases announcement of candidacy, printed material concerning Avery's inauguration, and other general material concerning his years in the U. S. Congress and as Governor of Kansas. The correspondence is both personal and official in nature and includes many letters from local supporters and fellow congressmen. There is also a considerable correspondence between the Avery Election Office and national and local press.

The congressional newsletters in the collection are weekly installments describing the activities of the U.S. Congress. They contain no personal information about Avery but provide a good summary of the political issues from 1956 to 1964.

The third group contains printed materials, primarily newspaper clippings. Organized by topic are a variety of newspaper editorials related to subjects of concern to Kansans. Of interest are the newspaper clippings about Avery's governorship in 1966. The clippings are filed chronologically in one document box. Additional newspaper clippings regarding the Tuttle Creek Dam controversy, 1954-1955, are contained in a scrapbook.

A fourth part of the collection consists of two notebooks handwritten by an anonymous author. They appear to document a family history of Czech immigrants to the U.S. who settled in Nebraska in the late 1800's. Included are printed photographs of family members identified only by their first name.

Photographs (26) in the collection were transferred to the photograph cabinet and filed under Avery's name.

Container List

 Box  Folder

 01	01		Campaign Statistics, 1960-1964
	02-05		Campaign (1962), Consideration of Senate
	06		Campaign (1964), Announcement, Dec 18, 1963
	07-10		Campaign (1964)
	11		Campaign (1964), News Releases
	12-15		Inauguration (1965), Correspondence
	16		Inauguration (1965), Printed Material

 02	01		Correspondence-Personal, 1957-1958; 1965)
	02-05		Campaign (1966)
	06-10		Campaign (1966), Letters of Appreciation

 03	01-04		Speeches (1966)
	05		Correspondence (1966)
	06		News Media (1966)
	07-09		T.V. Miscellaneous (1966)
	10		Campaign (1968)
	11		84th Congress, 2nd Session (1956), Weekly Newsletter
	12		85th Congress, 1st Session (1957), Weekly Newsletter
	13		85th Congress, 2nd Session (1958), Weekly Newsletter
	14		86th Congress, 1st Session (1959), Avery Newspaper Pictures
	15		86th Congress, 1st Session (1959), Weekly Newsletter

 04	01		86th Congress, 2nd Session (1960), Weekly Newsletter
	02		87th Congress, 1st Session (1960), Weekly Newsletter
	03		87th Congress, 2nd Session (1961), Weekly Newsletter
	04		88th Congress, 1st Session (1963), Weekly Newsletter
	05		88th Congress, 2nd Session (1964), Weekly Newsletter
	06		Newspaper Clippings (1965)
			Newspaper Clippings-Editorials
	07		Birth Control, 1965
	08		Civil Rights
	09		Hickock and Smith
	10		Eye on the Dollar
   	11		Governor's Term of Office
	12		Gasoline Tax
	13		Towanda Dam Flood
	14		Governor's Budget Message
	15		Improving the Kansas Image
	16		Civil Works
	17		State Withholding Tax
	18		Tax Program
	19		Budget Message
	20		Private Clubs, Betting, etc.
	21		Governor's Airplane
	22		Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

 05	01		January, 1966
	02		February, 1966
	03		March, 1966
	04		April, 1966
	05		May, 1966
	06		June, 1966
	07		July, 1966
	08		August, 1966
	09		September, 1966
	10		October, 1966
	11		November, 1966
	12		Miscellaneous-Personal, Ca.1958-1966
	13		Seventh Nimitz Hall Annual, 1965
	14		Awards and Certificates, 1964-1966

06	01-02		Literary Works: handwritten (family history of Czech immigrants)
	03		Scrapbook regarding Tuttle Creek Dam, 1954-1955