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Donald von Ruysdael Drenner Collection

Biographical Sketch

1915       Born, November 17, Mound Valley, Kansas.

1920       Began schooling, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1925       Pomona, California for one year.

1936       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1928       Began operation first Amateur Radio Station.

1931       Licensed by the Dept. of Commerce as Radio Operator.

           Wrote and published first poetry.

1933       Graduated Capital Hill Senior High School, Oklahoma City.

1933-1935  Parsons, Kansas Junior College.

           Began first Symphony, first Novel.

           Published in resurrected Mt. Oread Magazine, University of Kansas.

1934       University of Kansas. Received Private Pilot License.

1935-1938  Lived on ranch in Calypooyia Mountains in Oregon.

           Wrote first Opera, second Symphony, book of poetry.

1936       Awarded First prize Oregonian Poetry Contest.

           University of Oregon, Eugene, unregistered part-time student.

1938       Issued Commercial Radio License in Portland, Oregon.

1938-1941  Engineer, Radio Station KGGF.

           Poetry in anthologies, University Review, Kansas Magazine, Trails, 
              hundreds of "little magazines" of the period.

1941       Enlisted in July, Royal Air Force. 

           England and Royal Air Force Wireless School, No.2, Yatesbury, Wiltshire, England.

           Posted in November to RAF Station Poling, near Arundel, Sussex.

1942       "On loan" to BBC, London as Engineer, Outside Broadcasts, Grafton Studios.

           Graduate of BBC Engineering School.

1943       Chief Engineer, Office of War Information,American Embassy, London.

           Chief Engineer, Studios, American Forces Network (AFN), London.

           Attended Cambridge University as unregistered "monitor" under Dr. Katherine Lythgoe.

1944       Chief Engineer, Studio Construction, American Broadcasting Station in Europe (ABSIE)London for PWD-SHAEF.

           Published in Transformation, Voices, Poetry (London) and many war-time literary magazines.

           Landed Omaha Beach, erected transmitter for General DeGaule at Cherbourg.

           Chief Engineer Radio Luxembourg; Chief Engineer "Operation ANNIE" for OSS.

           Awarded Citation for activity at Radio Luxembourg transmitter during the Battle of the Bulge.

1945       Married Anna Augusta Davenport.

           Chief Engineer, SHAEF Mission to The Netherlands.

           Awarded Citation from Her Majesty's Government for communications work in Holland.

           Chief Engineer, Radio Frankfurt.

1946-1949  Radio Engineer, Radio Station KGGF.

           Established Private Press "The Zauberberg Press."

           First String Quartette performed by Radio Luxembourg Orchestra.

           Published first Technical pieces, book on Radio Engineering.

1955       Awarded Best Book awards for typography and printing and binding by Midwestern Books Committee,
               University of Kentucky Libraries.

1958-1961  Awarded Best Book awards for typography and printing and binding by Midwestern Books Committee, 
               University of Kentucky Libraries.

1959-1977  Head Librarian, Coffeyville Carnegie Public Library.

1964       Winner of prize in Heart of America poetry contest of Kansas City Star.

           Awarded Best Book awards for typography and printing and binding by Midwestern Books Committee, 
               University of Kentucky Libraries.

1965-1970  Awarded Life membership in Kansas Library Association.

           Helped establish Kansas "System Libraries."

           Chief Engineer, Systems, SEK Library System.

1972-1981  Biomedical Engineer, Consultant, to Coffeyville Memorial Hospital.

           Established Coronary Care Unit, installed first Cobalt-60 Teletherapy unit in SE KS.

1975       Coronary!

1977       Retired from Carnegie Public Library.

1981       Retired from Memorial Hospital.

Container List

Note: Each item is individually numbered. 1:1 refers to Box:Folder location within the collection.


1    9 April 1954.  TLS, 2p.
     Acknowledges receipt of The Usage of the Past, "certainly a job
     well done..."  Detailed method of dampening paper using a wet
     sponge for handprinting.  Also, recommends handpresses and paper
     manufacturers in the U.S., France, and Italy.

2    1 September 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Cites black inks best suited for printing on both dry and damp
     paper.  Advises on best way to acquire a Colts press, as well as

3    16 September 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Merits of C&P handpress Drenner has.  Tells that the Washington
     handpress Drenner hopes to buy is "marvelous," and cautions what
     to watch for.  Describes his Smith-Acorn briefly. Handprinted
     postscript tells about photo enclosures.

4    5 October 1954.  TLS, 1 p.
     Received a photo of the Washington handpress and tells what to
     watch out for and problems that can occur if all parts are not
     exactly right.  Mentions F. F. Thomas.  Handprinted postscript.

5    31 October 1954.  TLS, 1/2p.
     Acknowledges receipt of The Vault of Night.  Congratulates him,
     "As a first effort, you did amazingly well."

6    17 December 1954.  TLS, 1/2p.
     Apologizes for unsatisfactory "heavy woodcut black" ink and goes
     into a detailed description of its problems.

7    28 December 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques Drenner's Christmas card that was printed on a
     handpress and recommends paper to buy.  Suggestions on how to
     print woodcuts on small presses.

8    2 January 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques Drenner's "book of verse" and makes recommendations.

9    9 January 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks him for the "White piece" and compliments him on the job.
     Discusses ink he'll use for his next book.  More suggestions on
     wood engravings.

10   29 January 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Compliments him on his title page.  Encloses a page proof to
     show new German ink: Dull Black 2887.  Mentions an old friend
     Dr. H. Richard Archer who is writing a dissertation on the
     amateur printers in America.

11   17 February 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses presswork, etc. of page proofs he received from
     Drenner. Describes how to get consistent and even presswork.

12   22 March 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Compliments "Spong Pond."  Tells him if he can get a Colt press
     for $395 it's "a steal."

13   2 May 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Book is completed.  Talks about music and different radio
     stations; compliments him on his "Printer's Note."

14   3 June 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Compliments him, at length, on his book, "beautiful and inspired
     creation."  Note at bottom about ink.

15   8 July 1955. TLS, 1p.
     Binding woes. Joe and Lucy Graves (a private press man) visited;
     Would like to send wine samples to Drenner.  Orders ink, J-S
     N590, from Drenner.

16   1 August 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Can't send wine into Kansas (liquor laws); mentions a couple of
     ways to circumvent such barriers.  Discusses different print

17   14 September 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Wine shipment still being considered.  Discusses books he's
     read. Enclosed a copy of the Quarterly News-Letter.  Returned
     from fishing trip at High Sierra.

18   28 September 1955.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses wine shipment; mentions presses.  Confesses that most
     exhilarating pasttime is fly fishing.  Asks if Drenner knows
     "the Nappanee kid, Jim Weygand."

19   26 October 1955.  (front & back)  TLS, 1p.
     Returned from fishing at Klamath, with fish story.  Discusses
     Colt press.  Talks about "It's A Party" and "Guys & Dolls."
     (Drenner's work?)

20   15 November 1955.  TLS, 3p.
     Stationery: "The Book Club of California"
     Apologizes for stationery.  Loves "Shadows Move..."  Presses,
     damp paper are discussed.  Writing typographic authorities in
     Europe trying to arrange a series of articles for the Quarterly

21   6 December 1955.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses books he's reading or has read.  Mentions Roger
     Williams as Drenner had written about him.  Asks about the
     Universal press--whether it's set up--"hope you don't have
     pieces left over after assembling."

22   1 January 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Received books from Drenner.  Talks about Francis Carmody, who
     may be able to suggest an illustrator for Allen's book.

23   24 January 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses "Europa" and the Kansas Magazine Drenner sent. 
     Discusses Drenner's reviews; says he's a "bear when it comes to
     reviewing the work of the national amateurs."

24   7 February 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Delighted at receiving photos of Drenner's family. Allen is
     getting restless and ready to move on to a new location.

25   18 February 1956.  TLS, 2p.
     Gives a bibliographic description of Beyond the Mississippi that
     Drenner had asked about.  Discusses the artist Zena Kavin;
     reviews book he just read.

26   28 February 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses accented letters, suggests how to make an 'e' with
     diaeresis.  Enclosed samples of "hay printing"--got the
     materials for it from his garden.  Sends a proof of a Bewock

27   18 March 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Typographic projects discussed; tells of other people's work.
     Attended Jane Grabhorn one-woman show at Stanford Library.

28   2 April 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques sample page of book (possibly Beyond the Mississippi
     by Albert D. Richardson).  Gives suggestions on paper and
     typography to use.

29   12 April 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques trial pages; states "if proof is good sample of
     Richardson, the text is a lively one."  Finished final bit of
     printing on his book; stationery used is a piece of the cover
     paper from it.

30   24 April 1956.  TLS, 2p.
     Typography to be used on Drenner's book and ways to print it are
     discussed.  Enclosed symphony program for the concerto for jazz
     band and symphony he attended.

31   27 April 1956.  TLS, 1/4p.
     Discusses whether or not to put page numbers on Richardson's
     book Drenner is printing.

32   15 May 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Over-subscribed on his current book, won't be able to send
     Drenner a copy; encloses some pages and material used for
     binding.  Discusses tape machines and stereophonic equipment. 
     Has to go to the hospital for a hernia operation.

33   9 June 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Received records from Drenner.  Enchanted with "Sea Symphony"
     and "The Wasps."  Tells where to buy Val de Laga (Richard de Bas
     mill) paper and prices.

34   5 July 1956.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses problem with 'Register' in Drenner's "Richardson
     project." Having problem finding handmade paper for their next
     book.  He received prospectus on the series "BR" (Bruce Rogers)
     is designing--thinks "he should retire gracefully and not
     endanger his earlier reputation."

35   20 July 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Returns sample sheets and discusses them.  Found paper for his
     new book-"expensive"- $120 a ream.  Encloses letters from Jack

36   24 September 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Could not get Blair Hughes-Stanton's engravings printed properly
     on Umbria paper; had to order Japanese vellum to print them on.
     Searching for text to complement the Umbria paper he purchased.

37   1 December 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Sample page Drenner sent is "good."  Talks about weather and a
     press--the problems it causes.  Just finished a book and must
     start on another for a S.F. publisher (400 copies).

38   7 January 1957.  TLS, 1p.
     Facing an "unsullied calendar"; frustrations at the ripe age of
     48. Received books and records for Christmas.  Mentions Vascosan
     as one of the top printers of his period.

39   16 February 1957.  TLS, 1p.
     Finished 407 books for The Book Club of California ("Mark Twain:
     San Francisco Correspondent").  Likes new sample page with
     illustrations Drenner sent.  New ink, Universal Black, used on
     current book.  Will be doing next one of the poetry folios
     published by a local group.

40   1 April 1957.  TLS, 1p.
     Sent clipping about Drenner's tape work to friend at Ampex. 
     Liked the Scout Birthday Banquet booklet Drenner did.  Enclosed
     photos taken by his son and Poetry-In Folio "thing" they just
     completed. Cottage sell fell through.  Note at bottom--"earth
     moving jolts; not serious, just exciting."

41   3 June 1957.  TLS, 1p.
     Sold I.T. (house) to James Lysle from Leavenworth, Kansas.  Will
     sail July 11 to Paris.  Sold Paris handpress to friends in San
     Francisco.  Stanford University bought bookbinding equipment.

42   1 October 1957.  LS, 1p.
     Ran across a man that designs pattern paper for books; on order
     only.  He makes paper for Picasso; including the book written by
     Cocteau and illustrated by Picasso.  Toured Belgium, Holland,
     Germany, Luxenbourg area, Switzerland, Paris.

43   15 October 1957.  (front & back)  LS, 1p.
     Written on Hotel Residence Lord Byron stationery.  Went to the
     offices of Val de Laga (Richard de Bas) papers, "gorgeous as
     ever" but expensive.  Must pay French purchase tax (24%) to get
     this paper.  Intensifying handpress search.

44   21 October 1957.  LS, 1p.
     Received Drenner's Faustus and critiques.  Got paper from Val de
     Laga (Richard de Bas); circumvented French tax of 24%, "Happy
     boy." Off to prod M. Guignard to complete his article on post-
     war fine French books for News-Letter - Book Club of California.

45   14 January 1958.  LS, 2p.
     Received the Albion (10 x 15) handpress-- "could write several
     volumes on its acquisition." Trouble getting it through customs.
     Will print Murders in the Rue Morgue.  Allen did, "what I
     laughingly call the illustrations." Describes villa he's staying

46   10 April 1958.  LS, 2p.
     Received Drenner's most recent book "Cancez, etc." "..this is
     the work of a professional."  Compliments it at length.
     (possibly Concerning Kansas.)

47   16 July 1958.  Postcard.
     Reluctantly departing France for England, Canada, northwest
     passage to San Francisco.

48   24 April 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Pleased with success of Drenner's "Kansas book."  Trying to sell
     Bulmer @ .50 cents a pound (set of letters).  Bought a Mercedes
     190SL. Settled in their "thirteenth and best" home; describes
     it. Beginning the printing of Conrad's Youth.

49   23 June 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses Fulbright and Guggenheim that Drenner hopes to "go
     for." Tells of his friend Jack Stauffacher who received a
     Fulbright grant and another friend who did not; gave suggestions
     as to what impresses them.  Sold the Bulmer letter set.

50   2 July 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Describes home; print shop and handpresses there.  Talks about
     his purchase of the Albion handpress in England and the problems
     encountered in finding the press and then getting it into

51   12 July 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about the 12 x 18 Albion handpress Drenner bought.  Allen
     filled in the Fulbright forms for Drenner--very complimentary;
     only weak point in his application that Allen can see is the

52   15 July 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Received Drenner's three books. "Very professional." 
     Suggestions on using the Albion handpress.  Enclosed a sample of

53   20 July 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Enclosed metallic cloth sample (black with gold).  Gives
     measurements of Albion handpress.  Mentions books he is
     reviewing for The Book Club of California News-Letter, although
     he is now no longer the editor.  Gives tips on how Drenner could
     get the Albion handpress he purchased through customs without a
     large fee. Encloses a piece from Time on Bill Everson alias
     Brother Antonius; great philosopher on handpresses.

54   26 July 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Talks of printing on the Albion handpress (encloses a sample of
     acetate film); gives suggestions on book paper.  Notes on
     bottom-suggests book, Mason's Paper Making; also sold his "Colt"
     as it might "lure me to easy material gains. .sinister
     appearance alongside a handpress."

55   2 August 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Delights in having Drenner's Darksome House; "you have just the
     right impression."  Discusses handpresses--rollers, etc.

56   10 September 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Mason's book, Paper Making is scarce due to strike ("labour
     withdrawal") in the paper industry and some printing trades. 
     Had sinus infection from fungicide used in dampening water to
     prevent mildew (contained mercury).

57   27 September 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Tells how he dries paper after damp printing.  Explains how to
     build two different types of humidors.

58   10 November 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Mason's papermaking book is finally being sent to Drenner. 
     Talks about Albion handpresses; "Would like to know the family
     tree of a few old Albions..."  Busy mailing Youth and getting
     ready for exhibits.  Note at bottom "may send a rejected copy of
     Youth...keep it hidden...example of what not to do."

59   20 December 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Talks about his book Youth and the difficulties they had with it
     and how they printed it.  Discusses color for printing verse. 
     Mentions different books, movie; getting ready for Christmas.

60   9 January 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses a sample of German ink on dampened Rives paper and
     discusses it.

61   13 January 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Drenner received his Albion handpress and Allen discusses the
     problems Drenner's having and suggests corrections.  At the
     bottom draws a picture of the press.

62   15 February 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     More discussion of the Albion handpress and the photos Drenner
     sent. John Mason traded Allen "some of his things" and 280
     sheets of his 12 x 8 for a copy of his Youth.

63   7 June 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Mentions books he's read.  Allen's lack of paper to finish his
     current project, a "worrying blow."  Mentions he will be in
     Paris next spring so he would like to get a French author for
     his next project as they could get an illustrator there "like
     Picasso, you know."

64   25 July 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     "Coming down the homestretch" on the present job.  Discusses
     books he's read.  Received Drenner's verse "via Albion" and
     discusses results.

65   1 August 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Received Drenner's Fibril and thought it was excellent. 
     Critiques the printing - i.e., impression.

66   12 August 1960.  (front & back)  TLS, 1 l/4p.
     Went to the patio to see the "balloon" satellite go by but
     missed it.  Explains how he dampens and inks paper.  Guarding
     his "Romanee" type "jealously."  Says "..we have slipped as per
     above." (meaning letterhead)  "My bride swears she will vote
     Democratic if I ever lend, so..."  He only knows of two others
     who have it in this country, but in small quantity.

67   5 October 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Keeping busy trying to print the prospectus and all that goes
     with it.  Talks about his preference of types.

68   29 November 1960.  (front & back)  TLS, 1 l/4p.
     Received Drenner's sample sheet and suggests ink.  Decided on
     next text to print: Yvan Goll (poems) 4 volumes, into one large
     folio. Illustrations included: lithographs by Picasso, line
     drawings by Leger, wood engravings by Jean Arp and Yves Tanguy.

69   9 December 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Received second sample of graphics from Drenner, "showing that
     you and the Albion have come to terms."  Explains how he dampens
     paper. Leaving for Europe in March 1961.

70   16 December 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses Romanee type that Drenner might purchase from the
     Netherlands.  Mentions Wm. Holman, San Francisco Librarian and
     the purchasing of fine printing books.  Comments on dampening

71   24 December 1960.  LS, 1p.
     Describes two chases which will always gather dust and "you are
     welcome to either."  Discusses the dampening process and roller

72   29 December 1960.  TLS, l/2p.
     Mailed the "chase" to Drenner.  Discusses Romanee type and
     mentions van Krimpen's Lutetia and Romulus (have similar type

73   1 January 1961.  TLS, l/2p.
     Drenner received the chase; will exchange it for a copy of
     Graphics. Discusses rollers.

74   7 January 1961.  TLS, 1p.
     Tells how he received his order of Romanee letters--
     arrangements, shipping and billing.

75   20 March 1961.  Postcard.
     Tells where they have been visiting in the Orient.  Picked up
     paper in Japan but "we have concerned ourselves chiefly with
     research on the Gimlet."

76   23 March 1961.  Postcard.
     Visited Sabiaco and the two Benedictine monasteries which housed
     the first printing press in Italy (1464); describes it.

77   12 May 1961.  LS, 1p.
     Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, Venezia stationery.  Arrived in
     Paris April 1st--"some gala cocktail & dinner parties with
     artists (Blair Hughes-Stanton & wife), ..."  Now in Venice and
     after visiting Austria, Switzerland, Zurich, and London should
     fly to San Francisco on June 15th.

78   21 August 1961.  TLS 1p.
     Received Drenner's Graphics title page with De Pol engraving.
     Discusses Romanee letters.  Allen's son is getting married in

79   24 October 1961.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses Graphics title page again.  "...rolling along on our
     big Goll book, and have completed the first of the four long

80   2 November 1961.  TLS, 1p.
     Will only print 130 copies of current book; 100 for sale. 
     Drenner's boss is going to Paris and Allen discusses Paris--
     weather, art shows, and Richard de Bas mill.  Last two letters
     were on new letterhead (done by a friend) and the paper is Val
     de Laga (Richard de Bas).

81   8 January 1962.  TLS, 1p.
     Received Drenner's The Graphics of Love; "exceedingly pleased to
     have...  A truly fine piece of hand-printing."  Discusses
     printing, craftsmanship, text.  Allen is still working on his
     Goll book "7 days a week."

82   13 April 1962.  TLS, 1p.
     Received a clipping of the Coffeyville Library, talks about
     Drenner. Drenner's book, Graphics, was selected by the Midwest
     Books jury. Allen finished Goll book and sold all for $75 each;
     next project, "we think" will be The Beast In the Jungle by
     Henry James. Discusses books he's read.  His son, Stephen, was
     drafted and now lives in Alabama.

83   5 August 1962.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses handpress maintenance.  Worked on a Keepsake folder
     for the Book Club of California--had to write the text.  Trouble
     getting 5 of the 16 wood engravings through Customs; valued over
     $250 have to fill out lengthy forms.  Says he will use a
     different color "with tongue a bit in cheek" for each six

84   12 January 1963.  TLS, 1p.
     Finished the text of The Beast in the Jungle, now must wind up
     final details.  Hopes that Drenner's house improvements and
     health now permit him to do more than contemplate printing.
     Discusses Brother Antonius (Bill Everson).  Talks about books
     he's read.

85   3 March 1963.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about Wm. Kelley.  Beginning on next project: a long poem
     by Byron re. 18th century Venice with "36 rare and magnificent
     copperplate engravings of 18th century Venetian life." 
     Discusses books he's been reading.

86   28 March 1963.  TLS, 1p.
     Asks Drenner's advice on a mechanical problem regarding setting
     of Byron's A Venetian Story; stanzas and capitalization.  Allen
     completed "James book" and almost all are sold.

87   7 August 1963.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about the weather and the heat, "It is impossible to work
     during your summers, I should think." Mentions that Joseph Low

88   12 September 1963.  (front & back)  TLS, 1 l/4p.
     Finishing up on his current job.  "But your opus intrigues me
     greatly, and your sample page gives me joy: it is truly
     handsome." Discusses poetry and capitalization.  Discusses
     letters and spacing; "suitable text is the great problem."  His
     next book will be W. Caxton Mirrour of the World.

89   23 October 1963.  TLS, 1p.
     Finished portfolio and went fishing for twelve days in the
     Sierra and redwood forests.

90   3 February 1964.  TLS, 1p.
     The letter sounds as if Drenner is selling all his equipment and
     supplies:  "Don -- I am dismayed by your letter.'  It's like the
     end of the world, for crisakes, and I'm desperately unhappy. 
     I'm sure you'll let me know if there's anything I can do,
     suggest.  I'm not asking questions; just damn unhappy."

91   15 May 1964.  TLS, 2p.
     "Your enthusiasm is heart-warming; never be concerned about
     baring your printer's heart to me."  Discusses Rives paper and
     dampening problem Drenner's having.  (Sounds like Drenner's back
     in the business.)  Tells where Drenner can get ink.

92   15 October 1964.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses Romanee letters.  Large-scale Book Fair in San
     Francisco including Cohen of the Chiswick Book Shop, among many

93   27 October 1964.  TLS, 1p.
     Loves Drenner's "Anna Book...truly handsome -- even
     sumptuous..." Sending a spoiled copy of the Caxton book, rest
     sold out before he received Drenner's request for a copy.

94   13 February 1965. TLS, 1p.
     Trying to complete half of The Fall before they leave for six
     months  in the "Old World." Doing the illustrations himself.

95   31 October 1965.  TLS, 2p.
     Back in the U.S.  Encloses samples of headband material acquired
     in Paris.  Visited Pierre Gaudin in Paris--"found his handpress
     gathering dust in a corner..."  Discusses "a few experiences in
     the realm of paper."

96   30 March 1966.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses how to lay out paper around the frame of the
     handpress; getting it tight.  Just bought a Demy Columbian
     (1846) handpress; describes circumstances of purchasing it.

97   27 September 1966.  TLS, 2p.
     Allen has started a new job for The Book Club of California to
     do The Great Polyglot Bibles; problems getting all the supplies
     needed. Toured wineries and their tasting rooms.  Alfred Knopf
     recently visited; a few weeks back Martine Mardersteig, the son
     of the great Verona printer, also visited.

98   12 November 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about his daughter-in-law's father, "a wonderful chap,"
     Stuart Macdonald.  Compares California wines to European ones.

99   4 August 1967.  TLS, 1p.
     Gave their big Acorn press to the library of the University of
     California at Santa Cruz. "This is a new campus..."  Tells
     Drenner where he can beat the rap of Nelson's cost for handmade
     paper and order directly from London.

100  No date.  L (no signature) 1/2p.
     Hopes the acetate arrived "flat out; quickly, too."  Discusses
     spacing Romanee letters.  Struggling along with Caxton and his
     wonderful Mirrour of the World.

101  Halloween (no year).  TLS, 1p.
     Allen sent "the Venice" book to "your library" (Coffeyville).
     Discusses Drenner's plans for his (Drenner's) next poem.

102  Easter Sunday.  (front & back)  LS, 2p.
     Allen is in France and has just completed his book.  (the
     Murders?) Talks about the French people; receiving letters from
     the post office that were poorly addressed.

103  Small piece of stationery.  TLS.
     Received from Drenner Shadows Move Among Them.  Talks about
     books he's reading.

104  1/3 piece of stationery. LS.
     Says he has been slaving in his shop for the last 4 years. 
     Heading for the Old World (including east Africa).

105  Kentfield, CA.  « page. LS.
     "You asked for an announcement; but don't waste your money on
     the book."

106  1/4 sheet of paper.  TL.
     Received a letter from Ullmer--tells him if the parchment
     becomes slack, dampen the inner and outer covers and it will
     tighten up. Says since completing the letter to you--referring
     to the letter of March 30, 1966?

107  "Thursday (I think)," Kentfield, CA.  TLS, 1p. Discusses the
     Colt press.

108  Second page (an enclosure?) discussing the L-D Allen Press and
     someone meeting Lewis (and his wife) and seeing his press.

109  A portion of a map showing areas of the San Francisco bay region
     and vicinity.

110  A small piece "10 Hints for the Use of Alpha Inks"


111  22 October 1945, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     Inquiring whether Drenner would like to run an announcement in
     their magazine for The

112  4 November 1945, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanking him for running an ad.  Talks about Drenner's work.


113  26 January 1962, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     He has seen a copy of a Zauberberg Press book and would be
     "delighted to have one for myself."  Doesn't know if he can
     review it under "our present arrangement, but perhaps it is
     something I could talk about in my column."

114  3 February 1962, New Jersey.  TLS, 2p.
     He will send Drenner enough poems for a limited edition by the
     Zauberberg Press after consulting William Sloane, his publisher.
     Lists possible stipulations for publication.   Encloses a typed
     copy of "A Voice Said."

115  9 February 1962, New Jersey.  TLS, 1p.
     Letter from William Sloane, Director, Rutgers University Press.
     Received a carbon copy of February 3 letter.  Gives the go-
     ahead; lists stipulations.

116  12 February 1962, Middlebury, Vermont.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses finding twenty or so poems for Drenner.  Encloses a
     verse-play, Mother and Father, for Drenner to consider instead
     of poems.

117  11 March 1962, New York.  LS, 3p.
     Received The Graphics of Love and comments.  Talks about their
     differences in writing poetry.  Due to leave for Europe for
     taping TV shows for CBS--very busy--if  the ms. of the interlude
     will make a book "fine" as he is entering "six months of insane
     activity." Leaving for a lecture trip.

118  6 April 1962, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     Returned from tour.  Drenner will "go ahead" with the play. 
     Would like rough specifications for the book of poems Drenner
     would like to print.

119  21 March 1962, New Jersey.  TLS, 1p.
     Letter from William Sloane, Rutgers University Press.  All is
     "clear."  Looking forward to seeing the proof sheets when ready.

120  13 September 1963, New York. TLS, 1p.
     Been busy working.  Received poem:  "a handsome page" and
     discusses printing style.

121  25 June 1965, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     Would love to see some of his poems in Drenner's type but having
     difficulty selecting any--less than thirty lines.  Wonders if
     Drenner would like to print a series called "Alphabestiary" and
     encloses a copy.

122  8 July 1965, New York. TLS, 1p.
     Busy giving lectures. Discusses printing poems and/or

123  11 July 1965, New York. TLS, 2p. 
     Received The Anna Book; "glorious work."  Discusses problems
     getting Drenner a first edition of his poetry.  Talks about
     printing the "Alphabestiary."

124  15 July 1965, New Jersey.  TLS, 2p.
     Carbon copy of a letter from William Sloane to John Ciardi. 
     Offers solutions to the Zauberberg Press printing 30 copies of
     Ciardi's poetry.  Would like to be kept up-to-date on the
     Alphabestiary project.

125  2 August 1965.  TLS, 2p.
     Carbon copy of a letter from William Sloane to John Ciardi.
     Gives comments to Drenner's "numbered points"; copyright, title
     of book, publication date, engravings, etc.

126  24 February 1966, New York.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses a copy of a tentative manuscript of This Strangest
     Everything.  Discusses Drenner's printing all or part of it.

127  20 May 1967, Madison, Wisconsin.  TLS, 1p.
     From Felix Pollak, Curator of Rare Books, The Memorial Library,
     The University of Wisconsin.  Inquiring about obtaining a copy
     of Drenner's private press edition of Ciardi's poems.


128  5 May 1951.  TLS, l/2p.
     Received Drenner's submissions for the Kansas Magazine; very
     impressed, would like information on Drenner.  Will give the
     poetry to the poetry editor, Will R. Moses, for his

129  7 May 1951.  TLS 2p.
     Carbon copy of a letter from Drenner to Robert Conover.  Tells
     his preference of submissions and tells about his writing and
     editing. Describes his "genetic and sociological" background.

130  15 May 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Received the revised and shortened More Subtle Than A Wave from
     Drenner; appreciates Drenner's doing this work; hopes Drenner
     did not cut out too much of the "bad language."  Discusses

131  27 June 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses proof sheets of his revision of Drenner's "longer
     story" and hopes Drenner doesn't feel it's too badly marred.

132  5 July 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Received Drenner's understanding letter along with proofs of the

133  25 July 1951.  TLS, l/2p.
     From W. R. Moses.  Enjoyed reading Drenner's work (poetry) and
     will keep "June Six" and "Wish and Advice."

134  8 August 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Regretfully Kansas Magazine will not be able to use poems this
     year as he already has two articles of Drenner's in the
     magazine.  Would be glad to read some or all of the novel which
     Drenner is working on.

135  29 August 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Returning manuscripts and original form.

136  21 September 1951.  Postcard (typed). 
     Drenner's manuscript arrived; enjoying reading it.

137  2 October 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Returning Drenner's manuscript; critiques it.

138  1 November 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Apologizing for a deletion in the finished copy of Kansas

139  12 November 1951.  TLS, 1p.
     Will see that a copy of the magazine is sent to Drenner; also
     six extra copies.  Would be glad to have any suggestions Drenner
     may have in regard to promotion or publicity of the Kansas


140  28 April 1934.  (front & back)  TLS, 1p.
     Glad to hear of Drenner's interest in The Anvil  and The
     Disinherited; discusses them.  Critiques Drenner's "sketch."

141  May - October (?) 1934.  (front & back) TLS, 1p. 
     Grateful for Drenner's opinion of The Disinherited.  "I take
     criticism of an adverse sort just as amiably as I do favorable";
     the battle of "art vs propaganda." Critiques poem of Drenner's

142  26 October 1934.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about Saroyan, author of Daring Young Man On The Flying
     Trapeze.  Critiques more of Drenner's poems.
143  1963
     Biography of Jack Conroy.

144  12 May 1963.  Books, Chicago Tribune.
     Review by Warren Beck of Conroy's The Disinherited  (reissued).

145  13 April 1963.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
     Review of The Disinherited by Will Wharton

146  14 April 1963.  Chicago Sun Times. 
     Hoke Norris, Critic At-Large.  Talks about Conroy and The

147  18 July 1965.  Chicago Sun Times.
     Review by Jack Conroy: "Tolson: A Poet To Appreciate"

148  3 October 1965.  Chicago Tribune.  
     (2 copies)  "...and the Honor"  (Cromie on Books)

149  2 December 1965.  Daily Illini.
     "Recall Literature of the 1930s" by Mary Hughes

150  26 February 1966.  Chicago Daily News PANORAMA. 
     "Motley and the Novel That Never Got Written" by Jack Conroy

151  Press release on Hill & Wang Incorporated letterhead of the book
     Negros On The Move--Anyplace But Here by Arna Bontemps and Jack

152  23 April 1966.  PANORAMA - Chicago Daily News 
     Article, "A Novel to Play Like a Game" by Jack Conroy

153  Hill and Wang, Inc. Spring 1966--Cloth publications with the
     book Anyplace But Here listed.

154  3 March 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     It has been "upwards of 32 years!" since Drenner reviewed
     Conroy's book, The Disinherited.  Good to know Drenner is still
     in the literary arena "independent publishers who esteem art
     more than dollars."  Talks about the disgraceful "puff" job done
     on Truman Capote's "little better than mediocre In Cold Blood."

155  23 April 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Conroy has been an encyclopedia editor for 20 years and is
     retiring to Moberly Missouri.  Mentions Stanford Williamson, the
     only Negro art director for a local publisher.

156  13 June 1975.  TLS, 1p.
     Received honorary doctorate of humane letters from the
     University of Missouri--Kansas City.  Finds it curious that
     Dahlberg and Farrell now express admiration for his work;
     "Farrell used to refer to me as 'Jack Cornrow' a reflection on
     my Missouri origin."  Says he's sorry to hear of Drenner's
     coronary, glad he's recovering.  Conroy is writing an

157  4 February 1973.  The Chicago Tribune.
     Article "The East St. Louis camarilia--exposed at last." 
     reviews current issue of News Letter, dedicated to the work of
     Jack Conroy. In corner its signed: "For Don V.R. Drenner,
     Despite all our woes, we did have some fun way back when--Best,
     Jack. Moberly June 13, 1975."

158  16 December 1974.  The Kansas City Star. 
     Article by Thorpe Menn "Depression Days: 'Furnace of
     Experience'"; picture of Jack Conroy.  Signed w/note by Conroy.

159  June 1976.  San Francisco Review of Books. 
     Article:  "Writers in Revolt: The Anvil Anthology" ed. by J.
     Conroy and C. Johnson.  Signed w/note by Jack Conroy 11-15-76.

160  15 November 1976.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about Conroy's memoirs he's writing.  Suggests he visit
     the Foolkiller if he's ever in Kansas City.  Praises small
     presses. Encloses a signed copy of the journal Foolkiller (Vol.
     3, No. 1) and two flyers of events for September and October.

161  25 August 1980.  University of Missouri-Rolla.  TLS, 1p. 
     Letter from Douglas Wixson.  He's writing a book on Jack Conroy
     and is requesting any information Drenner may be able to give.

162  9 September 1980.  University of Missouri-Rolla.  TLS, 1p. 
     Letter from Doug Wixson.  Received letters, clippings, etc. from
     Drenner and thanks him.

163  13 July 1981.  University of Missouri-Rolla.  TLS, 1p. 
     Letter from Doug Wixson.  Asks if Drenner can identify an
     article (enclosed) of a review of Conroy's The Disinherited. 
     Handwritten note (by Drenner) says "winter of 1934: Parsons."

164  Copy of galley proof of Drenner's biography for Who's Who in the

165  Article "New and Review of PRIVATE PRESSES" by James Lamar
     Weygand on The Zauberberg Press.  2p.

166  5 March 1982.  Pittsburg State University.  TLS, 1p.
     Letter from Stevens W. Hilyard, Director of the Library.  Thanks
     Drenner for his donation to Pittsburg's Special Collections.
     Mentions that the Zauberberg Press material has been deposited
     at Albuquerque but would hope Drenner "may favor" Pittsburg with
     consideration of any regional material he may have retained.

167  Article from newspaper "He did it all with books" about Drenner.

168  Xeroxed page from a book (Cave: Grandchildren of the Kelmscott
     Press) with a few lines about Drenner's press.

169  Xeroxed page of the Quarterly News Letter which mentions
     Drenner's printing.

170  March 1969.  Xeroxed copy about Drenner's printing.

171  Copy--lists of presses with new publications.  Zauberberg Press
     is mentioned highlighting The Anna Book.

172  Copy from The Little Balkans Review of a poem by Drenner,
     "Martha remembered."

173  Copy of "Wish and Advice" a poem by Drenner.

174  Copy of "June Six" by Drenner.

175  Copy of "The Airman" by Drenner.

176  Copy of "Song" a poem by Drenner.

177  Copy of "Love Poem in an Air-Raid" by Drenner.

178  Newspaper article (copy) "Drenner's Work on Exhibition."

179  Copy of "When I Ran Naked," "The Airman" and "A Child With You"
     by Drenner (last two are copies out of the Kansas City Times
     December 13, 1943.)

180  Copy of three poems by Drenner from a newspaper in Eugene,
     Oregon, January 28, 1940:  "First Storm of the Season," "June
     Six," and "The Night Lies Hidden."

181  A copy of Carnegie Public Library, Coffeyville, Kansas, 1970
     Annual Report.


182  4 May 1966.  The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden
     Duensing.  LS, 1p.
     (Beautifully hand printed.)  Encloses sample of printing from
     his press.  Says he is setting up a small foundry to make the
     types he wants (ones he would have liked to order were
     discontinued or expensive); hopes to get out a small piece about
     the Foundry before too long.


183  2 January 1954.  TLS, « p.
     Encloses notes taken from data card on "the old Challenge" (a
     press); estimates it was made around 1888.

184  6 January 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses different handpresses and benefits/drawbacks of them
     (Albion, Pilot, Kelsey, Washington).  Encloses an announcement
     for A Bibliography of Printing by E. C. Bigmore and C.W.H. Wyman
     and price lists for various presses.

185  23 January 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses hand presses (Reliance).  Encloses a diagram of a
     press he acquired about a year ago and "Observations on Selling
     Prices of Iron Hand Presses" dated March 1950.

186  10 August 1954.  TLS, 1p.
     Enclosed information on the Great Western Type Foundry.  R.
     Green's book on the "platen jobber" has been printed and is
     being bound.

18   9 September 1954.  TLS, l/2p.
     Discusses a "Ostracod Seymour" hand press--no record of this.

188  21 October 1954. TLS, 1p.
     Enclosed a detail Gives suggestions plan of a Tympan and Frisket
     for a wood press. on a type of wooden press to consider


189  28 November 1958.  TLS (by his secretary Raoul Abdul) 1p. 
     Acknowledges receipt of Drenner's book of poems, Anna, Anna.

190  24 July 1961.  TLS, 1p.
     Says that Drenner's book, Anna, Anna has given him "much
     pleasure, both visually and poetically...."   Concerning
     Drenner's invitation to publish his poems, unfortunately he
     cannot be published in book form elsewhere.  His new long poem,
     ASK YOUR MAMA: 12 Moods For Jazz is coming out in October. 
     Hughes has been keeping busy with lecture tours and book


191  27 November 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Appreciated receiving samples, especially the unbound book
     packet. Says that James Lamar Weygand mentioned that Drenner was
     the finest small book printer in the country and Jackson agrees. 
     Enclosed printing samples.

192  Copy of a newspaper article (and original newspaper article),
     "Be Ready With Answers When Press Comes Home," by Nancy Sparks.
     Mentions Bill Jackson.


193  A packet of purchase orders from KSU to Zauberberg Press.

194  KSU purchase order for The Graphics of Love.

195  22 January 1964.  K-State Libraries, Joe W. Kraus.  TLS, 1p. 
     Inquiring what other books Drenner might still have available to

196  List of books offered for sale by Don v. R. Drenner.

197  28 January 1964.  K-State Libraries, Joe W. Kraus.  TLS, 1p. 
     Encloses a list of books KSU is interested in.

198  7 February 1964.  K-State Libraries, Joe W. Kraus.  TLS, 1p.
     Upon the request of Fred Higginson, Kraus offers Drenner $25.00
     for "the James Joyce item."  (an early draft of Finnegan's

199  Copy of KSU purchase order to Zauberberg Press to purchase 16

200  18 February 1964.  K-State Libraries, Joe W. Kraus.  TLS, 1p. 
     Kraus says the binding for Haveth Childers Everywhere is fine
     and will show it to Fred Higginson when he recovers from his
     bout with the flu.

201  Copy of KSU purchase order for Haveth Childers Everywhere.

202  6 May 1966.  K-State Libraries, James Mathews.  TLS, 1p. 
     Encloses a copy of Farrell Footnotes, KSU Staff Association
     publication, April 1966, Volume VII, No. 4.  "The Magic
     Mountain" by James Matthews.  Article on Don Von Ruysdael
     Drenner.  Inquires if it would be possible for him and Mr.
     Pearce Grove (Assistant Director of Libraries) to visit the
     Zauberberg Press.

203  8 November 1966.  K-State Libraries, Pearce S. Grove.  TLS, 1p. 
     Enjoyed his visit; fascinated with Drenner's printing and
     binding shop.  Confirms that Drenner will send The Anna Book and
     exhibit items referred to in their conversation--to be displayed
     at KSU and then he'll take them to Eastern New Mexico University
     to "undertake missionary efforts for the appreciation of private
     press books and hand binding."

204  8 November 1966.  K-State Libraries, James Mathews.  TLS, 1p. 
     Thanks him for the tour of the library and private press.

205  1 December 1966. K-State Libraries, Pearce S. Grove.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses payment for The Anna Book Drenner sent.  Thanks him for
     the display items.

206  27 October 1967.  K-State Libraries, G. A. Rudolph.  TLS, 1p. 
     Thanks him for "the two beautiful books" he sent... The Anna
     Book and the Sermones Thesauri.  Says he will place the latter
     in a safe to be removed for the 500,000th celebration.

207  13 November 1967. K-State Libraries, G. A. Rudolph.  TLS, 1p. 
     Drenner corrected Rudolph's last letter, evidently the last
     letter was meant for Mr. Seaton.


208  22 September 1967.  2434 Beverly Avenue Santa Monica CA.  TLS, 1p. 
     Evidently Drenner wrote her about getting some materials from
     Powys. Talks about different authors, Flenway Westcott and
     Sinclair Lewis.


     Encloses a dictionary (hand-typed) to be used with the poem
     "Bitter Tales."  Discusses the use of words in poetry.

210  29 November 1935.  TLS, 1p.
     Can't print Drenner's story--signed (typed) "the editor."  On
     back it starts, "Dear Mike:  "It was damn rich and well-gotten
     up." Talks about recognizing him--evidently Drenner submitted a
     story under an assumed name.

211  10 December 1935.  TLS, 1p.  Signed "Horace Greeley."
     The entire letter is written in lower case, no punctuation.  The
     story Drenner submitted had no "quotation marks."  Critiques
     Drenner's story.  He thinks the Northwest Literary Review is
     "just another noble experiment" and the current issue will be
     the last.

212  21 December 1935.  TLS, 2p.  Signed "Horace Greeley." 
     Once again written all in lower case, no punctuation.  Read
     Drenner's "theme for a fuge" and discusses it.  Advises Drenner
     to lay off reading "the modern novelists for a whole year .. .go
     on a heavy diet of ralph waldo emerson."  This will help Drenner
     strengthen his faith in himself.  Talks about smoking and how he
     (Matthews) came to acquire a second hand pipe.

the same address).

213  6 January 1936.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques Drenner's manuscript; doesn't think highly of it;
     tells him to--"consider the thing more imaginatively."  Will
     send Drenner a copy of the other Northwest Literary Review
     editions so that he "may have a complete file of the noble
     experiment."  Drenner evidently mentioned doing a "mimeographed
     sheet" but Matthews doesn't think that would work, and he can't
     afford to work on a magazine "just for the fun of it."

214  9 February 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     Matthews has been working on a "long short-story."  Discusses
     music and wishes Drenner success on "his symphony."  Puts down
     the radio--"wish the thing had never been invented."  Hopes that
     Drenner has not been trying to do too much--writing, composing,
     etc. Sympathizes with Drenner about his break-up with his
     (Drenner's) girl.  Talks about the work of a writer he has just
     discovered an admires immensely, William McFee.  Critiques
     Drenner's "Wheat" poem.

215  16 February 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     This note is to set Drenner right on one thing: "You are all
     damp, wet and dripping about my letter carrying any 'air of
     injury."' Says his essay on radio in the last letter was written
     tongue-in-cheek; and discusses music.  Matthews talks about his
     eyesight and his inability to read very much.  Discusses a
     variety of books.

216  8 March 1936.  TLS 1p.
     Critiques "In The Rain."  Enjoys Drenner's letters and his
     "many-sidedness."  Matthews recently got an administrative job
     at the WPA Federal Writers' Program--Historical Records Survey.

217  29 March 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     Talks about Drenner and how he has enjoyed getting acquainted
     with him--via the postal service.  "Just now you are in a
     seething state of revolt against everything under the sun that
     has been established and okehed...."  Puts this down to a normal
     sign of youth.  Drenner is rebelling against "parental tyranny." 
     Matthews advises Drenner on how to handle this situation; trying
     to "pass on to you a few things that I have gleaned in my extra
     eighteen years."

218  6 April 1936.  Postcard, signed.
     Matthews showed Drenner's verse to Verne Bright; when he told
     him Drenner's age he remarked, "He's goin' places!"  He was
     irritated, also, by Drenner's indifference to punctuation and

219  17 May 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     Matthews is still getting inquiries about Northwest Literary
     Review. "A magazine is hard to start, I have found, and even
     harder to stop."  Keeping very busy at his job on the Historical
     Records Survey.  Evidently Drenner was in Oregon as Matthews
     mentions he is sorry that "you're forced to leave Oregon." Talks
     about Oregon and the poets that reside there.  Discusses the
     work of Howard McKinley Corning.  Mentions the death of A. E.

220  31 May 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     Matthews is sorry to hear of Drenner's leg injury.  Suggests
     places that Drenner could submit his work.  Talks about Hedges
     and Verne and their solitary lives--which is why they probably
     will not write to Drenner.  Discusses the "rule" of life--or the
     lack of them.

221  2 June 1936.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS, Hildungsbraaken
     Ranch, Atalanita, Culp Creek, Oregon.  TLS, 3p.
     Drenner is up and about after five days of rest from the leg
     injury. He is working on "the new tone poem" "La bella donna
     della mia mente"--composing music.  Drenner was refused
     admittance into the Army, 10 pounds underweight.

222  9 June 1936.  Works Progress Administration, Portland, Oregon. 
     TLS, 1p.
     Encloses Housman's editorial.  Will send Limehouse Nights.  Ada
     Hedges told Matthews she would write to Drenner "one of these

223  11 July 1936.  Signed Postcard.
     Informing Drenner that he waited at the Union station from 8:30
     -9:30 on the evening Drenner specified but failed to see him.

224  14 July 1936.  LS, 4p.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS, RR 3,
     Parsons, Kansas.
     Drenner has been back in Kansas 2 weeks; the weather is 104
     degrees every day.  He's working in a cleaning and pressing shop
     for $3 a week.  Had a number of dates but "girls are once again
     distasteful" so he's going back to reading in the evenings. 
     Drenner is planning to go to Lawrence to visit Bob McFee and get
     tight--his first time. Can only get beer in Parsons, no wine.

225  16 July 1937 (right year?)  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS,
     Hildungsbraaken Ranch, Atalanita, Culp Creek, Oregon.  TLS, 3p. 
     Encloses two poems for Matthews to read and review.

226  8 August 1936.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses droughts in the "midlands"; farmers will be flocking
     into western Oregon and Washington.  Advises Drenner "if you
     were a sensible young man--which, of course, you are not..." to
     learn shorthand and "touch-system typing" and become a
     secretary; discusses the benefits of such a job.

227  22 October 1936.  TLS, 1p.
     Glad to get a card; wondering what Drenner has been doing with
     the other 11 hours of the day (after 9 hours work and 4 sleep)--
     "soap-boxing for Landon..."  ("just spoofing").

228  30 November 1936.  (missing a page?) LETTER FROM DRENNER TO
     MATTHEWS.  TL, 1p.
     Explains that with the other 11 hours he writes, reads, and
     sometimes listens to the "symphonie." Discusses "the women

229  29 November 1936.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS.  LS, 2p. 
     No longer working at "the job"--(the cleaners?).  Drenner has
     found "a mistress."  Planning to attend KU and study
     bacteriology next year.  Still trying to save his money and go
     to Europe.  Drenner has "got my radio station on the air." 
     Talks about life in a small town--"can't be myself without a lot
     of talk.. .gossip..."

230  18 January 1937.  TLS, 2p.
     Summarizes Drenner's last letter, "Your last report stated that
     you had lost your job, gained a mistress, been drunk, had given
     up Canada for Europe, were writing and yet were kept from
     writing by foggy moods, and were contemplating studying
     bacteriology with a view to a vocation."  Matthews would like to
     see Drenner learn a trade and/or profession.  Mentions that
     Verne Bright had a poem published in the North American Review
     for which he received $65--largest check ever for an Oregon poet
     for one poem.  Gives comments on two poems Drenner sent,
     "Inspiration" and "Tristan und Isolde." Discusses women.

231  23 January 1937.  Hildungsbraaken amid the frozen corn stalks.
     No longer plans to study bacteriology at KSU; "would require
     four years and an unholy amount of finances."  Discusses
     different books and authors.

232  5 April 1937.  TLS, 2p.
     Advises Drenner not to head for Portland or any city unless he
     definitely had a job awaiting; the depression is far from over
     and would make landing a job difficult.  Once again urges
     Drenner to learn a trade.  Matthews sold a poem to New York
     Times for $7.50. Quotes the last lyric of a personal one he
     wrote to a girl (with the name of the girl changed).

233  21 June 1937.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS.  TLS, 1p.
     Drenner has two poems in the summer issue of the University
     Review published by the U. of Kansas City, KC, MO.  Received a
     card from Ethel Romig Fuller saying his "Night Lies Hidden" will
     be in Oregonian Verse.  Drenner also has a poem in the new
     edition of Paebar Anthology.

234  15 December 1937.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS. 
     Hildungsbraaken is typed above the date.  (front & back)  TLS,
     Drenner is writing in response to Matthew's last letter--"I have
     managed to stem my indignation, and I will try to set you right
     on the things you mentioned in your last letter."  Evidently
     Matthews criticized Drenner for writing about sex, Drenner says
     Matthews seems to think he writes about pornography and, "I am
     damn sure that I don't write pornography."'

235  28 November 1938.  2917 Main, Parsons, KS.  LETTER FROM DRENNER
     TO MATTHEWS.  TLS, 2p.
     "At last I have regained the feeling of composure...."  He has a
     new "girl of 16" and some friends have come back to Parsons--
     someone to talk to; he feels much better than he has in a long
     time.  Discusses books he has read.  Received a letter from the
     University Review and they informed him that in the future "I
     shall always have at least one outlet for my poems...." 
     Encloses a copy of a poem he wrote for Peggy (the girl of 16)
     "Prelude for a chaconne (Chiuso: P.B.)."

236  29 June 1940.  TLS, 1p.
     Stationery: Angora Journal, Portland Oregon.
     Matthews is amazed at Drenner's "time and energy.. .car, job,
     and woman. -- and poetry writing."  Urges him to write "about
     his marriage and whether a divorce is in the offing as yet."

237  3 November 1940.  TLS, 1p. 
     Matthews is busy herding goats. "This is just to tell you to
     vote for Roosevelt Tuesday or damned if I don't disinherit
     you..." Wonders whether Drenner's draft number has been called,
     and how far down the line he is.

238  22 March 1941.  TLS 1p.
     Stationery: Angora Journal, Portland, Oregon.
     Matthews won the prize for the best poem in the Portland
     Spectator for 1940-- and $15;  with it quite a bit of newspaper
     notices and two appearances on the radio (encloses a copy of an
     article telling about it--"Advice Is Sound").  The job he has
     presently will fold up around June 1 and "from then on it's me
     and the goats..."

239  26 April 1941.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for the invite to contribute to "Yours, for
     Success" but he has nothing he cares to see in print.  Critiques
     the magazine.

240  27 July 1941.  (front & back)  LS, 1p.
     Matthews thinks Drenner's move--to go to England and serve as a
     radio technician for His Majesty--wise and romantic.

241  20 November 1941.  "Thanksgiving, No.' - FDR's"  TLS, 1p. 
     Tells Drenner that "the censor was very kind to your letter.
     ...clipped out only one word--presumably the date of your voyage
     over.  Did not disturb your Irish friend Amy."  Types a few
     lines from a poem he has written.  Glad to learn that Drenner
     has found something "so big that you have little time left to
     further the development of the cynical, blase young man that
     come out of Kansas."  Notices that his letter is paragraphed,
     punctuated, and "the e.e. cummings little 'i' omitted -- thank

242  25 December 1941.  TLS, 1p.
     Sends Christmas wishes. "Well, we're in the thing."  Goes on to
     discuss the war.

243  5 April 1942.  (front & back)  TLS, 1p.
     Begins by typing Housman's "Easter Hymn."  Matthews is worn out
     from working on the "damned goat journal" along with a full-time
     job.  He is registered on the second draft.  Discusses the war--
     how long it will last, Portland's air-raid shelters, sand stored
     to extinguish incendiary bombs, etc.

244  12 July 1942.  TLS, 1p.
     Matthews will either sell or suspend the Angora Journal. 
     Finished his opus, "Hood," and encloses a copy.

245  24 January 1943.  U.S. Naval Air Station, Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
     Matthews enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve September 28;
     transferred several times and ended up in Alaska.  Describes the
     Aleutian Islands.  Discusses books he's read.  Talks about his
     family, Mother.

246  Copy of "Hood" from a June 27, 1943 copy of The Oregonian LS.

247  17 August 1943.  Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, Atka, Alaska. 
     TLS, 2p.
     Drenner sold a script to the BBC for $80.  Matthews describes
     summer on the island.  Discusses books, i.e. the "New
     Testament."  Mentions that the late Stephen Vincent Benet's
     Western Star is off the press.

248  10 August 1944.  TLS, 2p.
     Congratulates Drenner on the publication of his poems in the
     U.S. and scheduled debut of The Priapic God this fall.  Matthews
     is  writing a long narrative poem; types "a few lines" of it. 
     Discusses thoughts of the phrase "long poem."

249  24 February 1946.  TLS, 1p.
     Looking forward to the arrival of Drenner's book. Still looking
     for a job; in the meantime busy writing.

250  10 March 1946.  TLS, 2p.
     Wishes Drenner hadn't sent him his book--"I regret that I find
     so much in it that I dislike, so little that I like"; critiques
     it at length.  Starting to work with Technical Engineers &
     Architects, Local 79, A.F. of L.--$5O a week. The Saturday
     Evening Post wants to print one of four Aleutian sonnets.

251  18 March 1946.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS.  TLS, 3p. 
     Defends his book of poetry--gives meanings to words, etc., that
     Matthews had questioned in his last letter.  Asks if Matthews
     will at least admit there is some commendation for producing a
     book of fine typography, on good paper, under conditions in
     Germany during the last stages of a war.

252  31 March 1946.  TLS, 1p.
     Praises the physical attractiveness of Drenner's book.  Reminds
     Drenner that, "Praise is easy to get; criticism -- the
     constructive brand -- damned hard."

253  9 June 1946.  (front & back)  TLS, 1p.
     Congratulates Drenner on being prospective father.  Matthews
     sonnet "The Shrouded Islands" appeared in the Saturday Evening
     Post May 25, page 136.

254  Labor Day 1946.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses Drenner's writing career and married life.  Mentions
     an eye school "Margaret D. Corbett School of Eye Education, Los
     Angeles" that he is going to train the eye to relax and do
     without specs.

255  Copy of an article from Oregon Journal, February 29, 1948 about
     Courtland Matthews' new book 0 verse to be published by Frank
     McCaffrey publishers, Seattle.

256  7 March 1948.  TLS, 2p.
     Once again writing and looking for work.  Congratulates Drenner
     on getting $25 a page for writing technical articles.

     Finished his book, all 135,000 words, The Priapic God. 
     Continuing to place technical pieces.  Keeping busy--his
     daughter is now 19 months, building a fence, garden and lawn

258  5 June 1948.  TLS, 1p.
     Congratulates Drenner on finishing his book, The Priapic God. 
     Talks about the flood that happened in Portland.  Matthews is
     working half-time for an advertising agency and half-time as
     associate editor of Oregon Food Merchants Magazine.

259  6 October 1948. 513 Highland Rd. Coffeyville, KS. LETTER FROM
     Drenner has been busy doing remodeling around his house; they
     are expecting their second child. Drenner has been busy
     rewriting his novel; mentions other books he's read.

260  5 March 1949.  TLS, 1p.
     Delays on getting cloth for Matthews book; will be out soon. 
     Talks about the strike at both of Oregon's newspapers:  The
     Oregonian and the Oregon Journal.  Matthews has been married for
     "a few days over six months" now.

261  17 March 1949.  513 Highland Rd., Coffeyville, KS.  LETTER FROM
     Discusses his manuscript.  Talks about all the different
     "chores" he is doing around the house.

262  11 April 1949.  TLS, 1p.  
     Stationery:  Oregon Food Merchants Magazine. 
     Just a quick note to let Don know that Matthews received the

     Critiques Matthews book, Aleutian Interval, at length.  Writes
     down a few lines--the only he has written since finishing the
     novel. Drenner talks about his family, two daughters.

264  29 May 1949.  TLS, 2p.
     Mentions the manuscript and Drenner's review of it.  Discusses,
     at length, Drenner's use of language, ability or inability to

265  10 April 1949.  Picture from the Oregonian of Matthews and wife
     (with others also).

266  Page from the Oregonian, Sunday April 3, 1949.  "Peace and Quiet
     in Gods Valley."  
     Handwritten note at bottom, "We explored this valley on the last
     day of our honeymoon, last September.  Eleanor took picture of
     old house - I the others."

267  3 June 1949.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS.  TLS, 4p (1p.
     Reviews portions of Aleutian Interval and quotes from parts he
     (Drenner) liked best.  Discusses, at length, his book and parts
     he likes best.  Talks about different poems he's written. 
     Drenner is busy with family and house remodeling.

268  24 August 1949.  TLS, 1p. Oregon Food Merchants Magazine,
     Portland, Oregon.
     Likes Drenner's revised version of "June Six."  Has read some of
     Drenner's, The Priapic God, and discusses it.

269  7 September 1949.  LETTER FROM DRENNER TO MATTHEWS.  TLS, 3p.
     Received the copy of Saturday Review of Literature from
     Matthews; discusses articles in it.  Discusses his book; types a
     few lines of new poetry he's written.  Keeping busy building and
     repairing around the house and with the kids.

270  27 November 1949.  TLS, 3p.
     Reviews Drenner's book, The Priapic God at length.

271  7 December 1949.  513 Highland, Coffeyville, Kansas. LETTER FROM
     Comments on Matthews review of Drenner's book (The Priapic God).
     Talks about his work on his next novel.  "ERF" (Ethel Romig
     Fuller) has accepted Drenner's "June Six." New address:    3036
     N.E. 57th Ave., Portland, Oregon.

272  19 November 1950.  TLS, 1p.
     Short note--just checking up on Drenner.

273  15 October 1952.  TLS, 1p.
     Enjoyed the article on Drenner and the pages from Drenner's
     forthcoming book.  Eleanor, Matthews wife, had a poem published
     in the Oregonian.  Suggests Drenner vote for Stevenson for

274  8 December 1952.  408 Postal Building, Portland, OR.  TLS, 1p. 
     Congratulates Drenner on writing, printing, and publishing his
     book, The Vault of Night.

275  4 October 1953.  TLS, 2p.
     Doesn't care for Drenner's idea of publishing letters that he
     (Matthews) has written and received, but will dig up any letters
     he can find from Drenner.  Matthews says he wouldn't want any of
     his letters published without careful scrutiny.  Suggest
     printing books of verse, monographs, etc., instead.

276  11 October 1953.  TLS, 1p.
     Mentions that Drenner was written about over the AFL news
     service. Both Matthews and his wife are participating in "Oregon
     Poetry Day."

277  Newspaper copy of poem "The Crow" by Courtland Matthews.

278  Sunday Oregonian Magazine page, "State Recognizes Oregon Poets"
     with one of Matthews' poems featured, "Sometimes At Evening."

279  Page from Northwest Roto Magazine, October 10, 1954.  "Parade of
     Oregon Poetry."  Features poem by Courtland Matthews, "The
     Spring" and one by Eleanor Matthews, "By The Lake."

280  26 October 1953.  TLS, 2p. Stationery:  Courtland Matthews, News
     and Features, Beacon 0680, 408 Postal Building, Portland,
     Encloses all of Drenner's letters that he could locate.  Talks
     about Drenner's critique of his Huckleberry Hill.

281  17 April 1955.  3036 N.E. 57th Ave. Portland, OR.  TLS, 1p. 
     Matthews and his wife "rather like" Drenner's new poem "Pond." 
     Asks about the Zauberberg Press and Drenner's progress with his
     volume of poetry.  Congratulates Drenner on publication of two
     of his sketches including "Usage of the Past" in Kansas
     Magazine; also the display of his two books at a Craftsmen
     Exhibit at KU.  Matthews' Fabric of Song, Vol. II, is "in the
     hands of Wings Press."

282  18 March 1956.  TLS, 1p.
     Letter discussing family life--Matthews had surgery "last June
     22"; Eleanor quit teaching--now doing free-lance work and "our
     newspaper."  Has published a few old verses; encloses one that
     is a page from Northwest Roto Magazine, October 9, 1955,
     "Oregonian Verse."  One poem, "The Snake of Stone" by Courtland
     Matthews and one poem by Eleanor Matthews, "Values."

283  22 September 1958.  TLS, 1p. Stationery:  Matthews and Matthews,
     Portland, Oregon. 
     Wondering how Drenner is doing--would like "a progress report."

284  23 October 1958.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for the "truly handsome" book, Concerning Kansas.
     Congratulates Drenner on winning the Midwest Book competition.
     Encloses a clip of poems:  Small cutout piece with two poems
     from the Sunday Oregonian "Mountain Valley" by Eleanor Matthews
     and "Black Treasure" by Courtland Matthews.  He's written four
     poems in the past year, "though the blackberry piece is the only
     one of the four thus far published."

285  17 September 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Thanks Drenner for Fibril, "a beautiful printing piece, and the
     four poems it presents."  Tried to visit Drenner's father in
     Cottage Grove while he was out photographing covered bridges but
     he was gone for the day.

286  20 May 1962.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for a copy of The Graphics of Love; but doesn't
     like the contents.  Matthews' mother passed away.

287  31 May 1962.  C. Matthews, 408 Postal Bldg., Portland, OR.  TLS,
     Evidently Drenner wrote about Matthews criticisms of the
     Graphics book and told him the good reviews it has received;
     Matthews apologizes--"now that others who know more about Art
     than I do have said it's Art..."  Talks about Laurence Pratt's
     book and encloses a signed copy (No. 98).  Copy of a handout
     from The Oregon State Poetry Assc. "Presents, Evening with the
     Poets featuring Gena Ford and Courtland Matthews."

288  30 September 1963.  LS, 1p.
     Just a note--enclosing articles and obituary on Joseph Stanley
     Pennell; Drenner printed a book of his poetry.

289  4 December 1963.  Postal Bldg.  TLS, 2p.
     Congratulates Drenner on an article in the Kansas City Star that
     featured him.  Discusses the author of Rome Hanks. Talks about
     the "loss of President Kennedy."  (Mentions what a good man he
     was.) Discusses the population problem (or soon to be problem)
     in Oregon!

290  22 September 1965.  TLS, 2p.
     He is easing up on his workload and finding more time to write;
     Eleanor is teaching.  They have a new house and have been busy
     fixing it up.  Types opening lines from a poem he is currently
     working on, "By the Pacific."  Encloses a typed copy of "The
     Firebug of the West Hills" that is signed and scheduled to
     appear in Oregonian Verse.

291  7 October 1965.  TLS, 2p.
     Can't get used to the fact that Drenner will be 50 years old and
     have grandchildren.  Encloses a copy of verse he's written for
     Drenner's review.  Talks about Dylan's (Dylan Thomas) work.

292  14 November 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Questions Drenner as to whether he's read "The Ride" and his
     opinion of it.  Matthews and his wife just returned from a "poem
     rewarding" trip to Idaho.

293  27 December 1965.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses Drenner's criticisms of "The Ride."  Critiques some of
     Drenner's poems.  Mentions that Ethel Romig Fuller died this
     month and Howard Corning has taken over as editor.

294  9 May 1966.  TLS, 3p.
     Wonders if Drenner would be interested in publishing a "thin,
     almost attenuated sheaf of sonnets."  (Encloses a pasted
     clipping.) Encloses a copy of a poem "After Taps" for Drenner
     "or some less sensitive printer to do."  Gives, in detail, the
     story behind the poem and the reasons for wanting it printed.

295  21 May 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Has nine sonnets to submit to Drenner.  Asks about the printing
     of the book (price) and selling it.

296  18 May 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Glad that Drenner likes the sonnets and will print them--total
     of 13 sonnets.  Suggests a title "A Rhymer's Dozen."  Discusses
     the changing of (or not) 2 poems.  Encloses a page from
     Gillespie's Gazette, March-April 1966.  "Court Matthews, Gazette
     Editor, Has Done Many Things Besides Punching a Typewriter."

297  22 May 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses different changes in the poem "Autumn Evening."

298  25 May 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     Revision No. 2 of "Autumn Evening" enclosed; more changes in the
     book of sonnets.

299  5 June 1966.  TLS, 2p.
     Encloses ten of his best lyrics for Drenner to consider adding
     to the book.  More changes on "Autumn Evening" enclosed.

300  13 July 1966.  Postcard.  Written by Eleanor.
     They are back from their vacation and thanked Drenners for their
     hospitality while they visited them in Coffeyville.

301  13 August 1966.  TLS, 2p.
     Talks about their vacation and places they visited.  Thinks
     Drenner was wise to take the job as a librarian--$8,400 a year.

302  25 December 1966.  TLS, 1p.
     The prints of the poem arrived; thanks Drenner.  (A copy is in

303  26 December 1966.  Postcard, signed.
     Would like Drenner to hold set-up of "After Taps" for inclusion
     in the book.

304  11 February 1967.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses a copy of the letter from Zella Matthews, wife of his
     nephew; tells what the poem meant, "better than I (Matthews)
     could." Matthews is busy writing new verse, "An Inscription in
     Wildcat Hollow."

305  18 December 1969.  TLS, 1p.
     Sorry to hear that Drenner sold all his printing equipment--due
     to "diseases."  Talks about poems he's been writing and what
     they've been doing since last he wrote to Drenner.

306  Page from the Oregonian, Friday, May 29, 1970, "A Simple Rose
     From Virginia" by Courtland Matthews.  Signed.

307  24 July 1974.  TLS, 1p.
     Glad to hear from Drenner after so many years, "even if I did
     have to publish a book to get a rise out of him..." Talks about
     his health--poor.

308  12 August 1974.  LS, 1p.
     Appreciates Drenner sending the "latest book" on Paget's
     disease--(this is the disease Matthews has).  Talks about
     medical problems.

309  22 December 1974.  LS.  Written by Eleanor Matthews, 1p. 
     News of Courtland's death, December 17, 1974.

310  Typed copy, signed, "Huckleberry Hill" poem.

311  Pages from booklet: poem, "The Last Ones" by Eleanor H.
     Matthews. poem, "To The Generation Before The Last" by Eleanor
     Matthews poem, "The Truce" by Courtland Matthews


312  9 November 1969.  LS, 3p.
     P. Metzger is on "Cloud 9" over getting Drenner's shop;
     discusses the details that need to be taken care of.

313  12 November 1969.  LS, 1p.
     More discussion on the "deal" (selling of Drenner's shop).


314  5 March 1959.  (front & back of p. 2)  LS, 2p. 
     Drenner had written requesting information on the handmade paper
     process; Morris gives him some information on how to get

315  21 March 1959.  (front & back)  LS, 1p.
     Gives Drenner book suggestions on what to read in order to learn
     more on papermaking.  Gives tips on equipment--how to make it.

316  29 May 1959.  (front & back)  LS, 1p.
     Answers Drenner's question on price of paper per sheet and


317  27 March 1964.  TLS, 2p.
     Note saying she enjoyed her visit with Drenner and she would
     like to do some etching work for him if Drenner would need it. 
     Talks about etching--different woods she uses.

318  22 June 1964.   LS, 3p.  Stationery:  Excalibur (press) with
     above address.
     Moss is "making progress" toward becoming a "private printer"
     she has chosen the above name for her press.  Talks about
     printing: difficulties she's trying to work out; trying to
     decide on which press to buy, etc.

319  3 July 1964. TLS, 2p.
     Mentions different books she's been reading on printing; still
     looking for a "type" to purchase, also a press to purchase.

320  22 July 1964.  (on letterhead stationery)  TLS, 2p. (handwritten
     Purchased the Bulmer type.  Talks about a book with Poetry of
     the Anti-Jacobin she bought.

321  20 August 1964.  TLS, 1p.
     Moss purchased a press--used Chandler and Price Pilot, lists all
     the type she now owns.  Discusses paper she will use to print
     on.  Found out more about the book, Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin;

322  13 September 1964.  (new letterhead)  LS, 1p. 
     Has her shop done; will soon begin teaching night school.
     Encloses flyer (small card stock) for Excalibur Press.

323  13 October 1964.  LS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for the instructions on printing. Talks about the
     printing of etchings; cutting of paper; different types of
     paper. Encloses a sample.

324  16 October 1964. (blank stationery)  TLS, 1p. 
     Setting up a day to come watch Drenner bind books.

325  2 November 1964.  (blank stationery) TLS, 2p.
     Enjoyed her visit with Drenner; likes Drenner's book.  Talks
     about the process of photo engraving.

326  26 January 1965.  (blank stationery)  TLS, 2p.
     Encloses a sample of etchings.  Talks about Robroy Kelly, "has
     quite a typographical library"; he'd like Drenner to meet him.
     Beginning to design his pressmark.

327  31 May 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Inquiring as to whether Drenner knows of or could possibly
     purchase some linen cord.

328  21 October 1965.  (handwritten postcript)  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses the next time she and Brenda Sue (her friend) will be
     able to visit Drenner--another "session at the Albion."  Talks
     about moving to Texas; how to make printing (and etching) pay
     off.  Talks about the new press she bought--describes and
     encloses a picture. They (her two friends who are planning on
     buying a specialty shop together) would like an "aesthetic
     specialty shop."

329  29 June 1966.  1431 S. Rockford Road, Apt. 6, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
     TLS, 1p.
     They have moved to Tulsa; busy working on their business which
     will open this September or October.  (Moss, Brenda and Alan
     Henricks). Would like to come visit Drenner.

330  13 July 1966.  LS, 2p.
     Tells what type of merchandise their shop will carry ("ET CETERA
     HOUSE").  Bought a new press, an A.B. Dick 350, to print
     stationery on to sell in their shop.

331  14 October 1966.  Postcard, signed.
     Encloses a flyer which describes the three divisions of their
     new shop--(1) gifts & decoratives (2) the printery (3) the

332  12 June 1967.  LS, 1p.
     Still busy at the shop; haven't done any private presswork.  The
     stationery has been selling well.  Had an offer thru the Dallas
     Trade Mart to wholesale their stationery--they don't think they

333  No date.  TLS, 1p.
     She is going to purchase a Shniedewend (sp) Reliance (20th
     Century) press.  Weygand told her that he will be doing an
     article on the Anna Book (Drenner's book) to appear in American
     Book collector.

334  No date.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses the printing of her work--spacing, paper; setting of
     the "C&P" (press).

335  No date.  TLS, 1p.  Stationery:  Kansas City, Missouri
     Finished her book--pleased that Drenner liked the results. 
     Mentions reasoning behind labeling it the way they did.

336  No date.  TLS, 2p. Stationery:  Kansas City, Missouri
     Talks about the problems with the press--wondering if it will
     ever reach perfection.

337  No date, (Sunday).  LS, 1p.  Stationery:  Kansas City, Missouri
     Talks about the etching and the library list she was going to
     spend $27.50 on that Drenner furnished.  (Probably written
     between February - May 1965.)  Discusses purchasing rollers for
     a press. Asks for tips on printing "half-tones" on the pilot.


338  4 June 1955.  TLS, 2p.
     Praises, at length, Drenner's Anna, Anna.' book; "this is easily
     and by far the most attractive..."  Thanks him ("an honor") for
     "A share of a dedicatory page in a book."  Discusses his book--
     buying of paper.  Mentions/discusses Weygand's book.

339  11 April 1956.  TLS, 2p.  Stationery is an announcement of A
     Midsommer Nights Dreame by Wm. Shakespeare.
     Says "you'll probably consider my use of this announcement
     'sacreligious' (sic) but I have another copy..."  Talks about
     how busy he is at the post office.  Enjoyed the snapshots,
     comments on Drenner's shop.  Likes the proof Drenner sent on
     "the Messouri" (sic) piece.  Problems purchasing rollers which
     has delayed his print job.


340  19 February 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for the letter--"First: I was delighted with the
     phrase, 'lesser Balkans of Kansas'"; much impressed and envious
     of Drenner's press.  Pleased that Drenner wants to print some of
     his poems; mentions ones he would like printed.

341  19 March 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Received three books--"I read your poetry and thought it worthy
     to be called poetry..."  Discusses both poetry and printing.

342  6 April 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses Drenner's work, Spong Pond.  Comments on two of Gay's
     books, 1730 Trivia and Fables.  Talks about the Oregonian
     (printed some of Drenner's poems); discusses Ethel Romig Fuller 
     editor of Oregonian) and her judgement of poetry.  Encloses
     "some mss." (probably ones he wants Drenner to publish.)

343  17 April 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Reviews the eight poems (of Drenner's) that he got.  Talks about
     the poems he sent to Drenner to print--what he thinks Drenner
     can or cannot change.

344  22 April 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Once again compliments Drenner's printing.  Mentions Drenner's

345  10 May 1959.  LS, 1p.
     Talks about the printing of his mss Drenner's doing.

346  26 May 1959.  Postcard, signed.
     Thanks Drenner for the first proof of his mss.

347  1 June 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Critiques Drenner's book, The Vault of Night. "It is beautiful."

348  26 June 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Thinks New Directions should print Drenner's The Vault. 
     Discusses New Directions--what they print.  Gives Drenner
     permission to use his name as a reference for Guggenheim and

349  30 June 1959.  LS, 1p.
     Praises the printed page of Talk in a Pub.

350  12 July 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for title page and "the Fabian rag sheet of the
     Jackson piece."  Mentions what he wrote about Drenner in the
     Fulbright recommendation and encloses a copy of same.

351  20 July 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Thanks him for 2nd proof.  Discusses books he's read.

352  29 July 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     The book arrived--"a beautiful wonderful job."  Talks about "the
     terminal essay."  Encloses a pencil portrait (copy) of himself
     and a photograph.

353  12 August 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Comments on the colophon. Talks about Rome book, i.e. who it was
     dedicated to and characters.

354  15 August 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Received four "beautiful" copies of Darksome House.  Tells about
     his bookplate--designed and drawn by Elizabeth Horton Pennell.
     Tells who copies of the book will go to.

355  26 August 1959.  TLS, 2p. 
     Consents to reading The Vault. Suggests publishers Drenner could
     submit it to.

356  15 September 1959.  TLS, 3p.
     Been feeling under the weather.  Gives his opinion of The Vault.
     Same letter continued 19 September 1959.  Finished the ms (The
     Vault) opinion still holds as above.  Gives suggestions for
     changing it.  Thinks "The Usage of the Past" is a "fine piece." 
     Thanks him for the photographs of family.  Discusses Drenner's
     copy of Rome.

357  3 October 1959.  TLS, 2p.
     Discusses "the essay" he wrote for Drenner to get a Guggenheim;
     gave him "considerable trouble (because I want you to win)...had
     to strike just the right note of pomposity."  Drenner explained
     to him why he cut The Vault in the printed version--discusses. 
     Comments on the binding of Rome.  Talks about statistics on
     Restif De La Bretonne.

358  14 October 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Short note to tell Drenner that Martha Gellhorn, (wife of Tom
     Matthews), T. Matthews, and her mother came to see him.  All
     three carefully used adjectives such as marvelous, beautiful,
     fine about Drenner's book Darksome House.

359  22 October 1959.  TLS, 1p.
     Talks about the binding of Rome; where Pennell got the paper it
     was printed on.  Wants a picture of the Albion when Drenner gets

360  29 November 1959.  TLS, 3p.
     Thanks Drenner for the binding of Agamemnon and Rome.  Talks
     about the Agamemnon.  Lists where copies of the Darksome House
     are. "Graphicifaction of Originifaction of Tourismifaction of
     the Pennell copies of Darksome House."

361  11 January 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Curious about where all Drenner's copies of Darksome House went.
     Talks about writing the "Master of Pembroke College, Oxford"
     about a copy of Nora and the Darksome House he had sent him. 
     Discusses the Agamemnon.  Talks about what he did with his
     income on Rome and Nora;  about Martha Gellhorn and which books
     sell; about royalties most writers make (or rather, don't make).

362  19 January 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Talks about the "civic" duties that Drenner is doing--hopes this
     doesn't take too much time from "reading, writing, printing,
     drinking and other things worth the hydrogen to blow them to
     hellangone."  Pleased to get the picture of Drenner's new Albion
     handpress.  Talks about women writers--selling of books v.
     looks. Related to Drenner "an anecdote about Darksome House."

363  29 February 1960.  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses the Fulbright--problems Drenner will have arranging
     for a year somewhere else.  Didn't know Darksome House won the
     Midwest Books Competition;  the "guy on the Oregonian Journal
     copy desk got his headline screwed up."  Encloses newspaper
     articles:  "Author Wins Competition,"  Portland, Oregon Journal,
     February 22, 1960; "Seaside Author's Book Wins Prize For
     Typography,"  Seaside Sictingly (?) February 11, 1960;  "Local
     Man's Book Wins Printing Test,"  Astorian Budget, February 11,

364  15 April 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Sorry that Drenner didn't receive Guggenheim or Fulbright;

365  12 July 1960.  Postcard.
     Just got released from a month in the hospital.  "New York Aunt
     so admired Darksome House she has to provide protector cover."

366  4 August 1960.  LS, 1p.
     Received Fibril today.  "If I had an objection it would be that
     you have not written and printed a terminal essay for it."

367  10 September 1960.  TLS, 2p.
     Comments on The Vault of the Night; encloses address of an agent
     that Tom Matthews and wife Martha Gellhorn "trusted."  Talks
     about Thelma Baker, who submitted Rome to different publishers
     for Stan (received a literary agents fee).

368  19 September 1960.  TLS, 3p.
     Pleased that Drenner would consider printing the discarded
     chapters of Rome; will send them when he locates them.  Talks
     about publishers and quality of work they are producing.

369  29 September 1960.  Postcard, signed.
     "Piece about publishers in Vogue October 1 by Joker named

370  4 October 1960.  TLS, 3p.
     Says he would be glad to read Drenner's ms, but probably won't
     make suggestions.  Suggests publishers Drenner could submit it

371  (ca 8 October 1960)  Postcard, signed, not mailed, must have
     been an enclosure.
     "Did you smell pile of fecal matter in Saturday Review of B.S.,
     October 8, 1960 called The Gold Rush on Publishers' Row"?

372  14 October 1960.  LS, 1p.
     "Poem fine" he's "into ms"; Virginia (wife) is in hospital.

373  25 September 1960.  TLS, 3p.
     Sending copy of left-out chapters of Rome.  Talks about the
     reasons   they weren't published. Tells him "to keep them

374  17 October 1960.
     Sorry to hear about Drenner's "relapse into microbes and
     miasma." Suggest he read Job (from the Bible).  Is sending one
     of his copies of D.B. Wyndham Lewis's Francois Villon.  Encloses
     copy of letter from Scribner's about Darksome House.

375  1 December 1960.  LS, 4p.
     Talks about Dutton publishers.  The Library at Salem ordered
     three copies of Darksome House, Pennell said they could have
     one--if they put it " the rare book room and didn't send it
     out for some juvenile to mark with a fried egg..."

376  6 January 1961.  LS, 2p.
     Been busy with Xmas and "Virginia" and "approached my agent."
     (doesn't elaborate).  As to Drenner's manuscript (The Priapic
     God) " still strikes me with a rich shock."  Thinks it
     "should be read by more than 500."  (Drenner is printing a
     limited edition of 500.)

377  23 January 1961. LS, 1p. 
     On back of this letter is a copy of the letter he wrote to
     Dutton when submitting Drenner's book.  "Be calm--but not too
     calm.  Rage with inner fire. Uah!"

378  7 February 1961.  LS, 1p.
     Enclosure missing but it was from Dutton--they received the ms.
     He's "struggling" with a piece called "The Maggots at Bell Isle
     or How and Why I Wrote Rome Hanks."  Thinks, "I'll try it on
     Playboy mag."

379  18 March 1963.  Postcard, signed, handwritten.
     Wonders where he picked up copies of Nora and Rome "get me on
     the sucker list, will you."

380  10 October 1963.  Article from the KC Times; "Junction City
     Didn't Understand Him, but--Joseph Stanley Pennell Wrote With
     Rare Skill."

381  No date.  TLS. 1p.
     Received the book, "beautiful brain, passion, and handmade
     book." (Graphics dedication)  "What, however, almost brought me
     down sniveling was the J.S.P."  Congratulates Drenner on his
     librarianship; "But for Christ's sake don't overwork."'

382  Typed copy of a poem Love (at bottom J.S.P. Catullus)

383  No date.  LS, 1p.
     Thanking him for poem in Christian Magazine.

384  No date.  TLS, 2p.
     Discussing the setting of Pennell's poems that Drenner is
     printing. Apologizes if he "scamped" Mrs. Fuller (editor of
     Oregonian) too much.  (Must have been written in April 1959.)

385  No date.  TLS, 1p.
     Received a copy of The Vault of Night.  "If Laughlin doesn't
     print a work of this quality he is incapable of solving the old
     geological problem of differentiating between A-his arse and B-a
     hole in the ground."


386  25 March 1946.  TLS, 1p.
     Responding to Drenner's complaint about the "Mack-Bemelamans
     affair in the last 'Circle'."  Impressed with the book Drenner
     sent to Henry in care of him; amazed that an item of such
     quality could be produced in Germany during the war. Informing
     Drenner of new Miller books which have recently come out.

387  2 May 1946.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanking Drenner for his gift Letters to Shelia Ann; "find the
     whole a notable work in many ways."  Suggests places he can send
     material to.

388  7 April 1963.  Postcard, handwritten, Gen. delivery, Waldwick,
     Acknowledging receipt of the Graphics, "a joy."  Comments on
     craftsmanship and poetry.

389  16 April 1963.  Postcard, handwritten.
     Will "go along" and try to list, promote, and sell Anna book.
     Mentions his 2nd volume being done in Pasadena now; will
     autograph and send copy when it's through.

390  No date.  (1963).  Postcard, handwritten, General Delivery,
     Waldwick, New Jersey.
     His "Air Force project" closed--he's free to push the publishing
     a little more..."  Asks if sizes, number of pages, illustration
     number and retail price (possible) all worked out by now.

391  16 August 1964.  Postcard, handwritten, 2009 Lee High Drive,
     Huntsville, Alabama.
     Thanks Drenner for help on his (Drenner's) name.  Discusses

392  (ca 1965).
     lists (A-D)  what he's sending Drenner to print.  "Great idea,
     hope you'll go through with it.

393  (ca 1965).  Postcard, handwritten.
     Final thought on what Drenner should publish, "publish all me --
     words/poems plus my illustrations."

394  (ca 1967)  Postcard, handwritten.
     "On that vanguard poetry volume-a great idea..."

395  Newspaper clipping, Huntsville News, Alabama, July 20, 1965. 
     "NASA Scientist authors book" with photo of Porter.

396  1965?  No date.  LS, 1p.
     Comments on Drenner's book, "well done all around."

397  Newspaper clipping December 27, 1965, with photo "Engineer cited
     in Who's Who"

398  No date.  LS, 2p.
     An outfit in Philadelphia may reprint some early publications;
     "Your Vault of Night could be included."  Asks for perfect copy. 
     "The choice is clearly try again or let it catch dust."  Lists
     titles available.

399  No date.  LS, 1p.
     Asks what the word is (on above proposition?)

400  27 November 1965. Written on back of a glossy (8 x 10) of 3
     pictures of sculpture(?) signed by B. Porter on front.  LS, 1p. 
     Talks about the feasibility of printing "found poems" of

401  1 January 1966.  LS, 1p.
     Wondering about the rough notes (above) for book.

402  No date.  (Enclosure dated 2 November 1967)  LS, 1p.
     "In case, with your busy life, you need a topic for a poem, I
     enclose a live one..."  Letter dated November 2, 1967 about a
     sheriff.  Article from New Republic Washington, DC  June 24,
     1967. "Of Course, I'm No Psychiatrist"  About B. Porter being
     arrested and thrown in a mental institution.

403  "A Letter," Vol. 1, No. 2, by John G. Moore with "Found Art" on
     cover by Bern Porter. 
     Story inside about Porter's bout with the law and being
     committed. "A Letter,"  Vol 1, No. 12, Nov/Dec 1967. About
     Porter's detention

404  A Press Release "Professional Scientist, Engineers Unite to Curb
     Sherrif." (sic).

405  7 August 1969.  LS, 1p.
     Slow going for reprint on Vault.  Lists current titles and
     costs. Enclosure, "Poem With Number and Ten Verses, Or More
     Correctly, Poem With Seven Numbers, Ten Letters of the Alphabet
     and Ten Verses" and "My Life On The Islands" by Porter.

406  10 February 1970.  TLS, 1p.
     Letter and enclosure from Advanced Technology Consultants
     Corporation asking Drenner to consider being a consultant
     (referred by Porter).

407  No date.  P.O. Box 222 Agana Guam, M.I.  LS.
     Received "interesting folder" from Drenner about the Vault of
     Night. Porter is interested; would like to know more about it
     other than, "50,000 words and 'about sex'."  Porter might be
     interested as the publisher, "providing there was a deficiency." 
     Questions him on details concerning book.

408  Two photocopies of pages and at bottom "Philip Lamantio from
     Erotic Poems, Bern Porter 1946."  II; VI.

409  No date.  General Delivery, Huntsville, Alabama.  LS, 1p. 
     Book Scigraffiti is out-of-print (that Drenner ordered).  Porter
     says he is not "reprinting reissuing" Vault of Night, just
     trying to get orders.

410  No date.  2303 Durant Ave., Berkeley, California.  LS, 2p. 
     Received Drenner's poems, forwarded to Henry.  Lists books he
     has available and prices.


411  4 December 1968.  LS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for letter and comments on "The wild goose
     chase." Remarks on comments that Drenner made in his letter.


412  14 October 1957.  TLS, 1p.
     Appreciates the copy of Faustus that Drenner sent; "mighty
     pleased..beautifully done."  Asks if Drenner could inform him
     how he does the binding, i.e. to get it securely anchored into
     the case and not have pages pull away from the backbone when

413  28 April 1961  (new letterhead, same information).  TLS, 1p. 
     Gives information from Brett & Cox of two "improved" Albion
     presses; asks Drenner's opinion--price, quality.  Weygand will
     be contributing a monthly column to American Book Collector,
     asks Drenner to keep him informed of news-worthy items from his

414  6 February 1965 (new letterhead, same information).  TLS, 1p.
     Discusses what he's completed over the past year or two "A
     Packet of Sherlockian Bookplates" and a book Elmer F. Gleason
     and The Stratford Press; gives description and information of
     latter. Regrets that he lost contact with Drenner and would like
     past books, for trade or cash.

415  11 February 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Encloses check for The Anna Book.  Mentions (describes) work his
     nephew has been doing.

416  24 February 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Received The Anna Book--"mighty handsome."  Asks if Drenner
     would send a story about private presses to American Book
     Collector Magazine.  He acquired a second copy of Concerning
     Kansas, in a "somewhat devious manner."  He would be interested
     in swapping for another of Drenner's books.

417  5 March 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Lists questions he has about information received for the
     article in American Book Collector Magazine.  Mentions a book,
     Printers Grammar that he acquired, but hasn't received, that ma 
     be DeVinne's own copy.  (Theodore L. DeVinne, NY: 1894, author)

418  1 May 1965.  TLS, 1p.
     Swapped a book for Drenner's The Graphics of Love still in the
     market to swap Concerning Kansas for Darksome House.  He's
     getting started on a book concerning Allen Crandall of The
     Crandall Press of Manhattan, Kansas.


419  22 April 1960.  Thelma Baker  (She is the librarian in Junction
     City, who later moved to Lawrence, who sent Pennell's book in to
     publishers.  Referred to in F2:8/10 September 1960.)  TLS, 1p.
     Requesting a copy of The Darksome House.

420  26 April 1960.  Thelma Baker.  TLS, 1p.
     Saying she will take a copy of The Darksome House in "off-
     register" page.  Questions him on how he came to know and
     publish Stan Pennell's poems.

421  May 1960.  Thelma Baker.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for the book.  Discusses the how's and why's of
     how she became a librarian in Lawrence.

422  No date.  Written for Leonard Cottrell, signed by Ann Banett,
     Lancaster.  TLS, 1p.
     Enjoyed hearing from Drenner.  Tells him the address to write to
     Cottrell--they are both in different hospitals.

423  15 October 1945.  Postcard from Gotham Book Mart, New York. 
     Received volume of Poetry, think it will sell; "it is
     regrettable that the binding is not a better job with the
     lettering."  Requests four more with invoice at $1.00 each; they
     will sell at $2.00 each. If he encloses an extra copy they will
     try and get it reviewed.

424  No date.  Postcard, signed by J. Laughlin, New Directions,
     Norfolk, Connecticut.
     Thanks Drenner for Jolas ms and copy of his poems.

425  4 March 1959.  James Laughlin, New Directions, Norfolk,
     Connecticut. TLS, 1p.
     Interested in learning about Drenner's work on the handpress.
     Mentions different names of hand printers and limited editions
     they have published.

426  12 March 1964.  J. Ben Lieberman, The Herity Press, 202 Beverly
     Road, White Plains, NY.  TLS, 1p.
     Asking Drenner to sign waiver for pieces they will use for the
     USIA personal printing show.

427  No date.  Handwritten letter from Joseph Low.
     Thanking Drenner for offer to print his work but all his
     "efforts are absorbed by Edin Hill Press."  Comments on
     "beautifully clean presswork on your letterhead."  Signed "J.L."

428  The Inland Printer for February 1954.
     Article with photo of Jo Low on "The Private Press of Joseph

429  19 May 1960.  T.S. Matthews, 20 Chester Square, London, S.W. 1,
     Sloane 3137.  (T.S. Matthews is married to Martha Gelhorn--both
     referred to in previous letter).  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for letter and "kind words" about Name and
     Address. Admired Drenner's printing of Pennell's book.

430  29 June 1959.  Karl Menninger, M.D., Menninger Foundation,
     Topeka, Kansas.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanking Drenner for "Richardson" book; received two copies on
     regular paper and one on Rives paper, which is "indeed a gem."

431  7 January 1966.  David Westheimer, 11722 Darlington, Los
     Angeles, CA.  TLS, 1p.
     Thanks Drenner for "generous comment" on My Sweet Charlie in
     Coffeyville Journal.

432  24 October 1959.  Bob Vosper, East Grinstead, Sussex, England. 
     LS, 1p.
     Got into Brett and Cox's and saw "The Albion" press Drenner has
     bought which they are working on and will send.  Talks about his
     walk and scenery he saw on Sunday.  Mentions that the "Stu" (?)
     Library should have two copies of Drenner's Pennell volume.
     Suggests he apply for both Guggenheim as well as Fulbright. 
     Hopes to see him in Lawrence on November 6.

433  19 December 1943.  Henry Treece, 55 Ferriby Road, Barton-on-
     Humber, Linco.  LS, 1p.
     Regretfully returning ms "as he must announce the death of
     Kingdom Come."  Asks about Drenner's dedication to Dylan Thomas.

434  28 July 1954.  Signed Alf (Babcock).  LS, 1p.
     Sending "the book."  In postscript, "Don't tell me.  I know now
     that I let a few typos elude me in the book."

435  6 March 1958.  "To exhibit rare books by local typographer" 
     Article with photo of Joseph Ishill about his books (fine

436  21 July 1946.  Kenneth Patchen, Mt. Pleasant, New York.  LS, 1p. 
     Happy to trade a copy of the trade edition of Sleepers Awake for
     a copy of Drenner's book of poems.

437  18 December 1956.  Postmarked Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
     "Greeting for the Holidays" from Martin and Margaret

438  Asperance Friday.  Handwritten PS, Signed "Fred."  TLS, 2p. 
     Talks about carpentry--remodeling a barn.  Discusses mss--likes
     the symphony best; comments on Lazarus. (Drenner's work). 
     Discusses books.

439  No date.  Signed "Irving."  LS, 2p.
     Apologizes for holding "this" so long; thinks its "fine,
     sensitive stuff."

440  John Ciardi, enclosure, Mother and Father.  Two copies; one with
     notes in margins.  Adam & Eve characters, play.

441  Enclosure Ciardi to Drenner 2/24/66.  This Strangest Everything
     poems.  (notes on some).

     I.   The Longest Way Is Back
       a. Sunset and After
       b. The Longest Way Is Back
       c. Talking Myself to Sleep At one More Hilton
       d. Daemons
       e. November 26, 1964
       f. At My Father's Grave
       g. Coming Home On the 5:22
       h. Letter to a Midnight
       i. Was A Man
       j. A Damnation of Pigeons
       k. Incident
       l. Boy
       m. Small Elegy
       n. A Crow's Long Scratch of Sound
       o. One Day
       p. An Edge, A Twilight, A Plover
       q. The Catalpa

442  II.  A Black Bread Store
       a. Why Don't You Write For Me?
       b. A Ballad of Teleologies
       c. Manner of Speaking  Two Lectures and A Few Flourishes
       d. Galileo and the Laws
       e. Some Sort of Game
       f. Crystal Night
       g. The Formalities
       h. Notes on the Psalmist
       i  New Year's Eve
       j. Fragment
       k. Tommy's Pond
       l  The Week That Was
       m. Project For A Cliff Face
       n. Inscription For A Patriot's Tomb
       o  Advertisement For A Reader
       p. A Magus
       q. After A Night That Came To Nothing

443  III. Pencil Stub Journals
       a. On The Poet As A Damned Poor Thing
       b. To Somatica To Say Nothing, And Not "No"
       c. On the Poet As a Marionette
       d. For A Schnorrer Who is Also My Friend, Within Limits
       e. Twice, Away From Jack, I Thought of Him
       f. L'Inglese
       g. Dinner in Chinatown
       h. The Damned
       i. Sermon Notes
       j. An Evening Of the Private Eye
       k. To A Plinking of Mandolins
       l. A Masque For Buckingham
       m. Pencil Stub Journals (more than one poem on page)
          a.   Long Weekend
          b.   And A Longer
          c.   Therefore
          d.   Not At Home
          e.   The Vacationing Pedant
          f.   On An Exalted Nonentity
          g.   Parenthood
          h.   On Being Found Guilty As Charged
          i.   Choices
          j.   The Test
          k.   On An Executive Female
          l.   To A Reviewer Who Admired My Book
          m.   For Karl Shapiro On The Bourgeois Poet
          n.   After A Fire
          o.   On An Ecdysiast
          p.   On Roman Traffic
          q.   The Hard Sell
          r.   For Clavia On A Rejection Slip
          s.   On Evolution
          t.   On Leaving The Internal Revenue Office
          u.   A Valedictory For Rose
          v.   On Marriage As An Institution
          w.   On Leaving The Party After Having Been Possibly
               Brilliant For Certainly Too Long
          x.   On The Third Planet From the Sun

444  IV.  Billy And the Wogs
       A Recurrence in No Sequence
       a. Mutual Assistance
       b. Smedley's Ridge
       c. The Pass
       d. Wogtown I
       e. The Dive
       f. Wogtown II
       g. Billy
       h. Teddy
       i. Whing-Ding
       j. Re-Corn-Struck-Shun

445  Enclosure of poems by Ciardi to Drenner
     a.   Of the Kingdom
     b.   Everytime You Are Sleeping and I
     c.   Are We Through Talking, I Hope?
     d.   One For Rexroth
     e.   I'm No Good For You
     f.   Returning Home
     g.   In Pity As We Kiss and Lie
     h.   My Tribe
     i.   Song For An Allegorical Play
     j.   Song
     k.   It is Spring, Darling
     l.   A Voice Said
     m.   An Island Galaxy
     n.   Everywhere That Universe
     o.   Watching a Kettle Boil
     p.   Museum
     q.   Principles
     r.   An Afternoon in the Park
     s.   When a Man Dies
     t.   At First Flower of the Easy Day
     u.   The Size of Song
     v.   Three A.M.

446  Poems by Courtland Matthews (with notes, editing, etc.)
     a.   Song
     b.   The Bridge
     c.   The Homestead
     d.   The Spring
     e.   Summer to Fall
     f.   Now When Vine Maples
     g.   The Snake of Stone
     h.   Autumn Evening
     i.   New Year's At the Beach
     j.   March in the Coast Country
     k.   A Shore Anthology
     I.   White Town
     m.   The Ranger's Bride
     n.   Ranger
     o.   When Time Lets Fall
     p.   Roseberries
     q.   A Midland Nightfall
     r.   Gypsies.'
     s.   The Strangers
     t.   Aleutian Spring
     u.   Westward Flight
     v.   Sometimes At Evening
     w.   The Shrouded Island
     x.   Larghetto

447  Pamphlet - "Lincoln as see by C.C. Brown."

448  Unbound copies of pages of poems printed by Drenner, Zauberberg
     Press, The Anna Book.

449  Fibril by D. von R. Drenner and printed by same.

450  The Graphics of Love sonnets by D. von R. Drenner and printed by
     same; unbound; 2-color title page.

451  The Graphics of Love earlier draft.

452  Faustus by D. von R. Drenner and printed by same.

453  The Vault of Night - not complete - to p. 14 then 127 - 142.

454  a.   A flyer describing "a word about the Adagio Press."
     b.   Pamphlet - "Publications of the Anvil Press."
     c.   Announcement by Auerhahn Press printing of "Brother
          Antoninus' great poem."

455  Flyers announcing printing of different books by Private Press
     Printers and a Christmas card from the Lewis Allens.

456  Printed copies of engravings.
     Flyer announcing new book Weather Sayings.

457  Different flyers put out by Philip Metzger of The Crabgrass

458  A compendium of type faces in use at the Crabgrass Press.

459  Continuation of folder 12.

460  Printed copies of engravings by John DePol.
     Pamphlet by George Sas telling a story about naming his press,
     etc. "The Marble Hill Press."

461  Flyers, etc. from The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul

462  Flyers and announcements from Eden Hill Press. 
     Christmas card from Endgrain Press.

463  Etchings (?) by Louise Moss.

464  Miscellaneous private press samples.  Bill Jackson, Four Ducks
     Press, enclosure 27 November 1960.

465  1.   Pamphlet of "an Alphabet of Decorative Initials..." printed
          by Grabhorn Press.
     2.   Copy of wood engraving.
     3.   Christmas cards from Melanie and Ben Grauer, Between Hours
          Press, 1955 and 1956.
     4.   Copy of the Pastime Printer, March 1958 No. 8.

466  1.   Christmas cards, etc., from Cravesend Press.
     2.   Hoja Volante, May 1953, No. XXX5, with article on Gravesend

467  Miscellaneous
     1.   Annual call for exhibit specimens from private presses.
     2.   An alphabet for printers.
     3.   Printed copies of engravings/etchings.
     4.   The Pastime Printer #6, September 1957
     5.   Catalog and announcements, 1958, The Porpoise Bookshop.
     6.   The Ellendale Chapitre, Down The Road, The Privateer Press.

468  Miscellaneous flyers and brochures; programs.

469  Private press samples of Zauberberg Press.