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Hoeflin, Ruth (1/4/1918-8/30/2000) | Morse Department of Special Collections

Name: Hoeflin, Ruth (1/4/1918-8/30/2000)

Historical Note:

1918      January 4th, Born in Fort Dodge, Iowa

1928-1937            Campfire Girl – Torchbearer – Highest Rank Attended Fort Dodge, Iowa Junior College Transferred to Iowa State College (then) Fall of 1935-1936

1940      March B.S., Iowa State College, Child Development

1940-1942            March-June, Director of Nursery, Sherwood School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

1940      Summer, Attended University of Michigan

1942      Summer, Program Director, Camp Knight for delinquents, Cheboygan, Michigan

1942-1943            June-September, Recreation Director, Methodist Children’s Home for Delinquents, Detroit, Michigan

1943-1944            September-September, Director of Nursery School, Lanham War Nursery, Highland Park, Michigan Started two different wartime nursery schools in Highland Park (surrounded by Detroit)

1944-1946            September-June, Director of Nursery School, supervised student teachers, taught Children’s Literature, Merrill Palmer Institute, Detroit

1945      June Received master’s degree in Parent Education from the University of Michigan

1945-1946            Summers, Taught Child Development course in Nursery School, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

1946-1947            September-August, taught Child Development courses, Assistant Professor, Home Life, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

1947-1950            Instructor in Home Economics, taught Family Life, Child Development courses, supervised student teachers, directed nursery program each summer, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

1948      Was on Agricultural Experiment Station for several projects. Went to First meeting in Chicago of Family Life Research Group Attended the organizational meeting for regional family life research in Chicago; NCR-11 emerged from that meeting

1948-1957            Carried ten hours of graduate credit (quarter system) three quarters each year, was full time student the fourth quarter Ohio Home Economics Association, On executive board Chairman, Child development section Chairman, Research Section Secretary/Treasurer

1948-1960            Member of North Central Regional Technical Research Committee, NCR-11 on Farm Family Living with U.S. Office Experiment Station

1950      Received Ph. D. in Family Life from Ohio State University

1950-1954            Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

1951      Wrote “The Effect on Child Bearing Practices of the Various Types of Child Care Information Obtained and/or Used by Ohio Farm Families,” Dissertation report, published in Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 43, No. 10

1952      Wrote “Selection of a Sample of Rural Preschool Children,” published in Rural Sociology, Vol. 17, No. 1 Wrote “A Look at Child Development Literature,” published in Marriage and Family Living Wrote “The Use of the Open-End Interview in Family Life Study,” published in Rural Sociology, Vol. 17, No. 2

1953      Wrote “College Freshmen Provide Information on Problem of ‘Growing Up’” published in Ohio Farm and Home Research, pg. 92-93 Wrote “College Freshmen Need Help in Solving Individual Problems,” for Ohio Farm and Home Research, pg. 92-93

1952-1965            Secretary of Regional Research

1954      Wrote “Child Rearing Practices and Child Care Resources Used by Ohio Farm Families with Preschool Children,” published in Journal of Genetic Psychology, 84, pg. 271-297

1954-1956            Chairman of Regional Research 1954-

1957      Associate Professor, Ohio State University

1955      June Wrote “When Shall We Marry?” published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 47, No. 6, pg. 416-418 Moved up to Associate Professor by time she left for KSU

1956      August, went to Kansas State University for interview, turned it down Wrote “Your Child May Need That Sleepy-Time Toy,” published in the Farm Journal, pg. 162

1957      Director of Child Development Lab by City Park November, wrote Transition Adjustment of Rural and Urban Youth from Home to College, Ohio State University Research Bulletin #797

1957-1960            Professor, Department Head of Family and Child Development in Calvin Hall, Kansas State University

1958-1963            Kansas Family Life Association Board member 1958-1965Kansas Home Economics Association Chairman of Child Development, Family Life Section

1958-1977            On the Executive board of the Kansas Home Economics Association

1959      Spoke at annual AHEA meeting in Milwaukee Feb, wrote Problems and Concerns of College Freshmen, Ohio State University Research Bulletin #757 Co-wrote The Kell-Hoeflin Incomplete Sentence Blank: Youth-Parent Relations with Leone Kell for Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Serial No. 72, Vol. 24, No. 3, 64 pages

1960’s    Member of AHEA national committees - Graduate Recruitment; AHEA Scholarship Selection -- two years Mid 1960’s Speaker, National Catholic Council on Home Economics; Member of International Federation of Home Economics, attended conference in Ottawa, Canada; Wrote Abstracts for Journal of Home Economics for section on Family Relations and child Development

1960      Attended White House Conference on Children and Youth Wrote Essentials of Family Living, published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

1960-1974      Professor, Associate Dean, College of Home Economics, KSU   

1961      Spoke at annual AHEA meeting in Cleveland May, Co-wrote “Empathy Related to Child Development Study” with M. Cantrell, published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 53, No. 5, pg. 356-358

1962-1963            National Secretary, national Council on Family Relations

1962-1968            Phi Kappa Phi Secretary

1962-1965            Vice President

1966-1967            President

1963      Spoke at annual AHEA meeting in Kansas City Jan, Co-wrote Toys You Can Make with Vivian Briggs for Extension Bulletin, C-286, Kansas State University Mar, Wrote “Tips for Parents of Young Children,” published in the Farm Journal, pg. 98-99 May, Co-wrote Exploring Careers with Teen-agers with Mae Baird and M.D. Apel for Extension Bulletin, C-312, Kansas State University Co-wrote “We Tell the Home Economics Story” with Doretta S. Hoffman, published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 55, No. 9

1964½    Share mountain cabin February, Co-wrote “A Descriptive Study of 35 Unmarried Graduate Women” with Carol N. Doty, published in Marriage and Family Living, Vol. 26, No. 1, pg. 91-94

1965      Merrill-Palmer Institute, Post-Doctoral Study Summer, wrote “What Have You Done Today that is Creative” for The Delta Gamma Bulletin, Austin, TX

1966      January: Co-wrote “Stimulus to Graduate Study in Home Economics,” with Doretta S. Hoffman, published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 58, No. 1 Normas de Vida Para La Familia Moderna (Spanish Edition Textbook), Editorial Limusa-Wiley, S.A. Mexico

1966-1973            Kansas home Economics Association Chairman of Colleges and Universities Section

1967      May, Co-wrote “Preschool Teacher Certification” with Marjorie Stith, published in The Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 59, No. 5, pg. 371-373 May, Co-wrote “Find Glamour, Service, and Prestige in a Home Economics Profession,” with Carole Schulze, published in Kansas Guide Posts, pg. 16-18

1968      February, wrote A Prospectus of Home Economics, Textbook reproduced by KSU Press, 1968, revised in 1975 and 1982 Co-wrote “Careers in Home Economics” with Doretta S. Hoffman, published in The Institute for Research, Chicago, IL

1968-1970            Secretary of AHAE Committee on Accreditation of Community Junior Colleagues and Technical Committees 1969Spoke at annual AHEA meeting in Boston Mar, Co-wrote “Comparison of Life Styles of Honors and Non-Honors Students” with S.M. Metzer, S.R. Bollman, and B. Schmalzried, published in the Personnel and Guidance Journal April, wrote book review on “Essays on World Education” by George Bereday, published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 61, No. 4, pg. 301

1969-1970            Steering Committee, Regional White House Conference on Children and Youth 1969-1971Member of NCR-55, North Central Regional Research Committee on “Factors of Well-Being of Elderly” 1969-

1974      Director, Education Professions Development Act Two-Year Fellowship Grants to prepare home economics college teachers from Department of Health, Education and Welfare Received first EPDA grant - $100,000 Total Grants    $426,000 HEW Many tours of eleven community colleges for project

1970      March, Wrote Careers in Home Economics, Textbook, published by MacMillan Co., New York Jun, wrote “Kansas State Prepares Home Economics Junior College Teachers,” published in the Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 62, No. 6, pg. 415

1970-1972            Chairman-elect and Chairman, North Central Home Economics Administrators Second Vice-President of AHEA

1970-1979            Member, chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

1971      June 4th, Presented with Home Economics Centennial Award from Iowa State University during - Home Economics Alumni Centennial Awards Honored with the Home Economics Alumni Award (Distinguished Service Award) during Ohio State University 75th--Diamond celebration

1971-1974            Chairman-elect, Planned Puerto Rico program and went to Puerto Rico

1971      Chairman, San Francisco, CA and Past Chairman, Association of Administrators of Home Economics

1972      August-September, wrote “They Signed Their Names in Blood,” published in the Community and Junior College Journal, pg. 16-17 Nov, Co-wrote “Freshmen and Sophomore Women: What Do They Want most in the Future?” with Doretta S. Hoffman, published in the Journal of College Student Personnel Photo on Cover of “WHERE” magazine for San Francisco

1972-1973            Chairman-elect of AHEA

1972-1974            AHEA Committee member, plan AHEA workshop on articulation, two and four year institutions. Helped run workshop in Atlantic City 1973 Follow-up Program in Los Angeles 1974

1973-1974            Member, Board of Directors, AHEA AHEA Chairman

1974      Professor, Acting Dean Home Economics at Kansas State University Chairman of accreditation team for site visit for AHEA Co-Chairman to plan districting for Kansas Home Economics Association then spearheaded formation of own district President-elect of Kansas Home Economics Association

1975      President of Kansas Home Economics Association

1975-1976            Regional Research; 00961 Factors Influencing the Entrance of Adult Women in College

1975-1983            Member of NCA-5, North Central Administrators Research Committee Associate Director of KSU Agricultural Experiment Station

1976      Counselor of Kansas Home Economics Association

1976-1977            Regional Research; 00961 Factors Influencing the Education of the Adult Woman

1975-1983            Professor, Dean of Home Economics at Kansas State University

1976-1978            AHEA Nominating Committee; Agency Member Unit

1977      November, Co-wrote “Adult Women in College: How Do They Fare?” with Laura Folland and Eunice Pickett, published in Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 69, No. 5, page 28-31 Ruth Hoeflin and Dr. John Chalmers, Vice President of Academic Affairs were responsible for the creation of a child care center made from a remodeled 100-year-old stone house on Manhattan Avenue which opened as an official daycare in August

1977-1978            Planned and in March, conducted Family Forums in eleven locations across Kansas working with extension home economics and agency representatives, Head of home economics extension was the co-sponsor, from these forums, individual counties developed programs related to concerns of families Regional Research; 00961 Factors Influencing Adult Women Students in Community Colleges: A Follow Up Study

1978      Lump in breast, had a complete mastectomy of right breast followed by 17 chemo treatments

1978-1979            Regional Research; 00085 Quality of Life of Rural Adult Women, Rural Women: Perceptions of Adult Life

1979      September 29th, Presented paper for hearing on concerns of family for planning of White House Conference on Family for 1980

1979-1980            Member of Council of Professional Development, AHEA Regional Research; 00165 A Rural-Urban Comparison of Educated Women’s Life Styles and Achievements

1980      President-elect, AHEA, on Board of Directors Judged a contest in Orlando for home economics and journalism majors Contacted Eugene Martin and gave him degree after rejected in 1940; This gained much publicity for Ruth Hoeflin and she was featured in several newspapers and magazines, including a short article in Playboy

1980-1981            AHEA President-elect and on Board of Directors; Presiding officer of AHEA Assembly of Delegates; Member of AHEA Executive Committee, AHEA Program Emphasis Committee, AHEA Finance Chairman of Committee on Committees; Serve on AHEA Foundation Board of Trustees and Center for Family Council

1981      AHEA Chairman, Board of Directors Traveled with 5 other men to Nigeria, Yola, Gongola State, guest of the Governor Finished Writing Careers for Professionals: New Perspectives in Home Economics, published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque, Iowa, 1981, revised in 1984 and 1987 Broke a bone in the left foot and began to use a cane

1981-1982            AHEA President and Chairman of Board of Directors Wrote a series of articles in AHEA ACTION as AHEA President using her rainbow theme

1981-1986            Regional Research; 00265 Longitudinal Study of Rural Women’s Career Development, The Activities and Attitudes of Educated Women

1982      Made a recipe collection to raise money for Hoffman Fund Created Goals Committee to plan future of department at KSU Summer, Retirement Announced, plans for sabbatical, travel to interview EPDA’s

1982-1983            Member of AHEA 75th Anniversary Committee; Serve on AHEA Foundation Board of Trustees and Center for Family Council, on AHEA Credentialing Committee

1983      Retired as Dean of Home Economics at K-State Taking Charge of Change: Ruth Hoeflin Forum on Family Issues Jan, wrote “Change or Broadening the View of Home Economics” published in Forecast for Home Economics, pg. 25-26. Apr 29th, Over the Rainbow: Honoring Ruth M. Hoeflin, Ph.D. May, Child care center named “Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center” in honor of Ruth Hoeflin

1983-1984            Went on Sabbatical leave 1984Professor, Family and Child Development, College of Home Economics, KSU Stepped down from Administration serving as Dean of College of Home Economics

1984-1988            Director of FENIX OFFICE

1985      1st woman invited to join Wranglers, all male discussion group Member of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Wranglers, Scribbler for 1985 Member of President’s Club Patron of Landon Lectures Jan 30th, Cable TV Interview on Fenix program, included Fenix Student Feb 19th, Cable TV Interview with Fenix student Feb 28th, Recorded five short talks taped on Fenix for Junction City Station Apr12th, won Kansas Home Economics Outstanding Home Economist of 1985 Apr 17th, Talked in Junction City, YMCA Ft. Riley Armed Services and received certificate as volunteer Jun 7th, 45th Class Reunion at Iowa State University—gave talk “Funny happenings of the past” Jun 28th, Became Chairman of Past Presidents of AHEA July, Co-wrote “Life Patterns of Educated Women” with Dr. Nancy Bolsen, AES Research Bulletin #647, 63 pages Aug 29th, Did a radio show discussing the Fenix program for KMAN Radio Open Line Program Sept, “Proud Past and Promising Future” chronological history of Justin Hall for 25 years published Sept 3rd, Gave talk “Does it Really Matter” at Riley County Preschool Association Sept 8th, featured in KANSAS CITY STAR, “Business Beat” by Michael Grimaldi, article on bulletin, relocation and effect on career of education Sept 9th, Gave talk “Fenix and the Adult Student” for Business Professional Women Sept17th, Did talk with Deanna Wright on research bulletin for KKSU Radio Sept26th, Presented Slide Show and talk for “Re-dedication of Justin Hall; 25 Years Later” Oct, Did telephone interview for KMBZ Radio Kansas City Station. Oct 20th, interview with Kerry Ebert for MANHATTAN MERCURY, full page article on Lifestyles, “From School Girls to Career Women”  Oct 20th, Gave talk at “Rededication of Smurthwaite Dorm; 25 Years Later” 1986Became Chief Wrangler for 1986 discussion group Attended League of Women Legislative brunch 1988May 17th, Official Retirement Jun 1st, Dean Emeritus Finished FENIX program for adult graduates Wrote History of a College: from Woman’s Course to Home Economics to Human Ecology, 1873-1988 Kansas State University, published by the KSU College of Human Ecology

1989      April 16th, Presented with an OWLS award plaque

1990      Joined the fight against the campaign to close the College of Human Ecology, protested with students Became a member of Angels of the World

1991      April 10th, Flew to Columbus, OH to attend Campbell Hall of Fame Alumni Awards Brunch, received Ohio State Home Economics Alumni Association: Distinguished Alumni Award

1992-1993            Active as President in Manhattan Area Retired Teachers Association

1993      Attended the 13th Annual National Rural Families Conference and Angel convention

2000      August 30th, deceased

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