Our mission

We guide our community in its quest for intellectual discovery and lifelong learning. We advance the creation, sharing, and preservation of knowledge at Kansas State University.

Our vision

We aspire to be a leading intellectual and learning environment that anticipates and creatively fulfills the needs of our communities by funding, acquiring, and organizing a diverse array of resources and providing personalized expert assistance. We will be the answer to the question of why libraries remain relevant in a digital world full of options.

Our values

  • We value intellectual freedom.
  • We respect and protect the right to explore all points of view and the right to privacy.
  • We value the many communities we serve.
  • We encourage interactions with a broad spectrum of individuals and groups and treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • We value contributions and ideas from all individuals.
  • We consider many viewpoints before making decisions and encourage creativity and innovation.
  • We value responsible resource management.
  • We spend our money wisely and in ways that afford the broadest benefit to our communities.
  • We value learning.
  • We create an environment that promotes ongoing learning for ourselves and our communities.
  • We care (and go the extra mile).

Read the full 2007 Strategic Plan