There are several places you can return borrowed materials. Most books can be returned at any service desk or in a library book drop.

Book drops are checked during business hours, and they can be found in the following locations around campus:

  • Parking lot north of Dickens Hall (drive through)
  • Sidewalk west of Hale Library, facing the English/Counseling Services building
  • Hale Library – Sunflower Entrance (right next to the vending area on the first floor)
  • Hale Library – 2nd floor Entrance (to the right of the entrance area)
  • Trotter Hall – outside the Veterinary Medical Library on the 4th floor (access restricted after 5 pm and on weekends)

In most cases, material borrowed from one campus library may be returned to any other campus library. Please see below for important exceptions to return procedures.


While book drops are convenient, they are not ideal for returning some materials. Please take note of the following restrictions when returning borrowed material to the Libraries.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)- Return to any service desk. Do not use book drops for ILL materials to prevent the loss of the paper wrappers that help us check in these items.

Reserves -Return to the library service desk from which they were checked out to avoid fines. Reserves are not considered returned until the item is received at the service desk that lent it.

VHS, DVDs, CDs, and Maps -Return to any service desk. Do not use book drops for these items to prevent damaging them.

Materials Not Checked Out

If you used an item but did not check it out please do not reshelve it. Instead, you may return items to a service desk or place them on an empty table or cart. This allows us to track which library materials are being used, regardless of whether they are checked out. Also, we know it’s easier to find a book on the shelf than it is to shelve it in the proper location. We’re experts at this, and we’re happy to do it.