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University Archives & Manuscripts
Brief Overview of the Collections

University Records

Recognizing the importance of the institution's records and the need for a department to collect, preserve and organize them for scholarly use, KSU officially established a University Archives in Farrell Library (renamed Hale Library in 1997) during the fall of 1983. The purpose of the archives is to collect, preserve, and make available for reference use, all non-current records of and about Kansas State University having permanent historical, legal, administrative or fiscal value as defined by the KSU Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 3090. University records are defined as documents, manuscripts, publications, photographs, tape recordings, drawings, maps, microforms, or other documentary materials regardless of physical form or characteristics, bearing upon the activities and functions of the university or its employees. Major categories of university records collected and housed in the University Archives are described below.

Office Records
An important body of records for the early years of the college is housed in the archives. The former college historians accumulated files from offices on campus, as well as from individuals associated with K-State. Since 1983 a comprehensive program has been underway to arrange for offices, departments and individuals at KSU to transfer noncurrent records to the archives on a continuous basis. Major examples of office records include correspondence, reports, minutes, policy documents, administrative files, financial and legal documents, memoranda, research files, and other forms of records described below.

Publications and Printed Material
Publications created by K-State's administrative offices, departments and organizations. Included are such items as books, reports, periodicals, newsletters, pamphlets, programs, proceedings, and posters. Monographs authored by KSU faculty are also acquired for the archives.

Photographic Records
A collection of 50,000 photographs, negatives, albums, and slides acquired from offices and departments on campus, as well as from individuals, is maintained in the University Archives.

Maps, Charts, Plans and Drawings
A number of campus maps and building plans are on file.

Audio and Video Tape Recordings
Interviews and recordings of speeches, programs and university events are included in the holdings.

Papers of Alumni
Items accumulated by alumni during their days at KSU are preserved in the archives. Letters, photos, scrapbooks and publications are examples of materials collected to document the history of K-State. The archives also collects the papers of alumni who distinguish themselves after leaving the university.

Manuscript collections having research value in areas such as literature, agriculture, art, journalism, music, architecture, engineering, education, human ecology, veterinary medicine and science are acquired for scholarly research purposes.

Manuscript Collections (non-university)

In addition to the various forms of university records identified above, the archives seeks collections of manuscripts, photographs, and related material, from individuals, organizations and companies not associated with KSU which support the major academic departments and research activities of the institution.

Persons owning collections with potential research value are encouraged to contact the University Archives about the possibility of donating them to K-State.