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Phi Beta Sigma fraternity shield Delta Chapter, 1917-1933

Group Photos
Phi Beta Sigma fraternity shield

While the Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma was founded in 1917, their group picture did not appear in the college yearbook, Royal Purple until 1921. These group pictures were only published in the yearbook through 1927.

Fraternity members can be found in the ROTC group photos as well.


Delta Chapter, 1921

Top Row: Roy Garrett, Thomas Perry, Jerry Jarmon, Francis Fry, Noble Jones
Middle Row: Thomas Bronson, Gordon Ford, James Pryor, Audrey Carter, L. C. Fields, Wirt Walton
Bottom Row: Raymond Williams, John Wilson, Howard Boydston, Ulysses Arnold, Ross May


Delta Chapter, 1922

Top Row: James Pryor, Francis Fry, Roy Garrett, Gordon Ford
Middle Row: Wirt Walton, Ulysses Arnold, Gomez Robinson, Thomas Bronson, Claude Wilson
Bottom Row: Raymond Williams, John Wilson, Theodore Miller, Ross May


Delta Chapter, 1923

Top Row: Louis Fry, Francis Fry, Earl Dawson, Sheridan Settler
Second Row: Thomas Bronson, Victor Reef, John Smith, Gomez Robinson, Wirt Walton
Third Row: Cornelius Mobiley, James Davis, Theodore Miller, Claude Wilson
Fourth Row: John Wilson, Lloyd Williams, Ralph Williams
Bottom Row: Raymond Williams, Ross May


Delta Chapter, 1924

Top Row: Paul Brooks, George Bronson, Sheridan Settler, Wirt Walton
Middle Row: Claude Wilson, Raymond Williams, Ross May, James Davis, Ulysses Arnold
Bottom Row: Norman Howell, Victor Reef, Cornelius Mobiley, Theodore Miller


Delta Chapter 1925

Top Row: Edgar Boone, Paul Brooks, Frank Davis, James Davis
Middle Row: Louis Fry, Frank Greene, Norman Howell, Harry Hazel, Theodore Miller
Bottom Row: Cornelius Mobiley, Victor Reef, Sheridan Settler, Claude Wilson


Delta Chapter, 1926

Top Row: Paul Brooks, Frank Greene, Norman Howell, Theodore Long, Cornelius Mobiley, Theodore Miller
Bottom Row: Eugene Ramsey, Victor Reef, David Robinson, Simon Scott, Sheridan Settler, Larry Washington, Alva Watson


Delta Chapter, 1927

Top Row: Paul Brooks, David Robinson, Louis Fry
Middle Row: Alva Watson, Russell Young
Bottom Row: Francis Fry, Frank Greene, Norman Howell