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Lt. Marjorie Honstead: "Over There"
Lt. Marjorie Honstead: Over There: Experiences in the US Army Nurse Corps in WWII

Travel Home
U.S. Army Transport, Fredrick Lykes
(June 22-August 19, 1945)

Crow's Nest newsletter, 28 Aug 1945

THE CROW'S NEST, SOUVENIER ISSUE, AUGUST 28, 1945: The Crow's Nest was the newsletter of the U.S. Army Transport Fredrick Lykes, the ship on which Lt. Honstead set sail for home in August 1945.

Several days before her journey began, Lt. Honstead writes her last letter to her family from Europe, dated August 17, 1945:

"No one is willing to commit themselves enough to tell us our destination. For all the official word we’ve received, we’re still headed to the Pacific. But everyone’s morale is on Pike’s Peak and they seem to think we may be on our way home."

The next letter, dated August 30,1945 arrives from Boston, saying, "The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll soon be seeing you."