We cannot provide access to most research and scholarly publications without a signed license agreement. These licenses describe who can use the resource, how it may be used, and the consequences of misuse. 

To ensure that you're using K-State Libraries' electronic resources responsibly, keep the following in mind: 

Avoid Excessive Downloading

Definitions differ, but publishers generally consider multiple sequential chapters of a book or more than half of an entire issue of a journal excessive. 

Excessive or systematic downloading may result in access being denied.

Authorized Users

Many of our licenses limit the use of our materials to authorized users. Authorized users are K-State faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. Sharing electronic resources with non-authorized users is prohibited.

Not Everything on the Web is Free

While millions of resources are available online, they are not all free. When you see the K-State name or logo on a resource or website it means that K-State pays to have access to the resource.

Sharing passwords, placing licensed materials on a publicly accessible website, and commercial use of licensed information is prohibited.