All K-State faculty who teach a course at K-State can apply for an award ranging from $2,000 - $5,000. The award may be used to create and implement an open or alternate textbook. Faculty creating an open access textbook are encouraged to contact the Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship about publishing with New Prairie Press.

General Proposal Requirements

In your proposal, please provide the required information for the following questions:


Course information (course name, number, section (s), enrollment, semester(s) offered)


Information on your current textbook (title, cost, estimate on how much students will save by using your open textbook)


Open or Alternative Textbook plan (narrative) - 2 page maximum

  • How do you plan to go about replacing the textbook in this course? (e.g., use an existing open textbook, adopt an open textbook, gather resources, or develop materials)

  • Have you obtained proper permission, if needed, for your resource(s)?

  • What format(s) will be used (e.g., PDFSs, e-book, video, etc.)?

  • How can students access the open/alternative resource(s)?

  • How with the students be engaged in the learning process?

  • What are your anticipated outcomes?


Faculty looking for assistance please see:

Materials not eligible for the fund include:

  • commercial e-text versions of an existing print textbook
  • textbook rentals
  • existing textbook alternatives already in use by faculty; the proposal must be a new project