Classified Employee of the Year Award Guidelines

Classified Employee of the Year Award


The Classified Employee of the Year award is available to any classified staff member who

  • has completed at least one year of continuous employment at the K-State Libraries
  • has no “unsatisfactory” ratings in any category on their last performance review

Eligibility List

Brenda Brisbin     
Robin Brown          
Kathy Coleman    
Lauralea Cox        
Jody Crocker      
Sandy Douglas
Lynn Feldhausen     
Erica Foster
Maxine Ganske
Kathy Garbrick
Marion Grob       
Cindy Harris
Ben Hedges

Carrie Higley
Carolyn Hodgson
Susan Keller            
Connie Kissee
Eric Matthews
Susan Miller
Tara Mosier
Asha Muthukrishnan
Felisa Osburn        
Pat Patton
Kimberley Piper        
Lori Plummer        
Sue Pray
Bernie Randall    
Shelly Richardson     
Dennis Ryan
Katie Sigman
James Smith  
Barbara Steward      
Jack Taylor
Jeannie Upham
Cindy Von Elling
Debbie  Wasinger        
Gay Youngman
Last updated: 04/22/2014